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Series Status Rating Comment
"Bungaku Shoujo" to Shi ni Tagari no Doukev.1 c.1------
+Againv.1 c.1------
+C: Sword and Cornettv.1 c.1------
0/6v.1 c.1------
090 - Eko to Issho.v.1 c.1------
1/2 Princev.1 c.1------
14-sai no Koiv.1 c.1------
2/3 Ai no Kyoukaisenv.1 c.1------
20 Seiki Shounenv.1 c.1------
21st Century Boysv.1 c.1------
337 Byooshiv.1 c.19---
4 Cut Herov.1 c.1------
7 Seedsv.1 c.1------
99 Happy Soulv.1 c.1------
A Fairytale for the Demon Lordv.1 c.1------
A Girlsv.1 c.1------
Aa Megami-samav.1 c.1------
Ability Shopv.1 c.1------
Accel Worldv.1 c.1------
Aconyv.1 c.1------
Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibalv.1 c.1------
Addicted to Curryv.1 c.1------
Aflame Infernov.1 c.1------
Again!!v.1 c.1------
Ageha o Ou Monotachiv.1 c.1------
Aghartav.1 c.1------
Ahiru no Sorav.1 c.1------
AI ga Tomaranai!v.1 c.1------
Ai Korav.1 c.110Well this will be a refresher for all those common harem mangas you read...not much to say but one big definition for it is DIFFERENT Ha!
Oh btw i gurantee you love this unless you have no taste +_+"
Ai Yori Aoshiv.1 c.1---I saw the anime it suck annoying and it from my view for little kids... I mean it get really really annoying after the keep missing their chance
Ai-Renv.1 c.1------
AIKIv.1 c.1------
Aimane - Akuma na Kanojo o Producev.1 c.1------
Air Gearv.1 c.1------
Aishiteruze Babyv.1 c.1------
Akaboshi - Ibun Suikodenv.1 c.1------
Akahime Ranshinv.1 c.1------
Akairo Elegyv.1 c.1------
AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Joureiv.1 c.1------
Aki-Sorav.1 c.1------
Akiba Roumansu!v.1 c.1------
Akikan!v.1 c.1------
Akirav.1 c.1------
Akuma to Dolcev.1 c.1------
Akumetsuv.1 c.19---
Alice no 100°Ccv.1 c.1------
Alivev.1 c.1------
Alive!v.1 c.1------
All Rounder Meguruv.1 c.1------
All You Need Is Killv.1 c.1------
Allow Me to Introduce My Girlfriendv.1 c.1------
Amaenaideyo!!v.1 c.1------
Amaenaideyo!! MSv.1 c.1------
Amagami - Love Goes On!v.1 c.1------
Amagami - Precious Diaryv.1 c.1------
Amagami - Sincerely Yoursv.1 c.1------
Amatsukiv.1 c.1------
Anedokiv.1 c.1------
Angelv.1 c.1------
Angel Densetsuv.1 c.1------
AniHinav.1 c.1------
Ann Cassandrav.1 c.1------
Annarasumanarav.1 c.1------
Anne Freaksv.1 c.1------
Anukiv.1 c.1------
Ao no Futsumashiv.1 c.110hehe a good 66 page for chapter one... well it get you rile up for the next one. So far nothings going wrong plot is beginning to move art is really good and suited for this story line.. hmm oh and its pretty detail on what the actions of the characters!
Aoi no Yuuwakuv.1 c.1------
Apocalypse no Toridev.1 c.1------
Appleseedv.1 c.1------
Arasa Questv.1 c.1------
Arata Kangatariv.1 c.1------
Arcana Soulv.1 c.1------
Area no Kishiv.1 c.1------
Aresv.1 c.1------
Asatte Dancev.1 c.1------
Ashita Dorobouv.1 c.1------
Ashita no Yoichi!v.1 c.1------
Asklepiosv.1 c.1------
Ateya no Tsubakiv.1 c.1------
Ayu Mayuv.1 c.1------
Azamaruv.1 c.1------
B Gata H Keiv.1 c.1------
B-Shockv.1 c.1------
B. Reactionv.1 c.1------
Back to Nee-chanv.1 c.1------
Bad Companyv.1 c.1------
Baka to Boinv.1 c.1------
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuuv.1 c.1------
Bakemonogatari (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Bakumanv.1 c.1------
Bakuon Rettouv.1 c.1------
Bambino!v.1 c.1------
Bamboo Bladev.1 c.1------
Barihakenv.1 c.1------
Bartenderv.1 c.1------
Basiliskv.1 c.1------
Battle Angel Alita: Last Orderv.1 c.1------
Battle Clubv.1 c.1------
Battle Royalev.1 c.19.3---
Be Blues! - Ao ni Narev.1 c.1------
Be My Sweet Darlingv.1 c.1------
Beelzebubv.1 c.1------
Berserkv.1 c.1------
Billionaire Girlv.1 c.1------
Billy Batv.1 c.1------
BioMegav.1 c.1------
Bitter Virginv.1 c.1------
Black Jack ni Yoroshikuv.1 c.1------
Black Lagoonv.1 c.1------
Blade of the Immortalv.1 c.1------
Blame!v.1 c.1------
Bleachv.1 c.1------
Blizzard Axelv.1 c.1------
BLOOD ALONEv.1 c.1------
Blood Alone dj - Vanishing Point - Kiss In the Moonlightv.1 c.1------
Blood+v.1 c.1------
Bloody Mondayv.1 c.18Art work is Great
plot so far is fairly interesting how 2 things are happening
the charcter depth is quite light so i give it a little more time.
please rate if by what it give not personal liking.
Bloody Monday Season 2 - Zetsubou no Kouv.1 c.1------
Bokke-sanv.1 c.1------
Bokkov.1 c.1------
Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasav.1 c.1------
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasaguv.1 c.1------
Boku no Kirai na Kimi no Kotov.1 c.1------
Boku to Kanojo no XXXv.1 c.1------
Boku to Watashi no Henai Jijouv.1 c.1------
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunaiv.1 c.1------
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Boku x Kanov.1 c.1------
Bokura ga Itav.1 c.1------
Boogiepop Dualv.1 c.1------
Bousou Shojov.1 c.1------
Boys on the Runv.1 c.1------
Bradherley no Bashav.1 c.1------
Brass Boy!v.1 c.1------
Break Agev.1 c.1------
Break Bladev.1 c.1---pretty cool i'm not a mecha fan but i like how its going and i can already see some sub plot moving along also its really interest me how they introduce humanity was once the height of technology but now is reform to magic.. i am sooo guessing they are going to learn about the history!
Btooom!v.1 c.1------
Buraiden Gaiv.1 c.1------
Burakon!?v.1 c.1------
Burning Hellv.1 c.1------
Bus Gamerv.1 c.1------
Cafe Occultv.1 c.1------
Can't See Can't Hear But Lovev.1 c.1------
Carnivorous Princess Yegrinnav.1 c.1------
CATv.1 c.110art work is really suitable and well it quite refresh and it can set really good mood to intense from fighting or the shadow of their past.... well plot is quite good having an evil genius
Cat Lifev.1 c.1------
Cavalier of the Abyssv.1 c.1------
Chainsaw Manv.1 c.7------
Chang Ge Xingv.1 c.1------
Change 123v.1 c.1------
Chaosic Runev.1 c.1------
Cheers!v.1 c.1------
Cherishv.1 c.1------
Cherryv.1 c.1------
Cherry Juicev.1 c.1------
China Girlv.1 c.1------
Chisa x Ponv.1 c.1------
Chobitsv.1 c.1------
Chocolatv.1 c.1------
Chocolat (KUBONOUCHI Eisaku)v.1 c.1---Its pretty good so far and a sense of warm how gang are shown that they have their gentle side, but what i like is pastry/gangster!! heheheh its really good the humor really create the the atmosphere and it doesn't "overdose" it.
Choi Himev.1 c.1------
Chokotto Sisterv.1 c.1------
Choku!v.1 c.18---
Chou yo Hana yov.1 c.1------
Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946v.1 c.1------
Chrno Crusadev.1 c.1------
ChunChuv.1 c.1------
ChunRangYulJunv.1 c.1------
City Hunterv.1 c.1------
Claymorev.1 c.1------
Cloverv.1 c.1------
Clover (TETSUHIRO Hirakawa)v.1 c.1------
Code:Breakerv.1 c.1---Yes same feeling, as you read you will like it but as the story progress it get this repetitive feeling and you WILL FEEL it and slowly then you will lose interest but if you can handle it continue the art is good story is repetitive ecchi.. bleh..
Conveni-Nv.1 c.1------
Coppelionv.1 c.1------
Countroublev.1 c.1------
Crimson Gravev.1 c.1------
Crimson-Shellv.1 c.1------
Cronos Hazev.1 c.1------
Cross Accountv.1 c.1------
Cross Gamev.1 c.1------
Cupid no Itazura Nijidamav.1 c.1------
Cynical Orangev.1 c.1------
D-ASHv.1 c.1------
D.Gray-Manv.1 c.1------
D'Vv.1 c.1------
Daiaku Kojouv.1 c.1------
Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinaiv.1 c.1------
Dance in the Vampire Bundv.1 c.1------
Danguv.1 c.1------
Danjov.1 c.1------
Dansai Bunri no Crime Edgev.1 c.1------
Dark Metrov.1 c.1------
Darker than Black: Shikkoku no Hanav.1 c.1------
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsukiv.1 c.1------
Deadmanv.1 c.1------
Deadman Wonderlandv.1 c.110I've have read the first chapter and all i can say right now this has full of potential but of course any manga that start off does. So i'm going to say what good so far
-good art
-many question
-and blood/merciless
DearSv.1 c.110---
Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatariv.1 c.1------
Defense Devilv.1 c.1------
Deja-vuv.1 c.1------
Dengeki Daisyv.1 c.1------
Densetsu no Kashira Shouv.1 c.1------
Densha Otokov.1 c.1------
Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otokov.1 c.1---Its one of those manga where you just feel like you want to encourage the heroin for all his work and you see his thoughts and feeling as obstacles arises..heart warming...
Destination Heaven Chroniclesv.1 c.1------
Devil Bridev.1 c.1------
DICE: The Cube that Changes Everythingv.1 c.1------
Discommunication Spirit Worldv.1 c.1------
Do Suru!? Paradisev.1 c.1------
Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Dov.1 c.1------
Doctor Du Mingv.1 c.1------
Dogashi Kaden!v.1 c.1------
Dogsv.1 c.1------
Dogs: Bullets & Carnagev.1 c.1------
Doll Starv.1 c.1------
Dollgunv.1 c.1---Actually this manga is really good if you looking for a light comedy manga
doesn't really give a indepth plot cause it doesn't plan to do that just enjoy the every day life for a guy who is the world villain your buddy ><
Domina no Do!v.1 c.1------
Dorohedorov.1 c.1------
Double Artsv.1 c.1------
Dounika Naru Hibiv.1 c.1------
Dousei Recipev.1 c.1------
Dr. Rurruv.1 c.1------
Dragon Whov.1 c.1------
Driftersv.1 c.1------
Drifting Classroomv.1 c.1------
Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou kav.1 c.1------
Edenv.1 c.110Like Crenshinibon have said, 100% correct.
It does require you to have some foresight on topics but it general focus on the philosophical side.
Please understand that couple chapters in people are dying like flies i do hope you understand that conflict with character growth and any sort of attachment to side character. All these character are persona of human in term of specific category in order to give a parallels toward the message of Eden.
Eden no Oriv.1 c.1------
Edens Bowyv.1 c.1------
Ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two.v.1 c.1------
Elfen Liedv.1 c.1---just being a fan of art and the standard of today quality i really hope that it get a makeover or can even start a new story..well beside that the plot is delicious couldn't stop ... the thing i was piss the most is pedophile ..-.-"""
Emmav.1 c.1------
Enchanterv.1 c.1---good plot not out of the ordinary but its something new for me the character seem alive and quite fun to read about them and the art work is surprisingly fitting for the manga (It look good) its an average Shounen manga.
Endless Edenv.1 c.1---...every read my balls? its a much better version but more mature... and a mature plot... hehe bloody death ^^
and hot main
Endo Hiroki Tanpenshuuv.1 c.1------
Exterminatorv.1 c.1------
Eyeshield 21v.1 c.1------
Faeries' Landingv.1 c.1------
Fairy Cubev.1 c.1------
Fairy Tailv.1 c.1------
Fate/Stay Nightv.1 c.1---it doesn't show any sign of confuse plot nor sudden randomness pop up of any kind well it's starting to get good too so it a READ!!
Fetishv.1 c.1------
Fire Candyv.1 c.110---
Fire Punchv.1 c.1------
flat 38c - Loveberry Twinsv.1 c.1------
Fly, Daddy, Flyv.1 c.1------
Forget-me-notv.1 c.1------
Fortune Arterialv.1 c.1------
Freesiav.1 c.1------
Freezingv.1 c.1------
Frogmanv.1 c.1------
Fudanshism - Fudanshi Shugiv.1 c.1------
Full Contactv.1 c.1------
Fushigi na Shounenv.1 c.1------
Fuukav.1 c.1------
Ga-reiv.1 c.1------
Gacha Gachav.1 c.1------
Gacha Gacha - Capsulev.1 c.1------
Gacha Gacha - Secretv.1 c.1------
Gaikotsu Kishi-sama Tadaima Isekai e o Dekake-chuuv.1 c.1------
Gakuen Heavenv.1 c.1------
Gamaranv.1 c.1------
Gamble Fishv.1 c.1------
Gamerz Heavenv.1 c.1------
Gangsta.v.1 c.1------
Gantzv.1 c.110well at first i really was piss the introduction showing an selfish kid who criticizes others and is a dam emo. That is my first impression
But LATER On like a couple of chaps it was SO GOOD in depth of the character and his screw up crazy life began ... the fact that we want to know what in the world is going on we read and read but as we do we are actually concentrating on the evolving heroin... SWeets
Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeriv.1 c.1------
GEv.1 c.1------
Gekiryuuchiv.1 c.1------
Gekka Bijinv.1 c.110---
Gekkohv.1 c.1------
Genshikenv.1 c.1------
Genshiken Nidaime - The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture IIv.1 c.1------
Genzo Hitogata Kiwav.1 c.1------
Get Backersv.1 c.1------
Getsu Seiki - Sayonara Shinsengumiv.1 c.1------
Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processorv.1 c.1------
Ginen Shounenv.1 c.1------
Gintamav.1 c.1------
Girlfriendv.1 c.1------
Girls of the Wild'sv.1 c.1------
Girls Saurusv.1 c.1------
Girls Saurus DXv.1 c.1------
Giséle Alainv.1 c.1------
Glass no Megamiv.1 c.1------
Go-Toubun no Hanayomev.1 c.1------
Go! Tenba Cheerleadersv.1 c.1------
Goblin Slayerv.1 c.1------
God Eater - Kyuuseishu no Kikanv.1 c.1---the most stereotype ever... and whats worse it can even get a good story going with the stereotype.
Very boring dialogue bad representation and the only thing thats good is the picture drawn.. angle,emotion and creativity non existant
Gokukoku no Brynhildrv.1 c.1------
Golden Boyv.1 c.1------
Gosuv.1 c.1------
Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sorav.1 c.1------
Grenadierv.1 c.1------
GTO: Shonan 14 Daysv.1 c.110---
Guardian Dogv.1 c.1------
Guin Sagav.1 c.1------
Gunparade Orchestrav.1 c.1------
Gusha no Hoshiv.1 c.1------
Hajime no Ippov.1 c.1------
Hakodate Youjin Buraichou Himegamiv.1 c.1------
Hakoiriv.1 c.1------
Hakoiri Devil Princessv.1 c.1------
Hammer Session!v.1 c.1------
Hanaukyo Maid Taiv.1 c.1------
Hanayashiki no Juunintachiv.1 c.1------
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sorav.1 c.1------
Hand Maid Mayv.1 c.1------
Hand x Redv.1 c.1------
Hantsu x Torasshuv.1 c.1------
Hanzaskyv.1 c.1------
Happinessv.1 c.1------
Happy Negative Marriagev.1 c.1------
Happy!v.1 c.1------
Hardcore Leveling Warriorv.1 c.1------
Hare Kon.v.1 c.1------
Haru to Natsuv.1 c.1------
Harukana Machi-Ev.1 c.1------
Harukaze Bitter Bopv.1 c.1------
Hatenkou Yuugiv.1 c.1------
Hatsukanezumi no Jikanv.1 c.1------
He Dedicated to Rosesv.1 c.1------
He~nshin!! - Sonata Birdie Rushv.1 c.1------
Headsv.1 c.1------
Heavenv.1 c.1------
Hell Bladev.1 c.1------
Hello Babyv.1 c.1------
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.v.1 c.1------
Heroes of Furyv.1 c.1------
Hetakoiv.1 c.1------
Higanjimav.1 c.18well i can't say the art is good but how it is drawn it work with the distorted mood..
the over all plot is quite good so far but the character itself hmmm how do i say it quite pathetic too much fake emotion to call it real in the situation was some time over exaggerated. so i lost interest when it came to them talking to each other but the Over all plot is really good!
Highschool of the Deadv.1 c.1------
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Onisarashihenv.1 c.1------
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - Tsumihoroboshihenv.1 c.1------
Himizuv.1 c.1------
Hinamatsuriv.1 c.1------
Historiev.1 c.1------
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichiv.1 c.1------
Hito Hitori Futariv.1 c.1------
Hitomi no Catoblepasv.1 c.1------
Holylandv.1 c.1------
Homunculusv.1 c.1------
Honeymoon Saladv.1 c.1------
Hoop Menv.1 c.1---really like it.. the guy wasn't a loser or anything just wasn't motivated and is quite an air head when it come to cocky!
but it seem great and suitable for the main character. and everyone else seem really fond. FOR NOW!!!! continue to read!
Hoozuki-san Chi no Anekiv.1 c.1------
Horimiyav.1 c.1------
Hoshi no Furu Machiv.1 c.1------
Hoshi no Koev.1 c.1------
Hotelv.1 c.1------
Hotmanv.1 c.1------
Houkago Playv.1 c.1------
How To Dump Your Girlfriend With Stylev.1 c.1------
I Am a Herov.1 c.1------
I-Revov.1 c.1------
Ibitsu (OKADA Kazuto)v.1 c.1------
Ichi the Killerv.1 c.1------
Idv.1 c.1------
Ii Hitov.1 c.1------
Ikebukuro West Gate Parkv.1 c.1------
Iketeru Futariv.1 c.1---I watch the anime and it was purely great ....
Not much of a plot just that the guy and is cosmo will do anything for her love... Crazy fool oh well it was short and gave the audience what it need and more
like drinking and don't finish the last drop which is bitter... ONLY GIVE YOU GOLD enjoy the manga!
Iketeru Policev.1 c.1------
Ikoku Meiro no Croiséev.1 c.1------
Imouto - Akanev.1 c.1------
In Bura! - Bishoujo Kyuuketsuki no Hazukashii Himitsuv.1 c.1------
Inu Neko Jumpv.1 c.1------
Inu Yashikiv.1 c.1------
Inubakav.1 c.1------
Inugami-san to Sarutobi-kun wa Naka ga Warui.v.1 c.1------
Inukami!v.1 c.1------
Inumimiv.1 c.1------
IOv.1 c.1------
Iris Zerov.1 c.1------
Iryuu - Team Medical Dragonv.1 c.1------
ISv.1 c.1------
Itoshi no Karinv.1 c.1------
Itoshi no Ninav.1 c.110---
Izo's Lover!v.1 c.1------
Jack Frostv.1 c.1------
Jackalsv.1 c.1------
Jigokuren - Love in the Hellv.1 c.1------
Jinv.1 c.1------
Jinja no Susumev.1 c.1------
Jiraishinv.1 c.1------
Jisatsutouv.1 c.1------
Jormungandv.1 c.1------
Joshikouseiv.1 c.1------
Jououv.1 c.1------
Judasv.1 c.1------
Junketsu no Mariav.1 c.1------
Kage Kara Mamoru!v.1 c.1------
Kagerou Meikyuuv.1 c.1------
Kagerou Nostalgiav.1 c.1------
Kagijinv.1 c.1------
Kaibutsu Oujov.1 c.1------
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!v.1 c.1------
Kainv.1 c.1------
Kakeguruiv.1 c.1------
Kakumeika no Gogov.1 c.1------
Kamen Teacher (FUJISAWA Tohru)v.1 c.110Ha if you like GTO you will like this. Violence... teaching and idiots getting their ass whoop smooth clean. Also the main character is quite easily likable so that will help if anyone can't take it for some really odd ball reason.
P.S Its probably is gouta in the future and Onizuka as his sensei
Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekaiv.1 c.1------
Kami Senv.1 c.1------
Kami to Sengoku Seitokaiv.1 c.1---Well i haven't read any manga that the story begin like that or even start our like that so it was quite refreshing and the art is quite good especially the fan service so i won't get tired of the pics.
Kamichu!v.1 c.1------
Kamisama Dollsv.1 c.1------
Kamisama Hajimemashitav.1 c.1------
Kamisama Kazokuv.1 c.1------
Kamisama no Iutoori Niv.1 c.1------
Kämpferv.1 c.1------
KaNav.1 c.1------
Kanaete Aizenv.1 c.1------
Kandachimev.1 c.1------
Kangoku Gakuenv.1 c.1------
Kannagiv.1 c.1------
Kanojo wa Kanno Shosetsukav.1 c.1------
Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhouv.1 c.1------
Kanojo, Okarishimasuv.1 c.1------
Kanokonv.1 c.1------
Kara no Kyoukai (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Karakasa no Saienv.1 c.110---
Karakuri Odettov.1 c.1------
Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoruv.1 c.1------
Karinv.1 c.1---I've read to the latest chapter that went out AND I HAVE TO SAY THANK GOD IT NOT LIKE THE ANIME it's BETTER
the heroin has no bad fault just that hes poor and have scar eyes which make him a unique one at that...
the girl.. ugh very very "sensitive"
Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girlv.1 c.1------
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!v.1 c.1------
Katekinv.1 c.1------
Katsu!v.1 c.1------
Kayou Gogo 9-jiv.1 c.1------
Kaze no Stigma - Kouen no Mikov.1 c.1------
Kaze no Stigma (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Keishi Sokan Asamiv.1 c.1------
Kekkaishiv.1 c.1------
Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatariv.1 c.1------
Kemeko DXv.1 c.1------
Kengan Ashurav.1 c.1------
Kengan Omegav.1 c.8------
Kenka Shoubaiv.1 c.1------
Kenshirou ni yoroshikuv.1 c.14------
Ki-itchi!!v.1 c.1------
Kiba no Tabishounin - The Arms Peddlerv.1 c.1------
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Aggai Hokubei Oudan 2250 Milev.1 c.1------
Kikinosuke Gomen - Giyaman no Shov.1 c.1------
Kimagure Orange Roadv.1 c.1------
Kimi ni Todokev.1 c.1------
Kimi no Iru Machiv.1 c.1------
Kimi no Knifev.1 c.1------
Kimi no Seiv.1 c.1------
Kimi wa Girlfriendv.1 c.1------
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joouv.1 c.1------
Kimi wa Petv.1 c.1------
KimiKiss - Various Heroinesv.1 c.1---This manga has great art great plot so far and the main character not a loser just doesn't know anything about "love"~~~~ hahaha!
Kindan no Haha Anav.1 c.1------
Kingdomv.1 c.1------
Kiseijuuv.1 c.1------
Kiss Woodv.1 c.1------
Kissxsisv.1 c.1------
Kisu Yori mo Hayakuv.1 c.1------
Kitsune no Yomeiriv.1 c.1------
Koe no Katachiv.1 c.1------
Koi Koi 7v.1 c.1------
Koi wa Misoji wo Sugite karav.1 c.1------
Koibanav.1 c.1------
Koibana Onsenv.1 c.1------
Koimokuv.1 c.1------
Koisome Momijiv.1 c.1------
Koko ga Uwasa no El Palaciov.1 c.1------
Kongou Banchouv.1 c.1------
Kono S o, Mi yo!v.1 c.1------
Kotaro Makaritoru!v.1 c.1------
Kotaro Makaritoru! Lv.1 c.1------
Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusuv.1 c.1------
Kozure Ookamiv.1 c.1------
Kubikiri Asav.1 c.1------
Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utauv.1 c.1------
Kure-naiv.1 c.1------
Kurenai Oujiv.1 c.1------
Kuro Kamiv.1 c.1------
Kurofuku Monogatariv.1 c.1---God i was so happy when i found it romance with seinen...god this is just a good couple...beside that i'm kinda tired of the wussy character and a idiot who can't get right...psshhh
rating so far...unless the dude change "alot"
Kuroganev.1 c.1------
Kurogane no LineBarrelv.1 c.1------
Kurohimév.1 c.1------
Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibinv.1 c.1------
Kurosagi: The Black Swindlerv.1 c.1------
Kuroshitsujiv.1 c.1------
Kurozakurov.1 c.1------
Kurozukav.1 c.1------
Kusuriya no Hitorigotov.1 c.1------
Kuzu no Honkaiv.1 c.1------
Kyou no Asuka Showv.1 c.1------
Kyoukasho ni Nai!v.1 c.1------
Kyousou no Simulacrav.1 c.1------
L∞Pv.1 c.1------
Lament of the Lambv.1 c.1------
Le Portrait de Petit Cossettev.1 c.1------
Legend of Tyrv.1 c.1------
Let's Biblev.1 c.1------
Let's Lagoonv.1 c.1------
Letter Beev.1 c.18really unique story line with very different nature to the story itself though their are some resemblance rich/poor but what i like the most that show its very touching!!
Liar Gamev.1 c.1------
Limitv.1 c.1------
Livev.1 c.1------
Livesv.1 c.1------
Living Gamev.1 c.1------
Livingstonev.1 c.1---first impression is always important. Its has it originality and a bit humorous of ying and yang. I recommend to continue to see how the manga goes
Lock On!v.1 c.1------
Lookismv.1 c.1------
Love Automationv.1 c.1------
Love Comedy Stylev.1 c.1------
Love Junkiesv.1 c.1---So far the story is so so we got a good plot so far and it seem the character around him is becoming much more firm ...i high doubt he would stick with the girl he is with the current chap 1-26
Love Letter (SEO Kouji)v.1 c.1------
Love Romav.1 c.1------
Love Slipv.1 c.1------
Love Story, Killedv.1 c.1------
Lovely Complexv.1 c.1------
Loveplus Rinko Daysv.1 c.1------
Made in Heavenv.1 c.1------
Maga Tsukiv.1 c.1------
Magiv.1 c.1------
Mahou Onna ga Kuruv.1 c.1------
Mahou Sensei Negima!v.1 c.1------
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto - Natsu no Sorav.1 c.1------
Mahoutsukai (♂) to Deshi (♀) no Futekisetsu na Kankeiv.1 c.1------
Mai Ball!v.1 c.1------
Mai-Otome Arashiv.1 c.1------
Maison Ikkokuv.1 c.1------
Majin -Devil-v.1 c.110it is really cool nerd power!!!
Maken-Ki!v.1 c.1------
Mama wa Doukyuuseiv.1 c.1---very sensitive topic but i dare say he has guts to do it and it ended up really good. I cheer that his dad it setting her up for his son to actually enjoy her youth rather then feeling of attachment of the only person there
Manabiyav.1 c.1------
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san tov.1 c.1------
Maou: Juvenile Remixv.1 c.1------
Maoyuu Maou Yuushav.1 c.1------
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo" "Kotowaru!"v.1 c.1------
Marginal Operationv.1 c.1------
Maria Holicv.1 c.1------
Marsv.1 c.1------
Marugoto Anjyu Gakuenv.1 c.1------
MASHLEv.1 c.4------
Me-Teru no Kimochiv.1 c.1------
Medaka Boxv.1 c.1------
Megalomaniav.1 c.1------
Megami no Carnavalv.1 c.1------
Megane no Hitov.1 c.1------
Mei no Naishov.1 c.1------
Meikyuu Black Companyv.1 c.12------
Mel Kanov.1 c.1------
Melo Holicv.1 c.1------
Melty Bloodv.1 c.1------
Men's Kouv.1 c.1------
Mephistov.1 c.1------
Mermaid Sagav.1 c.1------
Metal Heartv.1 c.1------
Meteor Methuselahv.1 c.1------
Midareruv.1 c.1------
Minamoto-kun Monogatariv.1 c.1------
Miniaturev.1 c.1------
Mirai Nikkiv.1 c.1------
Misumaruka Koukoku Monogatariv.1 c.1------
MiXiM♀12v.1 c.1------
Mizuho Ambivalentv.1 c.1------
Mob Psycho 100v.1 c.1------
Molester Manv.1 c.1------
Momoiro Sabbathv.1 c.1------
Momoiro Sangov.1 c.1------
Monk!v.1 c.1------
Mono Kurov.1 c.1------
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijouv.1 c.1------
Moriguchi Orito no Teiougakuv.1 c.1------
Motekiv.1 c.1------
Mother Sarahv.1 c.1------
Mouryou no Yurikagov.1 c.1------
Mousou Shoujo Otakukeiv.1 c.1---original for me.. and how they insert culture to this manga and the main 4 have quire lovable and fun.. so you enjoy character development but one thing was it was kinda slow but really good after the 7 chapter
Mr. Fullswingv.1 c.1------
Muhyo to Roujiv.1 c.1------
Mushi to Medama to Teddy Bearv.1 c.1------
Mushibugyov.1 c.1------
Mushishiv.1 c.1------
Musunde Hiraite (MINASE Mayu)v.1 c.1------
My Ballsv.1 c.1------
My Girl (SAHARA Mizu)v.1 c.1------
My Heart Is Beatingv.1 c.1------
My Lovely Ghost KANAv.1 c.1------
Nabari no Ohv.1 c.1------
NaBiv.1 c.1------
Nadeshiko Clubv.1 c.1------
Nae ga Yuruv.1 c.1------
Nagasarete Airantouv.1 c.1------
Nana to Kaoruv.1 c.1------
Nana to Kaoru Arashiv.1 c.1------
Nanairo Sekaiv.1 c.1------
Narutaruv.1 c.1------
Narutov.1 c.1------
Natsu no Zenjitsuv.1 c.1------
Nazo no Kanojo Xv.1 c.1------
Need a Girlv.1 c.1---iono you have to face lots of different comedy to accept this.. i wouldn't say this is pure stupidity on a guy point of view.. but meh the point was not to take it seriously and see how this goes
Negative Happy Chain Saw Edgev.1 c.1------
NHK ni Youkoso!v.1 c.1------
Nicoichiv.1 c.17.8very mellow mood and it give a light atmosphere not dramatic yet, but probably a bit and i like to continue reading this, fond of seeing how a single parent live through this especially in his circumstances. recommended!
Nijigahara Holographv.1 c.1---its quite a thing to grip and it fool me several time... (asshole ><wink
but once you get mid way and the end it explain a lot but some loose end that drive me to read it again.. but no i will leave it is as my first impression!
Ningen Kyouki Katsuov.1 c.1---if your not looking at something serious to read this is the one, hot chicks, crazy hair, funny faces, and keep getting you saying holy shit ... by the heroin ^^
Noblessev.1 c.1------
Nobunaga Kyousoukyokuv.1 c.1------
Noragamiv.1 c.1------
Noritakav.1 c.18---
Nosewasurev.1 c.1------
Nozaki Anav.1 c.1------
Nozomi to Kimiov.1 c.1------
Nurarihyon no Magov.1 c.1------
Nyan Koi!v.1 c.1------
O/Av.1 c.1------
Obaka-chan, Koigatarikiv.1 c.1------
Oh! Imotov.1 c.1------
Ohikkoshiv.1 c.1------
Ojou-sama wa Nigedashitav.1 c.1------
Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai narav.1 c.1------
Omamori Himariv.1 c.1------
Onani Master Kurosawa - After the Juvenile (Novel)v.1 c.1------
One Piecev.1 c.1------
One Punch-Man (ONE)v.1 c.181------
Onegai Teacherv.1 c.1------
Onegai Twinsv.1 c.1------
Onepunch-Manv.1 c.1------
Oni-Gokkov.1 c.1------
Oniderev.1 c.1------
Onihime VSv.1 c.1------
Onikirisama no Hakoirimusumev.1 c.1------
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yukiv.1 c.1------
Ookami to Koushinryouv.1 c.1---wow truly interesting and what made it more is the language.. took me quite awhile to get use to it and understanding it but heh its COOL!!
Oookuv.1 c.1------
Open Sesamev.1 c.1------
Orange (BENJAMIN)v.1 c.1------
Orange Marmaladev.1 c.1------
Orange Yane no Chiisana Iev.1 c.1------
Ore ga Doutei o Sutetara Shinu Ken ni Tsuitev.1 c.1------
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Naiv.1 c.1------
Ore to Akuma no Bluesv.1 c.1------
Ore x Yomev.1 c.1------
Otaku no Musume-sanv.1 c.1---a laughter to behold, for 2 people who completely different from society and their thought for each other as father and daughter, learn to live together and learn the importance of a family...
Oto x Mahov.1 c.1------
Otogi Matsuriv.1 c.1------
Otogi no Machi no Renav.1 c.1------
Otomari Honeyv.1 c.1------
Otome no Iroha!v.1 c.1------
Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteruv.1 c.1------
Otomenv.1 c.1------
Otoyomegatariv.1 c.1------
Ouran Koukou Host Clubv.1 c.1------
Ouroborosv.1 c.1------
Over Drivev.1 c.1------
Overman King Gainerv.1 c.1------
Oyasumi Punpunv.1 c.1------
Painting Warriorsv.1 c.1------
Pajama na Kanojo.v.1 c.1------
Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! - Rojou Kansatsu Kenkyuu Nisshiv.1 c.1------
Parallel Paradisev.1 c.1------
Pastelv.1 c.1------
Peach!v.1 c.1------
Peerless Dadv.1 c.12------
Penguin Musume Maxv.1 c.1------
Perfect Twinv.1 c.1------
Persona 3v.1 c.1------
Persona 4v.1 c.1------
Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikanv.1 c.1------
Pingv.1 c.1------
Pinku de Pinkuv.1 c.1------
Planetesv.1 c.1------
Platinum Gardenv.1 c.1------
Please! Mr. Bear!v.1 c.1------
Popcorn Avatarv.1 c.1------
Poppoya Love Letterv.1 c.1------
Power Play!v.1 c.1------
Pretty Shy Boyv.1 c.1------
Priestv.1 c.1------
Princess Lover!v.1 c.1------
Princess Luciav.1 c.1------
Project ARMSv.1 c.110THIS IS ON GOOOOOOOD SHIIIIT....forgive me about that.. hehehe
I really like it especially the humanity part and the ideals of scientist to seek "truth"
Psycho Bustersv.1 c.1---hmm its quite fun reading and really interesting and have sorta Mx0 atmosphere how the main character has to use his head... hehehehe so far though.
i edit my rating as the story progress... but still interesting
Psycho Staffv.1 c.1------
Psyrenv.1 c.1------
Puchimonv.1 c.1------
Q and Av.1 c.1------
Raidersv.1 c.1------
Rainbowv.1 c.1------
Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutanv.1 c.1------
Rangemanv.1 c.1------
Ranma 1/2v.1 c.1------
Rappi Rangaiv.1 c.1------
RAVEv.1 c.1------
Re:Monsterv.1 c.1------
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Daiisshou - Outo no Ichinichi Henv.1 c.1------
Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Realv.1 c.1------
RECv.1 c.1------
Renai Akumav.1 c.1------
Renai Boukunv.1 c.1------
Renai Shimasen ka?v.1 c.1------
Resetv.1 c.1------
Ressentimentv.1 c.1------
Rivalv.1 c.1------
Rookiesv.1 c.1------
Rosario + Vampire Season Ⅱv.1 c.19---
Rosario+Vampirev.1 c.1---Nah the male lead isn't "weak" in what you thinking... It's cause of many reason why he is consider weak ... well he does get a boost so don't worry it not a wimp getting all the chick. Oh and so far it quite compelling in the witch arc... i kinda feel so about "our" race hehehhe keep it up though i found it too slow ..(they doing season 2 when 1 isn't done FIND THAT REALLY _TUPID@!
Rose Hip Rosev.1 c.1------
Rubbers 7v.1 c.1------
Ruler of the Landv.1 c.1------
Rurouni Kenshinv.1 c.1------
Sakuranbo Syndromev.1 c.110---
Samurai Deeper Kyov.1 c.1------
Sanctuaryv.1 c.1------
Sangatsu no Lionv.1 c.1------
Sankareav.1 c.1------
Sapuriv.1 c.1------
Saru Lockv.1 c.1------
Saruyama!v.1 c.1------
School Rumblev.1 c.1------
School Shockv.1 c.1------
Schoolmatev.1 c.1------
Seiken no Katanakajiv.1 c.1------
Seishun Pop!v.1 c.1------
Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebuv.1 c.1------
Sekireiv.1 c.1------
Sekitou Elergyv.1 c.110hmm... i really like the artwork especially with the facial expression remind me of reading GTO and well the plot, its slice of life but very enjoyable
Sengokuv.1 c.1------
Sengoku Komachi Kuroutanv.1 c.12------
Sengoku Youkov.1 c.19i was just warp into this..
very care free feeling with complex situation on humane consequence.
Very easily to relate to as well very enjoyable and it seem to be somewhat as a light read.(not a lot of dialogue to suffocate)
Sensev.1 c.1------
Sensei no Okiniiri!v.1 c.1------
Seven Oceanv.1 c.1------
Seven Sisters!v.1 c.1------
Shakugan no Shanav.1 c.1------
Shamov.1 c.1------
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Madev.1 c.1------
Shi ni Itaru Yamaiv.1 c.1------
Shibatorav.1 c.1------
Shigeshoushiv.1 c.1------
Shiguruiv.1 c.1------
Shiinake no Hitobitov.1 c.1------
Shikeisyu 042v.1 c.1------
Shima Shima (YAMAZAKI Sayaka)v.1 c.1---maybe its a cultural thing? Beside the existence of gigolo in shibuya should be more insulting to you but its reality. Why not just accept the fictional idea and follow it. How much damage can someone do with his manga when its optional to read.

Well so far with 2 chapters all in all its giving you a glimpse of a woman who found a way to relieve stress through the idea of a "male pillow". Having him there give the sense of security,comfort,carefree and a moment in time the person is not bound ...... View
Shin Kotaro Makaritoru! Juudouhenv.1 c.1------
Shina Darkv.1 c.1------
Shingeki no Kyojinv.1 c.1---so far with 3 volumes of reading (no-stop) i can say this is a runner up, its really kept me reading as well having several mystery witht he action pack/gore and emotions from the victim faces. The only problem is can the author lead his reader after throwing so much action and gore? Can he keep such high level tempo or even able to convert something else into gold. Even if these problems pop up i'm willing to continue to read this as its 2 good and above the mainstream mangas.
Shingetsutan Tsukihimev.1 c.1------
Shinigami Trilogyv.1 c.1------
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai ov.1 c.1------
Shinobi no Kuniv.1 c.1------
Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2ndv.1 c.1------
Shinwa Ponchiv.1 c.1------
Shissou Nikkiv.1 c.1------
Shitsurakuenv.1 c.1------
Shokugeki no Somav.1 c.1------
Short Programv.1 c.1------
Shounan Jun'aigumi!v.1 c.1------
Show Me The Moneyv.1 c.1------
Shuto Heruv.1 c.1------
Sidonia no Kishiv.1 c.1------
Sidoohv.1 c.1------
Skyhighv.1 c.1---i really like it but some were a bit too short iono just wasn't enough feeling to make the character "live" through the experience of what happening... so i guess it wasn't attractive but some other story aka the author one is really good.
Skyhigh Karmav.1 c.1------
Skyhigh: Shinshouv.1 c.1------
Smash!v.1 c.1------
Solaninv.1 c.1------
Song of the Cloudv.1 c.1------
Sono Mono. Nochi ni...v.1 c.1------
Sora no Otoshimonov.1 c.1------
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiruv.1 c.1------
Soul Eaterv.1 c.1------
Sousei no Aquarionv.1 c.1------
SPAS-PAv.1 c.1------
Spicy Pinkv.1 c.1------
Sproutv.1 c.1------
Spy X Familyv.1 c.4------
Stroke Materialv.1 c.1---Anyone who came here to see something long and explanatory. This isn't something for you beside if you can use you're head, the genre is under comedy as well its 1 volume so you can't get all the resources of a specific element that you want. But the good point of this is rather refreshing, and the character is quite easy to like. So if you're looking for a smile and strange relationship i recommend.
Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shoujov.1 c.1------
Sukimasukiv.1 c.1------
Sukitte Ii na yov.1 c.1------
Sun-Ken Rockv.1 c.1------
Sundomev.1 c.19At first the surface will show the typical standard character, wimpy and weak in this case. But as you read on and see the facial expression on how he structure it with the moment as well what they put. Really embracing moments occurs. Its like a girl who doing her homework require a dictionary and in order to understand that she uses a child dictionary to understand it. Quite a "blow"
Superiorv.1 c.1------
Susume!! Seigaku Dennou Kenkyuubuv.1 c.1------
Sweetyv.1 c.1------
Switch Girl!!v.1 c.1------
Swweeetv.1 c.1---Lol this isn't something where you have to accept each chapter is basically clues giving and you have to be into the human mind when twisted. This require deep thinking "critical thinking" not to take the surface the several skin beneath because of that i actually got my theory to be exactly what the story is leading. (chp 11)
System of Romancev.1 c.1------
Taboo-Tattoov.1 c.1------
Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!v.1 c.1------
Taihen Yokudekimashita?v.1 c.1------
Tail Starv.1 c.1------
Taiyou no Mokishirokuv.1 c.1------
Take Moonv.1 c.1------
Takemitsu-Zamuraiv.1 c.1------
Takeru - Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devilv.1 c.1------
Tales of Symphoniav.1 c.1------
Tamago no Kimi.v.1 c.1------
Tanabata no Kuniv.1 c.1------
Tasogare Otome x Amnesiav.1 c.1------
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagariv.1 c.1------
Tayutamav.1 c.1------
Tengoku Daimakyouv.1 c.1------
Tenjou no Kajitsuv.1 c.1------
Tenshi na Konamaikiv.1 c.1------
Tetsugaku Letrav.1 c.1------
The Ability to Make Town!? (Novel)v.1 c.1------
The Breakerv.1 c.1------
The Breaker: New Wavesv.1 c.1------
The Endv.1 c.1------
The Gamerv.1 c.1------
The God of High Schoolv.1 c.1------
The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's Boyfriendv.1 c.1------
The Legend of Lady Mirrorv.1 c.1------
The Legend of Maianv.1 c.1------
The Onev.1 c.1------
The Snow Queenv.1 c.1------
Tiji-kun!v.1 c.1------
Time Paradox Ghostwriterv.1 c.11------
To Aru Kagaku no Choudenjibouv.1 c.1------
To Aru Majutsu no Indexv.1 c.1------
To Love-Ru Darknessv.1 c.1------
To You, The Immortalv.1 c.1------
To-LOVE-Ru - Trouble -v.5 c.55------
Togariv.1 c.1------
Tokagev.1 c.1------
Tokyo Girls Destructionv.1 c.1------
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!v.1 c.1------
Tomorrowsv.1 c.1------
Tona-Gura!v.1 c.1------
Toradora!v.1 c.1------
Toradora! (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Toritsu Mizushou!v.1 c.1------
Toshiue no Hitov.1 c.1------
Toshokan Sensou: Spitfire!v.1 c.1------
Touchv.1 c.1------
Toukyou Kushuv.1 c.1------
Tower of Godv.1 c.1------
Tracev.1 c.1---great materials and though i agree the cliche its still refreshing cause he put his style so it isn't boring as he has the skill to hold my interest. What i found wrong was the expansion of the story was too fast as it reach the end. Thus leave make thing should be answer, i know what was left to be a cliff hanger but all in all most character did not leave a deep impression.
Triage Xv.1 c.1------
Trinity Blood (Novel)v.1 c.1------
Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukaiv.1 c.1------
Tripeacev.1 c.1------
Tsuiteru Kanojov.1 c.1------
Tsukuyomi - Moon Phasev.1 c.1------
Tsumi to Batsu (OCHIAI Naoyuki)v.1 c.1------
Tsunbakav.1 c.1------
Tsuri Chichi Nagisav.1 c.1------
Tsuyokute New Sagav.1 c.1------
TUBAME syndroMev.1 c.1------
Übel Blattv.1 c.1---Well i read it to the latest release and it got me going somewhat..
Wasn't that spectacular but was able to hold my interest, i guess it can show more meat the plot is unoriginal well all manga is not original its been copy and copy over time... But I hope it become a deeper storyline... Please don't end by getting his revenge...BORING
Uchuu Kyoudaiv.1 c.1------
Ultra Heavenv.1 c.1---holy shit talk about mind fuck, while reading this several documentary and drug shows trying to link how this manga make sense. I have never been "high" beside the adrenaline and even that was nothing to the comparison of what happening in the story.
VERY interseting
Umi no Misakiv.1 c.18read only 9 chapter and got very interested
though the art wasn't that good. It gave alot of question that wish to be answer
also it present a mystery about the tale of the god.
So right now i can say read it thorugh chapter 9 and then you should judge it ^_^
Umineko no Naku Koro niv.1 c.110---
Umishov.1 c.1------
Unbalance x Unbalancev.1 c.1------
Undeadv.1 c.1------
UQ Holder!v.1 c.1------
Urooboe Uroboros!v.1 c.1---well so far i read chapter 0 and it was quite good 50 something pages... alot of potential good artwork~~~deathnotish~~~
fighting is above average
and the characters seem quite mysterious oh and yes L!!! !! ALIVE IN THERE!
Ushiro no Shindere-sanv.1 c.110---
Usoguiv.1 c.1------
Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan Totteoki no Usov.1 c.1------
Usotsuki Paradoxv.1 c.1---In a story, you don´t have to like a character. Even when they make horrible decisions that are horrible. Like watching a movie where someone puts a gun to their head. A girl that´s wobbling on cheating, and he wants her knowing that. yet she doesn´t cheat, unless perhaps she´s lying about having a bf in the first place. Maybe they had broken up and she just doesn´t tell him for some reason. god I hope thats what it is. Because the current story has this guy ruining his life for a girl c...... View
Utopia of Homosexualityv.1 c.1------
Uwagakiv.1 c.1------
Vagabondv.1 c.1------
Vampire Juujikaiv.1 c.17Rare manga for me. I see the intro really great even the middle part was great.. then suddenly so much was thrown at me and i felt that it turn into some dramatic soap opera show.. tragedy didn't sink in cause no build up was made nor any emotional connection to new characters..
Vampire Knightv.1 c.1------
Vampire to Shinigamiv.1 c.1------
Vandreadv.1 c.1------
Variantev.1 c.1------
Velvet Kissv.1 c.1------
Veritasv.1 c.1------
Video Girl Aiv.1 c.1------
Vinland Sagav.1 c.110hmmm the story take a little slow.. i actually didn't wanted to read this manga at first and found out through desperation(couldn't find anything else to read) but after the boring intro..Everything change plot,emotion and epic scene finally brought me to like it. Like the way it represent the cruelty of humans
Virgin na Kankeiv.1 c.1------
Virgin na Kankei Rv.1 c.1------
VITA Sexualisv.1 c.1------
W Julietv.1 c.1------
Wake Up Deadmanv.1 c.1------
Wakusei no Samidarev.1 c.1------
Watashi no Messiah-samav.1 c.18This isn't something you read seriously light funny and quite dumb no plot and if there was one idk all the plot so far are incomplete with that saying just read if for the artwork and funny shit...>>>hahaha
Watashi no Ookami-sanv.1 c.1------
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikanv.1 c.1------
Watashitachi no Tamura-kunv.1 c.1------
Watashitachi no Tamura-kun (Novel)v.1 c.1------
We Can Fly!v.1 c.1------
What a Wonderful Worldv.1 c.1------
Where Shall We Go?v.1 c.1------
White Album (ABENO Chako)v.1 c.1------
Wild ☆ Pitchv.1 c.1------
Wild Schoolv.1 c.1------
Witch Craft Worksv.1 c.1------
Witch Hunterv.1 c.1------
Witchbladev.1 c.1------
Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshouv.1 c.1------
Wonder Landv.1 c.1------
Wonderful New Worldv.1 c.21------
Working!!v.1 c.1------
World Embryov.1 c.1---nothing much...... not a single dam thing...geez -_-" my first time .. for this to happen, well all i can say is well more of an add on to this sentence lol,
Just read it. heck art work is great quite a fight + blood cute..too? comedy? a chick that fight so it is all for everyone!!!!!
Wrestle! The Under Groundv.1 c.1------
XBladev.1 c.1------
XO Sistersv.1 c.1------
XSv.1 c.1------
xxxHoLicv.1 c.1------
Yakuza Girlv.1 c.1---...ugh ummm the male protagonist is weak... well compare to things that human won't ever meet i guess its normal but he could stop crying and get a fucking sword and start swinging even if you holding the sword wrong...lawl... umm the story is rather dark.. i mean once you take all the situation in. its like a bunch of cute faces that will kill you in a second.
Yama Fu-Tangv.1 c.1------
Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majov.1 c.1------
Yandere Kanojov.1 c.1------
Yanki-kun to Megane-chanv.1 c.1------
Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatariv.1 c.1------
Yasashii Watashiv.1 c.1------
Yawarakai Onnav.1 c.1------
Yellow Heartv.1 c.1------
Yo no Na wa Zushiov.1 c.1------
Yodong's Vampirev.1 c.1------
Yomeiro Choicev.1 c.1------
Yoo Ah Dok-Jonv.1 c.1---art is good
plot so far is good
main character isn't weak = w000t
supporting character not there yet.. phew chapters cant determine = dead
oh yes sexy babes = ^_^
(wolf howl)
Yotsubato!v.1 c.1------
Yougen no Chiv.1 c.1------
Youhei Pierrev.1 c.1------
Youhen Nibelungen no Yubiwav.1 c.1------
Youkai Shoujo - Monsugav.1 c.1------
Yubisaki Milk Teav.1 c.1------
Yuki to Sumiv.1 c.1------
Yukionna to Kani wo Kuuv.1 c.11------
Yume de Aetarav.1 c.1------
Yume no Atosakiv.1 c.1------
Yumekuriv.1 c.1------
Yurekav.1 c.1------
Yuria 100 Shikiv.1 c.1---REALLY REALLY FUNNY especially when the person does not even want it or against it...
Lawl gps fot love hotel thats fucking funny
Yuuhi no Ochiru Jikanv.1 c.1------
Yuuhi Romancev.1 c.1------
Yuutai Novav.1 c.1------
Y十Mv.1 c.1------
Zerov.1 c.110Really interesting as you read it further into the story but quite stuck up in the opening you get to dislike it earlier on how they can do such thing.... the art isn't that bad if you can take pointy art work.... OH yes if you like super power and the kick ass heroin who a bra and immature you going to love him oh yes hes dense quite dense actually!!! fun character!
Zero Inv.1 c.1------
Zero no Tsukaima (novel)v.1 c.1------
Zero Onev.1 c.1------
Zero: Circle of Flowv.1 c.1------
Zetmanv.1 c.1------
Zettai Heiwa Daisakusenv.1 c.1------
Zippy Ziggyv.1 c.1---Hahhahaha glorious jokes love the facial expression and the quality of the art work is quite good well it is modern standard artwork so that should give a good image. But what i like the most is the chick CAN KICK ASS!!!
Zombie 100 ~Zombie ni Naru Made ni Shitai 100 no Koto~v.1 c.13------
Zombie Hunterv.1 c.1------
Zombie Romanticismv.1 c.1------
ZOOv.1 c.1------
Zusunv.1 c.1------