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Fruits Basket10I love it so much, definitly on my top ten.
So cute, well drawn(as it progresses), the characters are exellant and the story is so interesting.
I was so sad when I read trough the last chapter(whitch by the way is great) "sob".
Great Teacher Onizuka10So much has been said before me about GTO (relate only to the positive).
so I won't bother you with more stuff to read^^
Amazing and funny to tears.

For those who were b**ching about the art style : I'm a very big cretic of manga art, and can't stand bad art, In GTO I find the art really good, realistic, that adds to the plot with all the posibile expretions and so on..
So If you are a big-eye-shoujo lover, I can't help you. (although even big-eye-shoujo lovers must read this amazing piece of ar...... View
Lilim Kiss7---
Itadakimasu10I love this manga!! But it's too short, way too short... even the mangaka said she wanted to add stuff, so why did't you?! I ask...
The charectars are funny and drawn well, specialy Ouji, so hooot!
Kodomo no Jikan8---
Osana Mama7---
Ludwig Kakumei9Kaori yoki is so GRAET! another beautiful manga.
It has great, very great comedy in it, also some dramatic moments.
And such great art, that fits the mood^

It's so funny,sad and, sadistic also~.~ I would most defenatly recomend it.

Such an interesting retelling of the clasic stories most of us grew on, or at least known.
Although this Kaori Yuki's version is for a more mature audience~
And the characters.. I just love how thier motives and pasts are shown in such a good way.
It's just fun reading it...... View
Boys Next Door10I have just finished reading this and I kept crying while reading it...
I'm not that easily moved but this manga is, something else..
Kaori Yuki does her job well, and it is another amazing work of hers.
Watashi no Ookami-san7---
Jadou Tenmou Yatan10Very nice.
I love the mangaka's style. I like this more than the main story...

After so long, I still like it...
It has a mystical feeling to it, and subtle romance that so many manga don't have...
Love it...
Bitter Virgin7.6A sad but a sweat love story nontheless.
*Hate that Kazuki b*tch"
I just hope it won't be short.. and won't have a sad end or something~.~
I usually like a little sadness in love stories but there are enough sad elements in this one as it is.

It became weaker through the end... And I didn't like that.
Me de Shireru Yoru no Junjou8Unexpectedly, I noticed it was complete, so I gave a go at reading the whole thing.
Like last time, the first volume is quite captivating, but it gets random and silly as the series progresses.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
All the damsel in distress thing really ended up grinding my gears. Kageru is so freaking helpless the whole entire time. I guess it's typical yaoi for you. The "sequel", or volume 3 was quite random. Their departure and life together could have been very interesting if done c...
... View
Oh My Maid6.5---
Hikari to Yami no Logic7---
Mars10I adore this one, it has an interesting story, great art(you can feel what they wre thinking by looking at thier eye).
I cried when I was reading the last part with Rei(won't spoil the end for you)))
Dekiai Paradox2.2
Spoiler (highlight to view)
I had a whole different idea about this story.. turned out, mine was better~.~
It had a good begining, The main heroin wasn't in love with the guy they all love, but with the one nobody thinks of..
But of course, she ends up with the cool and sadistic guy that tells her her he loves her..

Pathetic? As I see it- yes.

AVOID, the art isn't really good too.
You are my Queen4---
Saa Koi ni Ochitamae6---
Ai no Gebokutachi7the fact that they are parent makes the manga feal more real, it's a one-volume story so it's quick paced but still funny and rhather cute.(I like man shaped like the uke tipe...^^)

I absolutly HATED the 3rd chapter..
Koi ga bokura wo yurusu hani10---
Love Neco6Very cute- like all the mangaka's works.
(May contain spoilers?...)
Features a love-toy-cat-boy and a school teacher.
Well, If you've read the other works by the mangaka you might be very wel aware about what's comeing, but as always with a nice twist.
Little Butterfly9.1After so long, I've decided to reread it untill the very last page, and comment :3

So, after all the little cliches, and years of delaying the finale, sulking about the double pages I have finished Little Butterfly,
And I loved it!

The characters were kind of cliche, but well made. I don't see many such setuations in manga though (that I like anyway).
Their personalities were done with care, and made you feel for them throughout the series.

The art was very nice, as expected of Takanaga Hinako.
I a...... View
Na mo Naki Tori no Tobu Yoake9.2Possible spoilers..

It was nice at the beginig, but the last volume totaly blew be away..
The fight in chapter 11 was so amazing and sad that it made me cry..
How it the final chapter was heart pounding, I just can't describe it with words..

Now to the other stuff-
Is it really should be put as yaoi? only showed a non-explicit scene..
The art wasn't so good compared to the mangaka's other works like "brother x brother", it was rougher.. but good..
Because of the flaws (and there are a few), I can't ...... View
Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru : Only the Ring Finger Knows10Such a sweet love story^^ I could really feel what the characters felt..
It made my heart warm reading it.
Uchi no Tantei shirimasen ka?7Such a funny couple! + top notch art^^ (I really love this Kisaragi Hirotaka)
Shigure makes me laugh so hard with his "die, just die" and the like.
With an angelic face, and a fierce atittude+ a great bf :heh:
Really good so far^^
Go! Go! Kikaku3I don't get it.. If it were a one shot... but... It's just stupid....
No plot whatsoever, the "love" scenes (few as they were) were stupid..
Not even light boys love cause there wasn't too much love in the first place... the drawngis were cute mostly..
But it's LAME

(unless you are strange I guesse...)

*I give it a 3 for the drwaings*
Hand Which9.6This is one of my earliest yaoi volumes, and I wanted to update my comment.

This is probably my favorite (and the first) by Suzuki Tsuta.
(I simply adored the chapter about the bento maker.)
I like oneshot collections that actually connect with each other.

Charming oneshots with great art, that partly deal with the sadness and loneliness of life...
Dramatic and amusing.
Very good characters that display love, sorrow, jealously and lust.

Chapter 2 was fun (though kind of sad).
Spoiler (highlight to v...
... View
Akkan Baby10When I first saw the manga I let it go, but today I've downloaded it and read it from start to bottum^^, and I'm glad I did!!!

Goofy at first, and presents as the tow leads as complete and total block-heads.
But it turns out that they are not, as they are sirius about the baby and how Yuki takes care after Shigeru.
Amazing and uniqe plot that deals with the matter of teen pregnancy from a different point of view(a good one though).
A very good manga, recomanded to every one by me.

Don't know where...... View
Hoshigarimasen! Katsumade wa8.3---
Tsuki Yadoru8---
Lovenista4It's nice, a typical work by Kayono..
The art is good, yet sometimes strange. but really cute.
The downside- how stupid can the heroin get?
Spoiler (highlight to view)
he's kissing her, and hugging her, and yet she says she want's him to like her even though he doesn't..
and stuff like that

Well.. I've completed this.
The rating stays the same. Also the very nice and unique art, and the cute and nicely done story, it can't get a better vote..
It's cute. But silly.

So.. don't expect for too much~...... View
Exclusive Love Contract8---
The Secret Agreement9Amazing and beutifull.
But what's with the ending? Did she intend to write a sequel, and made such an ending to keep the tention?
Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!8---
Saihate no Kimi e9Very good story line that goes so well with Haruka's art.
Sad and dramatic, you can tell after reading it, that when you love someone you might do unreasonble thing...
I realy liked the ending.
I'd say, one of her better/best works.
Gokujou no Koibito9Loved it a lot...
One of the best by minase masara, and quite good by itself...
Nice art, nice consepts...
I loved the story, and Masahiro was really cute, especially because of his cute long hair.
It was fun while it lasted...

Nice ending. Everything came to its place at the end. The last 2 chapters fealt a bit rushed, but still good.
Love Prism1I realy hated it, from the beginig till the end, it was so horrible.
This thing gives a bad name to yaoi manga. and i don't understand who would write such a thing...
There is some scewed guy that had sex with his younger brother and has a monster like d*ck...
This is all very very very stupid
DO NOT READ, you will be onle spared from a shock of ... I don't know how to describe this...

just DO NOT READ!!!!!
Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai10A most amazing manga.. Such beautiful, life-like art, touching story .
Heart breaking and heart warming..
To miss something like that would be a crime.

*to all the poeple that said it was creepy: try and read the whole manga before you say that. And if you still think of it the same way, well I would only say that you weren't realy reading it.*
Konna Otoko wa Aisareru7---
Usotsuki wa Dareda7cute, though the drawing in the begining were way better..
Uso to Kiss8If you've read Minase Masara's other manga, you get another gread yaoi by her^^
Well drawn as well as plotted..
Don't like insect, good it's not a major deal here.
Tokyo Akazukin7Damn... this is some strange stuff.. never read anything like it..
good drawings, and thats about it.. no real plot that makes sense, dialogues confusing at times...
But i want to read it and see how it ends...
Can't give it a high rate (don't understand how somebody gave it a 10, there isn't even a plot)
wouldn't give it a 1 though, either...
For those who mensioned illigal child porn- and like the plotless hentai is that much better?...
It's just a sick little horror story^^
Nanairo Sekai10All the stories were so wonderfully told..
This mangaka has a unique style, that is really pretty and goes so well with her story telling
Bittersweet, is what comes to mind.
And every single story is so good. So moving and so well told...
I've read all the works by her (that were scanned..), they are all so good..
Read it!!!!!!
Empty Heart8---
Ginchou Kidan3---
I Don't Wanna Hold On You9---
Hyper Eroticism Fanbook------
Yu Yu Hakusho dj - Hiyaku------
Hatsukoi Yokochou8Cute, funny and romantic. I loved this one very much!
So sweet, how they both blushed... And they were 25... No more dumb school kids laugh XD

I liked the art too. Pretty, good backgrounds. Everything was really good.
Akuma no Himitsu9---
Kiss Me Princess9Very cute and nice story. The art is really amazing at times.
There weren't any characters who looked alike as other commenters claimed, if they were, they were not a part of the story, only memmories.
The ending was just too sweet.. Like even more than in the movie "the importance of being Ernest".. really nice still..
Can't give it a perfect 10.. because of the flwas..
Model9.9I usualy read a number of manga together, but once I started reading Model I coudn't read onother before I finished this(good thing it's complete smile
It's really one of the best vampire storys I've ever read..
A nice ending, not a sad one..
One character really confused me.. so I can't give it a perfect ten...
Beautiful art, though as many other manhawa, not the best profiles.. he.. he..
Shiiku Gakari Rika9.7This is some distutbing stuff..
But it's written so briliantly.. Never thought I could enjoy such a cruel story..
I pitty Rika... (he's so good looking too...~.~)
Koi Cha no Osahou9.4Ahh, such a great story!!!!
One of the cutes, most heart warming and just the best yaoi storys I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!
To damn shame it's over~.~
OMG, I want more! XD
A Sex Therapist6I didn't like it..
Really.. the plot(which was wierd by itself) divelopment was strange..
Really strange stuff.. I won't vote..
Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru5---
Soba Ni Oitene8.5---
Liberty Liberty!9---
Ningyo Ouji8.7---
Endo Short Stories8.82 of the stories were truly great. The art made the feeling perfect. It's suited the stories so well...
The other stories weren't bad, but not great either. Still, I'd recommend it, the whole thing. I really enjoyed endo short stories.
I love stories that give the feeling as this one gave. (won't spoil~)

For Those of Us Who Don't Believe in God was my favorite. The other stories were good as well.
I'll rate each:
Boys Don't Cry- 7
The Crows, the Girl and the Yakuza: 8
Because She's a Sweet Girl- 7.8...... View
Fuan no Tane7.6It wasn't scary... I was a bit disappointed because of that.
The first volume was the best, in my opinion.
Favorite stories would be v1 ch24, and v2 ch14.

Japan sure has some interesting ghost stories.
And I liked that some were "just there", without any particular purpose.
All kinds of spirits. Good variety.
The art was nice.

I wonder why so few people have read it.
Then again, it has been on my wish list for years until I've read it=/
Safe Again Today10I loved this one so much!
Very good art, cute characters, very likeable^^
The story was good too, unique, and nicely done.
It was suposed to be longer... Shame it wasn't>< Hope it'll have a sequel because the end was really abrupt, and ended like another chapter..

Cute nad heartmoveing.
Read it!^~
Giglio10Yeah... Blew my mind...
The end of the second chapter... omg~ so sad... made my heart twich.
The first chapter was hot, sexy and still managed to have a story (although somewhat confused..).
But the second chapter... omg... omfg~

Great art too...

*runs away due to shock*
Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru------
Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru8Read the 2 first chapters and I love it.
Really good art, cute guys.
It's not really a sequel, is it? Because the main focus is on the older brother now.
There are links to the sequel though..
Really good characters, with interesting personalities.
And my.. They are cute>.<


Kinda forgot about it for a while, but then I finished it the other day.
I'm really tired of these lack of trust and sexual assault stories, to be honest.
As much as I enjoy Takanaga Hinako's art style, she has this type of ...... View
Battle Royale5---
Blood+ - City of the Night Walkers9---
Three Wolves Mountain8---
Ore no Tenshi wa Mayonaka Akuma7---
Wild Fangs8---
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan7---
Sensitive Pornograph5Ok..
I should have read the discription more closely...
But I wasn't expecting that the story between Sono and Seiji will only cover 1 chapter...
I didn't even want the other stories>.<
I feel rubed~ And here I thought : "what a nice story, wonder why it's so poorly rated~"
Cold ~ Zettaireido no Koibitotachi7.9---
Nodame Cantabile9.6
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Ok, first of all I have to come clean...
I've postponed reading this manga for over two years because I thought the art was ugly when I first tried it...
It's not ugly. It's actually quite good.
-_-;; *ashamed*

I will start by saying I really love this manga.
One of the reasons is that it doesn't go with any cliche. (well, almost. But what romance manga doesn't have some?).
Another reason is just how wonderfully well the characters are.
They're all so funny and touching. E...
... View
Blue (HAYASE Hashiba)7---
I Can't Even Breathe Without You8Such a sweet story.. I went all "aww so cuteeee", although Niki is a little of unrealistic character, it's really feels nice to see Shouji taking care of him..
Bathing, powdering.. n_n
Hyakka Souen------
Sekai no Chushin de, Ai wo Sakebu4The art is... really messy and not nice~
The story is bittersweet and nice.
But the way it's told... Too many refferences to death - from jokes to illneses and death... Kind of like in yaoi, when a person is gay, suddenly everyone is gay too~


The ending makes up for some parts.. sad..
Hoshi no Koe10A most amazing story..
It felt so "quiet" reading it, it pinched my heart every chapter until the end..
Such a unique, warm, sad love story.
It's hard to describe by mere words.

Read it, and see for yourselves.
It's been on my wish list forever, now that I've finaly got the chance to read it, I feel so... peacfull.. yet sad..
Name of Love8.8---
Harem de Hitori7.1The first story was the best...
And the one with Canary was nice as well..
But it the other stories were disappoining a little, and not so good..
Nijigahara Holograph10Maybe you need to read it in one go to not get confused by the lack of chronological order.
I don't feel like writing a long comment.

So, art's great. Beautifully realistic. Great backrounds. Perfect even.
The story. I must say, to make up something like that is really quite amazing. Written in such a way, that doesn't confuse you (time-order wise).
Everything else is creazy. Messed up characters that are greatly done.

The ending, the last page, was hard for me to understand. Got it though, with t...... View
Goth8.2So it was nice.
I liked the coloring and shades of black everywhere. I think it contributed to the story well.

The plot itself was a bit weak, and unclear.
Either he was looking for criminals or for something about Yoru...
The damsel in distress part wasn't much to my liking either.
But the ending was actually sweet lol.
It wasn't depressing at all though.
I wanted more romance>.< ))
Hana no Koe8Really nice stories, and nice art (the scans aren't really good though)..
The stories are told like they used to be long ago, with, how to say, old fasioned cliches?..
Nontheless, very nice.
Love Material7.1---
Escape (KYUUGOU)8.5Very good. nice art, nice story (for a oneshot). Full of emotion, and feels real.
The end is open... But I'm actually fine with that..
Hidoi Otoko8---
Lover's Position9---
After I Get Drunk On You7.5---
Iro wo mo Kaori wo mo9---
Jisatsu Circle7.8Finally read it.
And it was quite good.
I like different manga, and I wasn't dissapointed.
Nothing shocking for me, since I am used to the idea that people do "unthinkable" acts.
Counting the fact that the mangaka only had 1 month to write it, it turned out well.

I haven't wached the movie, though I would like to.
The characters were nice. The plot-quite predictable.
But it was good.
I'd recommend it to those who want something different.
And there wasn't much gore there, either~

The art was... Fine. ...... View
Hana Fuda8---
Zion no Koeda9.2---
Helter Skelter8.2That was a shocking story..
The art was quite horrible, but the the fact that it was a one volume manga(a long volume, though...), and the that the story just sucked me in, I couldn't stop reading it.
I couldn't hate Ririku, even after all the things she had done.. Only pittying her..

Indeed it was creepy, showing an extreme scenario of what can happen if you go to far in order to reach "ideal beauty", and the cost of it.
It says "to be cuntinued", probubly not.. *heh*
Summertime Memory7.7---
Dear Gentle Papa5---
Cat and Master Dog8---
Wild Rock5---
Chokotto Sister10At first, I was quite relucant about reading it. I mean, the idea of that story didn't seem so apealing to me.
But after I started reading, especially after the first volume, the story was so good, cute, and well written that I couldn't stop.
Not to mention amazingly drawn. The art is very good, with backrounds, and stylish clothes. And the mangaka draws some moments in a special "light" sort of way.
Cute and funny misunderstandings. (by choko mostly).

Endearing characters, which most have a stor...... View
Artbook Aya------
Lock Out9---
Koi wa Keiyaku no Atode7---
Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi7I really like this one. I loved most of Sakuragi Yaya's works, but this one is different, as one of hers and by itself.

[might spoil, espicially for those who are familliar with the manga-ka's works...]

I really loved the fact that the uke wasn't a "stupid virgin".
It's so cute how he wants to do "pervy things", and thinks like he does with his cute face (looks different form how the manga-ka usually draws the uke).

Really funny. And I hope to see more chapters soon^^...... View
Uncontrol8I couldn't help myself but feeling "ohhh, how cute!!"
Very cute, the body is drawn kind of strangly, but the kazumi's face is really beautifull..
Cute XD

I... like such guys>.<
Damnit... And I'm aiming at someone like this at the moment>.<
City in the Sea7---
Teacher's Pet3Ok.. that was...
Didn't like that at all...
Spoiler (highlight to view)
here was too much...
And then the love?...
For pet's sake.. I've got tierd of those
Spoiler (highlight to view)
rape then love
And that's a shame.. I love "older woman x younger guy" stories..
B.Reaction!7It's a first for me, I don't really like all the shounen delinquent fighting, because the hero tends to be some "wanna be a cool guy(?)".
It's not like that in B.Reaction! . Onodera Kensaku is really cute, and even kind of inoccent^^
His love interest is not your typical shoujo girl, although at times, she remainds me of one lol.

The art is very good, clean and realistic. The mangaka uses very funny facial expressions, which are so, so cute^^
The plot doesn't feel like it's rushed, even though th...... View
Hello Baby5---
The Poet Who Buys Words9I've tried to find this for a long time..

Such a sad story..
And the ending..
The art was very nice as well.
I liked it as a whole.
Under Grand Hotel9---
Harry Potter dj - The World8I'm super confused..
Didn't understand how the second chapter's related to the first, and I've read the other that was scaned (they are not even in order..)

I don't know.. They are seperate stories I guess..
The art is amazing, clean and soft, reminds me a little of the art in "I want to become your bird" , but it's still a very odd story..

I've read all the Harry Potter books, and I admit I imagined some BL scenes, although they did not include snape (Sirius actually) , but that was.. I don't kn...... View
Nana to Kaoru7---
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou10It passed so fast...

Lovely stories, accompanied by beautiful backgrounds...
Alpha is the reflection of the human kind, their memory, and that their being will not be forgotten...

Very peaceful pacing. As others said, no action, no crazy fights, nothing over the top, just quite.
It was both relaxing and heart thumping with it's beauty and peaceful melancholy...
Nobody in the story complains about the world. They live in happiness, acceptance and in peace.

It might seem boring to people. But it is...... View
Ichi the Killer9.5---
Oyaji Hiroimashita8.4Eventhough the charachters in Mishima's manga all look the same, I still like them^^ and this manga is funny and nicly drawn.
Kibishiku Aishite6---
Aigan Shounen4Sometimes I wonder.. Why do I do this to myself?
Maybe because I really love yaoi...
I really hate seeing people being hurt...
And those sorts of S&M manga creep me out~.~
This really is not for me...

Should have listened to grumble_cakes's warning X3
Gravitation dj - Gravitation Megamix Panda------
Taiyou no Kikoushi8---
Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito7---
Hotel6I agree with the commenters below... It does seem like something All Gore will talk about and such. And also, that's it's clearly a statement...

So, regarding the manga itself..
Art- not so good, avrage, maybe less.
The story, no, the idea was good, and some of the written was good.
But it was carried out quite poorly, I must say.
Some strange comedic moments, and stuff like that...

About the ending
Spoiler (highlight to view)
It said that the computer saved the spesimine of a human DNA. I think it ...
... View
Nee, Sensei?9.5---
Dogs - Annex8---
Shoujo Sect------
Rules9.6Very good manga, and indeed not the typical yaoiAllsex about.. the comment bellow say it all))
The art is so-so, but is quite realistic so not too much complains from my side (I'm a big critic of manga art^_^";)
so read it!

*edit* I saw the "1" votes, yeah... if you don't like yaoi, sorry, if you are a homofob so don't vote, or at least explane... and this one is so much more.

I don't like silly shounen but you don't see me voting low marks because of it..
Sweet ~Ano Amai Amai Aji~7.9---
Kowarekake no Omocha5---
Kyuuso Ha Cheese no Yume Omiru9The art wasn't as good as in Nightmare, but it was reasonable...
It was good.
I really liked how both of them weren't "perfect goody goody" people...
Messed up stories are always to my liking.
Made me sad all the way. Kind of tragic really... This story had little joy.

The sad story of an unrequited love, done in a unique way.
Realistic characters, which are more messed don't apeal to everyone, so think before you dive in.
Bus Hashiru10---
Haginokouji Seiya-sama no Ran6---
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan10Sahara Mizu picks up such amazing stories...
It makes you think about the death penalty, and experience a prospective of things...

Desperation and hopelessness are well portrayed, with suiting art from Sahara Mizu's side...
I love stories of that kind, but I fear the end would be tragic and would break my heart...

I've only read the first chapter so far, but I've been looking forward to this manga for a long time and I finally get to read it!
Am definitely waiting for more.

After reading the 3...... View
Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru8.3---
Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da5---
Sakura Gari10
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Hope, hope for new life, new hesitant friendship all shattered by the love of a person who could only destroy his beloved one, in order not to let him go...
I love this kind of story. This is a perfect example of "tore the butterfly's wings"...

The art is expressive, and very suitable for the atmosphere.
I'm now 6 chapters far into it, but it seems like so much longer...
Started it when Sakura gari had about 3 chapters...
A page turner, with great lust of despair...
It's...... View
Natsukashi Machi no Rozione8Good stories, although predicable.
It seems that there is a slight differenence style between the 2 pen names.
Very good art, and smooth style.
Worth reading. Although not one of the best by the mangaka...
And the 3rd story wasn't so good...
All a little cunfused~
Kokoro Kikai9.4---
Chou ni Naru Hi.9.5---
Dousaibou Seibutsu10The first 3 chapters were very cute, and sweet.
The 4th made me cry...
The 5th-6th were sad, but heartwarming as well...
The last story was really nice, and cute.

Needless to say, the art is amazing, very soft.
I just love that mangaka...
Soshite Hibi Koishiteku8.8---
Kon no Ki Konoha9.4That's just too bittersweet...
Most of the mangakas stories are like that, if not all...
Beautifull... The end is so sad... *weep*
Romantic, but so sad... I wonder...
Nemunoki no Geshukusou8---
Wasurene no LANGUAGE9I love Yumeka Sumomo/Sahara Mizu...
That I want to read everything she writes. Wasurene no Language is no exception. Another beautifull, a little bittersweet story. With great art and good characters. (as much as you can expect from a oneshot).
Coponicus no Kokyuu9---
Akanai Tobira9---
Family Play9---
Interval7.2I've been waiting for this one for quite some time.~

Well, Itsuki kaname's more updated works do have beautifull art style.
I always think "she likes writing forced stories, doesn't she?..."
All in all, it's a nice first chapter. Even though I'm not too keen on sequels of the kind.
It was still nice.

Edit: Mmm, nothing spectacular, but it's nice.
Self Portrait7.5---
Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge8.8It was actually quite good.
Apart from the stunning art, the plot was more original and extreme fantasy-like than usuall.
I liked the fact that this story had was less cliche than what she usually writes. ;D
Although it seemed too short, and the last chapter was way too rushed, like the mangaka tried to shove more into that last chapter...
The characters were fun as well. Everybody were so sweet...
They were so adorable, that even those who appeared to be bad, were great. :3
Yeah... Well done char...... View
Harem Days9.2Since I have finally found the 2 other stories, I'll comment.
This is probably on of my favorite oneshot collections (double-shot actually) of Naono Bohra.
The art here is of course great, and the stories were really nice...
Plus, there were color pages! And she draws women so well...
All the stories were really cute, and that last page of the last story was "kyaa" :3.

Even though the stories had her usuall [spoiler]I love him but I'm sure he hates me/doesn't love me/thinks of me as a mere friend...... View
Datte Ai ja Nai!?7---
Toiki Yori mo Yasashii8---
Oresama Tengoku! Rojiura no Ningyo2---
Naruto dj - Promise------
Kanga na Spoon9---
Bokura ni Matsuwaru Etcetera8.6---
Rikugun Renai Shikan Gakkou8.9Hyaaa! So smutty XD

I really enjoyed the comedy in this one. Chapter 3 made me laugh so hard... The art was good, especially the body.
Nice story as well.
About poeple complaing for lack of romance... You do know that some stories are just written for the smut... The story is just a frame.
I think it fits nice with the story. Good, hot love scenses are not so easy to find , you know~
Kumabachi no Koto9.8---
Koi no Shizuku7.4It's a quite, nicely done collection of oneshots.
I liked it, but it was just a typical "I love him, but I'm afraid he'd hate me" collection.
The art was a little awkward, but fine. Some of the the shots reminded me of saha mizu's guys. Tracing? Who knows~.~
Anyways, it was fine. Nothing over the top.
Te wo Tsunaide, Sora wo8.8Very sweet. It made my heart warm, and sad at the same time...
Myamoto kano is a great mangaka, and this is one of her less sad ones.
The ending was very good, although made me feel sad...
I fealt their insecrurety and fears about the future...
Very pretty art. Her art becomes better as time goes. Expressive, sometimes still a bit messy but gentle...
Very well conveyed emotionts, too>.< *sniff*
Tonari no Kare9I was reluctant. Because the art seemed to be quite poor, but the story was really pleasent. At least their bodies look fine.

I enjoyed Matsuda's reactions to his feelings, they were really cute, and better than all those "but we're both men" that most yaoi stories have.
This story is more shounen-ai, and it's very sweet.
About a guy with a sad past and what appears to be a shaky present, and a student with no experience whatsoever...
I didn't think I'll enjoy this story, but its simple mood, and...... View
Hoshi no Yakata8I don't think I was ready for this manga the first few times I read it.
It seemed extreme to me, almost vile. Why would someone want to inflict pain upon a person they love? That's what I thought. Since then, it's been quite a few years. Having read it again recently, I found myself unfazed by the BDSM aspects, and in fact appreciative of them and the intricate dynamics it brings to the characters' relationships.
Through those acts they learn many things about themselves.

The art, while quite ou...... View
Sakende Yaruze!9.7---
Omoisugoshi mo Koi no Uchi9The art was really nice.
Chapters 1-3 were great. I liked the couple, and the fun situations like the role switching and the nephew misunderstanding.
Chapter 4 started very well, but ended ubruptly...
Same with chapters 5-6. Chapter 5 was an interesting school drama thing, chapter 6 was really great with the fetish thing, but ended without much happening (still good though).
Chapter 7 was 'eh?~'. So short, and focused on a glasses fetishconfused

Anyways, since it seems to be a oneshot collection sort of ...... View
Bi no Isu7.4The "main story" set was worth it...
Everything else was kind of meh...
The art was nice in those 3 chapters...
And the extra made me laugh.
Lot's of smut, cute moments, but then... A lot of torture...
The dialogues were a bit corny, but whatever...~~
It's was a nice little read...
I'd drop the oneshots if I were you though.
All the other ones were disappointing.
Even the art wasn't as good...
Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu8---
Like as the Time Will Come When it Will Rain8.4---
Ibara no Ou10__I think some of the comment might spoil...~

I love it I love it I love it!
This is a really great read. I think the best sci fi thing I've ever read.
Very good art, great story, great characters. Everything about this manga is great.
The characters are really well done. I love when the characters' stories are included (important parts of life and such that lead to events and so on..).
And the story. Really easy to follow.
Full of good scens and really well done story flow.
Also... Marco Owen is su...... View
Wreckage X6---
Emma9.5I didn't like the first few chapters at first, so it was on hold for some time.
I'm glad I've returned and read it.

Emma's character didn't apeal to me much, and the fact that her and Will's story wasn't the center of other great stories and events made the read so much more interesting.

Will's father was really gorgeous back in his days, and Hakim was so cute>.<
The art on Emma improved as the manga progressed, too.
(notice the smaller eyes) laugh
Tokaido HISAME7
Spoiler (highlight to view)
I'll start by saying that Itsuki is very cute. XD.
The art is nice, but the backrounds are lacking.
Hisame is an annoying brat, and really, I don't see how anything tomantic could turn out with this kid...
He his a "goody-goody no kill" kind of character, and he annoys me.
His only redeeming factor is that he looks cute when dresses up as a woman.
And where the hell is the romance?... Like I've mentioned before, it probably won't happen...
Itsuki is cute and fun, but His...
... View
Brad Harley no Basha8---
Tonari ni Kimi no Nukumori wo7---
Gundam Wing dj - Oh My Lover9---
Kill Me------
Make Me Happy8My favs here were the first story (chapters 1-3)
And the last story, chapter 7.

Well drawn as always, but the stories were less dramatic than I'm used to with this mangaka.
Still, I found most of them heartworming, yet the stories in 4 and on were kind of lacking story and character wise.
I didn't like the 4th story much either... The end was rushed and not really well done.

Anyways, it was still worth it. If only for those 2 stories.
Another Day on the Planet7---
Another Rules Story8---
Arashi no Ato7.5---
Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda!7.9Well, that was cute.
Simple, and cute.

Silly characters are always good for laughs.

Good thing Takanaga sensei doesn't draw hair like that anymore. laugh
The art was nice. Not as good as her newer works, but still cute.

I liked the fetish guy from the oneshot chapter .^^
Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin10That was just too good.
I loved the combo of japanese context and korean art style.
Beautifull and funny.

It has even stepped over a certain cliche (those who read yaoi will know what I'm talking about).
Very cute and hot story (those expressions are to die for ). I love it X3
Shame it wasn't longer~

*wants more of this mangaka*
April 4th6---
Dog Style (MINAMOTO Yuu)6Silly and poorly translated~
The ecchi felt like it was forced. All too short and a kind of strange.
That boy's an idiot. An idiot who acts like a pampered brat with sexuality issues.
The dog girl was... Naked. :l

Pretty art style though.
Matsugo no Yume7---
Nightmare Fortress - Majin no Jousai1---
Puchi D Kemono4---
Yuuwaku Sentiment8---
Neverending Heart7---
Taiyou no Ichiwaru10That was one of the best collection of oneshots I've ever read...
It was just simply amazing...

Souryo Fuyumi really knows how to write about a person's soul....
So thought provoking, and quite tragic.
Made me sad, but in a good way, and not only that... It brought all sorts of emotions...

Art is beautifull as ever.
Kiseijuu9.2I didn't want to read parasyte at first. Thought it was some insane horror manga.
Turns out it's actually really good. Kept me interested and I finished it in three days, so that says something about how good it is (at least in my book). laugh

Anyways, even for its age the art was quite nice. Realistic. And I loved how tha parasites were drawn, all the movements and so.
The only thing that I thought was lacking were the characters. They were a bit emotionless and even when they did show emotion it...... View
K no Souretsu8.6---
Ikasama Umigame no Soup7---
Aqua8.6I had a feeling of "not quite there yet" while reading it.
Aqua is very peacfull, and relaxing. That's what finally drew me in to read it.
The art is very nice as well, but sometimes looks a little awkwards with hands and such.
The scenes that greatly excited the characters, didn't have the same effect on me, and were mostly just pretty.
The characters are simple and sweet.
I liked aqua, but I do hope Aria would give a better emotion transmiting via landscapes.

All in all, I enjoyed it^^...... View
Fingertip's love8.5---
Okane ga Nai - Kagi no Kakaru Tengoku------
Miko to Yajuu5---
Yokubou Shounen8.8---
Glamorous Lip6---
Yume wo Miru Hima mo Nai8.9It was really fun!
The art wasn't really what I usually got for, but it grows on you.
I liked the story. Quite the unique setting.
And the characters were good. Also very funny.
There were 2 nice side characters as well, that were quite main.
I would have rather seen more side characters, since it looked like their own little world....

The whole thing where they were separeted for long isn't my usual thing either, but the mangaka made it a fun read.

It's my first completed story by YAMADA Yugi btw. ...... View
Super-Conductive Brains5.2That's one strange manga...
I didn't expect the art to be good, but it was. Detailed backgrounds.
There wasn't much of a plot there... Mainly just showing humans should either grasp full, mechanic control or get rid of those 'solders'.
Someone was trying to make a point? "don't play god" "don't mess with things you don't understand"...
All been done before, and done better~

So in my opinion you won't miss much by not reading this manga.~
Oh, and it's not "mature". It's just "adult"......... View
Dirty Work8.2It was really nice...
Strange and engaging... The art was fine.
The events were told in a blunt way... I liked it.

I wonder why it has such low scores...
Togainu no Chi dj - Thug Life6---
Akai Hana5---
Whip On!3---
Akazukin to Yasashii Ookami9.8---
The Girl's Winter7.5---
Benkyou Shinasai!6---
Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko7---
Hoshigari na Kimi to Futsutsuka na Boku8---
Momoiro Saeru Suman8.2---
Tenshi wo Otose3---
Pure Shadow8.8---
Abiru Junjou8Why the hell did it only have "yaoi" in the genre?~
Anyways, I liked this story.
The art wasn't the best, a little akward at times, but still fine.
The best thing about this manga was the story, and the way it was made.
The characters weren't bad, but they were made a little too mellow for my taste.
But the nice story of such a school teacher, and a boardline shotacon cute kid was good, and made it a worthy read.
Spoiler (highlight to view)
The fact that they didn't just to bed right away, helped to...
... View
Little Forest9---
Mimitabu no Riyuu7---
Ikujinashi no Shiawase8.2---
Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai9---
Mirai no Kioku9.6---
Kokoro to Karada no Hazama6.5---
Midara na Sasayaki6.6---
Mijuku na Kareshi5---
Watashi ni Nita Dare ka7.4---
Hajishirazu na Yoru9.8---
Wonderful Life7.9---
Little Little8.4A very sweet story about a sickly girl and a cute little nekomimi.
No text, just very cute art and short chapters.
I don't really know if it counts as shoujo-ai, because if so, it is very light and seems to be more like a close friendship.

Heart warming cuteness, and doesn't take much time to read. X3
Amayakana Toge10---
Rumble Rush5---
Okujou no Bai-Bai8It was really sweet. A quite well done oneshot about youth and cute love... :3 Kei-chan reminds me of an ex... So cute, small and violent. X3.

The art is nice, and the story is well told. Nothing much to it, but cuteness.
And a very good phrase:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Does it make me a homo too? At least, one that's exclusive to you.

Star ni Ai------
Shortcut Love7.8---
Sumanai!! Masumi-kun8.3Pretty cute.
The art is really pretty as usuall from Itsuki kaname's works (especially the newer ones).
The story nice, a pleasent change from her usuall "forced" plots.
And with an older guy. This story is a different type from what this mangaka usually does.
I like it.
It's also nice that DP released 3 chapters at once.

Well, some of that I didn't see coming, but it was so cute and unexpected.
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Risaki chan's love++
And the end of chapter 4 was hilarious. Anyways, I ...... View
Ragnarock City4That was probably the most pointless manga I've ever read.
I like this artist's style, but he should stick to doing hentai and not trying to make plot, since he clearly can't...
Kudos on the coloring though.

Serously, don't expect anything. Just art... And 99.8% girls.
Hotel Traffic8.5---
Roumantei no Juunin2---
Arrested Man------
Koiha Ina Mono Mouna Mono6.8---
Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou8.6The shoujo-ai+shounen-ai+ecchi=exposed body parts and lots of fun!
Funny story, although the plot was a little scattered. Still, the mix of GL+BL was done well. Made me laugh a lot, and that's what I wanted.
The art was great, very pretty and with all the ecchi made it unique.

Yeah, I agree the ending was too open. But the manga as a whole was good. Cute guys, cute girls, lots of lust to who knows whom. XD.
Something to lift up the mood.
The art of this mangaka reminds me a little of safe again to...... View
Tarepanda Goes on an Adventure8.3---
Sugar Milk8.4---
Endless World9---
Call My Name (JARYUU Dokuro)7---
The Female Fridge No. 18---
Motte Meisubeshi7---
The Circle------
Moonlight Flowers8.2---
Unbalanced Heat------
Overflow10This is some hentai...
Stories with no hope. All being abused and raped, both phisicaly and emotionaly.
Needles to say, the art was really good. Detales and well done.
Indeed very dark. At some point it even made me feel guilty for enjoying the manga. As these weman suffered, it was portrayed so realisticaly, that you couldn't not feel sorry for them, as they lost they inocennse and hope..

Every other person was cruel, and only taking advantage.
So hopless... made me sad..

Overall, a very good, a...... View
Kimi wa Boku no Taiyou8---
St. Men's Cafe6.8I'd say it was cute, but I couldn't figure too much of the story.
The art wasn't as good as in this mangaka's other works, but still nice. I'd guess it's an earlier work.

A cute little oneshot, shame it wasn't more developed.
Fuyu no Hana9.1Yumeka Sumomo/Sahara Mizu is a master in making ones heart flinch.
Another beautiful, bittersweet story... I'm used to another type of ending, but this was good as well. (I won't spoil).
Art- great as ever. This is one of the best things about this mangaka. Her art and style remain the same, the amazing, capturing beauty.

I do agree this could use an additional page or two, but not 20.
Doushitemo Furetakunai8.9After reading the second chapter:
Quite great so far.
A simple/complex relationship with people with messed up and sad pasts...
I love it and it's sad pace... Seems to be me it's heading towards more sad moments, and I'm anxious to find out more.
The art is very good.
Beautiful Imprint4---
Nurse ga Oshigoto3That was so weird... What kind of...
Anyways, it has lots of tears, beating, boys that look like girls, shouta, rape, more tears and no plot.

The art is cute at times... But seriously... Wtf?
A little pointless, but I guess if you like the things I've mentioned above...~
Not my cup of tea.
My Life With You4---
Kawa Yori mo Nagaku Yuruyaka ni8.8I wanted to write this as a semi review and a part explanation.
First of all, this is not shounen-ai.
There are only small implications, and other minor characters being gay or simply perverted.
For the smart ass who put hentai... No words~~

My thoughts on the manga:
It's very fun.
Has good comedy, some perverted boys, some drama, fights, drugs, drinks, prostitutes and all around Toshikuni (Toshi-chan for short).

It's fun working on it. Mostly light, though with some more serious issues presented ...... View
Hinyari Rouka, Mangekyou5---
Negai Kanae Tamae8---
Blood the Last Vampire 2000------
Suteneko no Ie7It's sweet, and a bit sad...
Feels a bit mechanic. The characters' feelings don't come across as well as you'd like them to, despite the good art.

The first 4 chapters were nice, but it seems to be the end of this story? If so, the end was... ok, I guess...
The pacing is kind of strange. It feels rushed, while at the same time it feels slow, because of the lacking emotion.

Well, chapter 5 indeed compensated a bit for the lack of emotion. It's a really nice drama.
Quite sad, and that what make...... View
Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi8.4---
Taikutsu wa Warawanai7.7It was nice. (and sweet->>ass)

Here's my little summery:
The girlishly pretty Tamenaga Makoto bumped into Satake
Tamotsu and swayed Satake off his feet (literally).

Well, not to spoil~
Anyways, I liked it. The word "cute (and the like)" were overused a bit though...
It was a "rough fluff" story. :3

My thoughts on Makoto: Nice ass!
Tamotsu's best line:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Can I call you "boyfriend?"

Otona no Manaa8.1Mmm. I really liked this one.
Had a well constructed plot for a oneshot, and at all.
Nice 'explanatory past scenes'.
Good characters that had interesting and funny personalities, that didn't fit their looks. (which was super).

The relationship was really cute. It was fun seeing Minami struggle. ^^;
Though I feel this should have a yaoi sequel.
The art was nice. It was a bit cluttered with too many close looks~, but there were really cute scenes.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
yay for sudden erecti...
... View
Miman Renai8Anyways...
It's so cute! XD.
Currently on chapter three, and it gets cuter and cuter.
The art is cute, and the plot is quite new to me.
I just hope it's not a pedophile in the making. lol

But it's really adorable. This innocent crush of a H programmer...
nyaaa. So funny.
I kind of hope soming even cuter would come out of this freshly started relationship. :3

So after reading the last chapter...
Boy, what a rushed ending that was. =/
But at least the author managed to keep it innoncet...
I guess. ~_...... View
Onani Master Kurosawa8.8---
Koutetsu no Daitenshi7---
Poison Cherry Drive------
Dog Style8.4---
La Satanica dj - Fluffy Thing------
Anata to senya ichiya8---
Pushu~ke~!! Psyche!7---
Soshite Watashi wa Kaeru ni Koisuru7.6Omg... So sweet...
I don't know why her stories make me feel this way, even the short ones, but they do...
Even this short one has the beautiful art, and quite/sad nature Yumeka Sumomo's works never lack...
Yubikiri Hime8I agree. "An adorable yet creepy 8 page oneshot."
Has Yumeka Sumomo decided to start the new year with not letting people get away with their lies? :3
(or at least, giving a little warning)

Kind of reminds me of a childrens' fables.
Mimi ni Nokoru Kimi no Koe wa4---
Hoshi yo Oka yo Fuyu no Ao yo8Such a cute oneshot...
There's a nice little story going on, and despite it being so short it's still sweet and quite enjoyable.

Both main characters and nice. Hana being a bit annoying, but I liked the fact that he wasn't a "damsel in distress" type of beauty~
Hijiri was nice as well.
Quite cute.
The 'old man' was a good character as well. Pretty funny. "3

The art is great, as usual.
Nothing too special. Though this one feels more lighthearted than most of her other works....... View
Hada no Ue no Renai Jijou8---
Baby Bitch!------
Mukizu ja Irarenee------
Merry Checker8---
Try! Try! Try!7---
Zashiki Onna---So creepy>.<;;;

The art was crappy.
But it did creep me out. So it's all good. XD.

Anyways, if you're looking for something to creep you out, you should try this manga.
Notice how many times the word "creepy" is mentioned in this comment. lol
Suzumiya Haruhi dj - The Future and You------
Ikenai Otoko8.4---
Kayou Gogo 9-ji8.6It was actually sweet.
Not as disturbing as one might think.

The characters were interesting, with pasts and motives explored a bit (as the length allowed).
The subject of the story was seemingly silly, but had a nice background to it.
Art wise it was also nice. Befitting the story.
The speech was appealing.

The slice of life was also noticalbe.
I liked the ending. Very sweet.

edit for typos...
Kuimonodokoro Akira6---
Dark Road7.4---
Boku wa Sakana8Sad, quite sad.
It was nice for a short oneshot.
Has clear motives shown for deeds.
A small piece of someone's longing, I'd call it...
Syatei Hani7---
Warau Kyuuketsuki5It was really uncomfortable to read...
The order of the events didn't make sense, and the crossing from one event to the other was rough, and strange...
The story didn't make much sense either, and so has the progress...
Just seemed to me that random things kept poping out of nowhere and going nowhere...
Many scene didn't end with anything and just had no sense.

The characters had little to no personality whatsoever... It was quite annoying following their mechanical actions.

The "terrible secret" ...... View
Kisshou Tennyo9---
Kanpai! dj - Unapai7.9---
Sweet Life, Please!!------
Kawaii Akuma2---
Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru9What a silly title. ^^;;

Anyways, I really liked the prequel, and today I found out it has a sequel as well.
How excited I was! XD

This part basically tells the story of Kyouichi's and Imagase's half a year (I think) into their relationship.
The art is in some ways better than the prequel (though makes Imagase look more feminine?), but the story doesn't have those psychological elements of which I have enjoyed in the former book.
A shame, but expected.
Instead, we get a sweet, slightly dramatic/ro...... View
Ai no Kotoba wo Uragaeshi4---
Banana Bread no Pudding9It's been a while since I wrote a comment or read this manga, but I felt like I should comment on this one.

First of all, I don't think you need to look for symbolism to enjoy this manga.
The center is the characters, not a whole coherent plot, or an achievable goal.
I think the mangaka likes writing about weird people. She incorporated them with the themes that are obviously important to her, like parenthood and sexual identity.
Not everything has to be clear in order to be enjoyed. Not everythi...... View
No.99: Ningen Omocha7.5That was... Rather nice...
Art- not bad, quite satisfying. Cute seme and nice sex scenes.
I liked the setting, but the plot wasn't too clear. And especially that it was told by the butler.

I'd actually liked for it to have been longer.
Hetalia dj - Hitori de Dekiru mon?!------
Mi to Shounen------
Wild and Strawberry8As with all Suzuki Tsuta's stories, this one is also a win.
The art is nice, the setting also. Quite funny.

The characters were nice. I liked the seme.
The sex scene was good, especially what they were doing during. *grin*

Best lines:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
- I have a lot of sex. it's vital

Spoiler (highlight to view)
- Next time you get it wrong, I'm taking you to the gym's storage room. remember that

Seems to be a oneshot?
Little Butterfly: Gush Limited------
Children Can't Choose Their Parents---It's was actually pretty decent. (said with the sound of shock)
The art was nice, the story wasn't some mindless beastiality porn...
The ending though... I think there should be a genre added.
Devil May Cry dj - La Vita E Rosa5---
Devil May Cry dj - Neither Fish Nor Flesh4---
Kinpatsu no Sougen9---
Boku no Pico1---
Tetsu x Rika------
Gravitation dj - Megamix Kumagorou------
Gravitation dj - Megamix Capybara------
Petit Wildrose------
Nemureru Mori no Binan9.5---
Sweet Bitter Candy------
Sadomi8Funny, I guess.
Weird & crazy - totally.
Loved the headmaster.

Nothing much to talk about other than a crazy bundle.
Poor Heromi though.=/

Art's nothing special, it's full color and all in all if you enjoy sick fun it might be just for you. :3

Two years later and all I wanna know is "Is it wrong to laugh at that"?
Good stuff. Read the sequel if you liked this one.
Thank you, Rabbit People!

Gonna up the vote on this one.
Plastic Girl (FURUYA Usamaru)7.5---
Byouto Shoujo Kan---Well, I'm a sucker for tragedies.

One of the more plotted shoujo-ai out there.
The art was shoujo-ish, and the heads were too big.

It was sad... I like sad~
Though it kind of felt like the dialogue lost sense at some points... Either the translation or the original sucked here.

And it was quite long for a oneshot.
Not that good, but enough for a tragedy qouta.
For Once Story6---
Koiyami Archive3---
Umibe no Onnanoko9---
Blood Type V3none

I don't read shoujo oneshots that are centered aroud romance.
I also don't read shounen oneshots that center around "special powers/special gifts"
This is why. I must say that this oneshot was a waste of time.
Cliched to the core.
Spoiler (highlight to view)
why did the pooch have to die? Why?!!!


Oh and the dialogue.. Shoot me... So CORNY!
All the talks with the girl... And all the Blood talks. Bah...

Why am I giving it a 3?
-The badass bad guy was kinda cute.
-The pooch was cute.
-The...... View
Okamarble---How pretty...
I like Okama's style~

"see" - About beauty.
"world" - About breasts.
Pretty much sums it up with the oneshots.

"See" is more poetic-like (kinda), while "World" is an artistic expression of one's breast-liking... ;;
The rest of the art-work is found separately.
Papaiya Gundan8.8---
Mani Mani9---
The Man of Tango6---
Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Halloween Special------
Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Luckenwalde no Heya de------
Eros in the Stoic------
Itoshii Akuma2---
Useless Beauty------
Kyou no Asuka Show8.5Commenting up to chapter 5:

Today's Asuka Show is a very cute manga.
The art is nice.
And it seems as though the mangaka is trying hard to come up with interesting situations for the ecchi. And it's working, if I may say so myself.
Asuka is very cute- being the center of the manga.
The situations she gets into are silly, but nontheless, she makes them adorable.

The storyline is just that- the situations Asuka gets into.
If you're looking for your everyday super-duper girl falls for guy sort of thi...... View
The Rites of the Moon Princess------
Deep Bloody Night------
Close Your Eyes (Inariya Fusanosuke)------
A Silent Greeting------
Ubawareru Koto Marugoto Zenbu6---
Onward! Maiden Road4---
Bura Girl6---
Yume no Omocha Koujo------
Futari to Futari5---
Surf Junkie4---
Naruto dj - North Wind and Sun------
Naruto dj - Double Game!------
Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru3---
Our Cutey Boy------
Aiso Tsukashi7---
Towa ni Nemure4---
The Dress6---
Sunao ni Love3---
Double Line8.2---
Kimi to Date------
Husky and Medley5---
Sweet Little Devil (NANZAKI Iku)8---
Tsujimura-san is a Secret------
Nana to Kaoru Arashi------
1-en no Otoko6---
Fairy Gone Garden---That was... I'm not into incest, but this wasn't bad.
In fact, it was pretty sad... The sex contributed to the harshness and cruelty of their world.
I read the first part years ago, and was glad to reread it and find out how the story ended.
The mangaka's strong points are definitely the art and the emotion the character evoke in you, since there's never a definite plot to speak of, only snippets.
Urahara to Jirenma------
Honto no Uso6Hmm, this feels somewhat incomplete.
But it was a nice oneshot.
A shounen-ai, for those who wonder.

The story is about a 50yr old man dating a younger co-worker.
I could see some outlines for further developments, but the whole thing was too thin.
Let's hope there's a sequel.
So Serious8I've been rather emotional lately, but this prickled and brought tears to my eyes.
I won't say much, other than it being a sad story.
In the end, there was no other way.
A hope that was. A hope that was shattered. That's life. ~

Note: I felt a sense of silly joy when I guessed what the word was...
Gintama dj - But Now Uncontrol------
Gintama dj - Kienu Warui Koto wo Hyakumanben------
Gintama dj - Akuji Extra------
Gintama dj - Guilty Game------
Sengoku Basara dj - Senkou------
Sweet Guilty Love Bites6---
Rhythm and Police dj - Koi no Susume------
Kanpeki na Koibito3---
Persona 4 dj - Youngboy 16 Sexually Knowing------
Gokiburi Ginjika7---
Kimi Koi Limit6.6---
Trap: Younger Brother-In-Law------
Kare Otoko ni Izumi o6---
Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange------
Kago no Uchi4---
Vampire to Shinigami6---
Himegoto Asobi8---
Everything's Peaceful------
Princess Princess (AOKI Mitsue)8---
Sangatsu Boujitsu, Kuma o Hirotta8---
Rokugatsu no Hengen-san6.7---
A Good Day to Die6---
Fatonic Love7---
Summer Switch------
Massaging the Woman I Admire7---
Monkey Strip6---
Sono Te o Totte6.7---
Dog's Subway------
Kusakanmori no Hime9---
Sanzen Sekai no Karasu wo Koroshi (SAIKI Keita)------
Ohara no Naka------
Dame BL7.6---
Negative-kun to Positive-kun8.5It's been a while since I've enjoyed something so cute and simple.
The characters don't appear to be very realistic, but they're just cute.
Neither is just "positive" or plain "negative". They both compensate each other.
I also found it refreshing that not everyone approved of that relationship, but there were people who did and even encouraged them
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
(really unexpected ones like old folks)
The fact that they both loved each other and weren't afraid to show it all the t...... View
Udagawachou de Mattete yo.8Hideyoshico has become one of my favorite BL mangaka as of late.
She has the most adorable characters, with interesting personalities and kinks.
I wish there was more to this series. It felt like it was over too quickly.
Some parts were a bit rushed and disjointed.
The art was very nice and fitting. I really liked the flowing outfits she had them wear.
I was glad how it turned out in the end though, and I think any gender-bender fan will enjoy this work.
It and Lily6---
Itto Vorspiel5.5---
Ouji no Hakoniwa4---
Kanojo wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai5---
Yome ga Kore na Monde.7.5---
Puchitto Hajiketa,7---
Kobi no Kyoujin6I love yakuza themed BL.
Bi no Isu was pretty nice. The combination of yakuza, rough sex, torture and even love is something I go for 10 out of 10 times. But as with most (especially recent) Ike Reibun stories, the uke just goes from tough to girl in a heartbeat. And he unfortunately never reverts back, besides a chapter or two where he's not next to, or thinks of Kabu.
The "manly gay couple" tag only fits physically. I get being in love and all, but damn, Nirasawa just doesn't act like a man....... View
Cirque Arachne7---
Bloody Mary6Well, that was certainly a weird manga...
Aside from the pretty art, sex and violence the plot was kind of confusing and jumbled...

But... Naked chicks. A lot of naked chicks.

Kudos to the scanlators who stuck with it till the end.
Caterpillar & Butterfly5---
He His Him9---
Kurenai Mugen------
Comment ça va?------
About a Girl------
The Wife-to-Be---Why is this so sad? WHY?
It was so short and yet this scenario made my heart ache.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I'm not even sure what to make of their relationship. It's too painful one way or the other.
It seems that they were in love with each other, yet Momo has chosen to get married to someone else. I don't know. It's a common enough story-line in GL, but damn, was this sad. It left me feeling s sorry for both girls and hoping Momo will cheat and get back with Kou. ~___~;

The art was ok. It p...... View
Watashi no Suki na Senpai4A warning and a summary for anyone who's inclined to read this.
Major spoilers though. MAJOR.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Ever felt cheated by a trap? Ever felt the chick should have been a guy or vice versa?
Apparently, they were both girls at the beginning, but due to some stupid disease called "acquired sex change disease", the black haired one turns into a guy. WTF?
And the worst part is that she could have stayed a woman if she'd chosen, but was too hassled to shave her hairy legs. Are you k...
... View
Oboreru Hitomi5---
My Steady------
Dream Story7---
NightS dj - Another Story------
This Is a Great Hug Pillow7---
Tender Night7.8---
Naruto dj - Icha Icha Academy------
Miwaku Shikake - Amai Wana------
Kyuusen no Shima3---
Witches' Sabbath8---
Hoppe ni Himawari---Hmm, I seldom have the opportunity to read about fat characters in manga, especially ones who are treated favorably and have friends. It's not a popular type of character, especially in yaoi.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Yone-chan doesn't mind his weight and Arai-kun doesn't either. He even loves it and doesn't try to force Yone to change in any way. Their relationship is definitely adorable, especially how insecure both of them are.

I did find the characters to be way too sympathetic towards Yo...... View
Knockin' On Your Door7---
After Life8I... Damn you, Dowman, damn you.
You just made me cry in seven pages. That last page... It really reminds me of a novel's ending I read once, where
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the heroine's soul lives on in a limbo of sorts with every other spirit, until they are forgotten
Very sad, tragic and beautiful. Another great oneshot by the author.

This is very short and pretty much what the summary here says, but it's just right.
For the emotional experience I give it an 8.
Manga of the Dead7Well, I must admit that this is the first "pure" zombie manga I've read.
The only other comic is The Walking Dead, which I really enjoy.
I do watch a lot of zombie movies, but still, I don't have much to compare this collection to.
All the stories are grim, filled with terror and dark ambiance, as they should.
Every author took a different approach to the zombie myth, which I liked.
From gore all over the place, to just the hint that's something's wrong with people talking (which was plain creepy)...... View
Eroman - Kami to Pen to Sex to!!7Psyche Delico's stories are usually pretty entertaining, and this collection stays true to the perverted, nicely drawn motif.

The main story, while cute and sexy, didn't offer much of an interesting plot.
It was an ero-mangaka and his partner, with the usual misconceptions in their relationship.
The fact that they based their stories on themselves was fun, but the only original part was them using their actual faces to do so.

The editor's story to much more interesting. I like the whole "appearan...... View
Kodomo no Jikan - Houkago------
Touch Me (MINASE Ruruu)7---
Your Fragrance6---
A Cold and After That------
Watch Out for Drunks!------
A Passing Shower------
Normal Love6---
Henshin Dekinai7---
Told Me------
Debu to Bijin8---
Predawn Girls------
Weight Lovers8---
Nakasenaide ne------
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken dj - He Don't Love Me------
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken - Ame Nochi Hare------
Anemone (OTOMO Megane)8A night of drunk sex leads to so much more...
This was a lovely oneshot, with beautiful scenes and really sweet expressions.
I liked the fluidity of the situation, and how the characters carried themselves.
It was pretty perfect, although probably too ideal. But sweet fantasies never hurt, in moderation. ;p
Sherlock Holmes dj - S&H Casebook5---
Mahou Onna ga Kuru!!------
Yume no You na Hanashi5---
Sweet Melancholy------
Time for Passion8---
Mousou Elektel dj - Mousou Graffiti------
Karada Meate de Warui ka8---
Drifting Body7---
Koyoi wa Kimi ni Uete Iru------
Never Let Go------
Hatsukoi no Atosaki8---
A-chan no Pudding------
Sparkling Days (Shiramatsu)------
Love / Death7The phrase "cute enough to kill" comes to mind, too.
Maybe it's too soon to judge, but it's a pretty silly manga.
I honestly don't see where they'll advance from the
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
misunderstanding ->death stare->shoutmatch->destruction to mutual understanding and being all lovely dovey
thing they have going.
Probably nowhere, but I still hope for a healthier relationship for both girls. By then the series will have probably reached its conclusion though.

It's pretty original though,...... View
Death Face------
Junketsu Drop7---
Arrested Police------
Royal Fiancé3---
Akuma de Keiyaku7---
Michi to no Souguu6---
Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita8I enjoyed this volume of smut, for the most part.
The relationships are unrealistic, but the sex was quite well done. I especially enjoyed the (almost) proper use of sex toys and lube.
The art isn't anything special, but the genitals and lips are drawn really nicely during their sex scenes.
Story 1 was cute and hot. I didn't get story 2 at all and it had no sex.
Story 3 was great, but I wish that...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Megane-san fucked the guy's ass in the end there.

What I didn't like ...... View
Blue Spring Runnings------
Sagatte Omachi Kudasai6---
Nirameba Koi8---
Shigekiteki na Kankei5---
Lesson A------
The Rain in Montecarlo8---
The Specific Heat Capacity of Love9It's beautiful and so sad.
The translation is awful though, so maybe read it in another language.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
This story made me wish anyone who eats shark fin soup chokes on it and dies.
It's a stupid practice with no scientifically proven benefits. And to discard the entire body like that? What a damn waste.
Boku Mushi8---
Itou-san (KURAKA Sui)9I love these kinds of stories.
And I hate them, too. I hate how much a well executed work can make me feel.
But I also love it.

I have mixed emotions about the ending, but that's open for debate.
I'm not sure how ok I am with it. Although it was probably for the best.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Kyousuke-kun got to live a normal life at least.

The rest of the story... Despite being flawed and contrived at points (although, who's to say these things don't happen?), I loved every bit of it. It hurt ...... View
Koisuru Boukun Fanbook------
Gachinko Battle! Full of Meat8---
Aiyoku Heaven4---
Shitteru yo.8Note: this series is in fact fully scanlated,
but I guess the group didn't want the releases to appear here.

I had no expectations about this manga, because I just found it at random.
Seeing the "tall seme short uke" tags, did make me wary that it might be one of those annoying "uke cries like a baby all the time" type stories, but it really wasn't.

The manga is divided into 2 parts, which I'll cover in spoiler just in case:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The first two chapters are about the short u...
... View
Uchi no Tenshi ga Kemono Deshita.7---
Noraneko to Hakuchuumu------
Ienai Itami o Daite Iru------
Kimi no Nioi ga Suki6.5---
Tomodachi Ijou no Koto, Shitai.6.5Sweet, adorable completely predictable and ultimately rather forgettable.
If you want some nicely drawn fluff with some hot bits with the usual amount of angst (at least it wasn't overpowering), this is a good choice.

There's not much to talk about here. I liked how we saw into both the seme's and uke's minds. The pacing was ok. The art was nice.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I liked their feelings were mutual and that the seme didn't rape the uke or just went in dry. Prep's important! ;p

There was...
... View
Boss: Delusion Planet------
Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami7.2There wasn't anything especially interesting to me about the other two stories, so I'll just talk about the first one (chapter 1-2+extra)

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I love a slutty, seme-like uke. And Kira-chan was quite the horn dog, hehe.
Their story developed in a pretty rudimentary way, but it was sweet, heartwarming and hot.
The extra was pretty fun, and at around a dozen pages, it was long enough to allow some more development and details. Like Kira's friends. The afterword has an amusing...
... View
Classmate (ASADA Nemui)------
Chokujou Shinki------
Chiisana Senpai to Ookina Kouhai8---
Pet Keiyaku------
Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko9---
Kichiku, Encount4---
Kiken na Otonarisan5---
Neon Sign Amber8There're things about this mangaka that I like, but also quite a few things that rub me the wrong way. She draws her seme and uke pretty much the same every time. Not that it's uncommon, but after you've read a few works by the same author, you kinda want to see something different. Then there's the thing of the uke kind of being what you'd tag as a "crybaby". If not crying, then almost crying quite often. Lots of blushing, as well.
I do come back to reading this mangaka, because she offers th...... View
Darkness Hound------
Follow7Very silly but also really fun.
I liked how the first story was told from the mother's point of view, pretty much. And also how some characters from previous story made an appearance in the last one.

Overall, each story had a silliness to it that I enjoyed, but were all quite touching and romantic (well, sorta). I won't go into details on every one, because they're better experienced first hand. And really, there's not much to tell on each one, just that they're all enjoyable, if you're into t...... View
Yasaotoko to Sadistic6The "collection" is centered around those two. There aren't any other stories, but maybe there should've been.
Honestly, this is probably the most unsatisfying work by Hideyoshico I've read to date.
There were some interesting elements and the art was as lovely as ever, but it was only just meh. It seems this was in serialization for three years, rather sporadically, so I don't think the author was into it very much.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The stalker, Yoshino, comes from money and doesn't ...
... View
Mods6This started out with the potential to be interesting.
While the art is very rough, it's emotive enough and fits the attitude of the characters which I like.
The dynamic between the two leads has been mildly interesting.

But then, chapter 2 came about:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Soon-to-be-seme-san is an all-round nice guy. I like his design (the scar and rugged looks), but something doesn't sit quite right about him with me. Naturally, he wants to help the escort and show him there's more to li...
... View
Ookami Shounen to Hamu no Hito------
First Step!------
Yoru wa Tomodachi7In the realm of BL, there isn't a lot of realism when it comes to relationships, let alone BDSM relationships.
With this series, we get a glimpse of what could've a great story on the subject, had the mangaka been more experienced (or just better) at story-telling.

There aren't many details on the lives of the two guys, and no side-characters at all. Just extras.
Sometimes it's a bit difficult to follow who says what, because the bubbles often lack those pointy ends and characters don't emote m...... View
Stand by Me (EBARA Tomoe)7.5---
Drag (OKADAYA Tetuzoh)------
Ai ga Matteru7---
Houkago wa Itsumo Futari------
Inochi no On○n------
Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu4---
Love Delivery (CHAKO Nediwo)7---
Oniisan to Yobinasai------
Sakaku Opera6Well...

If you've read and enjoyed Itou-San, you probably jumped on this new work like the rabid fan that you are. And so did I.
This is a major step-down from the author's previous work though. It's pointlessly gratuitous, which is not something I usually mind unless it hinders the story.
You could argue this is the main plot point, but to me it wasn't.
Not that the story here was anything special. It's the regular "one sided, can never happen love" type thing, together with "blackmailed in...... View
Takashima Kouichirou no Risou no Koibito5---
Shounika Byoutou Tokubetsu Shitsu 2 Gou------
Yoru to Asa no Uta dj - Aru Otoko no Higeki------
Yarichin Tareme to Nakimushi Bouzu------
3-manen no Kareshi4---
Kami-sama no Iutoori (MOEGI Yuu)7.5---
Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai4As per usual from this mangaka, the art is very pretty, but the stories have no substance, are overly dramatic and underdeveloped.
Don't expect very much, unless you enjoy the usual vapid shoujo fare only with them all being melancholic pretty boys.
Hana to Junketsu5.5The author's art style is quite beautiful, in a shoujo sort of way.
Unfortunately, the plot and characters are just as superficial.
This story falls into the realm of eye-candy and not much more.

The story is pretty much by the numbers, with a peaceful, melancholic atmosphere.
It could've been much better, but the whole thing feels flat and tired.

But like I said previously, it's pretty and even sweet in the end.
Adamu Romantan------
Otoshiana ni Hamerarete8
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
If you like a straight guy being fucked into loving having his ass fucked by a more effeminate looking man, this is for you. Plus, it's decensored, so it's a feast to the eyes along with the mangaka's lovely art style.

Besides the hot smut, the story offers some touching moments.
I kinda wish it were longer.
Shingeki no Kyojin dj - L no Higeki to E no Gyoukou------
Shingeki no Kyojin dj - REC - Otonari-san no Ijou Seiheki------
Shingeki no Kyojin dj - Reversible!!------
Sweet Heart Trigger---Gotta say, this is the first time I'm seeing a skinny guy drawn to look like an actual guy instead of a child. Not my type of thing, but it sure is refreshing.

And the interaction is very atypical of manga, at least in my opinion.
Could be the setting.
Either way, it's pretty fun so far (just one chapter in).
Tsukiatte Agete mo Ii n Dakara ne6---
Katakoi Opera4---
Irony Dress ni Sayonara------
Motto Musunde, Aite Waya7---
Long Vacation------
Furueru mune no------
Sexual Arousal Boy------
Kesshoku Impulse------
Fudanshi-kun no Honey Days------
Yoru mo Hi mo Akenai------
Houtou Musuko to Sewagakari5---
Black Forest - Trip Lovers------