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01 (OKU Hiroya)5It sucks that this manga got axed. It was starting to get good too. The artwork is good and the plot had potential. It saddens me that this manga and Yuutai Nova had to get axed when the story was starting to pick up too.

I don't recommend this manga at all because there was no ending at all. People are saying there is a ending but they left so many stuff out that its not even an ending. Don't read this manga because you will be disappointed.
20 Seiki Shounen9The creativity for his works is so amazing. The plot draws you in just like his other mangas. There are a mass of characters mentioned in this manga that may cause confusion, but by finishing this in a couple of days, it helped me. There are many flashbacks in this manga to help reminisce the childhood of the characters and how they were when they were young so

The things that made me think that Naoki's other work "Monster" is better is because at times it seems like the plot drags on. Anothe...... View
21 Seiki Shounen8I felt like many of the other people below me. You kind of feel cheated that the author tries to solve all the potholes in the manga. The plot was going all over the place and it felt like the author was tries to end it quickly within a few volumes. Even though it was not good as 20th Century Boys, it still ended on a better note then most mangas' but I hated that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Kenji at the end never reunites with his sister. I really wanted him to meet her again after SO many y...
... View
3 Level Combination6The first 6 chapters doesn't show much about the plot yet. The plot of the story is that a boy who is poor is getting bullied by his classmates and his childhood friend. The protagonist likes this girl but he is a loser. This company creates the first robot girl that looks human and their first test is by sending her in the protagonist's class.

The first 6 chapters are just introduces the manhwa and there haven't been much plot development yet. It sucks that the scanlation group drop this manh...... View
3 Years------
AAA6Everybody below me said what is needed to be said about this manga. It's decent and cliche like any other shoujo manga. It's only 15 chapters so I finished it in one sitting.

The only thing I didn't like was why the main character's crush went to the school.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He didn't go to the better school because of the divorce. It's a stupid reason because he doesn't clarify why his parent's divorce made him decide to not enroll in that school.

The only reason why I read this man...... View
AI ga Tomaranai!6---
Ai no Tame ni7This manga is just another typical shoujo manga. Don't get me wrong because it was a good manga, but there are many like this. It is a good manga to read for a change of pace.
All You Need Is Kill8---
Angel Densetsu8It was a good manga. It is those typical mangas where you are always being misunderstood. It was funny at first, but it kind of got repetitive. Overall good manga to read if you are feeling down.
Ano Ko to Boku no Ie8The main characters are dogs and we get to see their perspective of their daily life. I liked that the author made a nice story with dogs being the central character. This is a good manga and it's quite different.
Ashita Dorobou8The story is really interesting and different. The art is fantastic and I love the emotion between the characters. I shed some tears too. I'm surprised that it ended quite well because the story seems quite complicated.

The downside for this manga is that it seems kind of rushed near the ending and it felt too short. Overall its a great manga and you can easily finish it in one sitting like I did.
Ayu Mayu6I kind of agree with .kaii from a couple of comments below. I liked the plot but I thought it wasn't that interesting when you kept on reading. I didn't think manga that funny and It just got cliche. On the plus side, I liked the pace of the story. Overall it was an ok manga. I just felt that the story wasn't executed properly.
B Gata H Kei8.5The is a good manga. The plot is different which is a plus for me. Secondly the comedy was funny but gradually the comedy starts to get repetitive. Even though the comedy started to get repetitive, I still loved this manga and followed the scanlation group to see when it comes out.

Okay so the description of the manga seems like it would be a hentai manga, but its not. Its more of a innocent sex comedy kind of manga.

I kind of didn't like the ending because it was a typical happy good ending wh...... View
Baby, Star------
Bambi no Tegami------
Bitter Virgin------
Boku x Kano------
Bokura no Pink6---
Bus Hashiru8There are many great one shots in the manga. The art is amazing and the last story was something. Overall I can only give it a 8/10 because like some people said it is just simple story with different plots. I still recommend people to read this manga if you read a sad manga or got bored of one.
By Hero8---
Canon Sensei Tobashisugi------
Change 1235This manga could have been better and I thought it would, but it was disappointing. The main character is a wimp that I would want to kill. He doesn't do anything and I was really hoping he changes but he doesn't. The plot was unique but it was not executed well. The ending was so rushed that argh.... Overall it was good at first but disappointing later on.
Change 2!!6There's nothing special about this manga. Everything about this manga is cliche. There is a sequel for this manga but I don't think I will read it anytime soon. The manga was too short so everything is rushed but remember that there is a sequel if you want to continue reading it.
Change Guy4This manhwa was good until you get to the middle of the manhwa. The initial plot that original drew me in deviates completely. I was really hoping that the story would get back to the original plot, but it did not. Some characters that I thought would reappear in the manhwa did not at all. The character development is mediocre and the fighting scenes were decent. There were barely to none romance in this manga so bakaupdate should take it out out and put it as a subplot at least.

Now, to the ...... View
Cross Game8.5---
Deadman Wonderland------
Denei Shoujo------
Densha Otoko - Net Hatsu, Kakueki Teisha no Love Story------
Dounika Naru Hibi---i thought the stories was straight forward but since they were so short, i couldnt get to feel anything for the characters because there are no character development. 6/10 because the stories were decent.
Freesia7I like the plot because it was different, along with the insane protagonist, but it eventually got confusing for me. There are many unnecessary pages in this manga like the debate over the killing law and the war. The discussion of the war is a waste of pages because the author kept on mentioning it and nothing came out of it. The discussions were really boring for me and I eventually started to skim them.

I didn't like the ending because it is ambiguous. I agree that this manga is for certain...... View
Gacha Gacha------
Gacha Gacha - Capsule------
Gekiryuuchi6Finally finished this manga after postponing it so SRoMU can finish scanlating the series. Like my previous review which somehow been deleted, I wanted to say that my review was right.

With the manga being so short there are little character development between the protagonist and the other characters. The fighting is unrealistic since the protagonist can beat experienced fighters while he has been boxing for several weeks.

Overall the manga had potential but it was too short AND surprisingly...... View
Gekkoh6It really makes me mad when mangas have crappy endings which this manga has. It seems that the author had to wrap up everything that happen in the last 5 chapters because it was going to get axed. I give it a 6/10 because the ending
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The first thing that messed this manga up is that you find out that the main characters are not even related. Secondly the whole plot was about the girl(forgot name) trying to find the man that killed her parents but in the end it was h...
... View
Ginen Shounen5.6I thought that the manga was going to be good but I was wrong. Like most of the people said, the main character frustrates you on so many levels. He one of those annoying wimpy protagonist that cries and doesn't know what to do. He doesn't think and is so indecisive. I think I got it right since I finished this manga while ago.

There is no character development whatsoever. The ending is expected and there is nothing special about this manga.

Overall read it if you want to cross out another mang...... View
Gokusen8I remember watching the anime years ago when I only watched anime. I finally get the finish this because the the anime only covers half of the manga. I like that the teacher is female and a strong one at that. I was surprised how the art was different from the anime, but it does get better after each volume.

The ending was okay, but I thought it could have been better. Everything started to wrap up in 5-10 chapters and I felt it was kind of rushed. For the romance, there aren't much build up ...... View
GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!!8.5There are many great story arcs in this manga. The comedy is great and it's shounen manga but there is not too much power ups in this manga. Mikami is a funny character and the interaction between her and Yokoshima is really great. The story is quite addictive.

The downside is that the manga is quite long. I kind of got bored with the manga maybe because I was reading lots of chapters in multiple sittings. I took a break for a couple of days and came back to the manga and the spark came back f...... View
Half & Half (SEO Kouji)7The ending is sad but there wasn't enough chapters that I can really relate to the characters. I agree that the manga should have at least 7 chapters one for each day because only 1 chapter doesn't make this manga that great. The oneshot is good but the execution like imapepper2 said is poor.
Happy World!7.5---
Hareluya6The manga was okay, but it felt too short. The plot seemed interesting and that was it. There was no character development and the ending sucked. It may seem bad but It looks like there is a alternate version of this manga. I'm going to check out the other version to see if it's better.
Haru yo, Koi8---
Hoop Men7.5The manga was good in my opinion because the main character was realistic. The main character is not gifted with crazy athleticism or jump ability like other basketball players(Hanamichi from "Slam Dunk"), but he worked hard to get better.

The comedy was good, but the manga is short. With the manga being so short, there is like little to none character developments between the characters.

The ending to the manga was not what I was suspecting, which I disliked BUT it made it more realistic.Wi...... View
I"s7The story drags on way too long to give this an 8/10. I felt that . I''s is one of the first animes that got me into the Japanese manga world but with years of reading many mangas' I just can't give this a 8/10 because of the protagonist.

The protagonist is way too indecisive and is being a wuss to confess to the heroine. It took him years for them to finally be together, which felt way too long and draggy when you read the manga. I love this manga but as a person that is reviewing this manga...... View
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara6I liked it overall, but the last 15 chapters really sucked. The humor and slapstick comedy were alright, but I agree with the negative comments about this manga.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The main character got too used to being a little girl that it seems like he didn't care about changing back to his male body. It felt kind of weird at the end when he gets found out and he still is living his care-free loli body.

Overall, it's decent, but I thought it could have been much better like some ...... View
Ichizu na Toriko------
Itoshi no Kana8I didn't expect this manga to be that good but it is. The relationship between the two characters is bittersweet and they have a innocent atmosphere even though there are ecchi scenes. The character development with the two protagonist is good with some good comedy mix together. I like that the plot is simple and there are no wasted chapters.

The things that I kind of didn't like is that we don't get to find out much about Kana.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It really sucks that we find out that...
... View
Kanojo wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai7The manga is different. The plot is like a hentai, but with no nudity. I liked that it was short and erotic. The downside to this manga is the lack of character development and premise. The story explains a teacher that smells the MC and instantly falls for him for some strange reason. Another is the classmate girl. I don't want to go into detail so overall, the plot is pretty good for a 12 chapter manga and it has some erotic scenes.
Karin8.5The thing that is great about the manga is the plot and theres great character growth in the story. For those who watched the anime, the manga is way better. First the anime is way different than the manga. So many stuff in the manga is missing in the anime and characters that appear in the anime arent in the manga and vice versa.Secondly the tone of the manga is different because in the manga its kind of darker. Lastly the story is just better but the anime is okay too even though lots of t...... View
Katsu!7The plot development is like any other of his sport manga. There isn't much things to say about this manga because the basic plot is like any of his other works. I ending didn't surprise me because most of his works ends with an open ending where you just know that the couple with get together. I just thought that there should be at least a kiss or something .

Overall its a good manga from Adachi. It's not his best work but it's still good.
Killer Stall6The plot description seemed interesting, but it wasn't that good. Manhunt0r was mostly right when he said the plot has "bad cliches and the most poorly written plot." I really didn't like the villain because he wasn't a really thought out; he was just crazy.

The character development was really poor. I didn't have any feelings for the characters in the manhwa because there wasn't much character development for them. The author should have made more chapters between the family first instead of...... View
Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai8.5The story is unique and makes you think of how our society is changing drastically because of technology. The concept is weird at first but I get the feeling the author is trying to point out. I think he was trying to say that things change. Like when I was little kid my friends used to come over to play video games but now we have the internet to play online now and it kind of makes me sad that things are like this now because we don't meet each other much anymore.

The story is unique and the...... View
Kiseijuu7I like the relationship between the MC and Migi. Migi was a cool level headed alien that had a good mindset of survival of the fittest, which made him likable and unique. The overall plot about humanity and aliens being similar was superb. The plot was at a good pace and the story was solid.

But around the chapter 50 mark the plot was different. Some people below mention it too when they read it. The story felt rushed and the plot with the military came out of nowhere. There was no plot leadi...... View
Koe no Katachi------
Koisuru Naked Girl------
Kongou Banchou8.5Just exactly like the person below be said, this manga is what shounen mangas should be like. There are no bs chapters and it is straight forward. It may be cliche but just like zimzimbadabim said, "It has all of the good cliches with none of the bad ones". The manga is like bleach but with none of these outrageous power ups or wasted chapters with full of dialogue. The ending was good because there is no open ending bs.

The only negative thing is that this manga is nothing new but I still rec...... View
Koroshiya 17---
Kyou kara Ore wa!!9i thought this manga was going to be boring but i was so wrong. The plot is so hilarious. The main character is hilarious and so are other characters. The art turns away manga people but please please give it a try because this manga is so funny and awesome. The art gets way better then the first couple of chapters so dont worry. I gave this a 9/10 because the ending was unsatisfying. All in all read this manga and get ready to laugh your butt off.Oh yeah btw there is a romance tag for this s...... View
Let's Be Perverts5At the beginning of the manga it started out pretty well but later on it completely turned 180 on me. The ending was so rushed and I bet that the manga got axed. The main girl's story was never resolve and one of the girl characters completely disappeared from the story. The manga had potential but being so short made it a 5/10.
Lilim Kiss------
Living Game------
Love Lucky7.5The main character guy is those type of characters that is insecure and wimpy who thinks they are not suited for each other in the first half of the manga which i hate but he gets a little better. The plot got me into this and that was it. I was waiting for the part where every gets to find out that the guy is dating the idol.
Love Roma7The story is ok but that is it. There is no drama or anything at all. It is just about a boy who is a straight forward guy that says anything on his mind and the girl is a easy going girl who gets embarrass because of his straight forwardness.
LovePlus: Rinko Days6There is nothing that special about this manga. I would have liked if the two girls would have at least talked to each other or be friends. It seems like the tennis girl is just there to make the manga longer.

This is one of those manga's that is predictable and you can finish it within a hour. The story is straight forward which I liked and that was it.

Overall it was a decent manga if you want to take a break from reading one of those very long manga's.
Mahou no Iroha!8I have postponing this manga for quite a while. I had it on my wish list for a while and I decided to finally read it. The comedy is good and story is quite different from most mangas' out there. The manga is short but you will be able to read all of it in one sitting if you want.

Of course there is a downside to the manga and it is the shortness of the manga. With only 17 chapters there aren't enough chapters to really know all the characters. It looks like this manga got axed since it seems ...... View
Makai no Ossan8---
Matsuri Special7The plot is like any other manga. There was some good comedy and that was it. I hated that the girl protagonist was a idiot. She didn't know that the male protagonist likes her and was quite dense. Though there isn't anything special with this manga it was good in a way.
Melo Holic8The romance as a whole was good and I really liked the supernatural element added to the manhwa. The relationship started out like another typically romance but after chapter 56 things started to down hill for me.

The psychological element after chapter 56 was really a turn off for me because the plot just got even more cliche. I felt that the manhwa could have been better but after so and so happened I just felt that the manhwa was a real letdown since it had potential. The comedy was funny f...... View
Midori no Hibi8The plot is very different in a good way. The main character guy suddenly finds out a girl becomes his hand and the author executes the plot perfectly.

I really recommend this manga because you will laugh your butt off and the plot is quite different.
Miman Renai------
Mirai Nikki8.5---
Mirai Nikki: Mosaic9---
Molester Man8.5This is a really great manga(doujin). The comedy in this manga is hilarious and I don't laugh at many comedy manga/manhwa much too. I love how the author let the readers know what the main character is thinking because his inner thoughts are hilarious. I also love the random drawings the author creates to show the main character's reactions.

The biggest thing I love about this manga is that the main character is not one of those shy self-conscious kind of characters who can't decide what he wa...... View
Mrs. Seonnyeo7---
Mujaki no Rakuen------
My Heart Is Beating9Very funny in the beginning of the story. I'm beginning to love the Web Comics now because every panel is colored and in the this story, the images are beautiful. Adding gender bender in the story is even better. I highly recommended people who like gender bender and romance. I also recommend to people another Web Comic called Green Boy.
My Hero!8There are only 2 chapters scanlated so far and those 2 chapters were great. The main guy is not those typical pretty or popular boys that can get any girl he wants which is refreshing because there are so many shoujo mangas like that. If only some group can pick up this manga up but seeing that almost 2 years has past since the last scanlation means its going to be a while until we get to see it finish. I give this an 8/10 only because its not finished.

Edit: I finished the manga and I have to...... View
Naked Self3It seems like this oneshot is useless, by useless I mean nothing good about it at ALL. There's only about 9 pages in this oneshot so you can tell that nothing meaningful or memorable about it. You will just forget about this after reading it.
Nana to Kaoru9---
Nana to Kaoru: Black Label9---
Nanairo Sekai------
Nee, Mou Sukoshi dake...------
Onani Master Kurosawa9The plot is so different from any other manga so it is a big plus. There are no ecchi scenes or anything like this in the manga so no worries. The character development for the main character is really great. You get to see how he changes in the manga. I thought the manga was not as realistic as people as it is so I did not give it a 9. Overall it is a great manga and read it.
One Winter8Wow, I was surprised that there was a prequel to Pinocchio. I just started reading Pinochio and on reading chapter 9, it's said that there was a prequel. I stop reading immediately so I can read this first. At first I thought the author as milking this series by making a prequel, but this was made one year before so I liked that.

Not a lot of things is explained about the MC or the plot, but it's cool to see what happened before he met the girl. I hope the kid appears in the sequel because th...... View
Ore x Yome------
Oretama6.5This manga was different, which is always a plus but it was kind of repetitive. It got boring for me around chapter 20 something so I stopped reading it. Eventually I finished it and it was a good manga. There are a lot of ecchi and nudity scenes in the manga so be warned. It has a typical ending so I give this a 7/10
Otaku no Musume-san8---
Panlong (Novel)6I will keep this short because most of the comments below are pinpoint. The beginning is quite slow, but I understand it was for the plot development. The middle part of the novel is quite good, however the last 1/3 of the novel was bad.

At one point in the middle of the novel, the author didn't give a shit about the world building he was creating anymore, it just went right now the window. I was anticipating a grand adventure after the MC went to the higher realm, but it fell flat. Every ch...... View
Parallel7This manga is any other cliche romance manga. There isn't anything special about it but at least the story doesn't drag on for many chapters. The only thing I liked about this manga is that there's not much chapters so you can finish it in day if you want.

Overall it's just another cliche manga. I like that I finished this manga because I'm the kind of guy that wants to read all the manga's possible so I love the feeling of finishing a manga and putting it on my completed list....... View
Ping7.5As you first read this manhwa is starts out pretty well. as you read about 20 chapters the plot goes from 0-60 in 10 chapters. I felt that the manhwa could have been longer. The manhwa is only 30 chapters so you can tell that its really short for a marital arts shounen manhwa. I thought that the manhwa was getting axed but I guess I may be wrong since it doesn't say it.

You find out about the protagonist's secret and I was quite disappointed. If you are hoping that the main character gets stro...... View
Pretty Face7---
Psycho Staff8I like the concept of natural talent and hard work. Like me and most people, we admire and can feel jealous of people with talents like sport athletes and singers. Some people can get everything they want without effort so I like that the main character knows he can be like that, but isn't. I can only give this a 8/10 because it's too short. It ended well for having 7 chapters.
QP8Takahashi Hiroshi is a genius at writing delinquent mangas'. His other works "Crows" and "Worst". are amazing and I love how the main character changed and along with his friends. It doesn't have anything special that stands out, but its still a great manga. The ending was great because it actually ended well. It made me sad and happy at the same time.

The only downside for me was that I couldn't tell most of the characters apart because they all looked the same. I love the author's drawing st...... View
QP Gaiden7.5I loved that the author showed us what happened to everybody, but it was kind of a letdown. The ending from the original manga wasn't consistence to what happened here in "QP Gaiden" so I felt confused. Some characters that I thought were dead magically survived without a reason and like how Ryou
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
is speaking when it was said that his windpipe was crushed so he couldn't speak again.

Overall I still liked though. It's confusing, but still good.
Ranobe no Hen!6The plot was so interesting and original. The first couple of chapters were good but then it does downhill from there. The manga is obviously rushed because it got axed. It had potential but things like these happens.

Overall the manga had potential but it was rushed because it got canceled.
RRR8The beginning was good and realistic so far. Can't believe it took this long for me to read this manga and that i am the only one to comment on this manga. Its a good manga so far, but the last couple of chapters are getting boring for me though. i hope gets better because so far he is only training to be a boxer. For the people who is reading this manga, the category tag is kind of a spoiler for the manga.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It is obvious that the sister will die because the category...
... View
Sakamichi no Apollon9.9All the comments that are said already is what I wanted to say about this manga. This is what a manga should be like for it's genre. I love the relationship between the three friends. You see the character development and growth between the main character and his friends. I loved that it was well paced and there wasn't one of those typical characters who couldn't decide what to do. What I also love was that the story took place in the 1960s to the 1970s and how they love jazz. You get to see ...... View
Sakamichi no Apollon - Bonus Track8.5It's cool that we get to see what happened to the other characters after the time slip. I liked that there was a glimpse of what their relationship is like after the ending of the original story.
Salad Days8It was a good manga. A lot of good stories and romance. The downside of this manga is the characters. The author's character design are flawed. Most of the characters shown looks the same and had no uniqueness. When a new story begins, I wonder at times if the characters shown before were them in the next chapter. Overall the stories were good but because every characters looked the same, it is a 8/10.
School Rumble7The first two seasons of the anime was so good. It was really funny and there were many character development. There were many unique and interesting characters in this manga that you have never seen in other mangas.

After where the anime left off in the manga, it was disappointing. The humor were really getting overused and not funny. The author dragged out the manga and so there were many fillers because I guess the author wanted to get more money. Some where in the middle of the manga I ju...... View
Seishun Panda!7No offense but people below are overrating this series. It is good with no draggy plot, but come on it is a cliche shoujo manga. I read lots of manga like this and it can not be a masterpiece. Going back to the point, this manga is good; it is one of those mangas that you just want a quick read. The plot is straight out and not draggy like lots of plots.
Sekai wa Happy de Dekiteiru7The plot is just like any other typical shoujo manga. The manga is short and so i thought that it could have been longer. Its the kind of manga where you can read for a change of pace. Overall, its a okay manga to read.
She Is Young------
Shishunki no Iron Maiden6I agree with the comment below me. The manga is nothing new except "that day." I felt that the plot didn't flow very well and the ending sucked. I don't like those kind of endings, although I already knew what was coming before reading it.

Overall, it's another generic manga. I read it so I can add another manga on my completed list.
Show Me the Money6Everything about it is cliche. There was 1 or 2 stuff that was funny in the manhua and that was it for me. There were moments in the manhua that was suppose to funny, but they were not because it was an overused plot. A insanely strong girl that is super strong for no apparent reason and a rich guy becoming poor. Even though it is an overused plot, its a decent manga to read for a change of pace.
Slam Dunk9.5Slam Dunk is the best sports manga ever. There will never be another sports manga like this. If you are a manga reader this is a must read manga because it is a classic. For anyone that doesn't know, this manga help mainstream basketball in Japan.

Okay so when you start the manga, the story may be slow at first because hanamichi(main character) has to learn the basics, but he gets a lot better. The manga gives you so many emotions including sadness(you know what I'm talking about if you read t...... View
Solanin8I agree with most of the positive things about this manga. I don't want to regurgitate them so I'll make it simple. The one thing I like most about this manga is that you can relate to the characters. Another is that art is different. I rather have characters with noses and other distinct facial features than the typical ones you see nowadays.

I could only give this an 8/10. I felt that it was a cop out when the author created that tragedy part of the manga because it wasn't realistic to me. I...... View
Superior Day8The plot is pretty good but not the greatest. Even though its not the greatest in it's genre, I liked the twists in the manhwa. As you gradually read the manhwa you find out the plot little by little. Also like any other webtoons, the art and the designs are amazing.

I really like that the author's other works are connected to this story like his other work called "Hanged Doll". Even though I haven't read "Hanged Doll" yet, I like the big mystery involving his manhwa's. The ending for this man...... View
Sweet Poolside6I love the author because he comes up with the weirdest plot in his manga. The story is short so it's easy to finish. I like the premise of the story and that's about it. There's nothing that stands out for this manga. I didn't like the ending very much, but I suspected that it wouldn't be good anyways with the manga being so short.
Tende Freeze!------
Tenshi no Kyuu5The main character is a loser who gets with a pretty girl. The plot is decent and that is about it for this manga. It's a straightforward manga where the guy gets lucky to be with a hot girl.
The Breaker------
Tokyo Crazy Paradise8.5---
Transfer Student Storm Bringer6Like most people said the dialogue the main character says are really funny. The manhwa may be like Angel Densetsu but the comedy is what makes this manhwa good. Even though it's basically the same plot, you can't trash a manga for being generic which most manga's are now. The art is kind of weird but I don't care about the art if the plot is good.

The downside to this manhwa is that there are no character development. We don't know anything about the other characters and we even don't know mu...... View
Transfer Student Storm Bringer Reboot5It really cool that the author is making a opposite view of "what if's" from his original manhwa. Though it is cool that he did it, it's not as good as the original. The comedy in this manhwa is not good at all compared to the other but the plot is basically the same. Instead of the lucky weak protagonist getting away with being strong, this manhwa is about a strong protagonist labelled weak because he us unlucky in fights.

I give this a 6/10 for now because I like the concept the author did. ...... View
Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Uso------
Velvet Kiss7The manga is like in the deep end of being a hentai. Most manga's like these aren't really my type but it was pretty good. The art is good and it actually has a plot. The character development with the two protagonists is pretty good but I didn't really like that every single chapters has someone having sex. I thought that it wasn't really necessary but it's an adult manga so I let it slide.

The downside to this manga is that the plot doesn't seem fluid to me. When I say "fluid" I mean that th...... View
Venus Rhapsody------
Veritas7This manhwa was good at first but it went downhill for me. They manga is about a cocky guy who likes to fight, which was a plus for me because he is not the typical shy kind of character.

As you read the manhwa, around the middle of the manhwa it starts going downhill for me because it got less and less exciting. The protagonist is the kind of character who gets stronger every time he loses a fight. It started to get repetitive and later on it doesn't even show him much in the later half of t...... View
W's4The manga was decent at the beginning and that was it. The manga is really short so the manga seems really rushed. The manga has no romance whatsoever so do not expect anything. In this manga it is really funny that all the characters are like 10 years old and under, and they are so serious about tennis. I mean come on. The main character is only 9 and has played for a month or so and he gets so good that tennis that it is ridiculously funny. They make it out like its the genes from his fath...... View
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan10You what will happen at the end of the story but still read it. I dislike sad endings in mangas' too but don't let it discourage you to not read it. The plot is really great and different from other mangas'.
The ending made me cry and I am a guy too.

Overall read this manga because its just that great even with sad endings. I rarely if ever rate mangas with 10s so it shows that it is special.
Yakuza Girl------
Yanagida-kun to Mizuno-san9This manga is really great for a hentai. Even though it is a hentai manga, it has a actual plot. Most hentai manga just goes to the sex scenes with no actual plot but i have to say that this manga is really great. There is even a mix of comedy in the manga.
Yume de Aetara8---
Yuutai Nova4This manga had potential to be a great manga but in the end it gets cancelled. The ending is so open that you didnt even know it was the ending. It also left many unanswered questions too. For those of you who are planning to read this manga be warned because you will be very disappointed because there was not even an ending to it. Also, the NTR tag shouldn't be categorize in this manga because his ex girlfriend and him separated so it is NOT NTR,
I gave this manga 4/10 because of the ending. ...... View