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Series Rating Comment
17-sai Hajimete no H------
17-sai Natsu -Seifuku no Jouji-------
7 Genme wa Himitsu------
A Shameless Night------
A Thousand Years of Snow------
Absolute Boyfriend------
Ahiru no Oujisama------
Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto------
Ai no Koe------
Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide9---
Ai o Tomenaide------
Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero10---
Aishiteruze Baby1---
Aisuru Hito10even with the weird complicated love (which i personally didn't mind at all), it was great.. there were moments i laughed out loud blatantly, and if when i recall it, it still makes me giggle ^^;;

it's an awesome read for those looking for adult material that is funny.
Akane-chan Overdrive------
Akuma de Sourou10---
Akuma na Eros------
Akutou Danshi Collection------
Alice 19th------
Angel Sanctuary------
Arashi no Ato------
Arrested Man------
Aruji no Oose no Mama ni9---
Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo9---
Ayashi no Ceres------
Ba-thump Ba-thump Diary------
Beast Harem---if you enjoy raunchier side of shoujo... then this is for you haha

many sexual themes are explored.. and it's a pretty good read overall.
you don't really get tired of the main characters, and around volume 2 and 3, the love rivalry certainly heats things up~ (hint* new characters are introduced..)

i'd say try it- if you can. X3
Beast Master------
Beauty is the Beast------
Bijin Dorobou------
Binetsu Shoujo---loved it from start to finish.. cute beginning leading in to a dazzling plot and finished with much love <3
Bitter - Nakechau Koi Monogatari------
Blooming---awesome series.. take it from someone who finished reading XP great plot, surprises behind every corner, and the amount of fluff is done just right =]
Body Talk------
Boku ni Natta Watashi------
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa------
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu10the last volume + the turn of events that it had with certain characters...
Spoiler (highlight to view)
mainly with Kyo.. TT_TT

it was amazing. i haven't cried this hard in a while..

this is a must read- each of the 12 volumes truly move your soul- and opens your perspective on the human desire to live and how we take it for granted.
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - Secret Sweethearts9DX it was so good! loved the scandalous plot.. till the very end.
Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da10---
Bus Gamer------
Busu to Himegimi------
By Hero10AWWW that was tue cutest thing i've ever seen.. first manga i've read from an animal's pov.. really adorable for a one shot.
Can't Lose You------
Caramel Milk Tea------
Card Captor Sakura------
Chain of Pearls---i didn't know exactly what the title had to do with the manga.. (since it was about soccer + romance more ><;;) but it was a nice read anyways =] the lead male character is.. well, too perfect, but.. that's typical in a shoujo manga XD

great manga =D
Charisma Doll------
Chocolate Temptation------
Complex (shoujo)8i thought that it was actually pretty good. the plot was interesting enough to keep me going.. and not cliche enough to make me barf.

i just didn't like how the ending didn't explain everything.. but i guess open-ended isn't too bad either.
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki------
Death Note------
Dekiai Paradox---i don't understand why it got such terrible reviews ^^;;

yes there was a lack of plot and the characters weren't as developed.. but really, what do you expect from a series that's only 3 chapters long?

i think it's more enjoyable if you have enough imagination to bring out the true emotions within the characters.. such as what could have possibly gone on previous to the series and the magnitude that the male protagonist(subjective term haha) would have had to feel.
Demon Diary10it's the best manga.. EVER. the story isn't bad.. although it was altered in the middle of it due to an author change. the plot is cute, not as long adn enthralling as could have been, but it kept it short, concise, and quaint ^^

it was quite an enjoyable read- =]
Desire Climax---i love seeing him vulnerable.. so hot. =]

great read- loved it to death.. forbidden love around every corner makes it all the more enthralling~
Diamond Head10it was awesome.. quite the interesting plot- and the characterization is amazing..

great read- only flaw is that it was short..
Doubt!!---to be honest, i thought the series wasn't all that bad- the premise was interesting and more original than a lot of the others..

sadly, the main protagonist male is a douche bag. he really didn't have a redeeming personality, in my opinion..

the ending also had no closure. TT-TT
Eensy Weensy Monster10---
Eerie Queerie!------
Eikaiwa School Wars9---
Electric Hands------
Empty Heart------
Enren Debut------
Erotikku ni Oborero!------
Family Complex------
Forbidden Dance------
Forbidden Phrase------
Forbidden Wedding------
Fruits Basket------
Full Moon wo Sagashite------
Fushigi Yuugi------ Dekinai------
Gatcha Gacha10---
Gekka no Kimi---the ending was cute.. a bit alarming.. but.. all in all, a good read =]
Get Love!!---ahhh that was sooo adorable.. loved it from start to finish.
Ginchou Kidan------
Girl Got Game9.5it was incredibly hilarious.. certain moments were like "omg i can't believe this is happening.. why is the girl so crazy?" and other times were like "GET ON WITH THE ROMANCE. PLEASE." the ending could have been better.. (it felt rushed, really.) but.. all in all, great series =]
Go! Hiromi, Go!9the plot is pretty good.. but i detest the ending. it doesn't seem like it's over.. (it might be just me being bitter..)

all in all, good series =]
Gokujou no Koibito10---
Gon10each story leaves me with a warm feeling inside. <3
Good Luck7.5---
Good-bye, My 19 year Old Self8it was really cute ~ but his author could do with more closure in her one shots ^^;;

but love the art style and the quaint plot =]
Hana Kimi------
Haou Airen------
Hard Romantica------
Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu------
Hatsukare10it's a really cute series- i just wish that i got to see them grow up at the end.. and the slightly pervy side of me would have liked to see.. more. XD

but it was entirely adorable. both the male and female cast were so squishy.. mm.
Hidoi Otoko------
Hikaru no Go8.5the ending.. argh i totally thought that he would.. well.. *sigh*

yeah it's not the same after Sai..

it's really hard to talk about this series withouth spoiling anything =[

but it's a good read anyways; it leaves things unexplained.. but alas, we don't always get what we want in life.
Hohoemi no Nichijou------
Honenuki ni Saretai------
Honey (SAKURAI Machiko)---the ending was a bit of a let down.. and the plot kinda drags..

but it was fluffy cute ^^;;
Honey Honey Boy - He Is a Sweet Temptation------
Honeymoon Salad10---
Hot Gimmick------
Hotarubi no Mori E9---
Houkago Hokenshitsu------
Ice Kiss------
Ichigo Channel---cliche a bit.. but it's still really cute. the fraustration within the characters keep the story moving.. although more plot would have been appreciated. well, it maybe a typical shoujo, but good things are good things =]
Ijiwaru Shinaide!------
Ikujinashi no Shiawase------
Itadakimasu10hilarious and witty to the last bit- smut only amplifies the fun ^^ characters are developed enough as well as the plot- and it wasn't cliche (hard to find these days). it makes for an awesome read.
Iya x Shite------
Jippu Jippu Byuun8---
Juvenile Orion------
Kakene Nashi no LOVE Torihiki------
Kare First Love------
Kare Kano------
Kawaii Oresama------
Kedamomo no Aishikata---i'm beginning to think that this mangaka's style for every manga is the same..

the art's a bit messy, but it's enough to carry the plot. eh.. all in all, decent.
Kedamono to Watashi------
Kill Me Kiss Me------
Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai------
Kimi no Kachi---all of them give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside..
Kimi sae mo Ai no Kusari------
Kimi to Scandal10---
Kimi wa Boku no Mono------
Kimi wa girlfriend------
Kimi wo Ubau, Kimi wo Aisu---the plot is okay, could be better.. characterization is also pretty off... but it makes for a pretty good read if you're a fan of smut =]
Kiwametsuke Gakuya Ura Ouji8when first skimmed it (in borders and i was pressed for time XD), i thought it was pretty cliche and boring.. but then i decided to really read it.. and found that it was pretty good =]
Kodocha---i thought it was a bit off that they were so young also.. BUT it was great anyways. =] full of fluffy cuteness as well as mature concepts that we can all relate too..
Koi, Hirari---now, i'm the type where if i start reading something, i have to finish it.

so despite how generic and cliche it was, i trudged on a continued reading, hoping for something new.

my hopes remain unanswered and i am now in search of an actual plotful story

however, it was a light/simple read. can't say that it was terrible :3
Koiha Ina Mono Mouna Mono------
Konna Otoko wa Aisareru9---
Koukou Debut10i love how socially awkward they are.. it makes me utterly embarassed for them. XD

completely unfathomable and fluffy, but .. well, that's what makes it a shoujo manga, n'est pas?

best part is trying to anticipate how embarassing and squishy the next scene will be.. and i'm usually good about guessing what will happen after reading over hundreds of shoujo series.. but the lack of the typical shoujo personality in the protagonist definitely changes things up. X3

to the very last scene, i was ena...... View
Kowarehajimeta Tenshi Tachi------
Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yumewomiru------
Let Dai10no words could express how deep and beautiful this series is.. i was first reluctant to start it due to the not so great art and thuggish violence..

but once i got started, i truly began to appreciate how incredible it was.

it's one of those series that leaves you wanting for more- yet you feel complete anyways knowing that all in all, it was pleasing. not to mention, especially in these days, it allows one to appreciate love in a manner that's not judged upon gender or physical relations- but ...... View
Life10those that dislike the weak character of the girl probably have never witnessed these type of situations in real life.

this is the hellish high school life that is actually quite common in asian countries- and i think that Life portrays it very well. the overdramatization only compels the readers to feel a bit of the life of a suffering girl- and even the exaggerated pages could not express the horror, i imagine.

i cried buckets in the last volume- because the series is so realistic that it c...... View
Love Celeb------
Love Hina------
Love Love - Kaporin no Yuuwaku Kiss 1------
Love Mode------
Love Monster---it was adorable.. a bit cliche with the turn of events.. but really cute =]

(Haine rules the world XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
Love Skit------
Love Strip------
Magic Knight Rayearth------
Mai HiME------
Maniakku ni Aishite------
Marmalade Boy------
Mars10it was incredible- an amazing read. the characters are so well developed it's as if it's based off of real stories.. of course if that were the case, the models would have lived some demented lives...

the plot is so great that it sends chills down your spine; it's not your everyday shoujo, but that's what's so great about it.. slice of life indeed.
MAX Lovely!---it was indeed, lovely to the max XD

a bit cliche, but still nice to read.
Mekakushi no Kuni10the plot was beautiful- all of the characterization was well done, and there were so many moments that i just plain squealed at. and of course, the occassional comedy was great too.

one of the best that i've read =]
Mikansei na Karada------
Moe Kare!!------
Monkey Strip------
Motto Oshiete------
Mucha Kucha Daisuki10so.. deep.. and touching.. TT.TT
My Precious------
Nagatachou Strawberry------
Naruto dj - Guruguru Tornado - Aiyoku------
Netsu-Ai Shisen------
Never Give Up------
Onee-chan Dorobou9---
Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Left Hand Dreams of Him------
Onna ni Natta Hi------
Ookami Nanka Kowaikunai!?------
Otokomae! Beads Kurabu------
Ouka Ryou Wars------
Parfait Tic10o_o so many people hate this series.. but i just love it!

it definitely does drag on forever.. and it is irritating that she's jumping between the two guys like a lost dog.. but it is also easy to comprehend just why she does what she does.

it's still a great read for shoujo fans.
Peach Girl------
Penguin Brothers------
Penguin Prince------
Perfect Partner------
Princess Ai------
Princess Princess------
Princess Princess Plus------
Princess Recipe------
Pure Love in Roppongi------
Random Walk------
Ren-ai Shijo Shugi---the plot was so so.. the protagonist female was .. eh.

but i liked it anyways- the sick demented part of me just likes watching the lead male get emotionally hurt by other bishounen's actions XD
Renai Joujou------
Risou no Kao wo Motsu Otoko------
Rockin' Heaven---the story line picks up more in the later volumes- sure it's your typical shoujo, but it brings a nice flavor to it X3 and one can never have too much of good shoujo.
Romantic Beauty------
Rurouni Kenshin------
Saboten no Himitsu------
Sailor Moon------
Sakura Gari10her yaoi series is greater than any of her other shoujo ones.. and i've read all of them.

it has more depth, realistic references, befitting artstyle, great imagery, and such intelligent design that i can't even stop rambling..

i'm just in awe. the characterization blows me away with the overflow of emotion.

the depth of the characters goes as far as to show the desperation that humans can truly feel- and the result of their actions as well as their motives can be devastating.
Sakura Rhythm------
Say I'm Cute------
Sayonara no Riyuu------
Seishun Shiteru Kai!7---
Seishun Survival------
Senaka no Otoko------
Sensual Phrase------
Sexy Guardian------
Shaman King------
Shin P-Hyoro Ikka------
Shinshi Doumei Cross------
Shiritsu! Bijinzaka Joshi Koukou---funny and adorable... a bit cliche perhaps, but done in a way that you can't help but love the characters anyway~
Shitsuren Mania dj - Netsuai Gleaning------
Shotgun Marriage------
Shounen Harem------
SOLD OUT!------
Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru : Only the Ring Finger Knows10---
Sora Sora------
Star na Koi------
Star ni Ai------
Suzuka---the story line was.. interesting enough. plotful, certainly..

the male lead was well characterized. the female, however.. pissed me off like no other..

the side characters were much preferable.

but still, cute series. ^^
Swan Lake------
Switch (shoujo)------
Taiyou Ouji - Prince of Sun------
Tennen Paaru Pinku------
Tennen Sozai De Ikou------
Tenshi Ja Nai!!------
Tenshi no Sumu Heya------
The Day of Revolution------
The Poisonous Flower------
The Prince Who Fell In Love10---
Time Lag10---
Tokyo Crazy Paradise------
Tongari Root------
Totally Captivated10... i've read many different yaoi series till now... like i mean, hundreds.

but this is my favorite EVER.

.. this series makes me SO glad that i'm korean XDDDDDD

love it. plot, amazing. characters, drop dead gorgeous who are in character the whole manga..

i could go on and on forever. it's such a shame that you can't understand the complexity of the characters and the plot without having a korean background.. and the jokes sound strange in translation.. (i'm guessing that's what happened to thos...... View
Toumei Shounen------
Tour Shangri-La------
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles------
Uso to Kiss------
Vitamin (SUENOBU Keiko)10---
W Juliet------
Want You------
Wanted (DGT)5---
Warito Yokuaru Danshikouteki Renaijijou------
Watashi no Megane-kun10one of the best. deep, touching, and just.. unforgettable. (as proof, i read this over a year ago and i'm reviewing it now! XD)
Watashi no Ookami-san---adorable- makes me want a demon lord of my own.. TT.TT
We Are Still...!10adorable from start to finish.. could have had more thrill, but the emotions flowing out of the characters are heart wrenching.. characterization more than makes up for everything.
Wedding Peach------
Winter Flowers10it was really sad and dramatic.. all in all, i loved it. the last couple pages (especially after re-reading it) made me cry.

really good for such a short read.
Wonderful Kiss!------
Yakusoku no Tsuki------
Yokubou Shounen------
Yokubou to Koi no Meguri8i personally thought it was pretty good. the characters all have developed pasts and personality that befits them. each have lived through different circumstances, but all are connected in someway or another. i'd say this manga is random, but tastefully done so.
Yoru Koi------
Yoru Made Matenai---the series was really cute.. and age didn't seem that bad.

i only wish that you get a better view of him at the end of the manga.. (the ending was good nonetheless.)
Yubisaki no Koi------
Yume Miru Happa------
Yume ni Tobu Tori------
Yume no Shiro------
Yurara no Tsuki---the manga was really cute. i'm still kinda put off by the fast paced romance (certain characters fall in love TOO quickly..)

but nevertheless, great series. =]
Zenbu Kimi no Mono------
Zombie Powder------