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7 Seeds10I picked this one up very reluctantly, expecting to hate how old the art looks (judging by the cover)....but i was given a pleasant surprise after persisting through the first couple chapters.

This series has a whole cast of main characters who I love and adore with all my heart. I usually only end up loving one or two characters from a manga... but not this time! I especially love Hana, an energetic and charismatic tomboy with a kind heart. Although the first few chapters are slow as we only...... View
Alive: Saishuu Shinkateki Shounen7.2---
All You Need Is Kill------
Apocalypse no Toride9.8this manga scared my pants off, but also had me laughing and the weirdest moments.

Some of the zombies have the most derpy faces I have ever seen and I just can't--... ha ha ha ha. Even if you aren't here for the story, the horror, or the hot boys, at least check out this manga for the hidden troll faces on random zombies. Oh god it's deliciously disgusting. xD

(and reading this manga on Mangahere was great with the Tsukkonomi function--it just made everything 10 times better)
Basara9.7The main character is downright badass--sacrificing her own gender identity for her town's vengeance...Not that this is recommended, but it shows how good of a person she is.

While the story is a tad melodramatic, I enjoyed the whole entire thing. The ending was just so sweet!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin

EDIT: I just recently found out that the author of this series also wrote my other favorite series, 7 Seeds!!! No wonder it felt familiar somehow.

While I prefer 7 Seed's storyline and emphasis on multiple main...... View
Battle Royale7.8This stuff is pretty intense, and definitely targeted toward adult males..... So when I first read this back as a young and relatively innocent eighth grade girl, this utterly disgusted me. Now four years later, I still find the portrayal of lots of things disgusting, but, I can somewhat "ignore" it for the story......

Well, for the most part, a lot of the psychology involved was very realistic, and while the physical portrayals of many characters were grotesque/ugly/gross, I was able to see t...... View
Highschool of the Dead5---
Hotel10Wow I cried my heart out after reading the first story. It's just so amazing on many levels. I can only hope that reality will be better than this in the future--I don't want mankind's destruction quite yet.
Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu------
Kami-sama no Iutoori Ni8---
Kanojo o Mamoru 51 no Houhou10This manga was very good. I liked the theme of humanity's simultaneous tenatiousness and insanity... and the part about the new mother really struck me right at the heart. That was beautifully done.

There was no random supernatural elements to this story, and everything was deeply rooted in the reality following a disaster in an urban city. Riots, deaths, hopelessness, hope, and desperate desire for survival---everything was depicted as realistically as possible.

Love this one a lot. I was expe...... View
Kaze no Tani no NausicaƤ10---
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica8The dark and gruesome mix of shoujo magic girls and horror is somehow satisfying--the author managed to make it work for me.

I was gorging down the chapters one after another nonstop, and finished reading everything in a few hours. I also watched the anime version, which I actually preferred. Anyways, the characters here all encounter HUGE twists that turn their lives into living hell/death. Very interesting read.
Mirai Nikki8He's my favorite character. And I really like a lot of the other characters too. But i didn't really like either of the main ones. Yuno was too scary for me and the other boy was.... eh.
Shingeki no Kyojin10I watched the anime and then read the manga.....and god I cried so many times...(just me? ok)

1) Anime Experience
Watching the anime, I cried in the very first episode, and then again in 2nd episode,... and again in 3rd. I was a sobbing mess because of how raw the atmosphere of Attack on Titan was. Eren's desire for revenge made me cry even harder because, honestly, I just did not think he stood a chance against those giant muscular monsters. Mikasa was my saving grace.

2) Manga Experience
I ...... View
Solo Leveling8This story doesn't really have too much depth, and the deeper plot does take a bit too long to develop. Nonetheless, this series is mindless fun and pretty addictive if you enjoy overpowered main characters like Saitama from One Punch Man or Mob from Mob Psycho 100.
Sweet Home (KIM Carnby)8---
Toukyou Kushu10Dammit. I went into this manga knowing it was horror/tragedy (aka LOTS OF DEATHS) and yet I managed to let down my guards by the first chapter... sad

This manga was really good, and honestly, the poor main character needs a break. His life sucks. I cry so much for him.

BUT GAHD I NEED MORE! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS DANG IT! <-- binged read this and now i have withdrawal symptoms.
Toukyou Kushu:re10Seriously, I cried so much at the end of Tokyo Ghouls. This manga is only a few chapters in so nothing is set in stone, but I have high expectations---and I'm glad not all of my favorite characters are dead.

But i'm also really sad.... Kaneki is living such a miserable life.... :'( *sobbing*
Yakusoku no Neverland10---