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Series Status Rating Comment
Clickv.1 c.1------
Douse,Meromerov.1 c.1------
G-Senjou no Nekov.2 c.7------
Goongv.15 c.9910I knew this manga was going to drive me totally bunkers. The almost never ending misunderstandings, i swear i wanted to slap that stupid bingumama for about 10 volumes....yes the first 3 or so volumes will make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt but why must the hard time continue on for so long, honestly there is no beginning to think the drama was better; perhaps because i had more understanding of certain characters which i do not here. Overall the art is good and the stor...... View
Jazzv.1 c.110I read this a while back but i still remember how good it was. They faced many obstacles but that young guy sure had guts and tried his hardest to make it work....soo great, the art was good too.
Kemono Wa Hana No Yume O Miru Kav.1 c.27Am totally hooked on this one but the scantalations are so very slow, still we await it's so amazing i just love this mangakas work. This is the first mangaka whose work i wish would get licensed so that i could buy it and read it fast, yes there is a loli thing but it's not like they are children just underage. About this story though i wonder if it's really complete with just two volumes, i looked at the raws and that ending has me confused or rather i feel like it needed more.
Koi Shitagari no Bluev.1 c.1------
Kouun Danshiv.1 c.1------
Let Daiv.14 c.2------
Oishii Kankeiv.1 c.1------
Oniichan to Isshov.1 c.1------
Penguin Brothersv.1 c.19I really enjoyed it, this sort of heroines are just too cool which makes all the drama seem less hard to take. I liked the art and the story was quite interesting and refreshing to me. In regards to the ending although i have a feeling of whom she might have in her heart it was not very clear and i wish for a sequel...hehe.
When a Man Loves a Manv.7 c.18I really was enjoying this manga, in fact i was sort of addicted to it since the very beginning. Because the story has an order there was a "main couple" that i thought would be it, yes i know how sometimes there is a third character that can also be an interest and sometimes the attention seemed to go there, but i never really felt their connection. What a disappointment after reading so much to have the ending i did not want, but at least the angst and the intimate scenes are sure to satisf...... View
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suruv.4 c.25------
Zip Up Boyv.1 c.1------