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Series Rating Comment
Akuma de Sourou5.5---
Allegro Agitato------
Angel Shop------
Ano Koro ni Aitai8---
Antique Romance8.8---
Arcana (KOTEGAWA Yua)6---
Atashi wa Bambi8.2---
Beast Master------
Beauty Pop9I agree with Jeshia...
Kiri is possibly one of my favorite shoujo leads ever because she is not annoyingly strong, excessively cheerful, or falls head over heels over a guy. Despite her detached and aloof persona, she is a caring person who helps girls to be more beautiful and confident without asking for anything in returns. It's hard to find many shoujo leads that have a calm personality, someone who thinks things through and is willing to help others like Kiri.
Narumi can be kind annoying s...... View
Bitter Virgin9.5---
Blame Gakuen! and So On8---
Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte9.5---
Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku7---
Busou Renkin5.5<Some unintentional spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk.>

After reading Rurouni Kenshin, a truly great manga, Buso Renkin falls below my expectation. The concepts of homunculus and alchemy are ridiculous, and that Kazuki becomes so powerful in a period of few months is hard to believe. It's different with Kenshin from RK, who is a strong fighter, because Kenshin is well into his twenties (despite his young looks) and has been training for the Battousai for quite a while. Kenshin also has a ve...... View
Cat Street8---
Chrno Crusade7---
Destination Heaven Chronicles6Like Hanjae and Takahashi4me have mentioned, the begining of the story is promising but eventually falls flat due to many new characters and a weak and unrealistic drama. I'm referring to the family drama between
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Bi-Wal/Ryung/their sister
, which I find very boring and too melodramatic. Many misunderstandings in this series occurred when the characters were younger but weren’t really that significant (in my opinion), but the author managed to make them seemed so, ...... View
Diamond Head------
Divine Melody9---
Doctor Du Ming8.5---
Fantastic Tales------
Flowers of Evil7---
Fruits Basket9.5Fruit Basket, also lovingly known as Furuba, is strictly a human story, despite the façade of the fantasy element. The ability to change into zodiac animals is merely a premise, but the exploration of human needs or the lack of them is the main theme. Takaya sensei focuses on very real human issues such as abandonment, loneliness, and yearnings experienced by the Furuba children/ adolescents. In reality, don’t we all want to be accepted by our peers and loved by our parents? Don’t deny i...... View
Gapz Garden7---
Gift Shop8---
Good Luck6---
Half and Half7.5---
Hana yori Dango8---
Hanashite Nante Agenai yo7.5---
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e5---
Heart no Kuni no Alice5.5---
Honey Bunny!8---
Hot Blooded Woman7---
Hot Gimmick6.5---
I Wish...9---
It's Two People8---
Kaguya Hime5.5Even though the English scanlation of the series has not been completely scanlated, I have read this series in the Vietnamese version and, thus, can write a review about it. I really think this series would have benefited with another writer and Shimizu-sensei can do the illustration, because the art is pretty enough, albeit a little old. I don't mind the age of the characters because that isn't too important to plot development.

There is very little consistency in the characters, their relati...... View
Kanata Kara8---
Katakoi Triangle------
Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita8---
Kodomo no Omocha10---
Koukou Debut9---
Koware Hajimeta Tenshitachi7.8---
Legend of Nereid7I usually don't care to much for her works, but this is one of the few that I actually enjoyed. The story line is not very strong, but the main female character is less insufferable than HMR’s other female protagonists. This story is a reminiscent of the Red River (which I dislike and couldn’t bear to finish) and of Basara (which I adore and read twice), due to the nature of prophecy, of an ancient, historical setting, and of some political upheaval in their nations.
It’s not particular...... View
Little Witch's Diary------
Love Allergy8---
Love Monster4---
Lovely Everywhere8.7---
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro10---
Melo Holic8.5---
Meteor Methuselah7.5---
Midnight Secretary9---
Motto, Ikitai...7---
Narration in Seventeen8---
Nononono6I generally dislike sport manga but have decided to read it anyway based on many good reviews on MU and just to kill some time over the summer. It fell below my non-expectant expectations, if you get my drift. IMHO, ski jumping is just as exciting as fishing or golf, only so much more dangerous and can induce cardiac arrest in a weak and acrophobic person like yours truly. However, I give the mangaka props for doing his research and his willingness on covering a sport different than the norma...... View
Normal City9.5If you can overlook the art, you will enjoy this series immensely.
Set in some distance future, a group of friends who dwelled on Mars, are chosen to live on Earth in Normal City. The group of friends consist of the loud and crass Sion Revy, boy-crazy Jean-Tania Campbell, the quiet and reserved, but emotionally intense Mars Heaven. They are chosen due to their special power: ESP, extra sensory perception. They live together with a new housemate named Isha Green, who, like them, is an ESPer, bu...... View
Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai nara7.5What save this manga from a bad rating is the art, which is gorgeous in its simplicity and subtle use of tone. The characters always look beautiful but kind of sickly, which enhances the effect of vampirism. While the storytelling is not bad, the pacing is a little off. Frankly, it rushes to the end so quickly that the readers can hardly understand what has happened. There is very little character development, being a 3-volume series. I guess I would recommend this series because the subdued ...... View
Ouran Koukou Host Bu9---
Penguin Brothers8---
Pet Shop of Horrors9I picked up volume 1 of Pet Shop of Horrors at my local library few years ago and was hooked at first read. The art was stunning and the characters were unique, though the story was hardly horrifying. The self-contained, episodic plots mean you can read books in any order and can still understand the gist of it, which was great for me because I was borrowing the books from the library instead of reading them online. It was only in the later volumes that reading them in order was a better way,...... View
Pretty Face7---
Ranma 1/28---
Real Fake Princess8---
Red Lion7---
Romance Papa------
Running Through the City In the Sunset8---
Rurouni Kenshin9Rurouni Kenshin is in the top ten on my list of the best manga out there. The plot is great, the fighting scenes are amazing and never repetitive (or longwinded like SDK), the characters (even the supporting characters) are likeable and sympathetic, the pacing of the story is so perfect that you'll never get bored. Kenshin is definitely a great hero, someone who fights for what he believes in, as an idealistic Battousai or as a peace-loving Rurouni. There are times when I get a little angry w...... View
Samurai Deeper Kyo6---
Savage Garden6.5---
Seduction More Beautiful Than Love------
Shin Angyo Onshi9---
Sonnan ja nee yo------
Spicy Pink8.3---
Sugar Addiction8---
Sugar Family------
The Change!7.5---
The Tarot Cafe8The Tarot Café consists of some self-contained stories in which the main character, Pamela, reads tarot cards and advises her clients, as well as the main story unfolding Pamela’s tragic past and the subsequent events happening in the present.

The high contrast of the art (mostly black-and-white inking and gothic decorations) fit the story and adds the fantasy element to it. The characters are beautiful, androgynous, and appealing, albeit difficult to distinguished in terms of gender.

I ag...... View
Tsuki no Shippo8---
Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru9.5---
Uchi no Darling Eikoku Shinshi------
Ultra Maniac8---
Unplugged Boy7---
Utopia of Homosexuality7.5---
Vanilla Ice------
Viehmannin wa Utau------
Warau Kanoko-sama8.5---
Watashi ga Itemo Inakutemo------
Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou8.8---
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou10---
Zashiki Onna6.5---
Zettai Kareshi7---