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Series Status Rating Comment
Ai to Yokubou wa Gakuen dev.4 c.2010A school where you will see kids and some teachers learn about sex in more than just an educational way....of course anyone will want to read. Full of bishies and almost every chapter with a new couple but all somewhat related of following up on other previous chapters....i even had fun looking at the raws.
Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!v.5 c.29------
Akuma ni Kiss ov.1 c.5------
Ameiro Paradoxv.2 c.9------
Anatolia Storyv.21 c.5610What a good and addictive story, i want more! I am still waiting for those five volumes that are missing to finish it off because this story is just too good. I love this kind of heroine and our main male lead is so great and good looking....ah. Although the art is outdated is pretty good so i will try and read more stuff from this mangaka in the meantime.
Ashita wa Docchi da!v.1 c.2------
Back Stage!!v.1 c.1------
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - Secret Sweetheartsv.6 c.3510Gosh am so glad that was over with, truly a good manga but the angst and drama is all the way to the last chapter....really it took a toll on me. I'm quite familiar with sensei's work and have no issues with the smuttiness or incest for that matter afterall is not in my family so i do not really think abou it...hehe. Glad it did not end in tragedy, i would have been horrified. After all the mangas i have read so far from sensei i think is the best because even with the drama it kept me there ...... View
Boku Wa Nev.4 c.16------
Bokura no Negaiv.2 c.159---
Borderv.3 c.15------
Bukiyou na Silentv.3 c.15------
Caste Heavenv.2 c.13------
Chiisana Koi no Melodyv.1 c.6------
Crimson Spellv.4 c.4710Ah i really should have read this one sooner, it's sooo good. The story is just great and unique. I love sensei's work but maybe this one tops all of the others?...I love the relationship between them and volume 2 and 3 is so intense my heart just keep thumpin. For those who enjoy reading The Ice-Cold Demon this one has the same type of adventure and humor, except we get to see hard yaoi ^_^
Desire Climaxv.6 c.4310---
Devil's Bride (KIM Sae Young)v.2 c.28------
Doctor's Rulev.1 c.59---
Double Callv.8 c.59Normally i would certainly not venture in this but because i really like this mangaka i gave it a shot and am glad i did. The art work is good and the story as well, although there are times were am a bit lost because of the whole baseball thing but you get used to it. Hopefully i will get to see some new scans out soon because am dying to know what comes next.
Egoismv.1 c.510I cannot understand why all of the groups stop scantalating this one, it's such a good story. Oh well i guess we will just have to take a look at the raws and hope that someday it will be finished.
Feng Yu Jiu Tianv.1 c.4------
Feng Yu Jiu Tian (Novel)v.13 c.1------
Freezing Flamev.4 c.110---
Fuhoni!v.2 c.10------
Gakuen Babysittersv.9 c.509---
Gravitation EXv.1 c.698---
Haito Diamondv.4 c.210As usual sensei's work is the best. She is able to portray the emotions, intimate scenes and the drama in a gripping way with the simplest gestures from the characters. This story is no exception to that, the plot is intense making you have a look at the dark side of the world without feeling disgusted but actually appreciating and understanding the story. I even had to look through the raws because that 3 volume at the end sure left me in a cliffhanger but i loved that ending.
Hanamaru Youchienv.6 c.57------
Happy Yarou Weddingv.11 c.4------
Haru o Daite Ita Alivev.3 c.2------
Heart no Kakuregav.3 c.16------
Honto Yajuuv.9 c.20------
Hua Hua You Longv.5 c.1------
In the Walnutv.3 c.210You know i like this couple since i read the prequel that told their story but i love the things that happens with them in this one, it's just so touching and romantic for yaoi....really worth being licensed.
Inubakav.15 c.162------
Junjou Romanticav.18 c.769I've realized that I'm not a big fan of the tsudere characters. My hands itch just wanting to smack some sense into them! I started to read this again after a few years in hiatus, while I can still enjoy it, I have to constantly remind myself that it's written for Japanese teenage girls.... I must overlook all the liquids that makes you wonder what anatomy we are supposed to see in the panels!
If you're looking for character growth you will hate this one. Expect to be confused at times with th...... View
Kachou Fuugetsuv.2 c.139---
Kamisama Hajimemashitav.18 c.129------
Kimi ni Todokev.26 c.105------
Kodomo no Jikanv.12 c.85---I have to agree with lah kouhei because this manga is a lolicon which means that there will be inuendos of the sort not only that but the real attacker is Rin and i honestly feel that is not that big of a deal. I think many people have different views depending on how they feel they were at that age, myself i was quite like Rin to any teacher i liked...although perhaps not as specific and not about intimacy but relationship wise.
On another note, i feel that Reiji is a bit confused because he ...... View
Kou'un no Rihatsushiv.2 c.15------
Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikatav.2 c.7------
Leopard Hakushov.3 c.15------
Love Stage!!v.5 c.26------
Love x Erov.4 c.26------
Lovelessv.9 c.1110---
LSDv.1 c.510I was so surprised that someone thought this was slow?! This story is full of drama and angst, i mean just four chapters are enough to make you hate at least half of the characters involve and suspect you will hate a few more as you go along. The scenes are quite gruesome at times so unless you have and are ok with bondage and s/m yaoi mangas you will probably not be able to take what happens in this one....seriously although i have read much worse, it still makes my heart throbs at times par...... View
Netemo Sametemov.1 c.3------
Nibiiro no Hana dj - Nibiiro no Hanav.5 c.19---
Omairi desu yov.3 c.10------
Oo-majiv.1 c.5------
Otomegatariv.7 c.48------
Perfect Girl Evolutionv.33 c.1359---
Perfect XXXv.2 c.7------
Pink Ladyv.5 c.188This is a good story; i personally liked the art school theme. The art is also very pretty. The only niggle i had is with the unexplained disappearances at the beginning, and the communication issues. Maybe it had not taken so many chapters for it to be resolved, and if she wasn't so absent minded, as to not question where he even lives.....
Later on the characters become better developed, but a few flaws still remain, like where are her parents?

While the translation was not the best, it was m...... View
Platinum Gardenv.13 c.5510Although the art is something to get used to it's pretty good. The story in the other hand is just superb, i really enjoyed it although most of it i ended up reading raw.....I really enjoy mangas like this although it has drama is not too dramatic making it a comfortable read.
Play Boy Bluesv.5 c.1910Indeed this is my favorite of the bunch and the most the dramatic too.....i have to say that sensei's work is always quite lovely but the intimate scenes between this one and not your stepping stone is truly amazing....
Prince of Saharav.1 c.48---
Psychedelicsv.1 c.78---
Queensv.4 c.21------
Ren-ai Houteishikiv.2 c.129That was extremely cute, i hope sensei can write about them soon! I had to keep reminding myself that they were both in junior high, so the drama they experience is realistic....just my adult mind who has a hard time reading about it.LOL

Update: So adorable even years later! Noticed a 3rd volume in the amazon site, can't wait! Please someone translate it!
Risou no Koibitov.2 c.7------
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanaiv.4 c.2310---
Seito Kaichou ni Chuukokuv.6 c.65------
Sekai de Ichiban Daikiraiv.9 c.168---
Sekaiichi Hatsukoiv.9 c.20------
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (Novel)v.5 c.10------
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Yoshino Chiaki no Baai (Novel)v.2 c.12------
Sekine-kun no Koiv.5 c.23------
Sex Pistolsv.10 c.5010What an incredible story, here is something out of the ordinary....i mean it will make you go "huh", yet it is so hillarious and entertaining that you will be like oh this is great. The art is good i like sensei's works so i certainly want to read more.
Shitteru yo.v.1 c.5------
Skip Beat!v.37 c.2249---
Super Loversv.8 c.23------
Sweet Blood (KIM Se-Young)v.2 c.11------
Ten Countv.4 c.26------
The Onev.10 c.6410This mangaka is really the best of the best all of the four works i have either read or looked through are just amazing. The story is complex but so great, within the first chapter you are just hooked. I feel like am being tortured though since the scantalations are not as fast as one would hope and with it not being licensed it is impossible to know what will happen next unless you look through the raws....of course i have and even if you do not understand it will have you laughing and reall...... View
The Tyrant Who Fall In Lovev.8 c.18---
Toumei Shounenv.2 c.4------
Trouble Makerv.1 c.39The plot to this story is good and it would have been perfect had the art been better....although not bad at times, mostly in movements the characters bodies looked just too weird. I like all the couples and even the little drama in between, although it's more like humor than drama.
Under Grand Hotel (2013)v.1 c.4------
Voice or Noisev.4 c.129---
Warui Koto Shitaiv.13 c.710---
Work Inv.1 c.5------
Yasashiku Shinaide (NEKOTA Yonezou)v.1 c.5------
Yotsubato!v.11 c.8110There is not much to this story other than simply will laugh so hard that your stomach will hurt and your tears will come out, gosh even my throat is sore from laughing so loud. Yotsuba is a plain wacky kid. Although her father looks like none of his screws are loose, the way he acts sometimes make me wonder if maybe he's not just really good at hiding it? The mom next door is also in the same wavelength as Yotsuba. I laugh every time she interacts with her "demon child"!...... View
You´re my loveprize in Viewfinderv.7 c.910---
Yuuutsu na Asav.6 c.28------