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A Stepmother's Ma╠łrchen10I love how mature the main character is -- well duh she's like a 25 year old woman stuck in a teenager's body. Either way, it's so refreshing to see the way she resolves the various issues she has to deal with as a family grieving for their lost patriarch. Her interactions with her children are so precious, although I'm not totally sold on how fast the kids went from hating to loving her.

I also like that she doesn't seem to have romantic pairings at the moment since everyone else is too youn...... View
A Villain Is a Good Match for a Tyrant7This is pretty funny so far. Looking forward to more
Akuyaku Reijo nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita------
As You Wish, Prince------
Beatrice8From the negative reviews, I figured I'd hate-read this series for a few laughs.... But as of the moment (ch 40) I'm actually really amused by the series. I find the MC adorable, and the slow unveiling of the duke's personality to be interesting. Aside from the glorification of slavery and the rare scenes of abuse at the beginning, the series is both thrilling and wholesome. I'm enjoying the main character's love for wild herbs a LOT.

The running gag of the prince pretending to be gay to p*ss...... View
Beware of the Villainess!8It's too early to give this webtoon a 10/10, but i've really been enjoying the various antics our main characters are up to (the maid, the villainess reborn, the dad, the fluffy werewolf, the book heroine). Everyone's hilarious and unexpected. Every chapter surprises me like a breath of fresh air.

The premise of having 4 terrible male leads is A+. I'm so over the toxic, unrealistic shoujo trope of "cruel jerk with a heart of gold for his true love." Like nah, love alone doesn't guarantee happ...... View
Crazy Girl Shin Bia1I was hooked at the beginning and thought Shin Bia's antics were funny, but her shticks soon got tiring to see. Characters seemed not to develop naturally, and author keeps going from 0 to 100 with no decent context to back that up. Everyone in Hwang Mi-Ri's world seems violent and psychotic. Most men seem rapey, and everyone seems violent except for some secretly plotting evil villainess pretending to be a shy damsel in distress. It's such a cliche. Pretty disappointed.
Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~3I see why it got cancelled... it's so boring!
Empress of Another World6.4Art: 8.5/10. I love the cute dress designs. While they are obviously too cutesy to truly resemble aristocratic european fashion, I loved the colorful flare in this manga's fashion that helped cement the fantasy vibe. The character designs are also unique from each other, with good facial expressions from start to finish.

Plot: 5/10 Modern girl transmigrating into fantasy isekai world and ending up with royalty is a saturated trope that might as well be its own genre. The romance is cute and w...... View
Empress's Harem------
Favorite Concubine of the Pharaoh3Translation: 1/10 - Wow, looks like someone just copy-pasted straight outta Google Translate. Nothing makes sense.

Setting: 2/10 - The portrayal of ancient magical egypt is so cringey here. Author didn't do any research on ancient egyptian culture, so this just comes off like some weird modern roleplaying.

Characters: 4/10 - No creativity whatsoever. Same old blonde gal w/ long-haired vaguely tan pharaoh. The only good part is that the pharaoh guy doesn't seem rapey or obsessive. He seems ...... View
I Am a Child of This House6.8The art is pretty good and I like that the story explores PTSD (tho not as educationally as I hoped), but I'm not the biggest fan of the ship that seems to be sailing
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the guard and the MC
. It's just a bit bland. Also, I read the free translation, which made it harder to enjoy the series without cringing at the bad translation issues. It's not even humorously bad. It's incomprehensibly bad. Stuff end up not making much sense and the readers have to do a lot of men...... View
I Don't Want to Be Empress!3Art: 4/10
I gotta say I'm not super impressed with the fashion choices, which is like half the reason people read aristocratic isekai in the first place. For someone who is the future queen, Serena's clothes are too shabby/ugly/drab/boring. Overall, the dresses are poorly drawn and crudely designed. The attention to detail just isn't there. Mia looks terrible artistically speaking. All the backgrounds are also obviously copy-paste google images...

Story: 5/10
The plot is similar to Abandoned Emp...... View
I Will Go with the Emperor's Ending9Although it's not spectacular yet, this story has been solidly entertaining. I love that the female lead is for once not a former assassin or school girl. Instead, we dive into the fantasy world created by a genius mad scientist lady and see everything from her POV. Obviously, I think more emphasis could've been placed on the side characters, but either way this is a mostly drama-free, easy, fun read.
I'm the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier (SETE)------
Isekai de Saikyou Maou no Kodomo-tachi Juunin no Mama ni nacchaimashita.---Is this the otome isekai version of f*cking Rugrats
Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Kiroku8chapter 27-29 got somewhat frustrating to read, but this is an otherwise adorable manga series!
Kondo wa Zettai ni Jama shimasen!7This is a simple story following a girl trying to become a better person despite her family's continued negligence. She learns to appreciate the people that cherish her instead of focusing on appeasing those who refuse to care for her. Nothing revolutionary, but the art is nice and I dig the character interactions.
Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami10WOW I did not expect this manga to be so detailed! I'm LOVING this. Other's might find this boring, but wow I'm honestly completely shooketh.

disclaimer: if you are looking for the typical otome-game-isekai-harem tropes in this series, you will be very disappointed. This series is nothing like any of the other manga series about aristocratic female leads. This series dives deeply into economic jargons, geopolitics, public infrastructure reform, and civic servitude. I'm a pretty well-read/n...... View
Lady Baby8I love the kids and how our MC lovingly teaches them to be better despite looking like a kid herself. And the concepts in this story are refreshing and charming. I'm in love with how adorable everything is! Even then, there's still a background of suspense and tension due to the inherent grim fate our MC faced in her previous life. Her caution is really interesting to read about too.

So, the latest chapters kind of went downhill -- I don't understand the prince's obsession with her eve...... View
Light and Shadow (Ryu Hyang)6.7The only major problem I have with this webtoon is how quickly the two main characters fell for each other after
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
he raped her when they first met. She is shown scared because it hurt so much
. That was never satisfactorily resolved, but the rest of the series shows a very strong female main lead with an abundance of mystery and charm. And luckily, nothing like that happened again. By the end, I actually thought the male lead was kind of bland in comparison to the ...... View
Lucia (Taruvi)3Plot: 4/10 -- Cliched contractual marriage plot, bad plot holes, all-around disappointing story elements
Art: 4/10 -- Her spaghetti noodle hair always looks stringy and greasy. Does the bish not know of shampoo.
Characters: 3/10 -- Lucia whines about getting into a loveless contractual marriage.... even though she proposes it knowing ML has no capacity for love. Like bish what?

I dropped this on chapter 19 because the MC got too annoying to even look at.
Mind-Reading Princess2I would have given this 5/10 for the art alone but this is too bloody frustrating.

This story is incredibly annoying to read.... The ML and FL are so toxic for each other since there is never any trust between them despite both of their supposed integrity.The male lead is an utter dumba*ss who kisses up to a cruel and relentless mother. The female lead keeps staying quiet when words would solve the situation. Her excuse? "oh it's too complicated to explain to him." Like no, it would take less...... View
Miss Not-So Sidekick8I enjoy this. It's really light hearted to follow this main character. She's funny.
the only problem is the world building. I'm confused with how exactly magic works in this world since there seem to be some odd elements to it.
Mochiron, Isharyou Seikyuu itashimasu!7It's an interesting take on otome-isekai stuff. Instead of having a normal modern person reincarnating into the villainess role of a otome game, this series subverts our expectations by having a commoner girl Blanche mistakenly believe that a otome-harem novel published by the MC Yulia is actually about Blanche getting high status dudes falling for her. Blanche thinks she's the heroine of Yulia's "prophetic" novel, and that Yulia is the rich aristocratic villainess keeping Blanche from her ha...... View
New Sexy Simpleton1---
Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shite shimatta...6Yes, this story is cute and I laughed a few times...However, this series turns into The MC Fan Club halfway through, and all the characters end up as comedic reverse harem tropes rather than actual people with thoughtfully developed personalities. Well, they didn't exactly have developed personality traits to begin with.... but even the little bit they were introduced with became lost. It just started feeling like a typical harem anime, except the protagonist is female. I can barely see the a...... View
Peerless Alchemist------
Queen with a Scalpel7If you don't pay too much attention to the corny medical details, this story has some upsides. Having such a capable, kind, lovely, and smart heroine is such a breath of fresh air. Having no cat fights between different ladies is another plus. The series doesn't just end when the main pairing finally kiss. For once, the female character is anything but a crybaby, and crucial plot points don't fall on the men. The main characters are considerate of each others' feelings, and are willing to eve...... View
Rebirth Common Circumstances4.6its a little boring .... i personally find her misunderstandings to be annoying and dragged on....

Art: 7/10 It's unique and intentionally depressing. I dig it.
Plot: 5/10 A girl who really is just average of the mill even after reincarnation... that's an interesting premise. But the execution wasn't that great...
Humor: 3/10 The comedic timing wasn't there, and the gag of her misunderstanding stuff got too repetitive.
Characters: 4/10 In the end, none of the characters are compelling enough...... View
Saigo ni hitotsu dake Onegai shite mo yoroshii deshou ka3Had a good first chapter. Rest is boring.
Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori5This is one of the better fleshed-out historical time travel comics I've come across. The various problems and unique solutions the MC face are fascinating to read about. It's also refreshing that the MC doesn't wait until the very last chapter to profess her love for the male lead. We actually get to see a lot of their relationship dynamics after they confess their undying love. However, that being said...there are some problems too.

1. Main girl Yuri comes from a happy family and has a nice ...... View
Suddenly Became A Princess One Day9Disclaimer: don't read this if you are looking for something action-packed and intense. Not a lot happens until like the 3rd arc. But I never knew royal slice-of-life could be so amusing and fun!

Seeing the MC grow up from a baby to full grown princess is such a journey. I'm totally invested in her. I love how this story is wholesome despite how dark/morbid our narrator can be. The contrast is hilarious. The story also humanizes the cruel king pretty well towards the later chapters. Granted,...... View
Survive as the Hero's Wife6The author definitely got the big picture down when it comes to the plot, but I don't think he/she has the skills to pull off the juicy dialogues that make the individual arcs exciting. Instead, this story feels more like an outline, not very fleshed out. Plot seemed forced, and arc resolutions appeared out of thin air deus ex machina style. The storytelling skills were just not there. I was not impressed with the script writing and character nuances...The first 6 chapters were pretty bad, b...... View
Tensei Danzou Oujo wa Kekkon Aite wo Sagasanai2does good, fully consensual smut even exist? At this point I'm about to assume the vast majority of the smut authors have a friggin rape fetish. :-(

2/10 for the art. Otherwise, 0/10.
The Abandoned Empress7Art: 7/10 The fashion design and general panel layout are really well done. The characters are aesthetically pleasing, although Ji-eun's eyes look kinda wack in the first 10 chapters. Overall, love the aesthetics.

Characters: 7/10 Everyone (aside from crown prince) has an interesting backstory. I especially enjoy the female MC's progression from a doormat to a girl with sense and ambition. The one sad part is... though the characters are interesting, the author kind of forgets about some of ...... View
The Careful Empress2this story is confusing in an unpleasant way... plus the art is kinda meh. Overall, not worth the time...
The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes6.6UPDATE: it's been a month since I've last read this series, and I've already forgotten most of the chapters...

This series unfortunately doesn't have the writing prowess to back up the business-focused plot. A lot of the details regarding politics and accounting are replaced with empty speech bubbles to indicate a conversation. That's lazy writing. I actually would've enjoyed seeing the conversation play out so I know why the characters feel more affinity towards each other. This series feels ...... View
The Evil Lady's Hero10Wow I'm in love with the FL. She's surprisingly mature in various situations compared to other otome isekai female leads. For one, she realizes that even though she lives in a potentially preordained book world, the book characters she interact with are still people with their own free will and feelings. She doesn't try to force things to go in any particular direction because "destiny" or "fate." Rather, she is good at adult compromise.

I'm in love with this character's thoughtfulness and se...... View
The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!------
The Pet of the Villainess9The fashion in this manhwa isn't the best, but the dresses, settings, and characters are still very colorful and vibrant. It's pleasing to the eye and remains consistent the entire time.

Okay but wow for once the MC doesn't just suddenly make a harem of her own right off the bat despite trying to avoid the crown prince/duke/whatever. She is just a minor character with lowly noble status, but she learns to survive nonetheless by kissing up to repressed noble ladies as a mobile-punching-bag/the...... View
The Result of Being Reincarnated is Having a Master-Servant Relationship with the Yandere Love Interest6.5Lol in this story there are multiple characters who reincarnated after they died back in Japan. The result is comical and obviously misunderstandings ensue. This is an easy read with cute art, and I look forward to more scenes of
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the MC x her servant

The servant is such a yandere cinnamon roll
The Twin Siblings' New Life5The premise holds so much potential. A pair of telepathic fraternal twins thrown into a very misogynistic, hierarchic world sounds like the beginnings of a very intriguing and dramatic story. I would imagine a lot of sibling angst and eventual cuteness overload. But instead, what we get is a generic "bad childhood turns good" story without any attempt to explore the overarching world this story is set in. The art is also only decent.
The Villain's Ending Is Death10This series has a lot going for it even though it's only 29 chapters in atm.
1. We get to know the MC before she transports into the game world. A lot of manwha don't give us enough time to know the MC's original life, leading to a disconnect. But here, I feel more for the MC because of how she was portrayed in her regular life. Moreover, we actually see MC playing the game she will eventually be transported into, and futilely having to restart due to bad endings. Then BAM she's actually beco...... View
The Villain's Savior6.5I've definitely been guilty of sympathizing with the tragic villains before, so I am pleased to see a story like this one. The female MC is kinda annoying, and I don't get why he fell so quickly for her, but otherwise this is a guilty pleasure read...

Characters: 6/10 Honestly, the primary driving force of this series is the Aseph Randell, the charming villain dude. Everyone else is bland...
Art: 9/10
Plot: 7/10 This story fully fleshes out Aseph, making readers sympathize w/ him despite his p...... View
The Villainess Lives Twice10The female lead (the blonde villainess) is a strategic genius! She's probably got the tea on every noble in the empire, and she knows how to get them to show their own ugliness in public! I'm loving the plot so far--it really weaves really well, and it's even cooler since the plot is essentially driven by the former villainess' subtle scheming. I LOVE THIS.

Can't wait to see more updates.
The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass9.5I hope this comic series stays a close adaptation of the completed web novel. Unlike most MC's of this trope, our badass bish doesn't suddenly turn a new leaf upon rebirth. She doesn't suddenly go from the worst villain in history to a misunderstood, slandered saint. Nah, our girl was always kinda crazy and ruthless thanks to her loveless childhood. But this time, she learns to be a charming psychopath for the sake of revenge. She doesn't swoon over the people that suddenly are nice to her. N...... View
The Villainess Turns the Hourglass (Novel)8.5Wow our main character is kind of a psychopath due to her horrible childhood, but it's so satisfying to see her outwit everyone out to get her since age 14. This series features some of the best petty revenge victories. To be honest, while there is romance, it really isn't the main theme and takes up maybe 1/3. The other 2/3 is dedicated to the MC learning to revamp her image and using slyness rather than violence in sibling rivalry.

I binged it all in one day because its so satisfying to see...... View
The Wolf Lord's Lady7Being reincarnated into another body and having people curse your previous life for the fifteen years you were granted to live again.... That's tough....

The story is pretty decent, although the pacing is a bit fast and parts of it don't flow too well. Nonetheless, the characters' emotions are depicted very well. I'm loving this.
This Girl is a Little Wild10wow I think I had a smile on my face basically the whole time while binging this series... I love all the characters. They are a bit tropey, but in a fun and interesting way. I'm also a fan of our MC; she is pretty hilarious and smart. I really enjoy the author's sense of humor, and the English translation is well done. Not to mention the art is incredible~! The colors are so nicely done.

The only slight issue I have is how lame the "demon lord" looks. Someone evil shouldn't look like such a wi...... View
Throw Me Away9This story seems like it would have some cool fantasy adventure elements to it--- I'm liking this! Only on chapter 13 so far, but I'm invested and intrigued by the plot. The art is gorgeous and full of color, and the dialogue is spunky. This manhwa seems promising.

My summary:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Adele the orphan is adopted into dukedom as a replacement for the duke's lost daughter. In her first life, she is ambushed before her arranged wedding to the "cursed" grand duke, supposedly by...
... View
To Be You, Even Just For A Day10I didn't expect much from the story because the first 3 chapters were so freaking confusing. But boy next thing i knew I was on the latest chapter scrambling to find more to read. So so so addictive.

So many twists. Who knew a princess story could be filled with so much vengeance and action? I'm still only on chapter 18 but it's incredible so far. This manwha fully overcame my prejudices towards the shoujo genre, and it deserves a wide readership. I love the main character's strength and wicke...... View
Ugly Woman's Harem Code------
Unripened: I Became the Maid of the Duke's Family4---
Virtues of the Villainess7The MC is a bit clueless when it comes to piecing information together, and lacks common sense when it comes to protecting her advantages. However, the general story is really cute and funny despite the number of times I wanted to give the MC a shake-down. I'd recommend this to fans of otome-isekai

Art: 9/10
Story: 7/10
Characters: 5/10
Writing: 6/10
Why She Had to Go to the Duke8This manwha nailed the humor and art. I am so amused watching the interactions between the two MC's and the side characters. While the twists were all kind of predictable, it was still interesting to see through to the end. Also, this is the first shoujo isekai series I've come across that actually has a long arc exploring the mystery behind why the MC got transported into the book world. Other series tend to just gloss over that part in favor of the romance. Also, our main girl is very capab...... View
Yandere-kei Otomege no Sekai ni Tensei shite shimatta you desu4The thing with yandere-fetish is that the girl always believes she can tailor a person's behavior to suit her morality. But realistically, would a obsessive/violent/crazy dude actually listen? I doubt it. Human habits aren't changed at the drop of a dime, hence the need for years of therapy after traumatic events. Someone driven to the deep end can't come back so easily with a simple smile and a few words. Clinical paranoia makes you hate the very people you love. This manga is another unheal...... View