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Total: 15

Series Status Rating Comment
A Love Contract with the Devilv.1 c.77---
As You Wish, Princev.1 c.427.5---
Cat's Bridev.1 c.3------
Descent Of A Goddessv.1 c.429---
Ghost Wifev.1 c.916---
Girl's Cultv.1 c.328---
Gwijeongudamv.1 c.377.5---
Hans & Emilyv.1 c.447.5---
IRIS - Lady with a Smartphonev.1 c.257---
Kuberav.1 c.2798.5---
Lady Beastv.1 c.196.5---
S. I. D.v.1 c.1037---
Scorching Romancev.1 c.126---
Spirit Fingersv.1 c.267.5---
The Justice of Villainous Womanv.1 c.487---