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Series Rating Comment
.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu7---
Angelical Pendulum7.3---
B. Reaction4Great potential here, but failed. I feel that it may have been forced to end, thus the insanely fast ending. I would really like to see this continued.
Cardcaptor Sakura7.6---
Cat Shit One7.6---
Change 1236.7---
Dragon Ball7.7---
Elfen Lied8---
Enren Debut6.4---
Fire Candy7.6---
Furi Kuri7---
Giri Giri Sisters7.5---
Hallow Hallow9.1---
Harem Castle8.2---
I"s8.2The art is so awesome in here, a good read. From beginning to end your always guessing at what is going to happen. I'd recommend to anyone.
Kingdom Hearts6.6---
Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories6.8---
Koukou Debut7.4---
LegendZ4.8Here is something that wanted to another Bayblade phenom, but didn't pull the numbers in. I thought it had the potential to do better, but didn't quit hit the mark.
Lilim Kiss7.7---
Love Selection7---
Mahou Tsukai Kurohime7I'm really surprised how something that can hook you so well can lose you again. The beginning of this story is pretty typical battle shounen, even down to the slapstick. Stick with it enough and characters become likeable and a decent real story develops. With the addition of a time travel plot (which in my experiences rarely are done well) the plot starts to get a bit too clustered and falls apart. The ending felt abrupt; certain elements that I felt we're central were just hand waved away....... View
Marchen Awakens Romance8.2---
Me-Teru no Kimochi7.9---
Melty Blood dj - Tsukihime Complex 3 - "Red"7---
Midara na Soshitsu8.4---
Mx05I had two big problems this manga.

One was how the main character fell head over heels for one chick since the first time he met her. I'd actually like to see someone throw a curveball for once and not make the main love interest be so obvious.

The other thing was how it ended. From what I've heard it was forced, so under the circumstances it was done well. That aside though it stunk out loud and just when I was thinking this story was getting better. I felt it was kinda dumb how Taiga was able...... View
Nozoki Ana7.5---
Onani Master Kurosawa8.7The first couple chapters are dull, and then it picks up a little from there. What really sets this manga apart from the rest more around halfway. Don't be turned off by this though, the beginning is made much better by this. Read this in one sitting, reading it in bits breaks the feelings that you'll get from the characters.

Art isn't bad at all either. The coloured pages though leave a bit to be desired, but you won't see many of them.

Not for everyone, but if you can get yourself sucked in y...... View
OPM x Dangan Tenshi Fanclub7.5---
Palladium Garden8.2---
Psychic Academy7.2This manga had some good points and had a good amount of originality to keep me interested. Halfway through it started to rush itself, things were progressing a tad fast. I thought it was just a small arc so didn't give it much thought. Though then it ended, and badly. Small spoiler here, but, the manga uses death to solve problems (one was quite interesting I might add). This is where it felt really rushed, instead of having a natural flow of things it quickly finished itself by killing peop...... View
RAVE6.9Story takes quite a while to get going, feeling very episodic at the start. It definitley picks up and gets interesting later on. I felt that it was spoonfeeding too much. The tropes are very strong here. Charcters brought back from "death" multiple times, heel turn villians, main character wins through sheer force of will, " the power of friendship" and etc. There were some genuinly funny moments spattered thoughout, but a lot of it was mediocre and really ruined more serious moments. Tries ...... View
Saishuu Heiki Kanojo7.5---
School Days7.7Manga or anime, those girls need help. Though in the anime I can understand Sekai's side.
I enjoyed this a good bit, just wish it was longer. Maybe other story arcs could be introduced too. Too bad. Art was anything too grand but all in all I think it fit the story.
Shadow Lady7.2---
Shadows of Spawn5.5---
Slut Girl7.7---
Sougetsu no Kisetsu5---
Tail Chaser7.9---
Tenjou Tenge7.8---
Umi no Misaki7.5If you can't stand characters spending forever in awkward misunderstanings and trying to figure out thier feelings for each other, this is for you. The author spends little time with the buildup to the romance (almost too little) and just dives in. It goes at swift pace that very little felt episodic or filler, which is a common probelm in harem. Plot is pretty straightforward, doesn't offer many surprises, but the few taht are there fit well. Each heroine gets her own subplot. One heroine do...... View
Unbalance x Unbalance8.2---
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo7---
Yu-Gi-Oh8.6I really liked the beginning of this. Aren't wasn't awesome, but story was different. Then they had to switch it to a card game. Now I'm not biased to card games, hell I play them all the time. The games that were played in the beginning were always different, and stories were darker. Not now, there all about a little card game. I think character development was also pushed to the side a bit too. The art does get better though so that's really the only improvement to the series.

Don't get me w...... View
Zippy Ziggy5The begining plotline about about a high school idol that's built his reputation on lies and a femme fatal martial artist who sees through him is a great concept that didn't have the space to be properly told. Though depicted as key early on, the martial arts part is mostly ignored and is only really used for gags. The last fight scene is a complete joke and the arcs after it completely drop the martial arts bit altogether, using it only for slpastick. The story was left super open ended and ...... View