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100% Perfect Girlv.1 c.18.5This was a very good story. Even when i felt frustrated for their misunderstandings or lack of communication, i couldn't stop reading. I think the biggest issue i had, was that it took too long for things to unravel between them. I would have wished at least some volumes where they were at least secured in their feelings, while crazy things happened to them.
A Night Of A Thousand Dreamsv.1 c.310This one is a classic, certainly must read and worth being licensed. I even ordered it for my collection because it's one that you will want to read later on again. I personally love the orginal book but i actually like it this way. With just the right amount of angst and drama for a manhwa that i rarely see. The artwork is gorgeous and full of bishies. Each story leaves you wanting to read more and i enjoy how every volume seems so short yet complete. Even if you just look at the raws you ar...... View
Ai Hime ~ Ai to Himegotov.3 c.1310I have not read a shoujo manga in a while that had so litle drama, this made it easier to see how their relationship build bit by bit.....because there was enough drama with falling for somehow who is a somewhat relative. That ending too was just so nice, really this story left no open ended anywhere.
Aikotoba wa Hallelujahv.1 c.19---
Aisanai Otokov.1 c.39---
Aishiteru (FUJITANI Youko)v.1 c.110Loved every minute of it, just wish there was more of these characters. This was the first book i have read by sensei and i'll be looking for more to read. The art is very expressive, almost without the need for too many words?
Ake Nure Goyou ni Furu Yuki wav.1 c.19---
Akuma de Sourouv.1 c.110Wow did i freak when i saw the art on the first chapter but after getting through the first volume the art is so great, so do not give up! I wanted to read this one because i had seen the drama a couple of years ago and it was really addictive and just great. I still wanted some kind of closure since the ending was sort of hanging but in the manga is beautifully completed. I really enjoy this mangakas work, so far i think this was one of the best and although the drama followed the manga ther...... View
Amaama to Inazumav.3 c.12------
Amayakana Togev.1 c.510This story is really superb, like most of sensei's work you fall in love with the characters which leaves you wanting more.

Even a re-read years later doesn't diminish my thoughts on this one. Perhaps i actually appreciate it more? Sensei truly knows how to write a good plot. You may not love all the characters all throughout, but they feel realistic somehow.
Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashouv.1 c.19---
Anata no Tonari ni Suwarasetev.1 c.110---
Ano Kado Wo Magatta Tokorov.1 c.19---
Aozora no Sunda Iro wav.1 c.110---
Ashita mo Taninv.1 c.110---
Ashita no Kimi wa Koko ni Inaiv.1 c.110---
Ashita no Ousamav.1 c.110I don't get what some people were talking about this being very far-fetched. I enjoyed that the "failures" she had were not as low as they could have been in real life, it would have been too depressing otherwise. The drama was also well balanced, and maybe it's due to my like for theater and TV dramas, but it was almost like watching a play within a play? If that makes any sense....

Had to read all the volumes in one sitting; it was just that gripping for me. The romance is not paramount like...... View
Ayashi no Ceresv.1 c.19I had seen the anime first so because of that i was not much surprised with how things would turn out. In fact i thought this to be a great read and it was a pretty well made anime because it followed the manga very closely.....That being said though i really wanted, not for the ending to be different because i thought it fit well with the manga, but for something more at the end that would let us know exactly what happened after her leading man disappeared.
Baby Popv.1 c.19This art was better than some of the mangaka's other work, at least for me. I felt the story could have been better if the girl would have ended up with the step father to say the truth because i felt their relationship seem as more developed than that boyfriend of hers.
Beast Masterv.1 c.110---
Beauty is the Beastv.1 c.19I read this one a long time ago and i really enjoyed it, although like most people i guess this mangaka really love slow paced romances and so do i because it shows a deeper connection. Although the end seemed a bit rushed and at times maybe confusing? But it was still good, i would have hated it had the mangaka made a twist.
Beauty Popv.6 c.2910As soon as i started reading this one i became addicted, i just love Kiri! A character that has some spunk. The art is good and so is the story, so nothing to complain. Even the epilogue was very true to the characters personality from the very beginning.
Black Birdv.15 c.599@person below me: Clearly, you didn't read further than chapter 7, because in 8 it clearly shows why he wants to make her his bride, and it has nothing to do with her blood. Furthermore, it's stated by the author that she THOUGHT to make him 20 yrs. old, but realized later it wouldn't work, therefore he is not.


The early volumes have an almost eerie similarity to Love Monster. While this story is more complex and i dare say dramatic, ...... View
Boulange no Koibitov.1 c.110---
Breakfast Clubv.5 c.19I only started reading this one because loveless is doing it but now i cannot get enough of it. The relationships that develop in this dorm are just great and although some of it is more dramatic then the usual school yaoi is still not too dramatic for me. The art is somewhat different than am used to but is quite good.
Calling (OTSUKI Miu)v.1 c.110Now that is what i call a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be more fluff, but it was actually REALLY good! They matched so well, and there was no "yaoi rape" or misunderstandings, just the right amount of slice of life?
Can't Lose Youv.1 c.110This is such a great manga, it may start off slow but it gets so great afterwards that you will not be able to stop until you finish it.....I only have a few mangas that am usually tempted to re-read and have, this is certainly one of them.
Cat Streetv.5 c.1910I started reading this one just because the plot seemed interesting but there is a lot of dephth into the story am glad i read it. After reading so far am not surprised it will become many others favorite....Even the ending was just like the beginning......slow paced, sweet and full just plain great...some may say it was a bit rushed but i felt it was fitting to this manga.
Cello Mellowv.1 c.19---
Children's Timev.1 c.110---
Choco Strawberry Vanillav.1 c.110This is one of those that others opinion mean nothing. You may hate the relationship one chapter, get all horny on another, or just plain love it all!
Personally I didn't like Mine at first, thought he was the interloper. But soon I was experiencing Take's emotions, and i started to realize I'm just as messed up because I was VERY satisfied with the end.
I recommend reading the DJs too because it explains so much more about their daily lives, also we get closure for those who want to know what...... View
Close the Last Doorv.1 c.19---
Come and Eat, Shan Shan (Novel)v.1 c.18---
Complexv.4 c.5------
Crimson Herov.15 c.6210I really love this manga, the way it has been going so far is just the way i like my heroines. Showing that they are not too weak but sometimes it just cannot be helped so we need a male lead. Speaking of male leads i always have an issue with the whole triangle relationships in shoujos. Particularly when the series is not yet complete and after more than 5 volumes you will not sure who will be picked. The reason for my dislike is because sometimes a male lead is introduced first and you fall...... View
Darenimo Aisarenaiv.1 c.410As usual sensei did a wonderful job bringing out the best out of all the characters involved and of course happy endings all around. I love the art particularly when angry or surprised, when the hair stands up with a twirl....hehe. The story was quite romantic and i like how even though is just one volume it feels longer because each chapter is longer than some others.
Dog Stylev.1 c.510I have read many yaoi mangas before but never have i come across characters where both seme and uke have such strong characteristics. I love that they are both tough guys, they can understand each other perfectly and have a connection that neither one of them can understand. I have to agree with the previous people, the intimate scenes are so HOT!
Dolcev.1 c.17---
Don't Cry Babyv.1 c.110Honestly i didn't have any expectations with this one, because i was not too fond of one of the main characters in the prequel. I should have known there was more to the character that met the eye, and i'm glad i gave it a go; it was such a good read...i hope we get another story or two that will be connected to this series.
Doushitemo Furetakunaiv.1 c.19---
Fruits Basketv.1 c.110I remember loving this manga the first time i read it many years ago; this was actually the first licensed manga series i ever bought so i can re-read in the future. Due to my awareness of others though i sort of forgot i had the books after the 2nd re-read...but the story itself always stayed in my mind.
I still recall after watching the anime and another re-read, how i wished there was more of the "future" to read/watch. Now i can understand why it wasn't really necessary....Maybe i have ma...... View
Fukuyadou Honpov.1 c.110Good excuse to re-read!
Fantastic and a true keeper, impossible to get sick of even many years later. It's a pity great stories like this one are rare and hard to find.
Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashitav.1 c.19---
Gakuen Alicev.31 c.18010I have been addicted to this series for so many years and there were times I wondered if the end would live up to my expectations. I'm hoping for an extra chapter but after the many tears in the last few volumes it was satisfying to read such a story and love its characters.
Gaten na aitsuv.1 c.38---
Gokinjo Monogatariv.1 c.1------
Gokujou no Koibitov.2 c.109---
Gravitationv.9 c.698---
H3 Schoolv.1 c.110This has been the best shoujo manga i have read thus far. The pace was amazing, particularly the romance because there was not much drama. The comedy in this one is just TERRIFIC, i mean talk about some parts where my stomach just could not stop hurting. The best part about it was that the female heroine knows how to kick some a%$.....not to mention the art was great....ah i really want another one like this.
Hana no Namaev.1 c.1------
Hanaya no Nikai dev.1 c.110---
Hanazakari no Kimitachi ev.23 c.1449I had seen both dramas a while back so when i started reading the manga i felt like i had done things backwards....not to mention that the first volume was like a rewatching of the dramas. Although it seems both dramas followed the manga closely there were some minor and one "Big" part that was never included in the dramas which i was happy to see. The story was so much funnier in the manga perhaps because actors can sometime exagerate too much while drawings are different. The art was also q...... View
Hanazono no Kiokuv.1 c.110---
Hapi Mariv.9 c.35---It's hard to describe what i think of this manga, but i like it overall. If you a fan of Josei with a shoujo feeling, this is perfect. It has the right amount of drama, that didn't make me want to bang my head against the wall. There are times though that i wanted to smack one or both main characters, but that was just because i wanted misunderstandings fixed right away.

Warning: This is not a manga to read chapter per chapter. I suggest waiting until it's fully completed or reading it by vol...... View
Haru wo Daite Itav.13 c.4910---
Heart no Ousamav.1 c.18The heroines in this one were very shoujo-like; but since i know a few women who have zero common sense, when it comes to relationships, it made perfect sense.
I wanted to smack them upside the head a few times though, because they kept letting insecurities get in the way of having a great man.
Henxiang Henxiang Ni (Novel)v.1 c.110---
Heptagonv.1 c.19---
Hitomi no ounowa (dear green)v.2 c.7------
Hitsuji no Namidav.1 c.19Overall i liked the combination of elements presented in the story. The characters were flawed, yet likable characters. The fact that Kanzaki was very mature for his age, mentally, worked wonders for the story progression. This is a slow romance, but i didn't feel it was rushed at the end.
My only wished was for one more chapter or oneshot; to see how they are doing after the end, and maybe tie up some of the side characters....
I Love Sweet Voicev.1 c.59The story is good in fact i want to keep reading more of it, am even looking forward to the sequel but the art can be pretty funny at times, particularly the mouth or the end though it does not matter much since the story is good and the intimate scenes are superb.
Ienai Itami o Daite Iruv.1 c.1------
Into Your Heart Through the Doorv.1 c.110---
Isoganaidev.1 c.110---
Jigoku Meguriv.2 c.510---
Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Novel)v.1 c.110---
KAIKAN Phrasev.14 c.7210---
Kare First Lovev.1 c.110This mangaka has written pretty good work and well not so good ones as well, but i felt this was the best from the mangaka i have read so far, although i read it a while back i still cannot get enough of it.
Kare Kanov.1 c.110---
Kare Otoko ni Izumi ov.1 c.19---
Katekyo!v.4 c.310I can't believe I had forgotten to finish reading this one!🙎
Just the perfect amount of smut and the perfect Seme to balance the typical Uke and his drama. Love Kaede's sadistic and possessive personality.

Now all sensei has to do is write about the rest of Rintarou's brothers.
Kawaii Hito (KONNO Keiko)v.2 c.99This is such a romantic tale, i really love it....hell even the extras are great. It has a lot of funny parts but i wish we can read more about the other couple, perhaps a sequel? I think this one is the mangakas best work yet. Its only flaw is that i had to keep reminding myself the characters are teenagers, so the drama you build in your head tends to be bigger than reality, at that age. ^_^
Kimi wa Pettov.1 c.110I have been a little hesitant to read this one because there is just so much hype about it, but i almost wanted to smack myself for waiting this long!
This is very much Josei and slice of life, so beware before starting it, if you're not in the right mood. The romance is secondary and develops slowly. I tend to like that sort of thing, so it was not a problem for me at all. I liked that the characters were flawed, but not stupid. With so many volumes, i would have hated it if the story started...... View
Kingyo Souv.1 c.19---
Kiniro no Cordav.14 c.61------
Kiraboshi Dialv.1 c.110---
Kissv.6 c.3110For people like me who likes to wait until translations are completed to begin reading an interesting plot this is certainly one to be aware of. As much as i tried i could not help myself so now am a captive slave for the wait. The story is just too interesting to miss, is not just about music but the characters stories and even the main couples dilenmas are just great. The art at the beginning may seem a bit ackward if you are new to it but once you get past the first chapter you do not care...... View
Kiss Me Princessv.1 c.110---
Kiss/Hugv.1 c.19I'm really grateful that sensei didn't add some love triangle for added drama, but rather let the natural development in relationships be enough for them to overcome. This may make some think the story is boring, but i actually found it to be slow paced, which is right up my alley.
The characters personality are quite funny to "see", and it was refreshing to see in shoujo/smut a hero who is not an A-hole right from the start. He's not afraid to tell/show her exactly how he feels about her, an...... View
Kisu Yori mo Hayakuv.9 c.429---
Kizunav.10 c.110I remember this was my 2nd yaoi many years ago and absolutely loving it. When it was announced that it would be re-released in deluxe version, I started buying them. Somehow I was to scared to re-read and lose my pink-colored impressions. Now I think I was being silly, if anything I can appreciate the subtleties more!
If only it didn't mess with my OCD!!!! Going back and forth between the past and present drove me almost crazy. I started to understand why i sometimes keep the scanlations even...... View
Kodomo no Iibunv.1 c.110---
Koi Cha no Osahouv.3 c.13------
Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kikev.25 c.19Although this manga was on standby for a while am glad is back on again and with two more groups which hopefully means faster chapters?! Well this one most be the longest shounen ai manga i have read so far and oh boy not even the raws are enough. The story is good but sometimes i just wish there was a bit more intimacy, more than a kiss between the two and more frequently but up until the end it was quite slow.....that little uke does not give in easily, at least not admitting exactly what h...... View
Koujitsusei no Tobirav.1 c.1------
Koukou Debutv.12 c.4810I was a little worried that a re-read years after starting the series, would not bring the same feeling i experienced then. Shouldn't have been worried, because either though this is a shoujo story, it's more slice of life. Also the romance was solid throughout, even when there were misunderstandings, it was not dragged out.
Kusattav.1 c.110I have to say that i almost gave up on this manga on the second volume because the relationships are one of those very slow to develop, but am glad i stuck with it because it was worth it. Many parts made me just laugh so hard that my stomach hurt but there were also very sweet moments. I liked how realistic the characters were and how it showed that love is just not that simple, not to mention that when the yaoi scenes finally came it was glorious. I also felt the art seemed to get better as...... View
La Satanicav.1 c.110I have become more selective of yaoi and this one is just perfect. Here is a story where the relationship builds up gradually without any drama and a bit of humor. Of course this mangaka is just known for beautiful artwork too so you cannot miss it.
Little Butterflyv.1 c.110---
Lotus Eaterv.1 c.18---
Love Celebv.4 c.2010Is needles to say that the art work for Mayu sensei is quite delectable. At times i find myself so drawn to them that i almost wish i was the heroine. The story of course is commong to her work but it is still quite interesting with all its twist and turns. As usual once you start reading it you will not be able to put it down unless of course you are not into smut since the work is just that smutty.
Love Modev.1 c.110Now i can finally agree with some people this is a CLASSIC, a MUST for all yaoi fans. What sweet stories, what wonderful smexiness and the not overly dramatic which made it just great. Perhaps i wished it was longer but it was such a beautiful ending i almost wanted to cry of happiness.

Incredible how even 6 years later I still feel the same way about this series. There are some characters I wished for more (secondary ones), but still a great classic.
Love Monsterv.12 c.819I think some people do not realize this manga is shoujo genre; therefore don't understand that a lot of cliches and the heroine not being too bright, are part of the package. I particularly liked it despite it, but you have to read it in one go to really think that way, otherwise you will lose interest and think of it as just your average shoujo with supernatural.
Loveholicv.2 c.110---
Marsv.1 c.19I guess i did it backwards and saw the drama first a couple of years ago, but i really enjoyed it then and i was glad to see that it followed the manga entirely. Perhaps it was because at the time i was in the mood that i was able to cope with all the drama this manga involves so i was pretty prepared while reading it. I really like most of the mangaka's work so it was no surprise this was a good read.
Mata Ashitav.1 c.510There are not many 1 volume yaoi mangas that i would rate this high but this one deserves it. Everything about it from the art to the story and the characters were done perfectly in such an amazing and great way that it makes you wish to know the couples.

After a few years i only had a vague memory of this one, but my sentiments for this story is unchanged. It is without a doubt, sensei's best work.
Meguriau yo Babyv.1 c.110This was such a good story. I really like how sensei is able to fully develop her characters. Even in just a single volume, i felt like i knew so much about them and of course wanted to read more.
Melodramatic Libraryv.1 c.1------
Memory of the Futurev.1 c.1------
Midnight Secretaryv.1 c.19This was a surprisingly good story. I was not expecting much when i started reading it, but i liked the blurb. Turns out it's not just hot, but unlike many of the shoujo heroines, this one has a backbone!
Miman Renaiv.1 c.1------
Modelv.1 c.110So far the best vampire manga i have read thus far. Every volume bringing more things to life, yet making you fear reaching the end. At first i was not sure about the art but is quite good and the first two volumes are quite funny at times. I could not help but want more at the end, great ending too which just made it even better.
Moony Oukaryou Trilogyv.1 c.5------
My Girl (SAHARA Mizu)v.5 c.4210Really this is one of those great series where i'm so thankful someone is taking the time to translate it for us. The relationship between father and son is so endearing, that my heart melted many times over different scenes.

I recently found J-drama as well, and i'm glad they followed the manga's plot but expanded and added a few things and characters. It was pretty good, although the acting was only ok.
Neji no Kaitenv.1 c.110Boy how i wish most mangas were like this one, the story was just great and kept me wanting to read more including the yaoiness was amazing. I simply loved the art too and could not get enough of the characters, this one just screams PLEASE GIVE ME MORE!...hehe
Nineteen, Twenty-Onev.1 c.19This was such a touching story, with great art, and funny scenes. I just wished it was a bit longer, where we could see how they are able to achieve their goal....or at least a bit more about their future?
Nodame Cantabilev.22 c.12910I can't believe this story is so good even a second time but this time fully translated. I'm really surprised that the emotions I felt years ago I was able to experience again. Just perfect!
Ochibure Shinshi ni Ai no Utav.1 c.18---
Oka no Ue no Rakuenv.1 c.1------
On the Quietv.1 c.1------
Orange Yane no Chiisana Iev.8 c.6410I was surprised at how well balanced this story is. Unlike many other seinen mangas the characters personality or physical appearance was exaggerated. The drama also didn't drag, but served as a way to keep the story entertaining.

I really liked the art and the kids are just so cute. I was very happy when i got to the end.
Othello (shoujo)v.1 c.110Yes i agree with some that the main character is a bit well off but the fact that she has a split personality is not only hillarious but quite entertaining and makes up for her stupidity. You will certainly not be bored because every chapter is packed with cool things, mostly funny.
Otona Keikenchiv.1 c.19---
Pet Diaryv.1 c.1------
Provencev.1 c.110This story truly makes you want to find that soulmate you have always dreamed about. It's incredibly funny and entertaining.
Punch Upv.4 c.1510---
Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoruv.1 c.19---
Rakuen no Oriv.1 c.110I just realized that I'm a big perb, because I absolutely love these type of stories!
The art is beautiful, full of smut and M ukes that love how their Seme toys with them because they can also feel the love.💞
Rasetsu no Hanav.5 c.99I liked Yurara for the most part at the beginning, but towards the end i almost banged my head against the wall. So i was a bit concerned when i started reading this one. Thankfully this was a much better execution, with both the ghost cases, overall plot and romance. It kept me interested through all 9 volumes, and it'll be a story that i'll surely re-read in the future.

If you haven't done so already, go buy all the books, they're as cheap as $5 for all volumes except the last 2. It's total...... View
Rinv.1 c.110---
Rulesv.1 c.110---
Rutta to Kodamav.1 c.110---
Sakura Gariv.1 c.110I was only meant to read one chapter, to get a glimpse of what everyone was talking about...but the story gripped me and wouldn't let go! It's such a dark story, and at the same time such a sad ROMANCE...Truly it makes me think of what cowards/weaklings Romeo and Juliet were; because these two main characters went through hell and i believe still found their HEA. The way the mangaka ended it, left me filled with hope, yet with a feeling that it was quite realistic under the circumtances....

Thi...... View
Sensei!v.15 c.6410Ah this is a great manga from beginning to end. I really enjoy sensei's work, but the art is a little dated. None the less it was still great, particularly when it shows the characters in chibis. This story sort of reminded me of the story "Kiss", so i recommend it highly.
Sevenv.1 c.110---
Seven Days - Monday→Thursdayv.1 c.110I have not gotten the fuzzies in a while, when reading BL lately, but this one totally did it for me. It had complex characters, enough drama to keep me wondering what will happen in the end, and really expressive art. Gah, couldn't sensei just keep on writing about these characters a volume or two more?!
Shiawase Kissa Sanchoumev.1 c.110Well i thought people were exaggerating about Uru, but it's turns out she is quite cute, in a non annoying way. I can actually see why the guys would be falling for her. Her most charming feature is her strength, she's no damsel in distress, if anything she's the knight who comes to the rescue.LOL

I like the bit of humor that zips into the chapters, along with the glimpses about their family background and such. It's impressive that the series stayed good throughout so many volumes! My favorit...... View
Shigeshoushiv.1 c.110Why must you make me cry even when the chapter is not sad?!
I bow my head to sensei for such a meaningful way to express life, parting and its struggles.
Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru : Only the Ring Finger Knowsv.1 c.110It took so long for me to figure out that there was only one volume manga and the rest were novels, honestly can i get any worse. This was such a lovely story and yes i did read two of the other novels perhaps will try and read the rest...although i really hate the english translations of it so it will be when am really bored. Who knows maybe in the future there will be a sequel lets keep our fingers crossed since this sensei has so many great stories to read.
Sonoki ni Sasenaidev.1 c.110---
Sora Logv.1 c.1------
Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu.v.1 c.110---
Special Av.7 c.4010This is a different type of shoujo manga for me, but not too far out which makes it good. Although the story does not center around the romance directly it is still there, in fact is one of the causes for how hillarious this manga is. It should certainly have a warning label after vol 2 because you will be in the floor-holding your stomach laughing and perhaps later when you remember what happens.

It has taken me a few years to finally catch up and finish this manga, but it was worth to wait u...... View
Stories of Love in 1k Apartmentv.1 c.1------
Sugar Addictionv.1 c.19I really like the art in this manga, ah so many bishies. The story is also quite interesting but contrary to others opinion the way the story developed was great but sometimes i felt like a page was missing amongs the volume or chapter which made the story a bit weak. The ending was fabulous though because it made it seem quite real, it showed their relationship was strong and no matter if it was time or distance nothing can separate the two forever.
Sumanai!! Masumi-kunv.1 c.19---
Talking About...v.1 c.110Maybe it's because i'm the same age as the heroines in the story, but i can totally relate to what they were going through. I think they were a lot more mature and smarter than a lot of women around that age, which was REALLY good to read about. Don't think i have ever read a graphic novel with this type of theme, so total kudos to the sensei for keeping it fresh. I found it quite hilarious at times, but i get the feeling that not everyone would find it as humorous, because you have to have b...... View
Te wo Tsunaide, Sora wov.1 c.110What a great story, it truly does capture your heart and keeps you pinned until you finish it all. The intimate scenes were great too, excellent way of portraying it without the need for too much graphics. I never thought i would say this but this is my best manga yet.
Tenshi Nanka ja Naiv.1 c.110Sensei is the master of portraying realistic relationships in the shoujo genre! If you have read about the heroines in this genre, to the point of being sick of them, then you'll find this one quite refreshing. Not because there are no cliches, but because her personality is not only likable but you are able to understand her actions.
Tokyo Crazy Paradisev.1 c.1------
Tonari no Karev.1 c.19---
Tonev.1 c.19---
Totally Captivatedv.5 c.110I have read this story 3 times. The first time it was just starting to be released and well you can scroll down and see how naive I was, even though I had become a true fujoshi. The 2nd time I had gotten sick of the "typical" stories so I thought it was a waste of time, compared to many others.

It's weird but again years later and I feel just like the 1st time, except I have matured and understand the characters better. Simply these two cannot function "normally" so it would be cruel for othe...... View
Tsumasaki ni Kissv.1 c.1------
U Don't Know Mev.1 c.110This one was almost perfect for me. Not overly dramatic; Just the right amount of sex to make it hot; and well developed characters. Even the secondary characters were entertaining to read about.
My only complain would be the way the chapters don't seem to connect seamlessly; almost like choppy editing. Also, it could have gone a bit longer than one volume.....
Umaimon Kuwaserov.1 c.1------
Under Grand Hotelv.1 c.110---
Usagi Dropv.10 c.589Even though when i first started reading this manga, i never thought it will end that way, i still enjoyed it.
Yes, the best parts are the interactions as father and daughter, but if you read the volumes back to back, you can see a slight shift before the end....almost announcing how things will be different in the end. Taking the main characters personality into consideration, i can see how it would turn out as it did, rather than the expected pairing. Now if only we would be able to see the...... View
V.B. Rosev.14 c.839First of all this is a shoujo manga, so of course it's filled with cliches. Being a long series, also means the romance will be slow to happen (8 volumes, to be exact), not to mention love triangles, and at least a few misunderstandings. The good news? None of these things will make you want to stop reading it, but rather it adds to the character development. Would it have been better, had the main characters, been more forward about their feelings from the start? You betcha! But then it woul...... View
Vampire Knightv.9 c.4310This story has turned me into a total nutcase, because it's still quite unpredictable who will the mangaka choose as the main male lead and i already have a favorite. So far it has been great, the turmoils of emotions the ups and downs the mangaka has done a great job at that but i would hate it if at the end there was a big turn around and the character chosen was not the one i liked.
Wild Actv.3 c.110I just love this mangakas work because it's so refreshing to see the heroines since this is not your typical shoujo. I think the description is a bit wrong since she does not go for "celebrities" she is after one actors collection in particular and how it all develops is just great, funny and with a bit of smut too. This is certainly a must read, although i finished everything mostly in raw i would love to see the rest in english.
Wonderful Days?v.1 c.18I liked the story, but i thought it was lacking character development. After reading it, i have no clue as to how old they are or even what they are studying in school!
Also sensei has a habit of introducing a side character to bring some conflict into the story, but it's never followed through....
Yakozenv.1 c.110---
Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasuv.4 c.159---
Yisheng Yishi Meiren Gu (Novel)v.1 c.110---
You and Harujionv.1 c.1------
You're So Coolv.1 c.110Finally getting around to this one since am not a big fan of manhwas, except for Goongs, but wanted to read it because of the plot. This is certainly not your typical shoujo, mind you i have been disappointed with manhwas so am always hesitant. Here is one which you will understand from the very beginning and will make you laugh quite hard, without looking like forced humor. I just love how their relationship is one of mostly master and servant at the beginning without me feeling bad for the ...... View
Youth Gone Wildv.14 c.8910I think just like everyone i just stumbled upon this one but wow GREAT! Here is a manga that will make you laugh until your stomach hurt from the very beginning and every chapter....really did not expect it because of the music plot but the way the characters and relationships are developed is so well done that i could not help but keep reading two days straight.
Yume No Kodomov.5 c.510---
Yuru Koiv.1 c.110Now this is a great story! This is truly a slow romance, but it's done so well that i was green with envy towards the main heroine. If you're looking for a really sweet romance, with good art, this is perfect.

The last extra is a sequel to another of sensei's story. It was quite steamier than any of her other stories, but no less good. Still not much fond of the heroine, but a bigger desire to have Maa-kun for myself!
Zev.5 c.2610So good all the way to the end!!!!!!

Fua! What great manga i cannot get enough of it, i want to read more of these intriguing stories because there are quite a few of them packed here and it seems like there will be more. I love all of the couples, you can see the connection slowly building into a great-unbreakable bond. Even the supernatural part is interesting, not to mention the art which is full of bishies and the intimate scenes *blush* are just incredible!