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Series Rating Comment
19 Tian9The art's lovely, the situations are funny and the BL moments are pretty delicious.
And the inserts... Oh the inserts. xD

Maybe it's just the format, but I feel like there's not enough background. Although I don't mind too much. This is a gag after all.
1999 Shanghai------
20 Seiki Shounen------
50 x 50------
Aigan Kitty------
Aisuru Hito8It's so funny and cutely perverted!!^^
I really like the mangaka's style. Her mangas are so funny and cute with a perverted touch to them *Makes me laugh all the time^^* though the chars look alike....
But sadly, it is short...((
Akisato Wakuni Kessakushuu------
Akiyama-kun dj - Akiyama-kun------
Akuma no Ororon------
All Nude------
Always Together------
Amai Kimi ga Suki------
Amanchu!8.4Chapter 3 is out, and I'm starting to enjoy this series. A lot.
The first two chapters like stood up for themselves. But in chapter three it all got pretty much connected. :3

Very interesting characters so far, and the progress is amusing.
*looks forwards for more*
Amanojaku ni Koishite!------
Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo---XD

I'm thrilled to see a yaoi series by Nakamura Asumiko.
Read the first chapter just now, so here are my thoughts:

I've been longing for a manga about a criminal and a police officer for years now.
I've also been waiting for manga by Nakamura Asumiko.

And here at this day I got to read this.
Art is lovely. Plot is a bit hard to tell from this one chapter, but it was all very cute and lovable. XD

I'll add when more chapters are out. :3
Angel Sanctuary10---
Animal Play2---
Antique Bakery------
Arashi ga Oka------
Asagao to Kase-san.---So far, it's been quite adorable.
I can't say it's the best shoujo-ai out there, but it's certainly cute and nicely developed, even though I would have liked a more in depth look into the characters' lives and relationship.
The art is very pretty and the outfits as well as the girls are stylish and pleasing to look at.

Takashima Hiromi's work definitely appeals to the old perv in me.
Asanaga Ryuutarou no Midara na Nichijou------
Ashita wa Docchi da!------
Assistant Denki Keika7---
Ayame to Amane9This is an incredibly cute, albeit somewhat disorderly comic about a pair of friends, one of which (Kamijou) harbors a one-sided (but very straightforward) love for the other (Chiho), who doesn't seem to mind too much.
It's episodic and reads somewhat like a 4-koma, only it isn't. The chapters are just 1-2 pages long.
The art is cute and the jokes are pretty funny.
I especially like the silly conversations. Kamijou doesn't hide her feelings at all, and goes as far as saying
Spoiler (mouse over t...
... View
Azumanga Daioh8Who knew that something so simple can be so damn funny.
After all the other manga I read, I feel so relexed reading this..
Yotsubato is great too!
B.S.S.M. - Blood Sugar Sex Magic------
Bagjwi Sayug------
Banana Fish------
Bara no tameni9.8Very good. I must say. Comedic and dramatic and eccentric.
Heard people complaing about the art. Nothing to whine about at all.
It's not a new series, and has very good art for its time. Not shoujo-ish (a very important thing).
I love the characters' personalities. Very unique and funny.
The main characters are all loveable.

Quite the original story. Although I must say, the stranslations are poor...
Hope to see more in the near future.
Barairo no Hoo no Koro------
Basilisk8.3Good story and very good art.
the end is very sad though... shoked me.
Battle Angel Alita8---
Bernie's Drawing Diary------
Berserk10It's the best manga in this genre ever!!! It's so perfect, so interesting and the art is simply amazing, the characters and the backgrounds, I mean you can feel it through the art. And the story, there is a basic idea and a lot of is added to their edventures and makes this manga so perfect.

Don't understand how people read Claymore and even say it's better, I really don't.

*You must read it. MUST!*

I don't understand you people who rate Berserk so low.
Some read the first volume and say it's ba...... View
Bi no Kyoujin: Smoke------
Billy Bat------
BL of the Dead------
Black & White------
Black Jack ni Yoroshiku------
Black Knight7---
Blood+ Adagio7---
Blue Wars------
Body Talk (INOMOTO Rikako)5.4---
Boyfriend (SOURYO Fuyumi)10I must say, Souryo Fuyumi's shoujo is one of the best. Feels just so good reading it. The relationship actually seems real.

Funny though, why expecting romance stright when the series starts?
It's even more real this way... Showing how everything evolves.
The art is not as clean as compared to her newer manga, but it's still good and solid.

*wants more* X3
Brother X Brother8---
Bukiyou na Silent9.6---
Butterfly 69------
Can't See Can't Hear But Love------
Canis---Interesting, but doesn't make a whole lot of sense at first.
It takes a bit of time until the story unfolds, but even so, their circumstances seem super far fetched to me.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I mean, your dog dies and you decide to become a hat maker? That silly story from the beginning is the link to that, I know, but it's just... Huh?
And the thing with Ryou's parents abandoning him like that? Well, I guess it's not that uncommon for parents not to give a damn. But then he goes and joi...
... View

That first part was amazing... It made my heart skip...
Maybe because I adore classical music, maybe because it also had vampires...
But the simple, yet complicated story...
And it's the best art I've seen from naked ape.

I'll be anticipating for the second part.
And how exactly is this a dj?~~
Cat Wife7---
Change H------
Chatting Over Tea at the Amber Teahouse8---
Chii's Sweet Home9---
Chikatetsu no Inu------
Chiku Bingo------
Children's Time------
China Girls8---
Chiyou yo Hana yo8.4---
Choco Strawberry Vanilla------
Citrus (SABURO Uta)4I've been waiting... And waiting...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
But so far, there's been no sex (v1)
The art is very pretty, weird expressions/kisses aside, it's clean and nice to look at.
The mangaka pays attention to characters' faces & hair styles and every one is easily distinguished from one another, looking completely unique while belonging to the same universe.
Though she doesn't do too well with the older ones (note - grandpa).
The interactions between the characters aren't done very well...... View
Coin Laundry no Onna------
Collectors8It's sweet, slow-paced and quite romantic.
I can see myself both in the book hoarder and shopaholic.
Their relationship is realistic and pleasant to see develop and grow.
The art is also nice, although a bit too sharp and cramped into the 4-koma style.
It achieves its goal in portraying everyday life and I think it's quite wonderful.
Count Cain9.5---
Coyote (ZARIYA Ranmaru)------
Crayon Shin-chan------
Crimson Cross------
Crimson Spell7The story line at first wasn't something and it was a little odd(develoment wise. the idea itself was fine^^).
But what really draws the eye at the beging(at least mine) the beautiful art and, as it says at the description-"Very Graphic"-this is indeed true^^ but what's not to like about it. Wish there were more works with Yamane Ayano's lvl of art... oh well, I guesse it's like a precius treat^^.
D-Grayman9.2Very nice.
I'm not realy a shounen fan but there are good doses of comedy and drama that keeps me interested.
The plot is interesting (though I find it a little annoying when they talk about how god did this and god did that like the noah stuff because I don't believe in god).
The mangaka's style is very pretty and the chars are very likeble.
A good read
D.Gray-man dj - For You------
Damatte Naite Irunodesu------
Danna-sama to Mitsugetsuchuu------
Danshi Meiro8---
Dare ga Omae wo Suki dato Itta------
Dare nimo Ienai------
Darenimo Aisarenai------
Darenimo Naisho de.5---
Dark Age (AZUMA Kenji)------
Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki7---
Daydream Nation------
Dead Tube3To be perfectly honest, I'm in it for the torture porn.

The plot is completely convoluted and the characters are... I don't know even know what they are.
They talk a whole bunch, but little of it is particularly interesting...
The art is ok. I'm not a fan of this style, especially for gore, and I think the violence could've been more explicit (instead it's mostly just a lot of blood), but that's just my preference.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I guess it feeds off the snuff genre, but even when t...
... View
Dekoboko Girlish------
Delivery Boy Debacle------
Deri Pocha - Yajuu no H na Gohan - Egaki Oroshi Mana Paper Zuke------
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage9.4---
DoLL (OKADO Tatsuya)7.8---
DoS Obake ga Nekasetekurenai7---
Double Mints------
Doujin Work8---
Doukyuusei (NAKAMURA Asumiko)8---
Dounika Naru Hibi8.9This has got to one of the most underrated manga~
I love it. And the artwork is ok. Quite nice actually. The emotions are transmitted well.
Shame the backgrounds aren't really good~

Anyways, about the story and characters...
All great.
And god, I love blunt. I love the simple and forward way the stories are told. Some are hidden, but all comes out in the end.
Really amazing I'd say.

My favorites so far (read volume 1, and chapter 5,6 and 9) are Scene 1 and Scene 5. The third scene was good as well....... View
Doutei Doudeshou6---
Dragless Sex------
Eidron Shadow------
Embracing The Canvas------
Erohon Bukkake------
Eternal Sabbath8.5---
Exciting Feelings6---
Executive Committee6---
Flag Time8This is actually... Pretty good!
The supernatural element really bring something new and refreshing to the old "popular girl crush" plot.
I didn't expect to like it, but so far it's quite light-hearted and sweet. I can't wait to see how it develops.
Flat (AOGIRI Natsu)8.5Makes me go all "kya kyaaa, so cuteXD" inside.
Aki-kun is such a cute kid.

Their relationship so far is really nice... Really cute story. Heisuke's mother is a laugh, and his more serious friends. (I don't think I can say more without spoiliing...)
The art is nice.
A good first chapter, I'll be looking forward for more.
Flower Flower------
Food Girls---LOL
This is a simple, no-plot manga.
There's loli, there's ecchi, there're all kinds of food.

It's cute and in full color.
I wish the stories were longer, but I can't complain on the flashy poses that stir the mind... And other places. XD
Foxy Foxy------
Freezing Flame6---
Fuan no Tane +------
Fubin BL------
Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu------
Fujunai Process8---
Fukouchuu no Shiawase------
G Senjou Heaven's Door------
Gachiiki Chouhatsu Night------
Gamerz Heaven Director's Cut------
Gentleman VS Bobcat------
Gesu to Abazure5---
Giocatore, Hokaku Keikaku.4---
Girl's Only------
Giséle Alain8---
God Child9---
God Only Knows7---
Gohou Drug8.7---
Gokujou Drops6---
Gokuraku Cafe------
Goodbye Lilac7Despite what I'm assuming would be a predictable outcome, I like the direction this story has taken.
The art is pleasant and the characters are simple, yet engaging enough. Not too fleshed out, but that's what you get from short BL works...
Gouhou Yuri Fuufu Hon------
GTO: Shonan 14 Days------
Hachimitsu Darling7---
Hadakeru Kaibutsu------
Haito Diamond------
Hajimari Wa Naka Kara------
Hakidame to Tsuru------
Hakoniwa Mushi------
Halcyon Lunch------
Hana ni Kuchizuke------
Hana to Chou------
Hana to Hoshi------
Hanjuku Joshi6.7---
Hari no Hana------
Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu------
Haru o Daite Ita Alive------
Hatarake, Kentauros!8---
Heart no Kakurega6---
Heat (MIYAMOTO Kano)9---
Heaven & Hell Roman Company------
Hellsing: The Dawn7.5---
Hen na Nee-san------
Heren Esp5---
Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi8---
Hide and Seek5---
Hidoku Shinaide8My my... That's got to be one of the best sex scenes in yaoi and everything smutty.
It's like a double oneshot I guess. (read the first).
Story seems to be nice, but it's more focused on the smut. But even so, it's done very well.
Pretty art, too.
Although for some reason the mangaka doesn't draw a lot of full bodies and have many cluttered and crowded scenes. (better than before though XD)
Hikari no Machi------
Himegoto - Juukyuusai no Seifuku9---
Himitsu no Kaidan------
Himitsu no Kuchizuke------
Himitsu Shoujo------
Hinata no Ookami - Shinsengumi Kidan------
Hinekure Chaser---For some reason, this manga is making me really sad.
I though to myself, "why not read about a bratty uke?"
Well, I got a bratty uke alright, but also a side-dish of angst.

I'm not sure what pains me so much about this story, really. Is it because uke-kun wants to be with seme-san so bad, that he doesn't care what sort of trouble he gets into, that even the slightest affirmation from seme-san makes him feel so happy? Is it because he can't express his feelings at all, and tries to find whatever ...... View
Hirameki Hatsume-chan7---
Hisho Ikuseichuu7.8---
Hohoemi no Nichijou------
Hokuto no Ken: Yuria Gaiden Jibo no Hoshi------
Honey & Honey8---
Honeymoon Salad7---
Honto no Kanojo8Quite an adorable manga with some harshness to it, but that's what gives it that special something.
The art is pretty, but the panels are a bit cramped.
The dialogue is amusing and flowing enough to keep you interested, and the punchlines here and there really hit the spot.
I assume it's going to be a short manga, so there won't be much development, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.
Moe's fetishistic love for Yuuka is a big plus. ;p
Honto Yajuu9But I didn't used to.
I tried reading Honto Yajuu maybe three times before that, and I never could get over the art style making everyone look so young and cartoonish.
This time around though, I somehow got past it and marathoned the whole 8 volumes.

It's such an adorable series. I love how horny both Ueda and Aki are for each other all the time.
I love how sweet their relationship is, and how honest. And well, how hot. <3
I learned to appreciate the art and enjoy it. It's a bit sketchy and so ple...... View
Hoshi wa Utau8Very cute.
The story is not the best but it's good, the art is realy pretty(shme that the scans are poor..)
a little wierd at times but it has potenial.

I'm on chapter 17, and I can say I really enjoy it so far.
There is even character development with both of the leads.
Some drama, with Sakuya's sweetness^^
Hotaru no Hikari------
Houkago Edge------
Houkago Hokenshitsu9.8---
Hourou Musuko8.8---
Hua Hua You Long------
Hybrid Child9---
I Fell in Love for the First Time7That was a sweet one.
A bit of story, lots of smut. Quite nice. The bodies were drawn well, especially Hitomi's.
One thing that bothered me though, that at some point they looked like mother and daughter... =/
I Girl4---
I Hate6So, first of all, the first story is not complete. I checked the raws, and it consists of 2 chapters, followed by a different story which consists of 3.

The art is much better than "Mods" here, but again, it's very messy.

The only thing this author seems to put some gradient on are the dicks,
And yet again, something about the characters doesn't sit well with me.
Anyways, "I Hate" is followed by "I Love" and reaches its obvious conclusion.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
There's no penetration though....
... View
I: Episode 0------
Ibitsu na Koi no Seesaw Game------
Ichigenme wa Yaruki no Minpou------
Ichikyu Kyupeke------
Ichizude Karen na Ore-sama------
Ikioku - The Cooler Half------
Ikujinashi no Spectator4I bet people are wondering why the low ratings...
Let me tell you.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Story 1:

We've all seen rape in yaoi manga, and we've often seen it develop into affection. The problem with this story however, is the sheer cruelty exhibited and the uke looking like he's 10. And then, not only do we have the narrator, who was gonna rape the uke to "teach him a lesson", but we have another dude who goes and does it first. The first guy is left to only watch, lusting and feeling bad f...
... View
Immortal Rain9.4I realy like this manga.
I don't realy get the plot though... Is he looking for that angel reancarnation?
But the events are interesting after a while.
The art is very good, clean and pretty(Rain is such an eye candy^^ can't stop looking at him... I get stuck on pages because I want to look at him more) *cough* besides this the other chars are also good.
And realy love the romance that is between them, very cute and not to much^^ better than many other shoujo manga.
Innocent (SAKAMOTO Shinichi)---Ah, well... I'm not even sure what to say about this.
Innocent is beautifully drawn, but strangely told.
All the scenes are very dramatic, even overtly so.
There are no "everyday" or "simple" moments, only epic and grandiose.
The pages have few panels and the close-ups are extreme in every way.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
As for the plot, I'm not sure how well researched it is. I mean, I'm all for gay protagonists in unusual settings like this, but where is it documented? Who was that Jean de Ch...
... View
Iromeki Girls------
Irrational Us------
Iryuu - Team Medical Dragon10---
Isso Mou, Kudokitai!------
Itsutsu no Hako no Monogatari------
Iyayoiyayo mo kiss no uchi------
Ja-dou7I liked the side story about Teio and Keika better(they are so much cuter^^)
and keika is so handsome~.^
I don't like this Ashray, he's annoying. The good news are that there are still some Teio x Keika moments*blush*
Nevertheless this is a good story though somethimes I get a little confused.
Jackass! - Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo?------
Jealousy (Scarlet Beriko)------
Jigoku Meguri------
Jigoku no Alice------
Jigoku Yuki Bus------
Jingai Haruman------
Joou-sama no Eshi------
Joshi BL------
Journey to the End of the World------
Junjou Sadistic------
Junsui Adolescence------
Juusanyasou Kidan------
Kabu no Isaki8.5---
Kaikan Fortune------
Kami-sama Bakari Koi o Suru8---
Kamisama no Ude no Naka6---
Kanashii Doubutsu------
Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun------
Kangoku Gakuen8---
Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou------
Kare no Barairo no Jinsei------
Kare no Shousou to Koi ni Tsuite6Gotta say, it's a really nice read.
The art's nice, the story is slightly original and the editing's great.
The sex is pretty hot, too.
My biggest qualm with this yaoi, as with many others, is the men being too effeminate, despite not being so within the story if you know what I mean.

Like the others here, I'm surprised this isn't more popular.

Oh, and btw, only chapter 5 seems to be related to "Kedamono Kareshi!".

I've re-read it recently and for some reason didn't enjoy it nearly as much as...... View
Kasa no Shita, Futari------
Katappashi Kara Zenbu Koi------
Kawaii Darling------
Kaze to Ki no Uta9---
Keep Out (KISARAGI Hirotaka)8.4---
Kemono ni Namida------
Kichiku Megane4.4---
Kimi no Oto ga Nari Yamanai.------
Kimi no Shiranai XX------
Kimi Note------
Kimi wa Petto9.6---
Kino's Journey: the Beautiful World (Novel)10..start this sooner?!
I watched and rewatched the anime years ago when we still had an anime channel in Israel.
Needless to say, I loved it.
But for some lame reason I looked down on the "light novel" version of it.
What an idiot I sometimes am.

Basically, this is tragic and beautiful and oh so gut-wrenching that I can't stop gawking at my screen while reading this, like so: O___O
The stories are basically hypothetical aspects of life cut down into small pieces and magnified into extremities.
Sur...... View
Kinou Nani Tabeta?8.5It's quite good. Subtle and light on the humor. Well, it made me laugh.
I think this is the first BL manga I've read that they actually reffer to themselves as being gay "we're gay, so we.." and stuff like that. They talk about it, in a funny manner, too.

The art isn't the best, but it's fine... And Kakei doesn't look as good as they say...~
Kinpeibai Kinden Honoo no Kuchizuke------
Kisu Ariki------
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon7Yuri dragons? Count me in!

The development is pretty predictable at this point, but the execution is so cute.
It's fun to see how Tooru deals with day-to-day tasks and how bits of her dragon-life play a role in the comedy.
Kocchi Muite, Ai------
Kodomo no Asabi------
Kodomo wa Tomaranai------
Koi ga Odoru New Town8---
Koi Kaze------
Koi no Mannaka7---
Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da------
Koi wa Misoji wo Sugite kara------
Koibito Play------
Koisuru Taka wa Tsume o Kakusu------
Koketsu Dining8---
Kono Kutsu Shirimasen ka?8---
Konoyo Ibun9Very nice and original^^
Nice art, interesting story so far. I can relate.. I have a chronich illness..
there is no medicine that can help... only an operation.
So I don't understand how Aki can be so ungreatful do Setsu fo curing him, even if it means letting Setsu "do him" in the prosses, I wouldn't mind^^
Koohii Jikan8.4---
Koori ga Tokeru no o Matteru6---
Koori no mamono no monogatari7Nice plot, and hmm reseonble art I guesse.
It has its stupid moment like "somebody figures out something and then that somebody says it to him/herself"
But there are really cute moment^^ Don't know if it will be considered as a spoiler, even so, a minor one so..Posible Spoiler ahed>>

Spoiler (highlight to view)
when Blood kissed Ishuca in front of Cain while Ishuca was wearing an amulet, so CUTE^^.

The translations and scans of the first and second volumes are a little crappy... grammer mistakes...... View
Kore mo Shigoto Desu------
Kore wa Koi ni Fukumaremasu ka------
Kotonoba Drive---I can't believe it, I've been waiting for a new series from Ashinano Hitoshi-sensei since forever!
This first chapter was quite lovely. Short, but that scene filled my heart with excitement and reminded me of the fogs in YKK.
The art is beautiful and well fitting, of course.

Can't wait for more!
Kuchi no Naka no Shita------
Kudan no Kuroneko------
Kuma to Interi9---
Kyou wa Hayaku Kaerou------
Kyoumeisuru Echo------
Kyuuketsuki no Shouzou9---
Last Client9It's good, has a very good concept, but some scenes are a little strange, and I got confused by some small parts of the dialouge and stuff...
The art is nice too.

Didn't get why the 7th chapter is so schatchy.. Didn't like it, it hurt my eyes >.<...
And why the hell did the manga-ka stop on such a good part...? rrr
Leopard White Paper------
Level E------
Libertine Life9.2---
Life Ho------
Lonely to Organdy------
Love Flag Girls!!------
Love Mission @------
Love My Life------
Love Pheromone No.5------
Loved Circus------
Luo Xue Cheng Bai------
Mad Cinderella7---
Mahoroba Days------
Mahou Tsukai no Namida------
Maiden Rose8Great art, it has a plot!! not mindless sex, and very interesting charachters.
So gentle.. I don't know how to describe this amazing word..
I want more XD
Mainichi Seiten------
Makai no Ossan------
Manga no Tsukurikata------
Mangaka Chou Zankoku Monogatari------
Mangetsu Monogatari8.5---
Mars no Kiss------
Mashita no Fudanshi-kun------
Mata Mata Oboretai------
Mata, Koko kara!!6---
Maya's Funeral Procession------
Mayoke no Darling------
Michiru Heya------
Mizu Wakusei Nendaiki------
Mizuiro Cinema------
Mizuiro Ether8---
Moony - Oukaryou Trilogy------
Mori no Koe------
Mosspaca Advertising Department9---
Mother's Spirit------
Mousou Elektel---I must say it is pretty funny.
Apart from the very nice, detailed art the dialogues are funny and the situations are as well.
The sister's cute. X3 Go go fujoshi!

The characters and plot are rather predictable, but the mangaka manages to make it into something more and better.
I'd be definitely looking for more. ^^
Muchuu no Hito8It's simple,
the art's cute,
the story's cute,
the concept's unique,
even my black, perverted heart is quenched.
My Girl (SAHARA Mizu)10Decided to comment on this one today.

Sweet, sad, hopeful... Perfect for me.
Those are the the words that come to mind when I read this.
I love Sahara Mizu's art and melancholic story telling style, and I enjoy this child/parent relationship a lot.
Not many manga can, or deal with family type manga.
But Sahara Mizu does an excellent job portraying this bittersweet manga relationship with her words and drawings.
My Name Is Zushio------
My Young Cat and My Old Dog------
Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi------
Nani ka Ii no Mitsuketa!------
Natsu no Zenjitsu------
Neji no Kaiten------
Netsuzou Trap - NTR7I'm gonna put this in spoilers, because... I dunno anymore.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Hotaru and Yuma are childhood friends who live next door to each other. They've always been close. When they grew a little older, Hotaru started dating one boy after another, presumably sleeping with them, which isolated her from the rest of the girls at school. Yuma is more innocent in that regard, and just got her first boyfriend, which made Hotaru pretty jealous. Under the pretense of "practice ", she st...
... View
New York New York8---
Nibiiro no Hana Gou------
Nineteen (Eunya)------
Ningyou no Kuni------
Non Tea Room------
Oborete Oborete------
Oddman 11------
Okama Report------
Okutsuki Mura no Yukai Sou------
Omairi Desu yo------
Omoi no Kakera------
Omoichigai ga Koi no Tane------
Onegai Kami-sama!7---
Onnanoko Awase------
Ookami to Koushinryou9---
Op: Yoake Itaru no Iro no Nai Hibi------
Ore Dake Mi Nai to xx Shichau zo------
Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda9.4---
Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto------
Ore wa Senpai no Nan Nan Desu ka?!8.5There was so much that I liked about this manga, and even though it was really quite predictable, I enjoyed it a lot. It just hit so many points I really enjoy seeing in BL.
Not to mention the really good art. Very detailed, with a sort of sketchy/etchy feel to it, but still clean, if you catch my drift.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The story begins in middle school, where after being reprimanded for his frowny face by a teacher, seme-kun steps to his defense.

We skip five years, and the boys mee...
... View
Ore, Higaisha------
Oruchuban Ebichu6---
Oshikko Sensei------
Ote o Haishaku------
Otome no Teikoku7---
Otome Saku.------
Otona Keikenchi9---
Otona no Mondai------
Owari to Hajimari no Mairusu------
Oyasumi Punpun7---
Pai o Agemasho, Anata ni Pai o ne------
Papa's Assasin. - Ryuunosuke wa Tonde Yuku.------
Paradise Lost7.7---
Paranoia Star------
Patalliro!9It's really quite funny. And because the art is done in a pretty good manner, smooth and stable, I'm ok with it.
The jokes, and situations are also good. funny.

But I'm really not sure how 81 volumes can be filled with new stuff...
And whether he's gonna grow. Or like in the simsons... 30 years, forever young(?)

Edit- Well, if it has 3 chapters per volume, the length is way shorter than I assumed.
Penguin Kakumei9A very good manga, and it gets better as it progresses.
Very good art as well, the bodies look really good,and proportioned.
(the topless shots of the guys, especialy ayaori and ryou were priceless^^).

The characters are so well done, that it shocks me sometimes(in the pleasent way^^).

Yukari- so cute. I love the fact she's not some stupid shoujo who can't deffend herself. She can, and she's stronger than most guys there *~.^*
She's been throug rough times (comical as they were), and remains posit...... View
Pet Shop (Ziploc)------
Pink Lady------
Pinup Boy------
Please, Jeeves------
Plica8It's actually really good. Funny, cute. The art is crappy, but even that doesn't take away from the enjoyment. Maybe because it's drawn too look like a scribble, more than a manga.~

Very nice. I'd say it's among the few yuri I've liked so far.
Prism (HIGASHIYAMA Shou)------
Private Magician7.5---
Private Prince (yaoi)8It reminds me of a movie I once saw..
There was a guy who found a display doll, that turned human at nights only for his eyes..(it's even mentioned in the manga itself haha..)
It's nice, though because of the movie not so original.. haha..
Nice art.
Punch Up------
Puppy Lovers------
Push Man------
Rainy Days, Yesterday------
Rakuen no Izumi------
Ren'ai Nenrei8---
Renai Chuudoku8.8It's very sweet, but the story of the spider and the butterfly is sad...
I wonder if it ends the way I think it will~

The art is cute, although it's not shown so much~
I also like how the mangaka makes them appear human, although I'd prefer more fillers and stuff.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Another thing I love about this manga is that it doesn't afraid to go to the sad and tragic parts... Quite the heart breaker, but also very very sweet...
Robot8I don't get the title..
It has some really good (although creepy stories).
Many artists, but they all have good art style..
ROUGE (KATSURA Komachi)5The mangaka was trying to be serious with this one, but after the first couple of chapters, she fell back into her old pattern of sentimental melancholy.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
In stories like these you don't expect everything to turn out so neat and tidy. What could've been a good, intense drama basically turned into a lukewarm fuzzfest. This mangaka doesn't write sad/non-happy endings, as far as I know.
Running on Empty6---
Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuzoku Ni Ikimashita Report5---
Saboten (SOURYO Fuyumi)------
Sadomi the Sadist Girl Strikes Back------
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai10It's been two years since I've read this manga, right around when DP's releases had stopped.
Recently, I have decided to catch up. And I was just mesmerized, to the point where I've reread it fully the next day.

I'll put this in spoilers, just in case.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I've seen someone compare this to the Finder series, and as much as I love it, this comparison doesn't do justice to the complexity and portrayal of the characters in Saezuru.
I've also seen some completely dismiss this ...
... View
Saigo no Sangatsu------
Saint Oniisan------
Sakamoto desu ga?------
Sakura Namiki------
Sanwa no Karasu------
Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchikenai------
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei8.5So so funny!
Really nice characters, and he art is likeable.
I'm not really into shounen, but this is really good!
Sensei's suicide attepmts are so funny to watch XD (ee, that's came out wierd..)
Seasons (TAKEMIYA Jin)------
Secret Garden (AMAGATSU Toriko)8---
Seijun Shoujo Paradigm------
Seikimatsu Darling------
Seiten no Hekigan------
Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru------
Sekine-kun no Koi6---
Sekinin Torasete!------
Sekuhara Hensai Keikaku------
Sengoku Bushou Mousou Emaki------
Senki Senki Momotama6---
Sensei wa Dummy------
Sensei wa Sonna Koto Oshietenai!------
Seven Days - Monday→Thursday8.2---
Sex Pistols------
Shibito no Koe o Kiku ga Yoi8---
Shigurui---I'm not so sure as to what to write about this manga~
After having read all the scanlated chapters (10 volumes), I feel the need to comment. So there.

I guess I like fighting manga... Action and stuff~
Guts spilling? Well, not really. lol.
The story so far is decent, and flows quite well.
I especially like the way it is told. Like in a book, where someone else tells what happens. The fighting scenes are interesting, though somewhat hard for me to follow with all the names and such, since I h...... View
Shima no Omawari-san------
Shingeki no Kyojin9---
Shinjuku Lucky Hole------
Shinkaigyo no Anko-san------
Shiri Fechi Nanka ni Sukarete Tamaru ka5---
Shiroi Heya no Futari------
Shiru wo Suu Nawa------
Shisei no Otoko5---
Shoujo Seiiki------
Show ga Hanetara Aimashou------
Shugorei ni Sasageru Ballad------
Sidonia no Kishi------
Silver Diamond8.5A good manga so far, it has way better art than in "Koori no Mamono no Monogatari" but the story seems weaker to me..
It's still a great read!^^

Edit- oh, and the jokes are great too^^
Skin---Well, the summary certainly is ambiguous.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
One of the characters seems to like fucking young boys. Like, middle-school young. The story starts as he's meets one of those boys, all grown up. Not a broken man, as you might expect, but has some issues to solve.

The art is pretty rough, but I like that style. It adds to the fucked-up story. I can't wait to read more and see where the mangaka takes it.
Skincream de Nurashite8---
Sleeping Flower8.8---
Smells Like Green Spirit------
Snow Line------
Sokonashi Freefall Romance------
Soshite Kanojo wa Haisha e Iku no------
Sougou Tovarisch------
Soul Kiss7---
Star-like Words------
Stigma I9---
Strawberry Combat------
Sugar wa Otoshigoro8.3---
Suki na Hito Hodo8---
Superior8It's nice, the story is interesting althogh the Charecters aren't very convinsing like Sira foe example, you wouldent' believe her being the demon queen because of how she acts all in love with "Hero" to the point that she agrees to stop killing humans though she orders others to do so... I do not agree with "babel's" comment that she is worse than a bipolar, to me she is just very confused and looses herself when it comes to what she does with what involves human killing. yhe art word is pre...... View
Sweet Blue Flowers8---
Syrup! - Bitter------
Tabi to Michizure------
Tadashii Renai no Susume------
Takaga Koi daro7.5---
Take Over Zone8---
Tamashii no Futago7---
Tamen De Gushi9This is freaking adorable and hilarious. The inserts are just beautiful and titillating.
Basically a GL counterpart to Old Xian's One day - 19 days.
The main difference though (besides them being girls) is that there's mutual expressed affection between the girls (and I don't think that's a spoiler, given the description).
I love it.

I laughed out loud several times.
Tanabata no Kuni------
Tandem Lover------
Ten Count8---
Tenki Yohou no Koibito8Really great serier!
On the humor, the art, and all the characters were really great. Even the minor once.
I really loved the romance as well. It was real, and cute, and not stereotypic, with the mean seme and girly uke.. They developed, and became even more delicious^~
Tensai Family Company------
Tetsudou Shoujo Manga9---
The Summit9I haven't read such a yaoi story before, and I must say that I absolutely love it!!
The art is really good too.
The Tarot Cafe9---
The Twelve Kingdoms------
The Tyrant Who Fall In Love7According to MU, I've been reading this since 2007, so it's one of my first yaoi manga, more or less and I've been following this for almost 9 years... And let me tell you one thing... I don't have enough shits to give.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I mean, I still like it. The start was fun, despite this rather mellow rape.
After years and years of torture for senpai to finally admit he has feelings towards Morinaga, he sort of kind of does... and then the manga goes into volume 9 (or 10?) and t...
... View
The Tyrant Who Fall in Love dj - Aru Hi, Mori no Naka9---
The Vampire and the Bachelor Next Door------
Thomas no Shinzou------
Three and a Half------
Tie Breaker------
Tokyo Shinjuu6---
Tomodachi no Hanashi------
Tonari ni Iru no ni, Tooi------
Tora ni Tsubasa8---
Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriheki------
Toshiue no Hito9[edit by mod, Warning, might contain spoilers]
This is a nice, well drawn manga. It looks realistic and the characters are too, like, the main male char-Tsutomu isnt' a "superstar" like cute but he is avrage. This is a "mature" manga and I always think about it being like a lolicon genre 'couse Ageha(the main female char) is so small, like a child
Spoiler (highlight to view)
though she is a 26yr old widow~.~
Toukyou Ubasuteyama------
Tourou no Ori------
Toushu-sama wa Itazura ga Osuki------
Transistor ni Venus------
Triangle Struggle------
Trip Lovers------
Triple Violations------
Tsubaki Biyori------
Tsuiteru Kanojo.7I'm surprised by the amount of low ratings this series has.
I personally don't think it's all that bad. I usually don't like gender ambiguity stories, where the male lead is unsure whether or not the female is female at all, but here it's not even a secret and the butt of many jokes. This isn't a spoiler, btw, since we (and the male lead) know from the start that Futaba has a dick.
I guess my qualms with this series are that the emphasis on Futaba being a futanari (heh, I only now noticed) is t...... View
Tsukiya9Damn, the art is just amazing, add color, a cute denom and another guy.
Some hidden lust in the demons past?^^

About the plot, I can't really say with only those 3 chapters..~
But I have expectations from "Tsukiya"

Those hot gay demons sometimes make me regret not being a guy... *sigh*
Twink Twink6---
Uchi wa Futago de Teippai!------
Uchujin Desuga Shitsumon Desu------
Umimachi Diary9---
Under Current------
Under Grand Hotel - Kiss & Kill------
Unknown (TARATSUMI John)------
Uroshima Monogatari------
Usagi Drop8.8I like this one a lot.
Family manga attract me a lot for some reason~
The art isn't very good, but it grows on you. (didn't touch this manga at first because of it, but it indeed grew on me).
Daikichi is ugly, but nice and sometimes charming. Especially with his care for Rin.
Despite the art overall, Rin is drawn in a very cute manner, and makes the cutest expressions! "3

Chapter 14 (so far the furthest released) was really good, and felt so nice and real...
Made me all *kya kya* ....

If you like s...... View
Uso Mitai na Hanashi Desu ga------
Usotsuki na Kimi no Toriko4---
Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari7Well, it definitely could have been done better.
The events are a bit forced and artificial in nature.
It's like the author had some scenes in mind (which were quite good),
but had no idea how to stick them together.
No joints = achy bones. ;3

They're both charming in their own way.
Especially the seme.
Shame it's all kind of clouded by the poor flow of events.
Vampire and Hunter------
Vampire Hunter D------
Vampire Juuji Kai8---
Vampire Library8.5---
Versailles no Bara------
Vinland Saga10---
Wagamama Dakedo Itoshikute5---
Watashi no Shumi tte Hen Desu ka?8I have found my perfect yuri butt manga.
Butt fetish. <3
I hope they go deeper, if you catch my drift.

I wonder if their relationship will develop and how much, considering this is labeled as hentai.
But I don't really care. It's adorable and is so perfectly up my alley.
The art's really nice, too.
Wazato Janakute mo Gomennasai------
Welcome to Room #305!6---
What a Wonderful World------
Wild Adapter10Very very good. I'm really surprised that nobody commented this.
First, I'll talk about the art style, which seemed rather odd at first, but it grows on you, after seeing how grearly detailed it is. The characters are drawn in a unique way.

The story, like the art, confused me at first. But after reading a few chapters it just sucked me in.
The themes are so interesting, and it's , it's shounen ai !!!
I love my BL stuff, but this is something totally different.

And amazing and interesting read.
Mi...... View
Work In8.8It's actually way better than I first thought it would be.

Chapter 1-2 were really good, featuring the relationship of co-workers and rumors at the work place.
The characters were well made and interesting.
Nothing much new, but really well done.

Indeed, not much sex. But the story compensates for it.
Very cute, especially all the blushing and misunderstandings.
The art is of course very good.

The third chapter is also an interesting one and tells the story of a lonely 27yr old guy looking for his d...... View
Yakusoku Siren------
Yama Fu-Tang------
Yawarakai Onna------
Yellow Heart5---
Yesterday wo Utatte8---
Yoiko no Sumu Machi------
Yononaka wa Bokura ni Amai8.7---
Yoru to Asa no Uta------
Yorube Naki Mono------
Yotsubato!10The best dumb-funny comedy ever. I mean ever.
Reading yotsubato just makes you feel good. And laugh. Really hard.
She has got to be the funniest kid ever drawn.
Plotless madness. laugh

It's so sweet. Yotsuba will rule the world, I tell ya.
I really hope the mangaka will make it long. And show us her school days.
Who could vote 1... Probably just wanted to lower the score for it...

Go Yotsuba-chan! Rule the world of manga. laugh
You´re my loveprize in Viewfinder10"pleochroic"
Spoiler (highlight to view)
well, you do know that they are very fowerful people (Asami & Feilong)
so for them being in jail because they molest a kid that acualy enjoys what Asami does to him is very unlikable.
Yeah, they are messed up, but Feilong has a hard past, though he let Akihito go after he enslaved him for a while...
Asami came after Akihito to hong kong while still recovering from the injuries caused when he was protecting Akihito.

At the begining they are both realy messed ...
... View
Youkoso New World------
Young Bad Education------
Yuigonjou Yori Ai wo Komete9---
Yume ni Tobu Tori------
Yume no Kuni in My Darling------
Yume no Soko------
Yuri Hime Wildrose------
Yuri Kyan6---
Yuri Mekuru Hibi6---
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru------
Zantei, Koibito------
Zattou ni Asobu Sakana8---
γ - Ganma------