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Extra Heavy Syrup---
My Barbaric Girlfriendi just read some of the reviews here and lol'd. obv people are not familiar with morinaga ai. her comedy style is similar to seino shizuru or other mangas where the main draw for audiences are the gags and satire/parody, NOT the plot, NOT the characters. plot and characters are basic at best, but the comedy is top notch if you love the slapstick, absurd and random. don't expect the plot to go anywhere amazing. or the characters to be likable or relatable. do expect crazy hijinks and the most ...... View

this manga is just insane. i love how sensei can build up a seeming genuine love story and plot line and then throw it all away on a whim for the sake of comedy. BLESS YOU SENSEI. keep breaking those shoujo hearts!
Legal Drug---
Baby Pop---
Mekakushi no Kuni---
Hana yori Dango---
Hana Kimi---
Clover (Clamp)---
Family Complex---
The Day of Revolution---
Card Captor Sakura---
Magic Knight Rayearth---
Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou---
Swan Lake---
Emiri ni Omakase---
Strawberry-chan no Karei Seikatsu---
Strawberry-chan na Choukarei na Seikatsu---
Yamada Ikka Monogatari Gorgeous---
Birthday Presents---
Candy Life---
My Girl (SAHARA Mizu)this series has all flavors of bittersweet in it through the tragic beginnings all the way through the hopeful and sweet ending. the last chapter was one of my favorite chapters. masamune's parents were always interesting to me, so it was a perfect ending for his life to be seen through his aging parents' eyes. this series has made me cry, laugh and smile most of all, all in its own quiet and simple presentation. good medicine story to read to bring a simple smile to one's face. beautiful art...... View
Harlem Beat wa Yoake made---
Nanairo Sekaithis is hands down my most favorite collection of oneshots, ever.

i keep coming back to the first story because it's so sweet and cute and poetic all at once. probably my most favorite romance oneshot of all time. i always cry when i read the second and third stories since i've been in similar situations in my life and they really hit home for me. the final story is really sad, though i found i couldnt' relate to it as much as the other stories. beautiful nonetheless. truly a great collection ...... View
Bus Hashiru---
Maimiko Touko no Jikenbo---
Yoru Koi---
C-Blossom - Case 729---
Kakedashita Cupid---
Kimi wa Boku no Mono---
Munasawagi Karute---
Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai nara---
Byakuya Zaushi---
Dearif you're looking for a heavily plot-driven manga, this is not it. the plot does start to move and take form in later volumes, but for a good while it's comedic 4-koma-ish slice-of-life fantasy vignettes about the central characters.

but really, this manga is character-driven. it's easy to fall in love with all the characters and laugh along with them through their happiness and misfortunes. chiruha is SO cute in her innocence, as well as kisara and his quiet protection of her. komomo is a tsu...... View
Watashi no Ookami-san---
Mimoza de Sarada---
Tamago no Kimi---
Sugar Familyi was just re-reading this series and it smacked me in the face how awesome the mangaka is for creating such a hilarious cast with so many winks and nods to lots of shoujo (and sometimes even BL) tropes. the plot isn't anything amazing or groundbreaking to comment over, but the way the characters are built and interact with each other makes me smile and spit out my water laughing in every chapter.

this manga is often compared to host club, and although i agree that the character archetypes are...... View
Mukashi no Hanashi---
Welcome to Cosmos Apartment House---
Assari Chocolate---
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan---
Dear Mine---
Zettai Kareshi---
Hoshi no Koei remember hearing a whole bunch of good stuff about the movie, but when i finally got to watch it, i was left a bit underwhelmed. i didn't feel the characters were constructed that great in the movie and the drama felt forced and laid on too thickly.

i wanted to give this manga a try, though, since i love sahara mizu's works. i ended up enjoying this much more than the movie since we get to see more of the characters and have more insight into their personalities and motivations. art is also ...... View
Sennen no Yukii absolutely loved this manga in its beginnings. lovveedd. very simple and moving love story between a reluctant vampire and a vibrant girl with a strong will to live. it felt more slice of life and had a slow pace suited for a manga focusing on their day-to-day lives and interactions.

once the manga came out of hiatus, the tone changed a bit, which was welcome at first. the plot began to move, but soon it became rushed and disorganized. i still can't quite understand the ending; it seems like...... View
Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2---
Ojousama to Youkai Shitsuji---
Lore no Mori---
Hakuou no Sono---
Hitomi kara Destiny---
Shiro no Keiyaku---
Tonari no Inuyama-kun---
Mars Gaiden---
Taiyou no Ichiwaru---
Honey Bunny!---
Kagen no Tsuki---
Nemunoki no Geshukusou---
Rokutousei Supika---
Shokugyou Tenshi---
Vitamin (SUENOBU Keiko)---
Aishiteruze Baby---
Kamisama no Iutoori---
Please Save My Earth---
Hot Gimmick---
Planet Ladder---
Boku ga Utau to Kimi wa Warau kara---
InuYasha dj - Peace!---
Missing Piece---
Yume Miru Happa---
Wild Kiss---
Open Sesame (MUTOU Hiromu)---
Penguin Brothers---
Sora Sora---
Mujuuryoku Shounen---
Kon no Ki Konoha---
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon---
Dokkan Love---
Kind Demon---
Meisou Kuiki---
Hitsuji no Namida---
Evangelion dj - Angel---
G-Senjou no Neko---
Fuyu no Hana---
Auto Focus---
Sweet Black---
Beast Master---
Lonesome Eden---
Yoru Made Matenai---
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE---
Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Clubgod...i laughed until i cried. morinaga ai DOES NOT GIVE A FFFF. she'll write whatever absurd thing and not care and it's too hilarious. i really don't care who hana ends up with, even though it's obvious. please more misunderstood weird BL scenes between random male characters. it's too amazing.

don't expect any sports or hockey to appear in this manga lmao. they play like, negative one game XD im done. please make more manga morinaga ai.
K no Souretsu---
Kobatotei Ibun---
Tsuki to Mizuumi---
Itazura - Ijiwaru Tenshi---
Ghost Hunti absolutely ADORE this series and love all of the characters to death, plus all the stories were interesting and creepy and compelling as well. i would really recommend this series to any supernatural mystery lover or just anyone looking for a good story.

BUT...that last volume...!! it was entirely disappointing how rushed the story was to conclude everything and try to wrap up all the loose ends and it did a horrible job at it. mai's feelings were given little respect or resolution, the whol...... View
Honoka ni Purple---
Sugiru Juunana no Haru---
Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei---
Toukaidou Hisame---
Jinsei wa Barairo Da---
Dear Green: Hitomi no Ounowa---
1K Apartment no Koi---
Akutai wa Toiki to Mazariau---
Dear Green---
Honki ja Neekara---
Nayamuhodo Nara Koi to Yobe!---
Okujou Fuukei---
Rakka Sokudo---
Teppen no Himawari---
Warito Yokuaru Danshikouteki Renaijijou---
Akutai wa Ude no Naka de Futatabi---
Junai Labyrinthdespite all the idealized love triangles and impossible situations and occasional cliches, this manga is super cute and enjoyable. umi is a spirited dork with an onii-chan complex and her brother haru is a typical nice guy with an imouto complex. automatically better than all the other "incest" manga i've read since the bro doesnt try to be cruel to his sister even when he knows his feelings are wrong. really lighthearted for such a usually taboo topic!

reila is also a cute dork of a character...... View
Like a Flower---
Slop Mansion ni Okaeri---
Sakura-Garii've always disliked watase yuu's shoujo works. they were just...bleagh. i was ready to give her up altogether.

then i read this piece. simply BEAUTIFUL. yuu watase, please write more stories like these.
Shounenshoujo Romance---
The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheesei still re-read this manga and its sequel every now and then. it's just too powerful a story to just forget and pass over. i'm impressed the mangaka made the characters so complex and relatable WITHOUT making them "likable" characters. in fact, there isn't much to like about either character; kyouichi is spineless and unfaithful while imagase is obsessive, insensitive and insanely stubborn (although he has his super cute moments). the magic in this manga is that you can identify with some of ...... View
Cyboyits a super cute story. the bishounen are hot. got a little repetitive and formulaic at times, but whatever. the friendship (BROMANCE?!) between kiyosumi and maki was unlike anything i've ever seen in another manga. that was the real gem. read it for that if for nothing else.

*cough* i would love if the mangaka could make a doujin/omake of kiyosumi and maki getting together under different circumstances. only because all while reading this a secret part of me wanted them together. lol.
Apothecarius Argentumi just recently found and read this series and HOLY WOW i love it to pieces. been itching for more and almost had a stroke when someone recently picked it up again, it seems.

im a huge sucker for the forbidden love genre and the politics involved only make it better. it's rare that you see political intrigue in a shoujo story like this. and BELIEVABLE political intrigue at that. major props to the mangaka.

edit: getting near the end, and unless the next chapter is a flashback or something, the ...... View
Boku wa Sakana---
Hoshi yo Oka yo Fuyu no Ao yo---
Kokoro Kikai---
Natsukashi Machi no Rozione---
Yubikiri Hime---
Mi to Shounen---
Kazekaze no Hito---
Chou ni Naru Hi.---
Oujitachi wa Izonsuru---
Nageku Shinigami---
A Million-Pound Love---
Akai Michi---
Sabakareshi Mono---
A Cat that Loved a Fish---
Aishite Kudasai, Sensei---
Akuma no Kuchizuke---
S x Mi loved the final twist. beautifully tragic and unexpected.

i also loved the side story. funny, quirky (also unexpectedly sexy). wish the mangaka made more stories like this! (both the main and the side!)
Full Moon Joker---
Heaven's Will---
Koyoi Oto Furu Sora no Shita---
Kusuriyubi Hime---
Ohimesama no Recipe---
Otogibanashi de Himitsu no Kiss---
Blanc Marie---
Ojousama Gomeirei wo---
Dr. Rabbit---
Hidden Love - Trick or True---
Kuroneko Guardian---
Ouji to Ken---
Rensou no Aria---
Shirogane no Ou---
Bara to Dangan---
Sokubaku Master---
Tokage Ouji---
Yuki-doke no Netsu---
Kao no Nai Otoko---
Shisei (YOKOBABA Ryo)---
Ai ga Kami wo Korosu Toki---
Last Portrait---
Heart no Ousama---
Nonchan to Watashi---
Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru---
Yuru Koi---
Hakka Haien no Shujin to Shitsuji---
Houkago Hokenshitsuwith sooo many plot twists and turns and drama, this manga was a doozy. it was interesting, though, and i came to care about the characters and their plight. i loved the genius boy especially. the symbolism involved was really enjoyable too. mizushiro setona has a real knack for including lots of subtle symbols in her work, and it was pulled off well here as well.

the ending.....OHH THE ENDING. well, i can't say that it was pulled out of nowhere since there were clear subtle hints throughout t...... View
Mugen Spiral---
The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twicethis was incredibly well done. i completely agree with many comments that often things got much too dramatic and the characters much too frustrating, but i realized that this was the reality of messy relationships. and i'm SO glad this manga doesn't idealize them like others do but simply accepts them as is. it might or might not work for imagase and kyouichi, it's all up to them in the end. fate doesn't bind them. this is how things work in the real world.

ugh, bonus points for reminding me o...... View
Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!---
Seishun Kouryakuhonthe nostalgia and slice-of-life levels in this manga are off the charts. it was an adorable, refreshing, simple series about the friendship between 4 high school guys. i disagree that it was "cute guys doing cute things" since there was nothing moe about the guys or their friendship with each other. got very bromantic at the end, but there's a good amount of regular romance for the characters as well.

i adore each of the four characters. i feel like their were built very well but also easily t...... View
Dousaibou Seibutsu---
For Once Story---
Houkago Guitar---
Kimi wa Boku no Taiyou---
Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru---
Soshite Watashi wa Kaeru ni Koisuru---
Wasurene no Language---
Monster dj - Play Memory For Me---
Death Song---
The Kidnapping of Minja Jo's Boyfriend---
Hoshiyomi no Yogensha---
Yuuhi Romance---
Life, Love---
Akaneshinchi Hanaya Sange---
Running on Empty---
Chuuousen Cinema Paradise---
Wisteria-Colored Sky Apartment---
0 no Soukoushi---
Nanji, Chikai no Kuchizuke wo...cute manga. eh.

i was actually slightly captivated by the final story. not because of the plot or anything, but it was the first time in a shoujo manga that i saw a female character retaliating physically against the bullying of other girls. not that violence should be celebrated or anything, but it was a welcome change to the typical cattiness of those kind of exchanges in shoujo manga. lol.
Fu Junai---
Private Prince---
Tsuiteru Kanojo (ENJOUJI Maki)---
Hapi Marii think the beginning of the manga started off phenomenally with all the romantic tension and stuff between chiwa and hokuto, and later on digging a bit into both of their pasts. later on, however, i started to get bored with all the random plot twists and so much angsting about hokuto's typical family drama. also, hokuto slapping chiwa just seems like character break. wtf enjouji-sensei. since when is that supposed to be acceptable by any standards. and chiwa's just supposed to accept and ta...... View
Atashi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai---
Yoru Café.---
Midnight Secretary---
Itsuka Sukida to Itte---
Spicy Pink---
Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Luckenwalde no Heya de---
Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Halloween Special---
Blue Nathanael---
Close Your Eyes (INARIYA Fusanosuke)---
Ai Hime - Ai to Himegotowhen he leaves his 16-year old daughter with an unrelated 23-year-old?! lmao.

aside from this LOL LOGIC moment, this shoujo was disney cute and fluffy. jinya is just a lolicon is all~ tehehe.
Zion no Koeda---
Bed no Ue no Tengoku---
Double Face---
Yuuwaku (Takamiya Azuma)---
Teirui Makura---
Mirai no Kioku---
Doukyuusei (NAKAMURA Asumiko)---
Kimi no Mukougawa---
Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu.---
The Art of Hana-Kimi---
Arashi no Ato---
Double Line---
Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!---
Hana wa Saku kai agree that the atmosphere is everything in this series. the romance is slow to develop, but it's sweet and deliberate, unlike the rushed sexual tension in other stories (which isn't bad, just a nice change of pace, lol.).

i enjoy that the focus is not only on the atmosphere in this story, but also on the characters. there isn't a real plot to the story other than the characters discovering more about one another, especially sakurai and youichi. but it's really enjoyable to see these characte...... View
Out (HIDAKA Shoko)---
Tarinai Jikan---
Elhanburg no Tenshi---
Blood+ - Yakou Joushi---
Hard Romantica---
Sotsugyouseiis such a dork. i love him. he's the best character by far. kusakabe is a close second for being such a lovable idiot. sajou is pretty meh but whatever. the story is sweet, cutely funny, adorable, and well written. ugh, i want more.
Sora to Hara---
Jinsei wa Barairo da dj - Aishiteru to Ittekure---
Kanchigai Musume to Buchigire Oujifirst two stories were pretty dumb. third was was meh but also kinda dumb. final story was pretty cute and worthwhile. nothing groundbreaking, but genuinely cute. skip the first three and read the final if you like cute shoujo.
Happy End no Uragawa---
Sakana no Yume---
Ningyo ga Fuchi---
The Monkey's Foot---
Koi (MATSUMOTO Tomo)---
The Girl's Winter---
Yappari Yoru made Matenai---
A Small World---
Banana Bread no Puddingit's really not that hard to figure out the "symbols" and themes in this manga once you think about it a little. just needs a bit of critical analysis. ira was afraid of falling in love and all of the "impure" feelings and emotions that came along with it. she was afraid of growing and maturing into an adult that would have to deal with these new feelings. the manga could have done a better job with the "dealing" part of that, but i think it conveyed the intent and growth pretty well.

she defi...... View
Safe Again Today---
Kare no Aijou no Hakari---
Hyakkiyakou Juliet---
Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda---
Hand Which---
Mousou Elektel---
Ikusen no Yoruafter the final cliffhanger of the second volume, i was anxious to see how the third volume, after the time skip, would treat that topic and resolve that issue. i was surprised and disappointed to see that it was pretty much ignored and forgotten as a real problem in the third volume and the story continues with some other drama-rama and a predictable conclusion. blah! and it had such nicely done first two volumes! ;(
Gerard to Jacques---
Negai Kanae Tamae---
Endless World---
Kimi ni Yori Nishi---
Kimi to Harujion---
Meguriau yo Baby---
Nakimushi na Little---
Kiss Blue---
Don't Cry Baby---
Tonari no Kare---
Uchi no Ouji Irimasen ka---
Double Mints---
Seinen wa Ai o Kou---
Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudani really enjoyed the poetic way in which the first story and the garden of despair story was written. so much was conveyed with only a few words.

each of the stories was well written, however. if the story isn't tragic, it'll still pull your heartstrings in some way. fifth and sixth stories were the most lighthearted, but i still love the mature way in which each story was formed and the formation of the characters (i love the perverted guy in the 6th story. we're all guilty, aren't we?)

great ...... View
Don't Cry, Girl---
Touch Me Again---
Koi no Hanashi ga Shitaimain story was a bit confusing, but nice and original. you don't see a lot of stories about a heavily awkward couple.

i LOVED the re: hello oneshot. sooo painfully beautiful and poignant. god why am i addicted to such impossible stories of unrequited love ;_;
Yes It's Me---
Je t'aime, café noir---
Kiss Me Princess---
Totally Captivated---
Eros in the Stoic---
Yorube Naki Mono---
Doushitemo Furetakunaias mentioned, i love how this mangaka can draw character expressions so well. it really conveys a lot of emotion from the characters despite the dialogue sometimes being a bit confusing. i have a penchant for angst, so of course i ate this story up.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
mangaka mentioned in the afterward that a lot of readers wanted a man like togawa to marry. THIS IS SO TRUE ;_; i felt the same way lol. i even cried when shima did, relating to his regret that a relationship with togawa...
... View
Seven Days---
Kasa no Shita, Futari---
Abarenbou Kareshi---
Ouji no Kikan---
Kimi Note---
Star-like Words---
Boku to Kanojo no xxx - Bangaihen---
Dog Style---
Kamisama no Ude no Naka---
Mister Mermaid---
Hageshii Ame---
Gravity Eyes---
Hell & Heaven---
Higouhou Junai---
Ohana to Chocolate---
Bokura wo Shihaisuru Kotoba---
Sensei wa Dummy---
Otona Keikenchi---
Mugen Dokei---
Otona Keikenchi dj - Boku wa Sunao ja Nai---
Kamisama no Ude no Naka dj - Strauss wa Ichinensei---
Megane Café Glass---
Megane Cafe Glass dj - Cafe Megane---
Love Stage!! & Renai Idenshi XX dj - 15th Anniversary Special---
Love Stage!! dj - Ura Ver.---
Love Me Thru the Night---
Doushite Namida ga Derunokana---
Me o Tojite 3-Byou---
Koi no Surisasu---
Koisuru Heart de Taihoshite---
Princess Princess---
Princess Princess dj - Lovers' Secret---
Wild Darling---
Lovers, Souls---
Rinjin wa Chou---
Yajuu, Futari.---
Jounetsu no Young Man---
Yume no Kodomo---
Mata Ashita---
Zethe art, the angst, the tragic and heartfelt romances, the AWESOME chemistry between each pair of characters...this manga has it all. the relationship portrayed between each pair was so great and believable that i even found myself enjoying stuff i'm normally not into at all o___o;;; uhh, good job shimizu yuki 8D

why are the english translations so hard to find! ;_;! *cries*
Love Modeim...falling in love with this mangaka at quite the quick rate. i feel like she starts with a oneshot, expands into extra side stories and adds a little backstory, expands on the backstory and adds extra characters, expands and keep repeating...HOLY CRAP. and it doesn't feel disjointed or awkward, the story flows together so naturally. i really respect her writing and storytelling. really. it's quite a feat to continue writing in a developing universe. or maybe she had it all planned? haha, w...... View
Lover's Mode---
Matsugo no Yume---
Ze - Fan Book---
Ze - Kami no Hon---
Recipei have to appreciate the first story a bit because it's all about seduction without any romance at all, pretty much. kaiya is pretty mean, but he's also a sadist and its nothing worse then anything i've seen from other mean semes. poor kou is the perfect lovestruck tsundere. too bad playing nice is not anywhere in kaiya's book. i love his creepy face when kou confesses to him. it represents the story quite well.

second story was ok. i thought yuujin was more of a jerk than kaiya, to kou at lea...... View
No Color---
Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo---
Tight Rope---
Free Punchboth couples in this manga are beyond cute. this mangaka really has a knack for making tough but adorable seme's X3 and coupled with non-annoying tsundere uke's hehe.

actually what i loved best about this manga was the side characters. they didn't get a whole lot of screen time, but they were so original and amusing and really added to the light-heartedness of both stories. my fav's were the 3 guys protecting amano-sensei from the first story and the gundam otaku with kansai-ben from the secon...... View
Kiraboshi Dial---
Ayakari-ZoushiI'm glad this was finally completed. It's really funny and lighthearted. I'm so glad it ended at two volumes and didn't go on and on like other series (I love Natsume Yuujinchou, but I can't keep up with all of that). I love how sweet and wholesome sensei made all the relationships and kept them that way (even tho I know what she's capable of as a BL author LOL)

I felt like the ending was a little heavy and rushed for such a lighthearted series, but it wasn't bad at all. Too bad Ei-chan didn't...... View
Heart no Kakurega---
House Backer---
Sugar Code---
xxxHoLic dj - Natsu no Shizuku---
Hana no Mizo Shiru---
Sora o Daite Oyasumi---
Escape (KYUUGOU)---
Okujou no Bai-Bai---
Bokura ni Matsuwaru Etcetera---
Monkey Strip---
Soko ni Suwaru na---
Koujitsusei no Tobira---
Sawatte, Tokashite---
Haikei, Niisan-samathis one got me good. damn you sensei.

as a BL fan i saw the tension between them and i want them to say "fuck everything" and get down to business. but then the mangaka really makes their bond as brothers deep and believable and poignant. they WILL lose that if they throw caution to the wind and become involved. which would be the larger tragedy? im so happy they made the right decisions but also so SO sad the tension was basically unresolved.

UGH. now i need to go read some unbelievable dark ...... View
Itsuka Ame ga Furu You ni---
Tomodachi no Hanashii love all the themes this manga deals with, and all with just a simple and sweet story about friendship. all of the characters feel alienated, alone and rejected by their peers for one reason or another, but find solace in one person who accepts them, who happen to be their complete opposite. through this person they learn to accept their own flaws and accept the flaws of others as well. perhaps their one mistake is being too fiercely loyal to their own friends, but even then they also learn...... View
Natsu Yasumi Zero Zero Nichime---
Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki.---
Nobody Knows---
Non Tea Room---
Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai---
Omamorishimasu, Dokomademo---
Recipe no Oujisama---
Satanic Sweet---
Junketsu Drop---
Akai Ito (TSUKUBA Sakura)---
Kuraku naru Made Matte---
Sabaki no Mon---
Sono Te wa Atatakai---
Canvas ni Kuchizuke o---
Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko---
Momoiro Saeru Suman---
Bukiyou na Silent---
My Life with Youthe plot was kinda useless; for the first time ever in a military-ish manga i wanted less politics and more romance. not that the romance was super stellar; the character's motivations were far-fetched at times and were much too driven by inexplicable emotional whims. the art, however, is top notch and the smut is pretty hot. freaking sexy military uniforms, 10/10
Trouble in Paradise---
4-gatsu no Hina---
Onaji Sora o Miteiru---
Punch ↑---
17 Sai no Hisoka na Yokujou---
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Seinen Horeyasuku, Koi Narigatashi---
Kimi wa Boku o Suki ni Naru---
Dirty Work---
Rasen no Kioku---
R-18typical shoujo premise with forgettable mains. even the smut was all lackluster and typical "omg nooo!!" *blusshhhhhh* and the male turning into an almost rapist ;/

only gets points for the debut of the "r" character and the male lead spouting classic lit lines lol.
Sweet Bitter Candy---
Two Colors---
Mizutama Puzzlethe dialogue can be a little muddled and the theme a bit complicated for such a short piece, but I think hidaka-sensei did well. the overarching theme ended up being ambition and career over romance, but it's execution was a bit awkward, i wish it had just stayed with romance lol. or at least have the characters not get together at all and just simply grow from their meeting with each other.

i COMPLETELY appreciated how the manga wasn't apologetic about mizuki's actions. he wasn't ill-intentio...... View
Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu dj - Suki no Katei---
Kakko Warukute Kakkoii Kimi---
Sono Mama dei love how nicely asou kai sensei creates these simple slice of life stories without falling into most common bl traps. her art is super cute but not overly feminine and her characters are endearing and relatable. i cried for tsuji's devastating heartbreak!

that said i wanted to knock aizawa out a few times for his unbearable insecurity and lack of communication skills. i guess there has to be glaring cliched flaws in at least one character, but i wish it had been carried out in a less frustra...... View
Hatsukoi no Atosakithis series reminds me a bit of the cornered mouse dreams of cheese in that the relationship dynamic is somewhat similar (also the reversible part XD). one of them is desperately in love with the other and insecure about the other's feelings while the other person is, after being away and experiencing life in general, clinging to this one experience that made him feel more than he had ever felt, ever. i dont think that nishina is quite in love with miyama yet by the end, however he does truth...... View
Soushoku Joushi no Otoshikata---
Hokenshitsu Made Nan M?this series was dropped at the request of the japanese publisher, libre. they've been sending out C&D letters to numerous scanlation groups that work on their titles. hopefully some of their titles get licensed so we can finish reading them! ;(
Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai---
Udagawachou de Mattete yo.bonus points for a manga that actually deals with the topic of crossdressing seriously and not just for laughs. what's so bad about a guy who wants to wear girl clothes, especially if he looks great in them?! *dies of nosebleed*

i actually enjoyed the character of momose. he was quite....unique XD he has this really scary appearance and is sometimes forceful and appears mean at times, but really he's just an awkward metal-loving virgin. and his unwavering fixation on yashiro just made his puri...... View
Work In---
Kimi no Koe ga Kikitai---
Sagatte Omachi Kudasai---
Kanashii (Itoshii) Kotoba---
Kurayami ni Strobeit's super sweet bl's like this that really get to me. their feelings are so pure and the plot is so simple, you celebrate even the slightest interaction between the two mains. it's been awhile since such innocence has gotten me so riled up, lol. itccchiiinnnggg for more! ;_;

edit: i do want to defend arata a bit. i don't feel like arata "suddenly" became this brash and loud tsundere like suggested, but that he's been holding back since the beginning. previously he needed to play off his feeli...... View
Haiiro no Umi---
Toshokan no Yokai---
Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikkii found this manga almost...poetic in its presentation of images and the paneling. dialogue is limited since the mains themselves aren't the type to talk much, but so much is expressed in how they see one another and the things that are going on in the background (the kiss on the train platform scene comes to mind) that you feel instead of know what is going on in the character's minds. i agree with the character chiba and infinity that the kiss was freaking HOT. and this is just a shounen ai...... View
Yozora no Sumikko de,i just read up to chapter 7 and almost fell off my bed at the ending. YOU CAN'T JUST CUT IT OFF MID-SENTENCE LIKE THAT HAYAKAWA-SENSEI ;____;!! im in love with this mangaka's stuff. the art and paneling is just....amazing. it's a bit reminiscent of sahara mizu's stuff in its simplicity and poetic-ness. i love how she blends flashbacks and memories into reality using sound or some kind of symbolic imagery. i also love how she gives machines the character uses and even the weather some kind of ...... View
Tsuda Memo---
No Title---
Bikkuri suru hodo Doji na Koi---
Dame BL---
Ikemen-kun to Saenai-kun---
Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kunlmao. the strange threat the grandfather posed on meiji and misaki's relationship was interesting, though dismissive. i think this story was constructed really well, even though it was quite simple. i love that how through no explanation at all, you could feel meiji's powerlessness against his grandfather and the contrast between his rich-boy background and misaki's able-ness and independence. though meiji is rich and has it all, in reality he holds no swaying power over many aspects in his l...... View
Kare no Barairo no Jinsei---
Negative-kun to Positive-kun---
Ringo ni Hachimitsu---
Syrup! [Bitter]---
Yume Yume Shinjuu....WHATS GOING ON?!

i guess i'll have to re-read this whole once it's done lol. all the supernatural stuff is going WAY over my head.

i want the step-bro to win ;x *gets killed*
Ai no Tame ni---
Sono Saki no Fuukei---
Door to Heaven---
Okubyou na Yubisaki---
Shachou to Hisho, Ai no Shoumei---
Hito ni Ienai Aidagara (Yukimura)---
Ochibure Shinshi ni Ai no Uta---
Oitekebori Blues---
Koi to wa Yobenai---
Usotsuki wa Dareda---
Marude Hajimete no Koi Mitai niyukimura's works haven't really left any lasting impression on me, this work included. cute and fluffy story, no more, no less. however, the ukes in these stories are the most moe i've seen in her works so far. super blushing king in the second story stole my heart ;_;
Yoru no Tenohira---
Kimi to Parade---
Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi---
Ano Ko to Juliet---
NightS dj - Another Story---
Suki no Mebaei didn't care much for the first story. hisaishi liking keisuke was a bit creepy and keisuke was much too immature for my tastes. grow a spine and get a clue, little boy! on the other hand, i loved the second story much better. as an older sibling i sympathized with minamoto so much (especially the part where he said he cried ;_; ) and kiichi was a really interesting character.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
i just didn't think that the older bro would be the uke! lol. though it's a bit unconvent...
... View
Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai---
Gosan no Heart---
Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou---
Boku no Chi de Yokereba---
Hatsukoi Izonshou---
Yorokobi wa Hiza no Ue---
Hidoku Shinaide & Mousou Elektel dj - Shinaide + Elektel---
Kamisama no Ude no Naka de dj - Goshujin-sama, anone---
Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi---
Little Butterfly---
Katekyo! Brap dj - Kemomimi---
Katekyo! dj - Chocolate Fondue---
Katekyo! dj - Crème brûlée---
Bokura wa Sore o Hitei Dekinai---
Hana no Miyako deonly takarai rihito-sensei could create that unbearable sweetness and then kill us with that ending. ugh! for its length, i thought it was well done, though. i even think i liked it more than the original story since the angst balanced out the sweetness, unlike the original which was pretty much all sweet 8D who knew the prof had such a touching backstory ;_; i love unrequited love pieces done in historical times, so this was right up my alley <3
System of Romance---
Retsujouactually i thought this manga was hilarious. in each story the uke is like "no of course i'm straight!!!!!" and then the next page, BAM he's getting on top of the seme. lmfao. had it's cute moments, but i really think the mangaka was like "alright that's enough romantic drama, ONTO THE SMUT" lol. and all the seme's were crybabies! during sex too! read this manga if you want a good laugh, really.
Makeinu no Nandemoya---
Sore wa Isshun no Hikari, dewanakurelationship between yasunao and akira was super sweet, but the trauma plot felt tacked on. i was just forced and half-hearted so the scenes with akira being depressed don't really make a lot of sense. this manga could have just gotten rid of the whole trauma thing and made a cute simple story about how two friends fall in love with each other. nothin wrong with that 8D
Square na Kankeii actually really enjoyed the lack of complexity in this manga. the plot is pretty much solving some internal conflict already established couples are facing, and while not a whole lot actually happens (the characters seem already established because of the game its based on), the relationships evolve in a believable way and draw us closer to the characters.

wish i could have seen the game it's based on! this manga made me want to learn more about the characters and how they got into their rel...... View
Tonari no Oniisan (ASOU Kai)---
Adele to Darius---
S no Kaikoroku---
Detarame Mousouryoku Opera---
Last Client---
Sheets no Sukimafirst two stories were generally sweet but a little on the shoujo ridiculous side, lol. i also agree that yoshihara's chibi's are really not attractive at all ;( oh well. third story was really cute and disney sweet and i love the theme of a stay at home dad 8D *cackles*

i totally DID NOT expect yoshihara-sensei to make dark sexual stories, though. normally i don't really enjoy her stories since they're highly idealized and unrealistic smut with weird characterizations but these stories opened...... View
Konna Otoko wa Aisareru---
Rinjin wo Aisou---
Interval Zero---
The Cosmic Tunnel---
After the Child Sleeps---
Mizuiro to Pinku, Sore kara Daidai---
Himitsu no Yoasobi---
Mikansei na Karada---
Amaiyo Maiyo---
Sakitcho Dakedemo---
Amai Kaori Ga Surun Desu---
Nidome no Koi (HIDAKA Shoko)---
Merry Checker---
Joyful Days?cute and shoujo sugary sweet, plus cute art.

the only substantial i have to say about this story, though, is that i feel like a pretty big issue was sidestepped. arai felt happy that satou did things for her, but it didn't address the fact enough that she wanted their relationship to be equal. i feel like that was the hugest obstacle in their relationship which satou was impeding in his misguided need to "protect" or "shield" her. arai was looking for someone to stand beside her, not in front ...... View
Mayuge no Kakudo wa 45° de---
Michiru Heya---
Nishikaidan no Akuma---
Ouji no Hakoniwa---
Suits no Kunithe art is remarkably gorgeous. loved that.

it felt like a giant apple commercial, though. i felt like the social media/technology bits werent introduced very smoothly and just felt like blatant product placement. ruined my enjoyment of the story. and although twitter certainly helped to move a political revolution in real life, i don't think it quite worked out like this (plus a country could totes just cover up and claim other stuff, like other countries in real life as well). i feel like it...... View
Miwaku Shikake - Amai Wanathe main character is such a little bitch! it makes me so mad i swear! but i guess that's a good thing since it leaves lots of room for character development besides the evil smile boss. in some ways im like "YEAH GET HIM, THE LITTLE SNOT" but at the same time i dont want it to come to rape <_<

i have a lot of conflicting emotions about this series so far, i'll continue reading!
Dame na Kurai ga Choudoii---
Zutto Miteita Mono desu kara---
Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru---
Sawattemo Ii kana---
Crystal Palace---
Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hitothis mangaka is boss at making characters with moe expressions. both seme and uke in both stories were hella adorable. i'll definitely check out her other works.

in regards to the first story however, im still reeling with how it all played out. like, what!? just like that?
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
i mean, what, after the guy confesses, noboru is suddenly in love with him and wants him? i guess i can see how he might begin to be attracted to him because of how moe mitsuya looked when he conf...
... View
Lily Colored Lovers---
Ten Countwhen i started reading this manga i thought it would be a simple, sweet story of shirotani overcoming his mysophobia while gently falling in love at the same time. it's a common premise with a better take on mysophobia than others mangas, though still imperfect, but i thought rihito-sensei would do it well and give us a sweet story like hana no mizo shiru.


somewhere in the story the tone suddenly shifts and kurose is definitely out for shirotani's body. there's some s&m ove...... View
Liberty Liberty!---
Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru---
Howl's Moving Castle dj - My Heart---
Aruji no Oose no Mama ni---
Electric Hands---
Koi Koinegau---
God Virgin---
Koisuru Ikimono---
Karada Meate de Warui ka---
Fuyu Kaze wa Dare ga Hiku---
Tenohira no Seizavery sweet bl, but gah, the misunderstandings! i like my stories to have angst, but angst caused by careless misunderstandings is just lazy storytelling, in my opinion ;/ would have just been better to cut yoshimi out and just have enji super jealous of mizuho and his friend, lol.

the angst i would have preferred would be if issei was actually in love with mizuho the whole time as well. UNREQUITED LOVE FTW. *cough* im not a masochist, i swear
Uwasa no Oujisamafrom the first story is MAD hot. guh. it was worth it reading through this mess for that extra pic of him alone. and he's straight! i feel like straight side characters are a rarity in bl manga.

that aside, unfortunately the stories were kinda dumb ;/ romantic development was non-existant and it jumped into the sex as soon as possible. third story was kinda cute since we have an already established couple and don't need to go through an excuse of a chase. smut is alright, but there's better ou...... View
Koiha Ina Mono Mouna Mono---
Critical Lovers---
Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi---
Bokura no Unsei---
Ouji-sama no Obenkyou---
Uwasa no Futarialthough im absolutely in love with matsumoto temari's art, sometimes her stories give me the heeby jeebies since it looks so much like shotacon @_@

this story is an exception, though! i loved the main story the best, so cute and the more intimate scenes were SUPER HOT. guh.

can the rest of this story be translated please? ;_;
White & Black---
Slow Starter (ICHIKAWA Kei)ahhhh! this manga was SO sweet and adorable, i love how slowly and innocently everything progressed. you really feel all their insecurities and awkwardness and joy in the smallest things. also i loved the lack of any overt drama, just a simple story of a sincere friendship morphing into a first love.

the extra was such a tease. i want to see them living together and then eventually...yeah! lol. ;_;
Tsumasaki ni Kourozu---
Nishiki-kun no Nasugamamahonestly i went into this expecting the typical shoujo story with a cruel male lead who's bossing the girl around and sexually harassing her any chance he gets with a random "i only did it cuz i love you" confession at the end. thank heavens i was wrong!

although the male lead can be a bit bossy and pushy at times, it's forgivable and an acceptable flaw in his character (he's a rich brat after all). the girl is a bit wishy-washy and meh, but it still made for a cute romance story. nothing too ...... View
Akanai Tobirathis mangaka is super good at making moe blushing characters that steal hearts. my heart hnnggg'd a couple of times.

sweet, cute stories, the one with the sadist made me ;/ a little, though. i loved the one with the store clerk, though. age gaps and role reversals, oh my!

the first story rubbed me the wrong way even more than the sadist did, though. talk about victim blaming! honestly the seme can go to hell.
Honto no Usothis was cuter than i expected.

actually, it wasn't even the romance that i found captivating. it was cute and all, but what overpowered it in this short oneshot was the relationship between the older man and his best friend/president. the bromance was offfff the chartssss. i'd love to see more based on those two alone.
Wild and Strawberry---
Otona no Manaa---
Kimi to Date---
Summer Switch---
Taikutsu wa Warawanai---
Tsujimura-san is a Secretreally nice oneshot, and as it seems is suzuki tsuta's signature right now, left off with an open ending ;_;

cute, heartwarming and a nice story about a romance ready to blossom. too bad we didn't get to see how it blossomed! ;( i loved the main's reaction to the gay guy "my only daughter!" what?! are fathers normally attracted to their daughters? XD lol.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
also contains the BEST reaction from a character to witnessing an attempted rape, in my opinion. none of this "do...
... View
Paradise e Oide yo!---
Gold Rush 21the stories told in such a short amount of chapters was phenomenal and touching. i even almost cried at the end of the third chapter.

however, i feel like we got cheated out of a larger story with so much potential, especially since we only got to really explore TWO characters out of the like 5 introduced to us. i really, REALLY wanted backstory on ritsu and how she met rika-chan! (also how that little unrequited love story started) ahh! the characters were all so interesting and had great che...... View
Kamatte Kawaii Hito---
Sono Koi ni wa Wake ga Aru---
Love Log---
Colorful Line---
Wasure Yuki (AMANO Shinobu)---
Gimmickdude, all the bonus points for the little brother who knows exactly what's going on and seems like the mature one in the crows XD

it was quite hot, even though things didnt go to completion, if you know what i mean 8D hickey war ftw!
Kimi wa Amai Amai...normally i love angsty stories to death, but with proper characterization to back it up. the characterization in these stories were shallow at best, so all the angst felt super melodramatic and eyeroll worthy. i didn't really care about any of the characters or their relationships with each other. meh. a few sweet scenes. i didn't like the third story at all. im not into abusive rapey possessive semes.

the art is pretty great, though. i feel like if i stare into the eyes long enough, i might f...... View
Long Vacation---
Ikujinashi no Shiawase---
Darenimo Iwanaide---
Juicy Cider---
U Don't Know Me---
Ryoute ni Darling---
Crown Craze---
Kirakira no Hibi---
Sugar Milki'd been plowing through some mediocre titles lately and this has been a nice break in the norm ^^ really cute series of oneshots with a great slice-of-lifey feel and likeable characters!

i didn't care for the second story really, but i loved the first one and the childhood friends one. childhood friends always get me D: the other two stories feel a tad incomplete, but are still lovely and feel poetic and lyrical with their vague endings. like capturing a photo in a complex scene that only tel...... View
Terebi-kun no Kimochithe cute level in this is OFF THE CHARTS. i don't really go for girly character designs and big eyes, but all is forgiven with all the sweetness and pure adorableness of the couples.

ESPECIALLY THE THIRD ONE. omg that tsundere supervisor almost gave me a heart attack.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
esp when the supervisor was like "smile so the customers don't get scared" and the manager's like "but you'll fall in love with me" supervisor: "no i won't!" manager: *super charm smile kirakira action*...
... View
Manazashi no Hayagane---
Eroman - Kami to Pen to Sex to!!---
Hatsukoi (Kakine)---
Rutta to Kodamathe characters get together really quickly and arbitrarily, it seems, and then the rest of the story is just their fluffy couple time and their high school antics.

its cute i guess, but i wanted more substance and chemistry to their relationship than just "oh you're friendly to me, i like you." meh. whatever.
Hybrid Child---
Café Latte Rhapsody---
Call My Name (JARYUU Dokuro)---
Yabai Kimochilovely art, but read just like a shoujo with a spineless uke and a selfish and pushy seme. almost NO development of any characters, just some drama rama we're expected to care about. typical jealousy plot, but with a character so bland and flaky i didnt care about him at all and forgot his name.

yawn, disappointed.
Otokonoko ni TorikoLOL. actually i liked the novelty of this. there needs to be more shy tsundere guys in shoujo manga. im SO sick of the rapey controlling bastards that is the norm in a lot of series.

also as a fujioshi this guy totally hits all of my buttons @___@ *nosebleed*

definitely had a lot of weaknesses at the end. like, really? did we need a random misunderstanding for the sake of it being standard shoujo? not all shoujo needs instances of drama-rama. i would have been perfectly fine with the female tea...... View
Shinyuu Henjou!---
Sono Kuchibiru wo Hirake---
Komata-kun to Komata-chan---
Ushirogawa kara Koigokoro---
Kuroorihime to Kawaki no Outhe art is really great and i'll give the manga that. also this story, while not totally original, had a lot of potential and the character development was decent, though not enough development to break out of the typical archetypes.

i really dislike that the king started out so rapey and gross and within the span of a oneshot he turned the opinion of the girl around. ugh. stuff like that needs more than a couple chapters to be believable and palatable. i loved the art and humor, but i just co...... View
Mitsu no Tsumatta Joushi---
Puchitto Hajiketa,---
Twinkle (KANDA Neko)---
Gin no Kaze Tooi Toki---
Asayake no Diamond Life---
Denkou Sekka Boys---
Hachiue no Juunin---
Mayonaka no Oyatsu---
Konya, Mister de---
Kimi ni Hana o---
Trap (Min Song A)---
Sin (Ka Yu Jin)---
Jane and Harlequin---
Steep Cliff---
Café Relish ni Oide---
Harapekou Usagi to Koisuru Ookami---
Kabe no Naka no Tenshi (Bikke)---
Itsuka Tomodachi ja Nakunaru to Shite moi know childhood friends is a played ass out trope in bl

BUT I CAN'T HELP LOVING THIS. it's so heartfelt and sweet! I'd love a chapter about their first time xD but this is fine too. ugh, I need to go bang my head against a wall over how cute and sweet this is.
Hatsukoi ni Kisu---
Hanayome wa Oku-san---
Room Share (ISINO Aya)---
Liar Kiss---
Himeyaka na Tousaku---
Amai Yajuu---
Mousugu Are ni Naru---
Hana to Usagii can't. i almost died reading this. ITS TOO ADORABLE. AHHHHHHH

very shy and blushy recluse crushes on the new energetic delivery boy because he smiled at him. im getting some hana no saku koro feels except without the touch of angst. the characters are adorable beyond belief. /screeches
Dokonimo Nai KuniFirst story was really nice and really conveyed the feeling of PTSD and the forlorn, even nostalgic feelings one gets when addressing a large trauma. Wish we could have seen more of the couple getting it on on the island, tho. lol.

The story with the idiot was really cute and a little sad, and instantly made me interested in the story of their friends. I was super into the friend story when THAT happened and I was all like "ugh, unnecessary off-putting stuff to try to drive drama in a BL story...... View
Nakanai Hotaru---
My Hero (TANAKA Teko)---
Ningyohime to Ouji-sama---
Ameiro no Toge---
Sore o Koigokoro to Yobu no Nara---
Kocchi Muite Waratte---
Wolf Boy and Cinderellait was so cute! it started out so unbelievably cute and had so much potential, especially as a gender bender, but then the last couple of pages really ruined it and left me with such a bad aftertaste ;(

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
would have given it a zillion points if the wolf boy was like "i like you either way" and made out with him as a boy. TEN OUT OF TEN. i was so ready to give it so much credit! damn it!

Tomodachi, Nanoni - Friend, Yet---
Shoku no Hana---
Ashita mo Tanin---
Nennen Saisai---
To the Sea---
Boku to Sono Tsuzuki o---
Soredemo, Yasashii Koi o Suru---
Close Your Eyes (HIDAKA Shoko)if it ends like that then it was kind of anticlimactic. i like angst, but i hate when angsty endings occur because of unresolved misunderstandings. like, c'mon, really? ;/

now, if this had an extra chapter, detailing how the guys have to move into the same apartment after their parents marry and super tension occurs, then all is forgiven and it will all be worth it. SEXUAL TENSION FTW
Umibe no Étranger---
Dragon ni Koi---
Gesu BL---
Ito mo Tayasukuim always amazed at how nojiko-sensei can come up with these stories and a corresponding visual theme so well. this story was creative, mysterious and heartfelt with only a few pages. sensei clearly has a gift for making stories, my love is justified <3

i didn't think about a metaphor until 801crazed mentioned it, and it's interesting to think about. it's possible that it could be a metaphor and the possibilities for what could be endless. in the end the theme is the same that the friend wants...... View
Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kuni managed to get my hands on some spanish scans and now i'm super tempted to buy this in english. the plot is nothing new or special by any means, just your normal friends falling in love plot. but the way the characters interact with each other was so interesting and charming and adorable, reminded me a bit of the interactions in Ameiro Paradox except with completely different characters. i loved how genuine the friendship seemed between the mains with them bickering and messing with each ot...... View
Koketsu Dining---
Bright Light SproutI really love Ichikawa Kei's works, and this one is really no exception. The characters are nicely established and the two mains have a very pleasant relationship. It's interesting to see their backstories and the side characters as well. I really love the fujioshi boss, she's the best xD

the only the age gap combined with the fact that the uke is an abuse victim. In the story, it's nice and sweet, but I can't help but feel smarmy reading it. I know it's not the case, but...... View
Yasaotoko to Sadistic---
Itoshi no Nekokke - Otoru Hen---
Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto waI think people are frustrated because they want to see the romantic thread resolved and see this story going nowhere, but I think its point IS to go nowhere.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I think these brothers genuinely love each other, but they twisted each other's love from an unfortunate incident. The younger brother idolized his brother and probably had this super masculine and cool image of him. This was ruined discovering that his brother was gay, and in a position of submission, at that....
... View
Ichi Ni no San!i have cavities now.

i'm an absolute sucker for childhood friends and unrequited love and this melts me to my core. if you want super cute, but still bittersweet, fluff, this is your jam. suzu-chan is also absolutely adorable and likable as the sidekick female. i love when bl authors make cute female characters as supporting characters and not as annoying antagonists. gonna look for more of this author's work now.
Kurayami no Shutter Speed---
Niini no Mori---
Cello Mellow---
Tomodachi Ijou no Koto, Shitai.---
500-Nen no ItonamiI'm usually not on board with human/Android romances. It feels fantastical and fake and reeks of nothing but wish fulfillment. This was different though. This manga explores what it means to be human and how love is truly a human trait. Hikaru b may be programmed to love tora-kun and the validity of his feelings may be questioned, but in the end it doesn't matter. Hikaru b becomes something of significant, sentiment value to tora and the only real thing which ties him to the human world and k...... View
End Game---
Boku wa Anata ni Koi o Suru---
Yokubou Shounen---
Tamayura (YUKI Ringo)i thought this manga was pretty good for the length that it was. im slightly disappointed since it's a little on the simplistic side and didn't make better use of its setting (taisho era is like the definition of deep, tragic angst). it could be im just expecting too much and the bar has been set very high with mangas like Yuuutsu na asa and Sakura Gari, which both emphasize the high level of taboo of same-sex relationships at the time and one dealing with the politics of being an heir much m...... View
Yuuutsu na Asamore chapters can't come out soon enough!

but really the history and political intrigue in this is spot on and super realistic, in turn making the angst and star-crossed-ness of the romantic angle even more poignant and gripping. at the same time i love how the barrier between the two characters is not, in fact, their difference in rank itself. it's their own selves and how each of them deal with their difference in rank that separates them. akihito in all his desperation seems to be willing n...... View
Void (ZARIYA Ranmaru)---
Stray Bullet Baby---
IntenseI love mobster dramas and the art is great, so this really intrigued me.

but the resulting story is....mediocre. forgettable. I completely forgot everything when I read this again. Jiwoon is supposed to be this skilled assassin but we never see his skills....and he is really dumb for someone who's lived their whole life under a mob boss. Soohan is this mute guy, but that soon no longer becomes an issue once he meets Jiwoon. This is never explained. They fall in love really quickly and really i...... View
Sannin Gurashi---
Hidamari ga Kikoerui read in the epilogue that this is the author's first bl work xD and that she didn't intend the story to be bl at first lol

even though she might have been uncomfortable with the format at first im glad this came out how it did. it's so sweet and deliberate, a great first shounen ai work smile

edit: I JUST CAUGHT UP. IM CRYING OMG. this really is top notch work. the disability was utilized well and was a realistic barrier to the relationship as well as a conduit. i could really sympathize with ko...... View
Sorekara, Kimi o Kangaeru---
Sweet Heart Triggerthe relationship dynamic reminds me a lot of the cornered mouse dreams of cheese, but this was a more crazy take on it lol. with guns. in MERICA.

i'll pray for their relationship xD regardless it was a cute, entertaining read. i can tell the mangaka indulges in a lot of western media lmao.
Satou Masashi no Heya---
Jackass!This is a first lol. Not that the sexy scenes were bad, mind you, they were fine, but they weren't very...memorable? lol, honestly I think it's just that the rest of the manga really outshone itself for me that I didn't care when they were banging, I just wanted more banter between the characters.

The characters really shine in this manga, though. It's really nice that we technically get the love stories of three different couples seamlessly in this one manga. Keisuke and Masayuki make for a r...... View
Pet Keiyaku---
Liquor & Cigarette---
"'Suki" da Nante Zettai ni Iwanai---
Koi Nanka Shitakunai---
Umi no Juunin to wa Koi wa Shinai---
Renai Shinan!---
Mizu no Haruthe main couple was cute but kinda meh. minimal characterization and seemed run of the mill.

i LOVED the story about sunohara's parents, especially motoi the trans man. i need his backstory right now!!!
Neko no Koifirst story was very cute and heartfelt, nothing new or groundbreaking though. im a sucker for the childhood friends getting together trope xD

second story was meh. i really dislike when stories have romantic feelings seemingly coming from nowhere. the seme had weird characterization, it was really hard for me to like or sympathize with him. other character was pretty meh too. i didnt even realize it was the rich guy from the first story, lol
Sentimental Garden Lover---
Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoru---
Ienai Itami o Daite Iru---
Sayonara, Heroni wasn't looking for subdued angst today but this was nicely executed. each of the character's loneliness and solace in each other became distilled into a purity of form not seen in many relationships. it was refreshing in that it was so rare but also so miniscule.

with characters who have no reference for what a "good" romantic relationship should be, they seek each other out and slowly discover what love is on their own and on their own terms. love isn't "happiness", in fact both characters ...... View
Sora no Deau Basho dethis had the potential to be a gem but the characterization was so weak, it felt like they were just cliches taken from other bl stories. there's a certain mystique about the characters but since there wasn't really any emotional tension (also certainly not backed up by the expressionless art), i didn't feel compelled to really know anyone's backstory. it kinda felt dumped on me when i finally found out about it, i barely cared. romantic build-up was also severely lacking. this story really f...... View
Kirei ni Shiteyo---
Seishun Kinemathis was cute until the sudden complete shift in tone at the end. i actually don't mind the change in tone but it was really sudden, sloppily done and close to the end, almost as if it was thrown in as an afterthought to make the manga edgier or whatever. meh. if you're gonna commit to a dark relationship you gotta go all the way and give it some time to sink in with the readers. i would have preferred if this had just stayed a normal fluffy story.
FlaverI really enjoyed the premise and character setup in this story, it was really interesting and you could see the tension between the characters very clearly. In order to keep the story to one volume, however, the story began hurtling at a lightning fast pace in order to tie up the loose ends. I feel like simplifying the plot so the characters could have their conflicts resolved was too easy and ruins the initial intrigue a bit.

an enjoyable and sexy story, but it had a lot more potential. I cou...... View
Goodbye Lilacthis narrative was so refreshing compared to the other bl works out there dealing with a relationship between a student and teacher. im so thankful that the teacher puts the brakes on the relationship katou was trying to form instead of getting strung along like teachers in other bl stories.

like baniita, i didn't like the scenes in the gay bar or whatever it was...i thought it was completely unnecessary to the story. i don't think the ideas expressed by the weird patron were necessarily refle...... View
Hatsukoi wa Gunjou ni Tokeru---
Bokura no Shokutakuvery cute! I could tell the ending was a bit rushed, so it felt like a lot of small little plot points never got resolved. although you could definitely tell that Minoru was interested in Yutaka, I wanted more indication that Yutaka was reciprocating before the big confession. The drama of "will-they-won't-they" felt artificial and was short lived anyways. I wish there was more actual tension during that part so that it could feel like Yutaka was actually conflicted. The drama during the seco...... View
Koi ni mo Naranai.---
Bukiyou Dakedo Daisuki sa---
Dounimo Nannai Soushi Souai---
Ii Mon Waru Mon---
Koi o Hitokuchi---
Koisuru Futari no Taioni just binged all of yamada papiko's works since i like her art and they've all been horribly mediocre and not well-written. this is actually a nice exception even though it's the simplest one out of all of them. don't expect anything revolutionary, they're both very basic romantic stories with very basic plot, but at least they're executed well! fav so far of her works (remains to be seen if glow! is a good story)

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
also super bonus points for making the first couple...
... View
Doutei ni Ai Nante Sakebenai!the premise for this manga is really great and original. It's not very often that you have two 100% gay characters falling in love with each other. The sexual tension was great in the first chapter and I was looking forward for this pattern to continue. Unfortunately the latter half of this manga dumps all tension and goes for an anticlimactic ending, so I was a little disappointed there. The drama the manga introduces basically becomes a non-issue, so I was like "why was this plot even intro...... View
Uchi no Ani no Renai Jijou---
Gikei no Senaka---
Azamii can literally feel how trapped kan-chan is in this oneshot. unfortunately he decided to cope with violence, which yumi doesn't deserve. even though yumi doesn't deserve the treatment, you can feel the distance between him and kan-chan as yumi doesn't seem to bother checking in more with kan-chan as he deteriorates. he's much too lackadaisical, it seems, and it takes a toll on kan-chan. you can see how they don't fit as a couple even though they love each other dearly.

i don't think kan-chan'...... View
Escape Journeytanaka-sensei really ramped up the drama in this one up to 11 without making it too melodramatic and like a soap opera. normally i'd be annoyed with this type of thing but it feels believable with the way the characters have been portrayed thus far. naoto is an outgoing extrovert, a flirty cutie who's both one of the guys and one of the girls, so to speak. taichi is the opposite, an introvert who isn't interested in being everyone's friend and rarely musters a smile. they're both immature in ...... View
Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da---
Sayonara Futaribocchi Renai Shinsho---
Hadakeru Kaibutsui randomly picked this up out of the blue and was super confused at first lol. that being said i think i mostly have a grip on the plot, although i will go back and read the prequels so i can get more clarity.

this is interesting because it's the first time i've seen an uke character being the one perpetrating the domestic violence, usually it's the other way around. it's just as disturbing either way and i hope the mangaka continues with this route of the character seeking absolution and forg...... View
Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata---
Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku---
Reversible (OGERETSU Tanaka)---
Narrow - Place Collection---
LabradorescenceI really love this manga. It's so atmospheric and peaceful, but you see the awkwardness that can happen between adults and make them feel like children. I like the role that age and "adultness" played in the relationship between these characters, especially with professions as different and busy as being a hospital physician and a professional photographer. They were so caught up in the demands of their lives that they forgot the little things that make life worthwhile, and rediscover them in...... View
Happy Birthday (ymz)i love shit like this. three besties bromancing it out and helping each other with their love lives? hell yeah sign me up.

this is really nice and slice of lifey so far. the cast is pretty good (yuutarou is the best) and i can't wait to learn more about them. i kinda wanna ship the friends together but i don't think this manga will go in that direction lol.
Michi to no Souguu---
Koi wa Nanairo Shichihenge!?---
500-Nen no Itonami dj - 500-Nen-go---
Ameiro Paradox dj - Candy Colour Paradise---
Ashita Shinu---
Yuubae ni NijiA very sweet story of a young kid's relationship with his uncle. I love love loveeee the way Nojiko-sensei uses atmosphere and setting to create a tone and set the theme for the story. It would have been a super treat to have this one shot in full color. There's clearly something just a little bit sinful about this relationship, but of course nothing comes of it. It's innocent enough while still giving a small bone for the fujoshis xD

Apparently this story is connected to Endou-kun's story som...... View
Kocchi Muite Waratte dj - Call, Re:Call, Un:Call.---
Kocchi Muite Waratte dj - Look At Me---
Kocchi Muite Waratte dj - Switch!---
Principle (SACHIMO)the couple is okay, in my opinion, but the hot ass smut more than makes up for it. I could do without the borderline dub con in the beginning and the stalker nature of the seme, but i suppose that it is the premise of the manga so it really couldn't be helped.

I LOVED the character of Tsuji. His true motivations seem a little mysterious while he seems like a true frenemy to Yamashiro. Does he like him as a friend? Or something different? Or really hates him in reality? It's really hard to say ...... View
Houkago no Fujun---
Gunjou no SubeteI was just thinking the other day: "what was that manga where the two mains are besties who pretend to have BL scenes with each other, and it gets too real?" IT WAS THIS ONE. i'm re-reading furuya nagisa's works since hoshi dake ga shitteru killed me with its update and I need to survive my midterms.

the plot itself isn't anything to write home about, but the subtle tension and angst that pervades the narrative gets you really good. unrequited love is my drug and coupled with the slow romance,...... View
Number Calli love how the characters are constructed in this story. i identified a lot with hachi since he loves eighto for all the dumb shit he does and holes he digs himself into. eighto is a taciturn character but gets easily flustered and annoyed, which just makes one want to mess with him more. you really can't blame his friends, who are all dorks and very funny lol.

my favorite is still when eighto did something so smooth and suave at the end...and then blushed like crazy and couldn't hold it toget...... View
Kimi wa Natsu no Nakai can't believe I didn't leave any comments on furuya-sensei's works. they're so damn good! i always hated how lots of times when a character gets confessed to, the drama would be created by the character reacting all viscerally unintentionally and putting the other character off. and then the other character becomes distant and the one who got confessed to doesn't like it and has to apologize...such a lazy way to drive a plot and create drama! this manga does none of that and has the charact...... View
Kore wa Koi ni Fukumaremasu ka---
Mahoroba Daysi began to ignore any story the author was constructing after the few few chapters since the author couldn't seem to decide what type of story they wanted to make. the tonal shifts were wild and the dialogue was often unclear so i stopped paying attention after a bit and only focused on the sexy parts lol. there were often times where I felt that there was context missing that I needed in order to understand the story and characters better but didn't get it. when the plot began to get melodra...... View
Hoshi Dake ga Shitteruthis series hits all my favorite buttons. it's so sweet and very slow, sometimes frustratingly so lol. I love the theme of stars and space (one of my favorites) and the poetic inclusion of that theme in the relationship between the characters is so great. Normally I don't care for age gaps but this one was done really well that I didn't notice, but I did notice as well lol (Kengo is very mature while Sora is just starting into adulthood like many of us in our early twenties)

my only complaint ...... View
Powder Snow Melancholy---
Escape Drop---
Souteigai Love Serendipitythe plots are very simple and i actually prefer it this way. the mangaka doesn't need to shoehorn in some melodramatic backstory or introduce some stupid weird conflict to create drama and tension. the characters create their own issues just by being themselves, and there's something delightfully organic about that, if somewhat simple.

i actually really like the second couple, how they deny everything and arent sure if they like each other lol. i'd like to hear more about them.
Yamada to Shounen---
Musubenai Necktie---
Ramune no Shalala---
Fujunai Process---
Triangle (FUUKI Mame)the art is great and i actually really like the characters, but the story felt rushed. it ran through a childhood, high school years and graduation and departures all in a single chapter. if this had multiple chapters it could have started with rio and gaku's breakup and built up to the death.

i love unrequited love so im completely biased, this needs more story lol
Wagamama Basic---
Otouto o Kareshi ni Suru Houhou---
Bukiyou na Bokura no Sukimalol it's like this mangaka is insisting on these characters being redeemable...but with only 3 chapters barely any work is done. i found myself saying "at least" a lot, like "AT LEAST this guy finally made ONE compromise" and "AT LEAST this guy finally found some confidence and wants his bf to be happy". im not satisfied with the bare minimum tho, sensei! make them make actual progress!

the first story is a bit forgivable since the uke character's biggest flaw is that he's unbelievably selfish...... View
Sougo Tairitsu Frustration---
Koi no Senryaku Management---
Kimagure to Amagami---
Dare mo ga Aisaretagari no---
Yuujou wo Oeru to Iu Koto---
Kimi ga Kawaii Riyuu---
Ze - Spring Snow---
Sofure Buka!i'm a real sucker for stories where the characters are stuck in close quarters and the sexual tension builds. first story delivered on that, although the brief drama was annoying. I enjoyed the characters, though, except for the weird girlfriend. can we ban all bl from having a stupid possessive female ex's from trying to "save" a character from being gay? it's mad stale.

oneshot broke my heart and im SO glad it has a continuation. the other chapter related to a couple from a different series ...... View
Katappashi Kara Zenbu Koithe first story wanted to invoke some childhood friends angst but it didn't work or deliver. kakine, you do great at writing comedy stuff, just do that lol. the extra at the end for this couple, on the other hand, was hilarious (strip twister? lmfao. and i love that the sister immediately knows whats up hahaha)

next two stories were great. the yakuza one was hella dumb but in a cute and funny way. the last story was super funny. that tsundere seme (uke? LMAO) is such a goddamn trip lol. i want...... View
Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete---
Suki Desu, Zenbu Kudasai---
Tsukiatte Agete mo Ii n Dakara ne---
Takashima Kouichirou no Risou no Koibito---
Inukei Danshi ni Natsukarechuu---
Sparkling Days (Shiramatsu)---
Ijippari Yankee to Koi no Tsudzuki---
Majutsushi-tachi no Yasoukyoku---
Aioi Musubii think i know what the previous commenter was talking about. i read this all in one go so i can see where a reader would lose interest in between waiting for chapters.

the storytelling is all over the place. there's good characters, solid(ish) plot and nice art but the pacing and flow needs work. Makoto has this trauma and guilt surrounding the death of his father but we aren't exactly told what it is? just that he has it and is having a hard time dealing with his relationship as a result. it...... View
3-pun Instant no Chinmoku---
Shuraba Maker---
Asterisk (Torino Shino)---
Blue! Blue! Blue!---
Koi da Ai da wa Sateoite dj - After Story---
JawbreakerI love this mangaka's art. The way she draws male bodies is so alluring, and even just seeing her characters sharing a kiss is drawn in such an intimate way that it makes me blush. It's so great that the kiss is the most intimate aspect of this manga, even though there is plenty of smut. It makes the emotions real and the audience knows before the characters do as to what they really feel and want inside.

I really appreciate how real this manga feels in terms of the characters' relationships w...... View
Yoru ga Akete mo---
Yoidore Koi o Sezui agree with the previous comment, the cover makes it seem like a random smut fest with a typical slutty uke

THIS IS NOT THAT STORY. although misumi definitely has that slutty uke persona in bed, he isn't like that during normal hours of the day and likes to conduct himself professionally. he's flustered easily by sei's straightforward personality and baffled by his blunt attraction to him. it's really fun and sweet seeing the characters' plain as day attraction to each other and misumi's insi...... View
Noru ka Soru kaI really like the art and I think the couple is really cute. their interactions and banter are really funny as well. just........ugh i really don't like this trope in my BL manga!! if neither wants to be the bottom, there doesnt have to be a bottom?!?!?!?! they can do lots of other sexy shit?!?!?!? everything about this manga is nice except for the plot premise. i was hoping they would move on from this trope quickly but the whole manga seems to revolve around it. i'll give it another chapter...... View
Horohoro toremains to be seen if sensei will finish the main story. it's interesting so far...that's all I can really say about it since so little has been revealed. I will say that my top complaint is that sensei's characters all look too similar. taki looks just like juuji's little brother AND kazumi. the new doctor character is basically identical to another character and it drives me insane. please more variety in character design!

the side story is a nice and sweet story despite all the darkness and...... View
Ki ga Au to Iu Koto wa---
Kiga au to iu Koto de---
Suit o Nuidara---
Rush! (HASHIMOTO Aoi)---
S+ Rush!!---
Kininaru Ano Ko---
Deawanakereba yo Katta no---
Itazurakko no Seifukuron---
Yukidoke no Koi---
Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu---
Blue Sky Complex dj - Indigo Blue's Gradation---
Tsuzuki wa Asa Made---
Kisu mo dekinakatta---
Between the Sheets---
Tight Rope dj - Ittousei no Yoru---
Ouji-sama no Riyuu---
Hana ni Kuchizukei loved it. at first I was annoyed with hana for bouncing in order to create the drama, but I guess it's the premise to the entire manga so it couldn't be helped. the characters are well rounded and funny. their relationship is full of cute banter and it's obvious how much they love one another. I see there's a sequel, if it's full of nothing but fluff stories of them living together then i'll be wholly satisfied lol. Very cute and sweet read! (Also nice smut hehe)
Moon and Sun (ABE Akane)---
Hana to Ikkunso i was right, this sequel is full of ikkun and hana being lovey dovey in their everyday lives and occasionally getting interrupted by some weird situation that ends up being more funny than dramatic, lol. i love them both so much, they're such dorks and so impossibly in love with each other. it's so sweet! loved seeing hana kick some ass and ikkun's devotion to him. they're such idiots too, the extra is the best lmfao.
Natsukage ni, Sayonara---
Nii-chanI read this out of morbid curiosity. welp, this is possibly the most twisted thing i've ever read, and i've read some fucked up stuff before. the layers of the twisted-ness really make the story shine and bring out the real awfulness of it all. it's a story of predation played completely straight and without romanticizing anything, but it begins to twist once yui grows up and the aftermath takes its toll on him.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I was completely shocked that the "rape" tag isn't for...
... View
Sayonara Game (MINADUKI Yuu)---
Change World---
Otouto ja Irarenai!!---
Shinyuu to H Shite Mimashita---
Fuyushirazu no Koi---
Iyayoiyayo mo Kiss no Uchi---
I Hatevery cute stories. you all already know that old friends getting together and unrequited love is my weakness. super about those things, although sometimes it was a little melodramatic.

one comment I have about natsume kazuki is that DAMN her kisses are always hella hot!!! we might not always see sexy times, but when the characters make out I always want to fan myself. have mercy woman. (her smut is pretty nice too)
By My Side---
ModsIt's a very basic story of an upright straight seme saving a slutty uke from the brothel life. The characterization is done pretty nicely, tho, for so short a manga. I really like Haru and Shigure's character from the flashbacks, so I'm really looking forward to Haru's story next.

It's a nice heartfelt story that doesn't lay on the drama too thickly (in my opinion). It's a good set-up for the spin off! haha
Nights Before Nightwhile the angst in MODS was heartfelt, it still felt artificial that Shiro decided to pour his heart out to Tora, a happenstance stranger. it was a little too convenient to the plot for my liking, even though I bought the whole tragic story of Shigure, hook line and sinker.

Now that we're focused on Haru, the REAL tragic figure in the story, the feelings and tragedy feel much more real. I was gutted by the first few pages of Haru continuing to dream of Shigure. It is a little convenient that s...... View
Portrait (NATSUME Kazuki)---
Kageri ni Komorebi, Sore kara Midori---
Go Houbi Chikubi---
Hajimeteno (Narashima Sachi x GINGER BERRY)---
Osananajimi ga Do M de Tsundere Nan Desu ga---
Futari no Lion---
Okukoi Escape---
Secret XXXthe oneshot itself was really dumb. rushed and shallow, i didn't care about any of the characters. I considered dropping it right then and there but I knew from seeing some spoiler images online that things would get better.

they did.

the rest of the story after the oneshot is MUCH better built. the characters actually get fleshed out and we get introduced to other great characters (minato is the fucking best, i can't wait to read his story). it really becomes a cute and endearing story.
Therapy Game---
Ubawareru Koto Marugoto Zenbuin usual abe akane style, i really love the sense of humor used in the stories and love how all the characters are basically idiots.

unfortunately, both stories contain elements that I really don't like:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
infidelity and underage uke x older seme

so it spoiled my enjoyment of them. a lighthearted read nonetheless.
Riftbut the drama is really badly written. it's like the mangaka just flings it at you without any subtlety at all. characters are having a nice time then BAM mom comes in the room all like "your dad died kid" and on cue character goes !!!!!!!!! with the tears and everything. it doesn't work well at all and feels soapy.

the characters are alright, they have some sweet moments toward the end that are pretty nice. this mangaka should just write fluffy slice of life stories, honestly. she might do be...... View
Batsu Game (Conro)very steamy smut, but it's kinda run of the mill for a blackmail plot, which i'm not always the biggest fan of anyways. I did like the initial premise, but most of the rest of the story is kinda meh. The drama felt like it had no stakes and was just following a formula. I really do think this mangaka needs to stick with simpler plots and topics so she can just focus on the characters and a cohesive narrative.
Knife (CHIBA Ryouko)---
Urusai Kurai no Kokuhaku Kudasai---
Renai Nante Yurushimasen!---
Netsuai Nante Ariemasen!---
Renai Nante Itashimasen!---
Koi to Kedama to Otonari-san---
Ore no Itoshi no Neet-kun---
Shishunki no Ayamachi---
Toshishita Kareshi ni Hirowaremashita---
Ikasama Memori---
Seinen Hakkaten---
Yakedo to TsumeatoI really wanted to get into this story since I thought the character dynamic between these two characters was interesting in the story before it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

The characters are basically annoying tsunderes for each other who can't communicate their feelings for each other clearly and we don't even get a clear "I like you" by either of them by the end, which I could maybe expect from a manga about high school students, but adults?! I get that one of them has a trauma (I s...... View
Minori no Tethe first chapter is some weird s&m play that I could do without, but I enjoyed the characters regardless. Minori and Souta have GREAT chemistry and honestly I wish the entire story was just about them and the other patients could have been recurring characters that enjoyed the sexual massages LOL (instead of all the weird dub con)

I really enjoyed Souta's character and how he saw through all the bad treatment Minori was giving him. Resilient ukes are definitely my thing, although I don't enjo...... View
Yondaime Ooyamato TatsuyukiNormally Scarlet Beriko hits it out of the park with characters, but in this series she falls kinda short. Tatsuyuki is a typical yakuza dork, but I really don't like the way Nozomi was characterized. He was just a genki creep who was wayyyyy too into Tatsuyuki, especially towards the beginning. And then the plot made no sense for the characters with so little background info, especially the Tatsuyuki being Rogi's prisoner plot! I was like wtf?! I know Jealousy exists, but it would make more ...... View
Joou to ShitateyaI wonder if I read the same series as the other people commenting...this was really underwhelming considering the quality of some of Beriko's other works.

I don't know if it was the hella awkward translation or just bad writing, but the plot seemed to rush forward and skip over important parts when I wanted some character development. Like they just started to get a little physical with each other and then....we skip to when they've already done it four times?! This isn't a Cohen brothers film...... View
Amefurashi - Shunu ni Shippori to Nureru, Ooedo Renaitanstories were pretty mediocre, nothing to write home about. I might have enjoyed them more had the scan group better proofread their translations. So much weird grammar!

art was top notch, as always. some oneshots felt like they had a backstory that I didn't get to read...oh well.
Smile Maker---
Shinyuutte Soko Made Shinakucha Ikenai no?---
Itsuka no Koi to Natsunohate---
Kimi to no Dogfight---
Tonari ni Iru no ni, Tooi---
Sayonara Note---
Ai no biased on this manga since i love men in uniform. i saw that all the stories are about cops and i was like YES.

stories are alright. cute and sweet, sometimes confusing. i don't really care. wish there was more smut LOL i am hopeless.
End Lovei was really getting into the first story since besties becoming lovers is totally my thing, but then sensei had to throw in all the stupid cliched misunderstandings and i instantly checked out. there are much better ways to cause drama between characters, honestly the mangaka could just have had them have good old fashioned sexual tension and I would have been sold! bah.

second story was nice and sweet. a bit cliched, but the funny extras are worth it. I would have liked to have seen izuhara'...... View
Mukidashi no Koithe story and characters are pretty cute, but this author should just not try to be serious. it was clear she wanted to make a metaphor with the water and firework motif, but it just...didn't work at all. it felt forced and comical. you don't need all that! just make a compelling story!

liked the sex scenes though hehehe
Kuchizuke wa Niji no Ue devery basic and cute story. the metaphors actually worked in this one! hoorayyy!

I actually felt like there were too many characters in this manga lol. i have nothing against renka or the old man, but I feel like the drama would have been more hard hitting and carried more emotional weight if the two characters had to deal with it on their own.
Saishuu Densha---
Focus (NISHI Noriko)the first volume was very cute and heartfelt. i actually kinda liked the really quick pace of the relationship, it felt very adult, as opposed to the high school-look of the characters. i agree with other reviewers that this works better with only the first volume, but the second volume isn't bad at all. just feels superfluous.

im mad there's no more on the dad's friend's feelings!!!!! where is their story?! I WANT MY OYAJI ROMANCE!!!
Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsustories are alright. they were cute. both semes were very troublesome, it just felt like two rehashed stories with the same characters (uptight uke and troublesome seme).

art was really nice, as others have mentioned. it's like a mix between hidaka shouko and yamamoto kotetsuko's works
Magic Mail Chocolatethis was an ok series. nothing too special. kinda disappointed in the mangaka.

chapter 2 is flat out rape. gtf outta here with that "dubious consent" bullshit. he was clearly not into it and they treated the whole thing like it was a joke. like it was actually supposed to be funny. horrible story.
Koori ga Tokeru no o MatteruI feel like this author ended and started each chapter super abruptly. it was strange, like she ended mid-thought and began where she left off.

I liked the last two stories better than the first. The first felt very underdeveloped, the progress is really random and you don't even get a sense as to how the student fell for the guy in the first place. I forgot all about the first couple by the end of the book and was only reminded of them in the afterward. The other two weren't the best, but at ...... View
Lian Ai Qian Cheng Dan Gao---
LinksIt's very rare for me to enjoy a manga with a slight Christian motif, but this one works very well. The theme of heaven, God and redemption played out very well and made the plot all the more poignant. I really enjoyed the couples depicted (except the first one. it was just the odd one out) and really liked the connection between them all. Shinobu and Sado's story moved me the most in it's depiction of an uneasy but fierce love with a confounding beginning. The art is very well done and emoti...... View
Yukimura-sensei to Kei-kunNicely told stories, although I wanted to see more of yukimura's relationship with kitakami in order to see why he was so traumatized by love. That was the missing piece for me. We got to see a little bit in one chapter, but that was all.

I liked the brother story as well, even though the ending was totally unrealistic. I wanted more sexy bits as well xD
Ore to Joushi no Kakushigotoeh the progression of feelings was pretty predictable. nothing new. it's cute, i guess.

I felt like the rape scene that everyone was referencing wasn't too long to be impacting, but I also felt that it was entirely gratuitous and unnecessary to the plot. in the end, it was all only a vehicle to get anezaki in his ex's apartment and for them to have a proper talk (and more sexual harassment) and then for mikado to get jealous over it. This could have been achieved in a myriad of other ways (als...... View
Sawaranaide, Kowarete Imasu.---
Sickthe plot was super thin, just a vehicle for the characters to get into each other's pants and get the smut started. it's your typical super pushy and possessive but sweet seme x socially awkward and wimpy uke, which gets really old really fast, but at least the smut was decent.

don't expect a compelling story. in fact, ignore it. if you want some decent, hot smut, this is for you.
Toraneko no Shitsukekata---
Shinonome-san, Itsumade Iru no?cohabitation and building sexual tension, these stupid tropes are right up my alley. the relationship between the two characters is very sweet to witness. the cat is really cute too. overall a nice sweet manga.

the one thing that I didn't like was seiji randomly leaving and haru's sudden feelings realization. cheap drama to cause a realization. I didn't know enough about seiji as a character to feel that his leaving was believable or necessary, nor haru in his realization of his feelings. hone...... View
Motoyan Papa to Hitsuji-senseiI love how slice of lifey this is. The romance is nice and light and very sweet, and the child just makes it even cuter. The smut is tasteful and doesn't distract from the nice and slow pace of the story. Love it!
Osananajimi wa Boku no Hero!---
Idol-kun wa Koi wo ShiranaiI wanted to like this, but the main character really isn't to my liking. He's cute and all...but really the type of uke that's too dumb to live. I'm glad there wasn't a rape plot, even though we got the typical scumbag who tries to take advantage of him. There wasn't really anything to like about the seme either, he was really bland. Too cutesy and no substance, really not my thing.
3-kai Mawatte Suki to IeNot that this is necessarily a bad manga. It's fine, I suppose, except I can do with a less pushy seme and naive uke. But herein lies the problem, in Ameiro Paradox, the seme is also kinda pushy and the uke is also pretty naive. They even have the same relationship dynamic. I guess since the mangaka went for the smut instead of fleshing out the characters more, I see them as a lot more flat and having less chemistry than in the other manga, which I love to pieces.

It's still cute, I suppose. I...... View
Hakidame to TsuruThis is probably due to the limitation of trying to fit it all in one volume. The author basically did a whole backstory dump in one chapter while the characters in the present did nothing. Not very effective storytelling. The backstory should have come in flashbacks in between scenes between the mains. In the end, there was so little plot going on in between the main characters because of all the backstory that their climax was melodramatic and unbelievable.

The backstory itself was well writ...... View
Shijuuhatte Anthology - Hihou-kan---
Waraibanashi no You da---
Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni KokuraremashitaI really enjoyed all the stories (except maybe the third one. it was ok). They were hot and sexy and had that touch of bizareness that's signature of psyche delico.

first one was REALLY hot. crossdressing is definitely my thing and I'm so glad there was a lot of it. I usually don't like too hardcore s&m stuff, but because there was a note of bizarre humor, I really ended up enjoying this couple a lot.

second story was really bizarre and crazy, but I loved it. reminded me a bit of the wackier en...... View
Hishakai Shindono, not the first one, which was assault, but the seme was really a saint and easy-going enough to be like "stop that you fucker, we're supposed to be friends" and leave it at that. I have mixed feelings because hayakawa was awful in that scene but konno really was humoring him o_o what the fuck man, don't just let someone assault you and brush it off.

anyways, after they eventually get together, the resulting sex scene is literally one of the best things I've ever seen in BL. it's not very ro...... View
Kimiiro Edenthis is one of the most shoujo bl's I've read in awhile...complete with flowers everywhere! haha.

and extremely sweet and pure tale of romance, it's unbelievably innocent right to the end. I kinda wish the characters went for it earlier, but in true shoujo fashion, no action until all feelings were announced. it was really cute, tho.
Inu to Tsubameall in all, a very sweet plot and relationship between the characters.

it feels very disjointed, though. the perspectives between characters switch without any notice and it's difficult to tell some of the motivations of some characters. the plot flows choppily and suddenly lurches forward without warning. needs more polish in this arena and better planning. sweet nonetheless.
Futari Bocchi no ShokutakuI really enjoyed the first story. You can feel Natsuo's loneliness and how Keisuke's presence in his life manages to anchor some happiness there. It's fortunate that a nice guy like Keisuke dropped in on him instead of someone else, but as Natsuo said, he had nothing and felt nothing, ready to die anyday. It's nice that he was given some hope and vision for a future just by meeting a stranger.

I didn't really care for the second story as much. The characters are way less developed and just giv...... View
Suteneko no IeI really like the vague, victorian gothic setting of this piece. It's a good backdrop for a vampire story, and all the empty spaces really give a feeling of a forgotten, bygone era and lend to the loneliness of the characters.

Unfortunately, the poor translation really strips the emotion from this piece. It looks like the emotion was very subtle, but it comes across very poorly in the scanlation. The sentences are odd and stilted. It would be great if someone could re-do the translation, but w...... View
Kata Kutsushita no Otoko---
Mimi ni Nokoru Kimi no Koe wa---
Koi made Hyakurinhaha I really love these dumb takes on yakuza stories...but they're so good! I love the ridiculousness of all the characters, and the relationship between the mains is sweet and really endearing. all the characters were nicely constructed and had a funny dumb spin to them. I agree that this is better than Hontou Yajuu (I really don't understand that manga's got boring so quickly for me...).

I absolutely loved the plot twist in this manga! It caught me off guard a bit and was re...... View
Akunin o Nakaseru Houhouthe characterization in this manga is hella confusing. It might be the translation or the plot that seems to jump around between flashbacks and present without much transition. I read this manga because I wanted to know more about this couple that blew me away in the previous manga. Reading this just left me confused as to how exactly they came to love each other. One fell in love at first sight, it seems, while the other did because...there was nothing else better for him to do? I wish the c...... View
Warudakumi ni mo Hana wa Furuafter that awkward ass side story about yuzuru and takeo where they were basically not their characters and became some weird angsty characters in some disjointed sad plot, this is a great return to form. It's still silly, but with some serious plot starting up. Also we get all the characters back!


also why did the scan group only bother with one freaking chapter jesus christ

the character dynamic is really good! I really like the premise and the banter between the characters. I know past high school classmates plots are played out, but it's one of my favorite tropes lol. there's only one chapter, but I really wanna read more! SOMEONE PLZ PICK THIS SERIES UP ;_;

edit: ahhhhhh this series was really cute. I always love series where t...... View
1/365 no Koibitothe plotline is pretty basic and predictable, nothing new or out of the ordinary here.

it is, however, endearingly sweet and mildly heart-wrenching. I'm biased, though, since I love highschool friends becoming lovers and all the unrequited love angst.
Neko x Neko---
Isso Koe ga Nakattara---
Dakedo, Ashita no Hanashi o Shiyou---
Nigireba Kobushi Hirakeba Tenohira---
Deichuu no HasuI super like psychological mangas, especially ones that deal with incest (twisted, I know LOL), but although this one held promise at first, it totally misfired in the end.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
wtf, there was basically no indication at all of Motoharu's feelings. He even looked like he was enjoying his normal life. Then all of a sudden his brother rapes him and he's like "ok, I like you I guess"??? Didn't make sense at all. The extra chapter that "explains" this bad writing is just as b...
... View
Kakkou no Yume---
Natsume-kun wa Nandemo Shitteru---
Kyuuhankagai Fukurokouji---
Ao ni Naku---
Kujira no Oshitate-sanI really loved the art and characterization of the leads in this manga. They had great chemistry and you could feel the romantic tension between them, and the unspoken emotions as well. My favorite in particular was Younosuke thinking about his possible future in married life and how his kids would inevitably become friends with Suzunari's kids and even fall in love with each other. Nothing else is mentioned, but you know that, without a doubt, the two are in love with each other and will not...... View
Here U Areomg the slow burn is so, so good. This is my first manhua and webcomic, so seeing the short nature of the chapters threw me off at first. I ate all the available stuff up so fast, I wanted to beat up my computer when I ran out of chapters lol.

I absolutely love the character of YuYang. He's charismatic, plucky and a badass when he wants to be. Someone hurt him and I want revenge (`ε(#´) I love how he doesn't really need someone to defend him; he's perfectly capable of defending himself and d...... View
Guang Xiang---
Doushiyoumonai RenjoI suppose it's a matter of preference. This could have been a really nice childhood friends sexual tension story. That's more my speed, anyways. The psychological trauma and rape angle is definitely not my thing, but it wasn't as offensive as I thought it was going to be (as weird and awful as that sounds lol). Drama was contrived, but I did like the emotion displayed.

I appreciate how the scanlation team put warnings in the beginning of chapters.
Toriaezu Kiss Shite Kudasaithese two stories are absolutely right up my alley. besties becoming lovers is my absolute favorite trope and I know it's beaten to death in the BL genre but it's so great when it's done right. first story is cute and sexy, typical friends get into sexy shenanigans while secretly liking each other. next story is basically a shoujo hero falling in love with his wingman, which is everything I ever wanted from my bromance shoujos back in the day. the characters, while not that deep, are endearin...... View
3 Ban Sen no CampanellaI'm just gonna copy paste what I wrote on Tumblr:

Please read this manga. It's lovely and poetic. If you've ever fallen in love and had your heart broken, read this. If you've ever felt like your life was spiralling out of your control, read this. If you've ever had dark feelings that made you feel like you were less than something, read this.

More than anything, this manga shows that all it takes is one small thing--a friendly glance, a kind gesture, an encouraging word from a stanger--to spar...... View
Mote Papa to Dakaretai Junjou Koushi---
Kimi to Mita Houkiboshi o Sagashitethis manga also tackled a theme I don't see too often in bl: giving someone a second chance. there's all the second chance after a time skip manga, but I don't think this one is similar. Ohara was hurt and in a bad place regarding his feelings for Kawai, so he couldn't accept him. It was a bit frustrating seeing two people in love with each other but being unable to connect, but this is the reality sometimes. They kept missing connections and drifted apart, one feeling bitter and one feeling ...... View
Awa ni mo Narenai Koi Nara baThe kami-sama character was really interesting and one of my favorites of this series. I also like how we saw a profession often not covered in bl: town workers/contractors. It was great seeing survey crews and the like.

The first story was a little weird and on the hardcore side, but it was kinda hot and I surprisingly enjoyed it (I don't really like voyeur stories). I didn't expect to like the last story since I really don't like older males taking advantage of younger teens (let's face it, ...... View
Katei no Jijou de OsowareteimasuI've really liked Emi Mitsuki's works so far, so I thought I'd really enjoy this one. It's....okay....really melodramatic and ridiculous in the beginning, and then mellowing out later? still a relative disappointment.

The beginning felt like a soap opera to me. So many wacky developments for the characters to be in shock over every other panel, and then Kanade's sex issues were way weird and weren't even addressed properly. I really began to enjoy Kanade and Yuuma's relationship towards the mi...... View
Sono Suki no YukueA very cute and basic story...I was worried about the "love triangle" label since I really don't like triangles, but it's basically a non-issue. I was actually a little disappointed that the manga basically dismisses a characters potential sexuality in order to resolve this triangle, a little more respect could have been payed to this character.

Has crossdressing, so definitely bonus points from me!
Kakushigoto One Room---
Misekake Oresama-kun---
WandervogelI love the questionable blend of reality with questionable psychological states of mind. It makes for a compelling story with interesting fantastical elements. I really liked all the characters, especially Ibu-sensei. I'm happy they all found their piece of happiness. The second story was pretty sexy as well. I'm glad it briefly touched on how the sexual lives of people are impacted when there's a debilitating mental illness involved, even if it was light-hearted.

My one large complaint about ...... View
Suki nante iwan to ite---
Toshiue Otoko to Seishun no Maachi---
Akegata ni Yamu Amefirst story was cute, but too rushed, in my opinion. the mangaka could have perfectly left it as the start to a relationship instead of throwing the characters together. Still, the feelings of regret, guilt and of wanting to protect someone were portrayed effectively.

second story was nicely executed, although I was confused as to the timeline and character relationships at first. I really liked how I could instantly tell that the detective was instantly interested in the lawyer without anythi...... View
Midnight Rain---
On Doorstep---
Me o Tojite 3-byou dj - Me o Hiraitemo, 3 Senchi.---
Danshi Meiro---
Kigeki wa Koi de Shinkasurualthough not the romanticized version of love many are familiar with in romance stories. My one gripe with a lot of romance stories is the over-romanticization of love. It sucks that when we're young, this is the only version of love we're exposed to and the only one we've come to expect from our relationships. Once you become an adult and been in difficult places, you take what you can get. I find nothing wrong with a story portraying this "dirty" type of love that depicts promiscuity, lonel...... View
Miku to NeoI love how this manga has a huge mysterious set up with some darkness thrown in and you think it's one thing, but honestly the reveal caught me completely off-guard and made me realize what this manga is really about: love and speaking truth to emotion.

It's always supernatural themed manga that speak about the power of words and how words are like spells, but I realized in this manga that nothing could be truer. As social creatures, humans relate to each other with communication, and words gi...... View
Renai Saiban no Yukue---
Otoshiana ni Hamerarete---
Pinup Boy---
Yoru mo Hi mo Akenai---
Kocchi Muite, Ai---
Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo---
Kanawanu Koi no Musubikata---
Hanatte Okenai Aitsu ni Tsuite---
Chikatetsu no Inu---
Dog's Subway---
Ano Ko wa Sore o Gaman Dekinai---
Kimi to Natsu no Naka---
Revival BlueMinato is such a captivating character here. I love how he's drawn in the panels, like a dream. You can really see how this manga is told from Naoki's perspective.

I'm actually not rooting for Minato to be with Naoki. I actually prefer him with Akiyoshi LOL. Although at this rate Akiyoshi needs to get his ass into gear ~_~ it would be a nice change of pace for Naoki to have moved on and for him to teach that lesson to Minato in Tokyo. Please give me this itz-sensei!! I don't really care for ag...... View
Mitsumete, Yurarete, 15-bu---
Yasashii Pantsu no Nugasekata---
Hajimemashite, Sawatte kudasaieverything about this manga screams POLICE!!!! CALL THE POLICE!!!! and in reality, the police should definitely be called lol. everything depicted in this manga is highly idealized and romanticized, it's basically a fantasy smut manga.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
it was still SUPER hot tho. *gets dragged away by the cops*
Karera o Meguru Subetethis manga really swept me off my feet by how disney princess-like it felt. Fuji-kun is the purest and sweetest boi you'll ever come across and even tho he comes from unfortunate circumstances, he loves his life and his friends and continues to find things to look forward to. For this reason, Tsukasa truly seems heaven-sent when he and Fuji cross paths.

Tsukasa is the epitome of the perfect seme LOL. He's sweet, gentle and mature while having just a bit of possessiveness. It really feels like ...... View
Sensei, Anata ni Chikadukitai---
Kafuka Koufukuron---
Dekoboko Sugar Days---
Maki-chan wa Kare to Sex Shitai---
Kataomoi to Paradechildhood friends and unrequited love is normally my jam, and I did enjoy this manga, but I find it was quite lacking in characterization. I wanted to know more about the characters and why Touma loves Takaya besides the regular "I was his princess" shtick. More backstory on the two characters and less on the side characters that I didn't care about (aside from Yonezawa, he can stay).

More characterization would have made me much more invested in the story. As is, I almost throw my laptop out ...... View
Yuuhi ni Fureru Sono Mae ni---
Kataomoi to Parade dj - Fall Bluehole---
Kataomoi to Parade dj - Memories---
Kataomoi to Parade dj - Yasashii Sekai-sen no Umi de---
Koi wo Sasete wa Kurenakute---
Ookami Shounen wa Uso o Tsukanai (Arakata)---
Itsuka koi ni naru made---
Kazoku ni Narouyothis was endearing, cute, and sexy at times. lovely and fluffy story with a child. more slice-of-life than showing any conflict, really.

I don't want to spoil the ending, but it wraps everything up perfectly and fits it with a nice bow, as if I were watching a disney movie or an old-fashioned shoujo manga. Actually kinda nice to see in a BL story.
Crack Starone thing I really hate is when protagonists are like "I have a raging boner for this character...why😕😕😕" like it's an absolute mystery. characterization was pretty weak in this manga, we barely got insight into mio's feelings and shino's were so poorly defined until almost the end. it made all the drama seem unnecessary and contrived.

the sex scenes were nice, tho. i guess this manga has that going for it.
Savile Row no Yuuwaku---
Vege Channel---
Window to Windowthis manga is super smutty and pretty good if that's what you're aiming for. the story is relatively inoffensive and tbh doesn't really do anything and wraps up nice and neatly.

Even though it was kind of bland, however, I'm a little relieved it ended up this way. The author said that she intended for a lot more to happen, like love rivals and more misunderstandings and for the seme to have a shittier character and I was like NO. thank god she didn't carry through with that because that would ...... View
Yume Yume Okiru Koto Nakare---
Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita.---
12 Seiza Danshi---
Ibitsu na Koi no Seesaw GameI'm pretty sure this manga is just supposed to be silly, I mean, look at all the ridiculous antics the police and the thief get into. Cute story, my only complaint is that there's no real resolution. I was hoping for a happier ending since the premise is so dumb. Hopefully real police aren't as stupid and thickheaded as the seme tho, lol.
Akihabara Fall in Loveit's a basic cute story. I like this mangaka's art; it definitely is the most suited for these types of fluffy stories with no real conflict or plot. the oneshot is right up my alley with besties becoming lovers. the main story is fine, a little ridiculous, but cute and enjoyable.

I was hoping for an extra story staring the other crossdresser at the cafe and the uke's younger brother LOL
Seishun Danshi BL---
Ginza Neon Paradise---
Family Simulation!!---
Himitsu no Love Sensation---
Aoi Tori yorifinally a conclusion for the second pairing! It's still a bit open-ended, but at least they finally put their collective shit away and were honest with each other, for once, jesus.

The first pairing is super cute, as always. I loved the nephew character, he was so refreshing and cute.
Futari Hyakkei ~Kaze no Owari Haru no Hajimari~---
Hoppe ni HimawariI agree that's it's refreshing to see a chubby character in a manga that isn't the butt of every joke and outcast by the school, although there are still a couple stereotypes. The small conflicts were believable and well written. The characters are cute and endearing.

I lol'd when Arai randomly groped Yone after pulling the other guys off him and scolding them for groping Yone without permission. He already had it baddddddddddddd
Shiro no Koro---
Dragless Sexthis whole series is a vehicle to deliver different flavors of smut: dubious consent, reversible couples, etc. It was kinda meh since the weird premise was an excuse to display those things. I honestly went into this just for the reversible part (that chapter is alright, I guess)

if you don't care about the premise or the smut, please read chapter 6. nothing to do with the original premise. just a weird ass, creepy, clingy and kinky uke and his fed up seme. It's funny, sexy and weird, and I ju...... View
Inu mo Kuwanaiall the characters in all the stories are some level of fucked up. their views of love are fucked up so they can only have fucked up relationships. it often involves unrequited love between three people.

they somehow all find resolution, peace and balance in these stories, however. even while maintaining a triangle-ish relationship. instead of curing the fucked-up-ness, the characters just go with it and learn to co-exist as is. I like the delicate balance sensei has created and the way she ma...... View
Aniki to Isshoja Nemurenai---
Ichimai Goshi Fetishunexpectedly sexy manga. I avoided it at first since I was like "spandex fetish.....this will turn into something s&m related....." but I'm glad I gave it a shot. It was surprisingly sweet as well as smutty. Toma's pretty honest about his kinkiness, which is refreshing. I also expected a power play since those usually comes with kinks like these, but I'm glad everything was mostly even and consensual and the seme was concerned with being on the same page as the uke.

why tease being reversible ...... View
Junbaku Sweater---
Gentei Kareshi---
GestaltI don't get all the hate for the first story? Sure it wasn't amazing, but it's a normal, poetic and metaphoric take on unrequited love and how love still lingers even after it's been cut off. I didn't think the ending was abrupt at all. The main discovered love's legacy in his own feelings as well as those in the object of his affection. There was really nothing more to wrap up unless the mangaka wanted them to actually get together, which she didn't. I can see how such an ending wouldn't be ...... View
Vanilla Resort---
Yoake e no Senkou---
Boku to Neko to Hatsukoi Kousa---
Hoshi to Harinezumi---
Byousoku Zero Mile---
Utsukushii Koto (Novel)---
Aibiki (Novel)---
Yagate, Ao ni NaruI love how the first story came full circle. The whole theme was being on the inside vs. being on the outside, and I like how the story started and ended in the same way, with one of the brothers returning home and asking to be let in.

Second story was a little strange, but felt poetic. Third story was short and sweet. It didn't need to be romantic. It felt like a snapshot of a great relationship between roommates enjoying their youth.
Itoshii, to Iu Koto---
Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu---
Beautiful Days---
Happy Ending Kuso KuraeI swear I haven't seen more stupid characters in all my life. Hara, the fucking idiot who somehow doesn't think "hmmm...I'm going out with someone...I shouldn't bang this other person right after I banged my gf, right?" and goes and bangs a heartbroken Ume right after he bangs his gf. Ume is just as stupid for allowing it and forgiving him. It's the worst premise and I really wanted to throw this manga out the window.

but it was really cute...the art was really great....and the smut is REALLY ...... View
All Night Long (Muno)this is basically your general run of the mill sex friends to lovers trope manga, but the extra details and, like chocolatecrossiant mentioned, the side focus on questioning of sexuality and what a homosexual relationship looks like. It was really well done and really sweet, in my opinion.

I absolutely loved Noboru's friends and how open minded they were; they're possibly the most open-minded friends I've witnessed in a BL manga without it being straight up a joke or a side plot for a romantic ...... View
Odu-kun no Vita Sexualisit's true that the endings are a little on the abrupt side. it seems like the romantic tension is cut early so that we can imagine the beginnings of relationships instead of seeing them blossom naturally. Some stories really only needed a page more! it isn't terrible, however. Just slightly unsatisfactory for those who like to have some hope for the romance, lol.

I wonder if the scanlation team lacked a proofreader for this series. A lot of sentences were really odd and sounded as if they were...... View
Shiranu wa Omae BakariIt's not that I don't enjoy strange artstyles, I do. It's just that the art seems so...static all the time. There doesn't seem to be a lot of depth in it and the character's faces don't change that much. It makes the characters bland and I can't invest in their conflicts.

Plots themselves were pretty basic as well. Run of the mill stuff, nothing groundbreaking. Overall, a big "meh" from me.
Shinobeba Koi---
Nirameba Koi---
Ookami Shounen to Hamu no Hito---
Kimi to Asa Gohan!---
Castle MangoI thought this manga paced itself pretty well in the beginning, but the ending seemed to rush to try to get the characters back together, which is really annoying. I felt like that time skip was there only to have Togame not deflower Yozoru while he's still a minor, but they were already making out and stuff, so did it really matter? I feel like Togame's character isn't explored enough, especially in terms of his insecurities on being older and gay. Along the same lines, Yozoru's character is...... View
Stop at the Red Light---
See You at the Crosswalk---
Oko-sama Box---
Gogatsu no Hana wa Made Sakanaieven though I knew where this story was going, it had some really nice tension built up in the beginning. I felt that whether the seme would ultimately turn out to be a bastard or turn a new leaf didn't matter because the built up relationship with the uke was satisfying and the tension of the rug being pulled out from underneath him was nicely done.

unfortunately halfway through, the mangaka decided that instead of deciding if the seme should be a good or bad guy, she tried to have it both wa...... View
Megane to Koi to Aoi Tori---
Seifuku o Matoeba, Umaku Uso ga Tsuketa no ni.the paneling was an absolute mess in this manga. it was so cluttered, it felt like the mangaka was trying to squeeze everything into the pages and it felt suffocating to try and pick out the details.

characterization could use work. I was hoping for a real flashback to the guys' youth so we could see some of their feelings, but we really only get one really good flashback. in the end we don't get a whole lot of insight into the characters or their motivations as people. just that they like eac...... View
B.S.S.M. - Blood Sugar Sex Magic---
Daiji na Koto na Node, Nido.---
Warui Otona ni Narimashite---
Guutara Renai no Seihou---
Koi no Hajime---
Kodoku na Taka wa Hitokoishikutereally nice smut and good depiction of seduction from this mangaka. the feelings department is kinda clunky and not very well constructed, but the smut was good, at least. hotaka was the most frustrating, is he shy or not? lol I feel like the manga went between these two character traits without explanation, as if the character had split personalities.

also, the art is sexy, but the mangaka draws FLAT BUTTS?! I'm very disappointed. Nice, realistically round ass cheeks would be appreciated. Wit...... View
Daisuki dakara Ijimetai!not my thing. I don't really care for it when either uke or seme bully the other. Teasing in the bedroom is okay, but what these characters are doing just screams immaturity and elementary school. very not my thing.

I guess I'm only continuing because I love Aomoto-sensei's art. We'll see if I drop this.
Kedamono Kareshi!these characters all fell in love with no explanation. most of the semes were in love before the stories even started, just because, and then the ukes fell in love....i guess because the semes molested them into love? no explanation whatsoever, barely any emotions and therefore no investment on my part. just possessive semes grabbing some ukes and having their way with them. pretty disappointed.
Jibun Katte.the characters need more development, tho. hideaki is the most "developed" character even tho there's no reason for why he has to act like a dick to tomo all the time. it was never explained that it was out of jealousy or spite or one of those things. a flashback to how he fell in love in the first place would have been nice. it's very obvious, however, that he's head over heels in love with tomo and his realization of this fact drives the little plot there is.

tomo is barely developed and his...... View
Maria BoyI really liked this manga, although the second story was a bit confusing. I couldn't get a handle on Katou's character and was annoyed by his mooching ways. He didn't get enough development, in my opinion, so it felt odd when his age kept randomly dropping (wtf? is he younger than the first couple? LOL aren't they worried?)

I also feel cheated that some smut scenes were basically omitted even though they are a bit crucial to the plot (Naoto and Shuu's first sexual encounter as well as Yoshiki ...... View
Oni wa Warau kastories about child abuse are always hard to tackle. I felt like this one did it relatively well and managed to keep most of the elements of romance out of the story until the time skip years later. I love both main characters and how the beginning was the story of their dual coming-of-age, one completely sheltered and innocent while the other is tragically the complete opposite. They become close and come to rely on each other, and eventually fall in love.

I'm a little ashamed that I wanted a...... View
Koisuru Taka wa Tsume o Kakusu---
Toshishita no Kuseni Iroiro Sugokute Komarimasu---
Mazu wa, Hitokuchi.---
Okottenai Nara Kocchi MuiteIt's hella cute and hella hot. Two idiot besties becoming lovers, nothing new and the smut is realllyyyyyy good.

But the situations are just ridiculous. I can't take it seriously. The younger bro just makes out with the bro, the bestie and the dad, all in the same chapter, I was like wtf?! The whiplash is crazy. I actually wish they didn't have that part because it really killed my vibe with the rest of the manga LOL.

Anyways, just some cute smut. Really like the art. Besties are my jam....... View
Irony Dress ni SayonaraI actually enjoyed this manga quite a bit. The premise is simple and executed in a straightforward manner. I don't understand some comments about weird humor and awkward drama...I didn't see any of that at all. The only humor I saw was everyone drawing attention to the fact that Meguru is almost 30 and basically preying on a high schooler (which in of itself is like HAHAHAHAHAHA *sweatdrop* humor, but at least Meguru had the decency to play along and admit he was a fucking pervert, can't win ...... View
Eden no Uragawaalso....WHY NO SEX SCENE BETWEEN THE MAIN COUPLE?! I feel like this mangaka is so stingy with her sex scenes between couples LOL. the yaoi tag here is really only for the brief glimpse we get from an AV.

it's a sweet and simple story, but it also left too many loose ends that left some plot points unanswered. What happened with Ikumi's family? Arimura seems to have left a letter or something to Ikumi, but we don't get to read it, which would have fleshed out that relationship. The characters e...... View
Iki o Suru yori Kiss ga Shitai---
Irony Dress ni Sayonara dj - Honto wa Chotto ne---
Irony Dress ni Sayonara dj - Koromogae---
Irony Dress ni Sayonara dj - Sayonara made no et cetera---
Tonari de Hanasaku Oto ga Shita---
Jyusha no Heki---
Dounika Naru Hibi---
Tengoku mo Jigoku mo---
Koitomo Triangle---
Lover Boy (Lezhin)---
Tonari ni Kedamono---
Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai---
Katakoi Opera---
Kimi no Shiranai XX---
Kitto Kiss o Suru Toki---
Koi to wa Yosou ga Tsukanai Mono de---
Konna Nichijou---
Tao Yan Ni Xi Huan NiI feel like I need to add this comment so people can be informed before they spend the ~$15 for this whole thing on tapas.

This manga has a lot of cute, sweet, and sexy moments, I guess. However, it's also LITTERED with a bunch of other nonsense such as misunderstandings, miscommunications, dubious content with a possessive shit seme that keeps changing personalities and a wishy washy uke who can't decide what they want. I didn't shell out money to watch a drama! I could do that for free on th...... View
Nozomu Bekumonaithe beginning was so rushed and sloppy, I didn't even know who the characters were or their feelings and BAM they're doing the deed. It would have been much better to show the little ways that Sumiyoshi was already interested in Shinomoto and have some pining from Shinomoto's perspective. That would have been, what, an extra chapter? Without it, the beginning is just super rushed and seems unnecessary. The story would have done fine as a story about a couple who just got together and is tryin...... View
Ryouomoi Nante Joudan ja Nai!!oyajis! yes!

This was a very straightforward and cute manga. My one complaint is that it's a regular run-of-the-mill childhood friends story with pining, just aged up a bunch. Damn Tokizou, that's some unrequited love olympics he's trying to win here! Uda-kun is the best straight wingman and one of the best characters in this manga. I'm a little disappointed that we never got to see what his girlfriend looked like xD I also appreciated that she is apparently a fujioshi as well LOL...... View
Tada Zutto Negatteru---
Ato Hitoiki de Ai---
Motomete YamanaiI was ready to be all offended since as soon as I saw this manga tagged as "autism" I was like OH BOY. BL manga tend to take delicate topics very lightly and flippantly, so I was surprised to see this manga still stay lighthearted while respecting the subject matter. The mangaka built all the characters honestly and realistically without any melodrama, so it was entertaining to see even the side characters interact with each other (like the manager, who obviously has a crush on his employee H...... View
Karini mo Renai---
Koi wa Genjitsushugi de Yumemigachi---
Soredemo Kamawanailoved the characters in this, except maybe okumura. he's your typical wishy-washy uke with a bad relationship history and rushed development.

Kirihara is the unsung hero of this manga xD best character lol
Retro BLThe Taisho era!!! Great art! Hot ass smut! Different stories! I'm dead.

This is manga is literally the epitome of all I could ask for. All it needs is some childhood friends with pining and I'll really flatline.

I do feel like the scan group randomly dropped quality in just the third story, or it just could be the reader I read it on uploaded it in shit quality. such a travesty to do that to haruta's art. oh well.

(the cover story, the fourth one, is strangely compelling. even tho it's fucked up...... View
Goshujinsama wa Ouji ga o Suki---
Hanagara Tsumi---
Ore no Oniku-chanI love how the characters were constructed in this. Chiaki's characterization is a little thin, but Kou's characterization makes up for it. He's a stuck up rich loner who's a little out of his element when he falls in love with Chiaki. He's still a bit of an asshole and doesn't like to compromise his pride, but I'm so glad he doesn't fall into the typical asshole seme trap of being possessive and controlling.

I'm curious if we'll get a story from the ex's perspective now since the ending seems...... View
Lie Cry Like---
Okutsukimura no Yukaisou---
Thank You My God---
From Green Kitchen---
Konomi ja Naka tobut not without its faults! anyways, I thought it was incredibly refreshing for Yukinori to be insecure about his relationship with Maki, but not in the typical annoying "noooo omggggg i'm not good enougghhhh, i have to leavvveeee youuuu" nonsense that is unfortunately EVERYWHERE in other bl. He's insecure, therefore he keeps a mild distance in his relationship with Maki. This only makes Maki work harder for Yukinori's affection, but he still lets Yukinori go at his own pace. It's refreshing ...... View
Koi Saku Potager---
Natsumichi Drivethat was the one thing holding me back from completely enjoying this. I really prefer to stay away from teacher/student stories, they just tend to give me the creeps xD (I'm a teacher, lmao) at least Michiharu was about to graduate and he met Natsuki under different circumstances. They didn't even need to include the cousin thing, that info was never made plot relevant except for in the premise anyways.

I really liked the extra story! I was hoping for more there...oh well.
Ashita Asatte Sorekara Itsuka---
Shinigami no Koi---
Karasugaoka Don't be shy!!generic story of rival "gangs" where one of the leaders is in love with the other. Sou acts all rude and tough in front of Shinba, but it's actually out of embarrassment xD the gap moe is super strong in Sou, his pureness gets me every time. I love how the other group members in Sou's group know he's clearly in love with Shinba and are all super supportive of him, haha. Shinba is a pretty good character, but I would have liked more development.

I feel like the series in general could have used...... View
Henshokuka no Kawaii Akuma---
Kitto Oujisama ga Nante---
Gozen 3 ji no iedeThe tale of the brothers was nicely done, short and sweet, although I definitely wanted to see more of the love between Takaoka and Yukihito. They were so sweet, I really wanted to see them flirt and make out with each other!!

I really enjoyed the second story the best, the one with childhood friends. And not because the pairing was childhood friends, although that trope is definitely my thing. In fact, the pairing was simply okay, I didn't care for the seme that much since he was so tight-lip...... View
Anta Nante Daikirai---
Otona Gokko---
Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaiiso mediocre...I really didn't like the first or last story. unlikable characters in the first story, and so many details missing in the last story for a two parter!

second story was my favorite, even if it was a little underdeveloped. you don't often hear from the third wheel in a BL relationship xD third one was quite fun, I do like to read about the antics and obligations of rich bocchans haha.
Ai o Kou Kemonohonestly it felt like this mangaka wanted to max out the incest taboo to the max. I half expected Akira to move in with Kaoru's family and then come onto the real dad LOL.

anyways, the conflicts were mad shallow and the cheap plot development at the end made me roll my eyes. Good manga if incest is your thing, I guess, but it doesn't even make a good twisted manga. Meh.
Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai---
Kirakira-kun to Imaichi-kun---
Ijimete Hoshii no?---
Nakasenaide ne---
Masaka Kore ga Koi Nante---
Pet Shimasu!---
Furachi na Keiji-san---
Juliet no Baka---
Kimamana Aitsu o Kai Narasethe seme was the definition of a tsundere, lol. such a bitch. all he was missing was the "i-it's not like I like you!!" but he basically had the same vibe.

I wish we got Tamaki's POV much sooner. He's a much more compelling character to me (sly power ukes are the best) and half of the plot was contingent on his POV anyways. Leaving it until the end made it like a cop out and made the plot seem like it was based on a misunderstanding (it was, but like, not having all the facts just created arti...... View
Shounen to Kamikakushi---
Paradigm Shift---
Cherry Blossoms After Winterhonestly, the beginning is REALLY hard to get through. Hae Bom is SUCH a fucking doormat, it made me so angry and made me want to get into the manga to slap the shit out of him. Grow a fucking backbone! had to wait for Taesung to take a hint and come to the rescue, which was satisfying but frustrating. It's tedious like this for several chapters and very hard to enjoy.

The romance comes very quickly after this and moves fast, although it stays fluffy and PG once it's established. It's cute, bu...... View
Itoshi no Momonga Kareshi---
Kuro Ouji no Iinari ni Naranai!---
Nikushoku no Buka---
Yoru ga Owaru MadeI'm normally very okay with an open ending, but this ending felt like an incomplete tease! Not to spoil anything, but when the entire narrative, as trippy as it was, surrounds an entire relationship, regardless if it was platonic or romantic, it should have some kind of definition or resolution. What did Hiura and Kageyama end up becoming? If they stayed in limbo, so to speak, I would have liked some confirmation on that. What happened to Naoto? Did he reconcile with his brother? There are a ...... View
Yasashii Anata...---
FaceFirst story is okay. I liked all the spy intrigue and the ambiguity of Haana's character (was that his name? LOL) but the relationship development was a little shallow. It seemed to happen out of nowhere and left me feeling a bit meh. The sexual scenes were pretty good, however. I feel like Nishida-sensei has a thing for suited up guys rubbing on each other and coming in their clothes, and I enjoy it when I see it too xD

I really enjoyed the second story! I feel like Nishida-sensei's MO is lea...... View
Kitto Koi ni Chigainaithe first story was full of so many awkward moments LOL. I felt so bad for the main, there were so many times I wanted to cover his mouth and be like "shut up SHUT UP" so he didn't say anything else that would put him in his grave, haha. This story was cute, however. Grown men with a middle school sensibility of romance.

Second story was enjoyable as well. Nishida-sensei has this habit of making romance happen a little to quickly for my liking, and this was evident in this story as well. Regar...... View
Nigatsu no Eden---
Bokura wo Hedateru Ao to Shiro---
Ippou Sonokoroturn brain off to watch this.

Really dumb, but HILARIOUS situations. The smut is really hot. I love how this manga doesn't take itself seriously at all. I want a spin off of Nozomi kun and Midorigawa!!
Kimi no Soba de Yamikumo na Yume o Miru---
Mujintou ni Motte Iku narait begins with the typical sweet setup of high school pals finding each other as adults and then shacking up together xD then you find out more juicy bits between them and you wait until they finally get together....

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. then you find out they're both total pervs and were just being polite and considerate to each other out of fear of frightening the other one. Once they're honest....time for the freakiness to begin xD It's not as hardcore as it sounds, but inside you're sti...... View
Tounan Kadoheya Kare No Koi---
Fuck Buddy---
Memento Scarlet---
Itonaga-kun no Koi no Ito---
Sugar My Baby---
Kitaru Harekake no Ashita yo---
Suki ni Nattara Dame desu ka?normally I stay away from this genre entirely. I'm a teacher, and the idea of dating a student is just...*shivers*

this manga has such an honesty, however, that is separate from its idealism, that you can't help but enjoy the story. It's almost entirely told from Kaname's POV, and we don't get to see real change from Natori until almost the end, which is almost acceptable from me, lol. This story is more of a coming-of-age story for Kaname than a romance, the romance is just an end bonus. I do...... View
Chika-chan to!---
Kawaii Obaka-kun---
Kanchigai, Tokidoki Koi---
Tonari no Usotsuki (SUZAKA Shina)---
Last Seven Days---
Toki no Maigo o Sagashite!---
Itadakimasu, Gochisou-sama---
Mikami to Sato wa Mada Yamashikunaithis manga is so incredibly cute, and the characters are so DUMB. it literally hits all of my buttons.

This mangaka is really talented at eliciting the moe. I'm absolutely sure why this manga got so popular and already has two spin offs. Mikami is really dumb and simple, but so straightforward and pure of heart. Sato is a wholesome guy without a care in the world, but is also surprisingly dumb in many ways. Akari and Hasegawa are really great too. I'm so glad that Akari has a spin-off since yo...... View
Mobius Strip---
Hinadori wa Shiokaze ni Madoromu---
King & Prince---
Summer Night Boys---
Shoujo Mangaka no Koi---
Kekkon Suru Kamo Shirenai OtokoIt's actually quite exciting to read about marriage in a BL manga, but not with all the flowery expectations from something like a shoujo manga would. This manga actually considers the topic of marriage in a realistic manner, which I appreciated.

This theme of realistic marriage is also why I don't mind the rushed aspect since the goal of both partners here wasn't romance but companionship. They already like each other well enough to want to move in together and are physically compatible. Roma...... View
Ii Ko Ii Ko Shiteageruoh my god. I know this manga is supposed to be cute and wholesome on paper.......but I can't help but feel that there is definitely a creepy, pervy air about it. When the sister first said "that's a pervert" I was like "YUP THAT IS YOU BETTER RUN CUTE ONII-CHAN". Especially since Tone-sempai looks way older than he is and everyone thinks he's an old man, and then he's reminiscing on youth and all that and keeps commenting on how young Arashi looks....DANGER DANGER DANGER. he's basically a tee...... View
Border Line---
Aishiteru (FUJITANI Youko)I didn't expect to like this. When you only have fluff, you realllyyyy have to rely on the characterization of all the characters in order to drive the story and readership. I didn't think this manga could do that since the previous work I read from this mangaka had SUCH thin characterization and was sooo mediocre. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was done properly here. I love Kazushi's parents!! They're so doting and supportive for parents that are always distant and away!

My only c...... View
Ao no Tsubomi---
Oni to TengokuI admit that I'm still pretty irked with how this manga started. Not a great premise. Tengoku creeped me the fuck out and then of course he assaulted Aoki. I was ready to drop the manga but I really liked the art and something about Tengoku analyzing Aoki interested me enough that I was willing to keep going.

Turns out Tengoku needs analyzation of his own (obvi) and the characters really grew on me. Seeing Tengoku and Aoki interacting as friends made me warm up to their relationship a ton (plu...... View
Golden Sparkle---
Gendai Irozato Tsuya Shou Hanashi---
Motekei Ouji no Renai Command---
Under the Skin (KUSABI Keri)---
Goodbye Harlequin---
Kowagaranai de, Soba ni Iteusually amnesia is played for bad drama, but here it's the central plot. It's a very basic manga and I feel like it went along its course a little too quickly for my liking. Some of the drama could have taken its time and there was a ripe opportunity for sexual tension, but it could be my memory of the classic Mou Ichido tainting my bias. In the end, the manga is inoffensive and heart-rending. I love reading about lovers reaffirming their feelings or falling back in love, it's so soapy but so...... View
Love Nest (MINADUKI Yuu)I just reread this series again. love it to bits.

the chemistry of the characters is really great. I really love Minato and sympathize with his backstory. I also think it's appropriate that he had to answer for his bad behavior, even though he felt remorseful. I think it was an appropriate way to create "drama" without resorting to the standard misunderstandings and communication issues. That felt way more believable and I probably would have reacted the same as he did if I were in the same si...... View
Namaiki Kareshi---
Adam no Rokkotsu (MICHINOKU Atami)---
Dotei Yankee Magicus---
Amaenbo Honey---
Abarenbo Honey---
Blue LustAfter reading another meh work from this author, I expected this to be a mess, but I'm glad it was rather enjoyable. Normally tales like this easily dip into cheap melodrama, so I'm glad all the drama present seemed believable and relevant to the development of the characters. Of course, criticisms include the inclusion of dub con scenes (why do authors continue to use this as titillation...) that have no relevance to plot or character development. I usually get annoyed with insecure characte...... View
Hidamari Starlight---
Friend Line---
AmeshizukuLooking at the cover and plot description, you'd think this would be a quiet and atmospheric BL manga.

It's not, really.

It's basically a thinly veiled S&M plot LOL. The seme isn't exactly cruel, but he has a bunch of weird fantasies to humiliate the uke or put him in danger. I have no idea how the uke fell in love in the first place @_@ I'm glad that this manga at least avoids the trope of the weak uke being protected by the seme when about to be assaulted. That was a nice touch.

uhhhh....I gen...... View
Kitai Shichatte Ii Desu Ka!?---
Toumei ni Kuchiduke---
Oku Made Furete mo Ii desu kavery simple story of a frivolous guy getting together with the stoic pure guy in a company setting. Absolutely nothing new here, but it's still so freaking cute. Natsume is so head over heels but has no experience, so naturally Yuuki teases him over every little thing. It's a really nice dynamic and Natsume's blushing face never gets old. Yuuki is never cruel or malicious about his teasing, it's always playful (you know he's just dying over how moe Natsume is just like the rest of us).

Very cu...... View
Me wa Kuchi Hodoni ko to iu---
Shisen (Hinako)---
Rumspringa no JoukeiI really love the premise of this manga, although cliched by American standards (the author mentions The Graduate, and I was like, yeah, this is basically almost a similar kind of ending), I really enjoyed this take on it by a Japanese mangaka.

I think the characters were constructed really well, but with just one volume we weren't able to explore their full potential and had to cram their development into just a few chapters. With maybe one more extra volume to explore things like Oz's trauma...... View
Ote o Haishaku---
Wakabaryou de, Kimi to---
Namae mo Shiranai MachiawaseI really enjoyed the first story a lot. After seeing a lifetime's worth of possessive semes and being disgusted at flat out cheating, it's great to see an open relationship that isn't bogged down by feelings of jealousy and infidelity. Asai really just loves having a third party somehow involved, whether it's in a threesome or having public sex with others watching. That's just his thing. And Toujou humors him and doesn't shame him for having that kink. It's great! It's just unfortunate for a...... View
Toubou Kinshi!---
Ubatte Choudai---
Kalimeris Porno---
Kareshi to Ore to Ore no Kouhai---
Oh, My Dear!---
Tsunaida Koi no Kanaekata---
Mayoke no Darling---
Ore to Kacho no ShujukankeiI didn't really care for the first story at all. The boss guy was basically a non-character and just a hornball who would constantly leer at Maki and humiliate him at work. I couldn't even believe their relationship "I guess I'll have to date you" 😕 they really didn't have to try and shove romance in, they could just be weird FWB.

Second story was right up my alley, but I also have a thing for crossdressing. Really cute and sweet, I swear I could eat Tarou up myself and I don't blame Kanade...... View
Tasogare Outfocus---
Kamisama to Tobenai Tsukai---
Kiss Me Tennis Boy---
Kikoenai Koe---
Mienai Hoshi---
Kuimonodokoro Akira---
Tokyo Adventure---
Dorobou Neko ni wa Nusumenai---
Nee Senpai, Oshiete yo---
Ikigami to Donor---
Shinkonsan!I actually really enjoyed both stories. I really liked that we got to look inside the communication issues inside an already established couple and see their dynamic while then seeing a typical reunion of lovers type story. I thought characterization was done fairly well and the smut was really hot. This mangaka can sure make some really erotic sex scenes (especially the ukes, goddamn)

As usual, pacing and writing can be an issue with this mangaka. Sometimes the stories had a strange flow to t...... View
Josou Danshi Mii-chan to Sono Kareshi? Kei-kun---
Kimi ni Ienai Koto ga Aru---
Tadoru Yubi---
Yakuza wo Shibatte Ii Desuka---
Mihanada PectoliteI absolutely love the dynamic between Kawase and Kurihara. It's so light and fluffy while also having some light angst to make me sympathize for them. Kawase is a sweet boy trying his best to make everyone happy while forgetting his own limitations, the type to go the diplomatic route to solve conflict while taking on burdens in order to make things easier for others. It makes sense that he's this way considering he's an older brother with a single mom. Kurihara, on the other hand, lives true...... View
Like a Sugar---
Otameshi Delivery Lover---
Yoake no Joshou---
Koko wa Yasashii NiwaI really loved the intrigue in this one. The precariousness of Kaoru believing that Akira was Mamoru and Akira being unsure how to feel about it all, it made for a good mildly suspenseful read. To be honest, I felt like the romance was thrust into the story rather quickly and without any delicacy. I wanted to hear more about Akira and Kaoru's traumas first before everything got resolved. It would have made for a great psychological manga.
Mother's Spirit---
Graduation Certificate (Artbook)---
Ai to Hanaji---
Tatoeba Konna Koi no Hanashi---
Our House Love Trouble---
Houtoumusuko to Koi no Ana---
Yagi to Ookami no Hatsujou Jijou---
Meguro to Akino wa Kizukanai---
Replay (TSUKAHARA Saki)---
Ore wa Busamen - Neko Tsudzuri---
Ahiru no Oujisama (Kazao)Two very normal fluffy and cute stories with very gentle semes who win over reluctant ukes. Nothing groundbreaking, but a nice title to pass the time with. I kind of appreciated how the semes were on the pushy side, but not THAT pushy. Just enough push so the story doesn't stall in "will-they-wont-they" land lol.

Second story is one of the few BL mangas I've read that dips just a little into the gender fluidity territory. It's not explored deeply and I'm sure there's a lot more to gender fluid...... View
Haru ga Kita (MOCHINO Kome)Enjoyed this series a lot. Could use some work in the pacing department...sometimes scenes jumped around and it was a little disorienting. Also, the stalker plot was wrapped up so suddenly and with no repercussions...what purpose did it even serve? Making the owner character more mysterious? He already was! I also wanted a little more insight into Sakura's character. We see his trauma but nothing of how that affects his character in the current story. What drove him to suddenly seek Kaede out...... View
Darlin', Iikagen ni Shiya Gare---
Rakka Ryuusui no HoshiA nice and sweet manga. I also lol'd and did a double take when I saw Akihito's name. I was like "...Akihito doesn't have glasses and isn't an uke!" Maybe he's a descendant lol. (Katsuragi did manage to be the head of Kanemoto Spinning...)

I do agree that some parts were a little drawn out. The will-they-won't-they angle is frustrating and unnecessary. Maybe if the manga spent more time in the beginning building more romantic chemistry (and sexual tension) then I would care about if they event...... View
Shisen no Toriko---
Kedamono Arashi - Kiss Me Baby! ----
Kedamono Arashi---
Kimi to Ishin Denshin!---
Seishun RunawayI really love BL manga that focuses on a group of friends and their relationships with each other, platonic, romantic and otherwise. This manga vaguely reminds me of Happy Birthday by ymz, another manga that places just as much importance in the non-romantic relationships between the characters as much as it does in the romantic ones. It's just such a joy seeing each other the characters interact with one another and seeing the natural chemistry between them all. I was waiting for the profess...... View
Taka ga Fukuenboth stories were a little clunky in the storytelling department. I was excited for the first story because it was middle-aged men, but it's basically your average "meet-after-a-time-lapse" romance story, which was a little disappointing. I needed either more on their student lives or more of their story after they got together 20 years later for it to feel more satisfactory and complete, but got neither.

Second story actually did pretty well with the mystery set up. The ending was a bit of a ...... View
Parallel Lines---
Otoko Yamome Mo Hana ha Saku---
Mie Hariatte Surechigai---
Teruteru Bouzu Tere Bouzu---
Yume Touka End Roll---
Chou to Hana no Kankeiseithis work really makes it obvious that my weakness in bl (aside from childhood friends), is a really erotic uke combined with some kind of angst.

I really don't care for S&M stories but I really loved the first couple a lot. As confirmed in the prequel, it was evident that the seme in this story had a history of being the uke in other relationships. I really appreciated that he really wasn't a sadist at all, he just wanted to please his masochist lover. I got the feeling that he would apprecia...... View
Chou to Kumo no SuI had the feeling after reading the previous related work that there was definitely something more to the seme than meets the eye. This was nicely written and entirely tragic. I just don't like that the ending was so abrupt. I don't buy that the uncle would leave the kid unexplained like that, it's too random. After being emotionally dependent on the kid for so long, I would need some kind of closure on the uncle's side, such as, unfortunately, suicide or even going to prison. I would have al...... View
40 x 40 Chikuwa Kaigialready gonna rate this 10/10. no one can stop me.

It's like this mangaka heard my prayers to the heavens and decided to bless me with all the things I love in one BL manga. I need to light a candle in her name next time I step inside a church, I swear.

1. oyajis
2. they're besties
3. also roommates with sexual tension
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
THEY'RE FULLY REVERSIBLE IN THE SAME SEX SCENE. CUE THE FIREWORKS JIMMY! I haven't seen this kinda thing since I read the cornered mouse dreams of che...
... View
Rakka (Akabeko)---
Toaru Shotenin no Koimonogatarievery time I read this authors works, I swear I get a diabetes rush.

the stories are all soooooooo cute and pure. I really love how the first two stories are HELLA innocent (not even a kiss goddamnit), but then the last story is like BRING ON THE SEX within the first three pages lol. I really think all of the couples are super adorable and I want to root for them all, even the first one with the giant ass age gap LOL.

def read this author if you want your heart to clench with too much sugar.
Sono Suki Hontonothing much to say. basic plot of ex-lovers being reunited after breaking up badly in the past (plus other misunderstandings). sweetness ensues.

this mangaka has a real talent of getting the chemistry between characters absolutely on point, whether it be the two mains or the mains and their side characters. it's so great. I also love how the plots are simple and fairly uncomplicated, but the chemistry between the main leads makes it so that all the emotional bits pack the proper punch. You re...... View
Caster & MildI wasn't that attached to the main story. It's your typical BL fare. Nothing offensive. I did enjoy the side story with Rio; I love when stories place as much importance on the love in platonic relationships as they do with the love in romantic ones.

I agree with OmNom, the second story rubbed me the wrong way completely. I've seen this premise executed nicely before, but here too many details were left out and the context was too bare for me to dismiss the unfortunate implications there. I wo...... View
Dear Signal---
Okubyoumono ni I Love You---
Sayonara, Itoshi no My Friend---
Fukouchuu no Shiawase---
Eto Irokoi Zoushithis was such a cute and wholesome series, minimal drama, and, of course, 12 hot bishounen without all the melodrama of a reverse harem! (no I'm not throwing shade at a series *cough*)

I typically dislike tsunderes, and sometimes Kota's attitude got on my nerves, but honestly, all the lovey-dovey moments with Masataka cancelled it out. They're so sweet, it gives me diabetes.

I want more, actually I want to know what happens to the wolf puppy character LOL. Hopefully this will be covered in the ...... View
Yarisugi Party Night---
Sefure Jijou, Koibito Miman!---
Saikyou Yankee to Makeinu na Ore---
Apron Yankee!---
Hoshigari-chan no Kareshi Ka Keikaku---
Seishoune no Tame no Yuuryoutosho---
Oita ga Sugiru wa Koneko-chan---
Red Theatre---
Ibitsu na Karera 14 Sai---
Gosan de Fukou na Gojitsudan---
Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi---
Sensei wa Butchozura Shite Yatte Kuru---
Ookami Papa wa Hitsuji Tsura shite Yatte kuru---
Hima na Node Hajimete Mimasu.---
Shitsuke Kata wa Nijuumaru---
Otte Otte, Koi o Shite---
Boku no Osekkai Darling---
AltruistThe premise for this was SUPER intriguing. I loved the potential for angst and was in it for the long haul. I've seen beta x omega stories before and it's always angst city, so I was excited. All the drama was set up and it was coming along until the story decided to drop all emotional tension and drama with the conflict just suddenly resolving itself. It literally just happens. Whatever problems the beta has just disappear and everyone moves on. It's so anticlimactic and disappointing.

Someon...... View
Ashitagari Mono Mania---
Kazoku Gokko (KIKUYA Kikuko)---
Nikushoku Danshi to Soshoku Danshithis is definitely in my wheelhouse. plus the art is great.

I'm so sad Chrima-scans dropped this, why?! Then it got picked up by someone translating from Chinese scans and without a proofer @_@ /sobs I need a redo!

lmao I'm sad I didn't get a real smut scene xD this kind of sexual tension needs something like that for the pay off! What an anticlimactic ending.
Sugar in My Coffee---
Cherry to Skirt---
Otomodachi Syndrome---
Kimagure Goshujin To Oshikake Neko---
Omae wa Hitsuji.I looked at the author again to make sure it wasn't the mangaka of Hana Kimi LOL. The characters remind me a lot of Mizuki and Sano xD ah my youth! such nostalgia!

very inoffensive story with the usual tropes and misunderstandings drama. nothing new here. very cute art. I didn't like how they fell in love so quickly, but eh, the sexy times were nice at least.
Zantei Boyfrienda whatever story with whatever characters. the only value in this was the smut. I would have appreciated an alternate storyline where the uke gets together with the other teacher, only because that pairing seemed a lot cuter. The seme is your typical teasing, possessive younger guy who is blindingly hot and of course causes a misunderstanding. nothing new.
Kajitsu (HACHITA Abe)---
Jika Renai Chuudoku---
Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi---
My Little Vampire---
Kizudarake no Hakoniwathe smut in this is really hot and good. that's about it.

the story made close to no sense for me. Mitsu randomly came onto Yuito for some reason, and Yuito accepts it....I guess just because. Yuito can't decide whether he's down for sexual shenanigans or not while Mitsu just does what he wants. Suddenly Yuito's down and he's IN LOVE with Mitsu and suddenly Mitsu is as well. It's very hard to see where all the feelings are in this. Just a lot of dub-con boning.

At least the art is nice and the ...... View
Blue! Blue! Blue! dj - After Story---
Shounen no Kyoukai---
Fukigen na Kimi to Kimagure na Kiss---
Kimitte Yatsuwa KonnanimoIida's inner thoughts make this manga. lol. He's just a poor closet gay being tortured by a very cute and dumb uke.

cute and funny manga. can't complain.
Ai no Yamai---
Outsider Communication---
Metro (HONGOU Chika)---
Encirclement Love---
Ichika, Bachika---
Tada Omoukoto wa---
Bukiyouna Lion---
Refrain (NAKATA Akira)---
Tenchou, Koi Desu.absolutely loved the first story. the chemistry between the two mains was great and it was really nice seeing them eventually fall for each other.

second story was alright. Yonemura-san was my sleeper hit favorite character from the first story and I almost died when I saw him heartbroken. A part of me wanted the first couple to split up so he could be happy LOL. Andou was a compelling character but this story was horribly under-developed in general. It needed it's own focus and volume so the ...... View
SV Koi no Shinchoku ni Tsuite---
Koisuru Tetsumenpi---
Hitorijime no Jouken---
Akuma no Puzzle---
Yosora no Albireo---
Romantic Box---
Hebikui Tori---
Koinegau HorizonteThe story and drama were poignant, if a little clunky. Minato's characterization was pretty well done, I did want a little more from both Nagisa and Kaito's characters. I definitely wanted to know more about Nagisa's time in Tokyo and the torment he put himself through while I felt like Kaito's character was strangely inconsistent. I think it was the suddenly alternating POV's that were sometimes distracting and made it seem like the characters were interrupting each other mid thought.

The art...... View
30 Made ni Shinitaicame in this expecting full on porn with varying degrees of consent. it is HELLA smutty (and good smut) and although the relationship development in the beginning is shallow and forced at best, it gets a lot better later on.

porn with a plot! the three characters truly develop a really nice and balanced relationship with each other and discover the importance of love, companionship and not being afraid of the future. a fine tale.
Bokura wa Nando mo Koi o suruThese kind of cheesy "love will find a way" stories get me every. damn. time. Cried a bucket of tears for this.

Art is great. I really love how this mangaka draws scenery. It conveys so much emotion and really sets the tone for the manga. I do agree that some plot points could have been explained better. This mangaka has a bad habit of randomly inserting another character's POV without transition, which makes for a jarring and strange reading experience and interrupts the emotions the reading ...... View
Doushitemo Yaritakute Gakuenbut self aware haha. This manga is really silly and definitely lampshades and makes fun of some BL tropes while being hella ridiculous. Honestly just a fun ride, not to be taken seriously at all.
Shishunki no Zawazawa---
Aoku Kiyoku---
My Eternal Master---
Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou---
Open Air---
Kimi wa Natsu no Naka dj - Akane no Koro---
Ai to Makoto (Moriyo)and with omegaverse to boot!!!! at first I thought it was an omega threesome and I got SO EXCITED...but this is fine, too. omega x omega x alpha!

I like angsty and twisted incest stories. I like how this one unapologetically looks at a twisted twincest story through an omegaverse lens. I also like how the threesome relationship is built up. No one feels like a third wheel, which is GREAT.
Ai mo Kawarazu---
Sore ni Namae o Tsukeru Narathe chemistry between all the characters is SOOOO EFFING GOOD in this manga.

I love Sano. He's such a pure dork. The dynamic he has with his friends and family is really great and a joy to observe. The chemistry he has with Fujita was unexpectedly great. I also love the construction of Fujita's character. He's the stoic type who hides it all inside. Normally you need a chapter in this type of character's perspective to be able to see his feelings and relate to them, but I love how the mangaka ...... View
Room to Room---
Life Senjou no Bokurait's cheesy, but I can't help but admire how lovely this manga is in its portrayal of a couple from start to finish.

Sweet and simple, don't expect too much depth. I absolutely love the way the characters are characterized in the beginning of the manga. I wish they continued this trend through the entire manga, but I understand the limitations it had. Some of the drama had to be simplified, so it looks really silly and shallow. It also got resolved very quickly. This manga is an entirely uncom...... View
Kingyo no UbugoeI really loved the mystery and intrigue in this one. The atmosphere was expertly crafted and I loved the setting of the sleepy little island. The relationship was nicely portrayed even though you could tell something was terribly amiss. I also loved the flashbacks and the color coded differences between Yuki and Yuuta. Everything was great.

then the ending.....UGGHHH! It felt so rushed and like the manga shit the bed. I feel like the mangaka likely wanted to make this story longer but was forc...... View
Romance to Jealousythis manga is like a really weird and silly mystery....starring love-struck idiots.

honestly I really like the characterizations. Kyouda is a devoted weirdo with no shame, Yotsugawa is a very cute and devoted uke who is HELLA erotic and a little dense. Takahashi otherwordly being?? LOL I still have no idea what to make of his character, but it was funny! This story has lots of sex and lots of character inner drama, but they're such simpletons that you don't even mind their wheels tur...... View
Mask Danshi wa Koishitakunai no ni---
Yakimochi wa Kitsuneiro---
Restart wa Tadaima no Ato de---
Sweet Hour 1RI really cute and simple tale of an idiot couple and their complete bliss with each other. The plot revolves around a dumb misunderstanding, but I forgive it since the two are dumbasses anyways and absolutely in love with each other.

I'd actually love to see more. It's a very sweet story!
Shiba to Tokizou: Diet-Hen---
Asatte ni Kiss---
Suki ni Nacchau yo.---
Restart wa onaka wo sukasete---
Free! dj - Don't Undress My Sailor---
Sensei, Mou Dame desu---
Free! dj - Tonari no Haru Onii-chan---
Free! dj - Tonari no Haruka-chan---
Free! dj - Devil H---
Ao no Exorcist dj - Usagi ni Natta Onii-sama---
Free! dj - Daily Daily---
Kanojo ga Suki na Mono wa Homo deatte Boku de wa nai---
Sutemi no Koubousen---
Starting With a Lie---
Aho Ero---
Fugainai Koi---
Kabeana Heaven Hole---
Sugar Dog Life---
Orikou Yaju Niwa Aragaenaithis manga is filled with what I like: dumbasses being dumbasses and tripping over themselves in their clumsy ass relationships. I do like the second couple a bit more than the first and was hoping for a little more from them. I wanted more romance from that one, at least a confession XD I also wanted more smut overall!! What was there was cute and hot, but please lemme see the entire deed, not just the start of it. (GIVE ME THAT CROSSDRESSING SEX GODDAMNIT)

I'll look forward to more from this...... View
1.5 Meters From Love---
Kiss Prohibition---
Shoushin Otoko ni Haru no Arashi---
Oh My Hero!---
Aogeba Koishi---
Tadareta Koi ni wa Itashimasen!This story is very basic, a very simple tale about a country bumpkin coming to the city all starry-eyed and crossing paths with a playboy city boy who loves to tease him. It's very predictable, but still maintains its charm. Despite the common premise, Kyouhei still manages to be a loveable pure idiot who has naive expectations from the city while Takara's womanizing immediately halts once he becomes quickly smitten with Kyouhei. Takara's suave exterior countered by his ridiculous fear of bug...... View
Tone to Makoto wa Tokidoki Koibito---
Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koi suru Appli---
Bokura no Tsuzuki---
Yamome no Tamago---
Koiiro Soft Focus---
Zanzou Slow Motion---
Neon Sign Amber---
Utsukushii KaradaThere wasn't anything much to say about this manga. It's dramatic and over the top and sappy and melodramatic....all that chick flick romance nonsense that you just need to consume once in a blue moon (to pretend love conquers all and all that). I absolutely love the art, it was honestly the highlight of the whole manga.

I won't pretend that I turned my brain off to read this. Some plot points don't make sense, but whatever. We reading this for the art, mushy shit and the smut. I'm pissed that...... View
Kakumei no αGreat art + historical setting + angst = GIMME

This was a nice quick read. I'm not a huge fan of omegaverse, but I do like the angst potential when it's something other than alpha x omega. This was a really nice and unconventional coupling. Honestly, the dynamic between the couple (and even with the third party that comes along) reminds me heavily of the romance in Apothecarius Argentum LOL. Great job by this mangaka.
Free Kisses---
Kimi no Tabegoro---
Konya Kimi to Nemuritai---
Shasei Kanri Dou Deshou---
For Your LoveI usually stay away from manhwa, but this one was really nice. The characters are endearing, their interactions and connections are sweet, and the drama isn't frustrating. It's actually quite believable. Would have loved for this to go into spicy territory, but the ending is also fitting. I really like how organically the characters evolve over time and come to terms with their relationship and themselves.

Nice work!
Fudanshi-kun no Honey Days---
Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichiboth stories in this volume are somewhat simple, but both are very heartfelt and have great characterization, despite the rather short length. I'm surprised the first story packed as much dramatic punch as it did despite being on the short side for an angsty story. It is still rather short, however. I would have liked to see this story a little more fleshed out, but it is still very good as is.

Second story was very cute!! I love the trope of a city person escaping to the countryside and being...... View
Furimuite Yukino-chan!---
Kawaikunai Aniki o Aegasu Houhouthere was rape in every chapter.



violent rape too. askljdkladjslajd barf. I have no idea how I made it through this. nothing improved at all, none of it was cute. the characters were all horrible. hard pass, would not recommend at all.
Hare no Hi---
Yuki to Matsuthere isn't a lot to say. the art is phenomenal and expressive. I love how even blood spatters look artistic and expressive. everything seems to have a motif.

the story is simple, but emotional. characters are endearing, my favorite is even that bastard sakichi. I don't usually go for edo pieces, but the atmosphere was so calm and the world building so sparse that it didn't quite feel like a period piece, just a normal story that happened to take place in the edo period.

truly a wonder to behol...... View
Stigmata - Aikon---
See You Later, Mermaid---
Nichijou Climax---
Lonely to OrgandyI was struck by how surprisingly simple the storyline is with a pure message of a love that heals. The emotional impact hit just right. I did cry, but it was a great ending. Stories about new beginnings and transformation get me every time.

I really loved the emotional impact of scene where Akira had to, in essence, give up Haruto. It's so strange how outside parties could see the clear objective harm Haruto was causing Akira, but Akira could not fathom that someone that essentially saved his ...... View
Under My SkinGod this pairing hits all of my buttons so good.

An exceedingly sweet and eager to serve affectionate seme (who's a hot ass blue collar worker to boot asldkjsakjaslkdj) with a shy, cool and reserved, but deeply passionate uke. The looks, the chemistry, the sex, all hot as FUCK and so sweet. Dear god, it makes me want a man and brings me back to my younger years.

Not to mention the art is absolutely gorgeous. If you want a low stakes story still filled with emotions and tasteful smut, read this....... View
Tonari no Metaller-san---
Oreshika Shiranai KaradaGod, the feelings, the smut, they're all just so GOOOOOOOD! I can't get over how this author turns me into mush in seconds.

Such a great combo about a playboy seme who unexpectedly gets serious about a shy but erotic uke who is open about his devotion. The kisses themselves are enough to set my room on fire. This is totally my jam and now I need to consume everything by this mangaka
Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru!---
Yasashii Koi ga Sodatsu Made---
Sore wa Tabun Itoshii tte Koto---
Dear, My God---
Kore wa Kitto Yume no Naka no Kiss---
Ani no Chuukoku---
Stigmata - Seikon Sousa---
Loved Circus---
Shucchou Host Nyu Boythis almost felt like a baz luhrman film. LOL

the art and wild pacing coupled with the overly dramatic plot and developments really made me turn my brain off to enjoy this, but I still think, at heart, this is a great piece, especially for a first time serialization.

the plot is very basic and very idealistic. nothing new to swat at. what really set this apart is the art and style, tho. I'm almost reminded of the style of Zakk in Canis or even NyaNya. There is a really comic property to the art...... View
Okusama wa AlphaThere was so little mention about the elements of omegaverse at first that I forgot for awhile that it was an issue LOL. It makes me wonder if this story really needed to take place in omegaverse in the first place.

The true conflict of this story is very unclear. It's clear the couple has issues with communication, but this isn't really resolved in the end, we just jump to the happy ending due to meddling from a third party. The issue of producing an heir isn't centralized at first since neit...... View
Haikyu!! dj - Kageyama-san to Hinata-kun---
Haikyu!! dj - Akemashite Kono Omoi---
Haikyu!! dj - Nandodemo Kimi ni Erabareru---
Haikyu!! dj - Lemon Tasteldaskdjsldjasldjsalkdjalksjdlasdj this was so unbelievably cute, I'm speechless

the purest of pureness, they're so fucking cute, I cannot stand it.
Haikyu!! dj - Itoshii Wagamama o Hitotsu dake---
Haikyu!! dj - Shushou-tachi no Naisho goto.---
Haikyu!! dj - S---
Haikyu!! dj - Aoharu x Egoist---
Haikyu!! dj - FHQ Re;collection---
Haikyu!! dj - Halloween Nightmare---
Haikyu!! dj - NEKO Re;Collection---
Haikyu!! dj - NEKO*NEKOxCONCERTO---
Haikyu!! dj - Ou-sama wa Maid-sama---
Haikyu!! dj - Wish upon a Milkyway---
Haikyu!! dj - Kageyama-kun wa Uchuujin desu ka?---
Haikyu!! dj - HOP-STEP!---
Haikyu!! dj - Just Past 0 O'Clock---
Haikyu!! dj - Parabolover---
Haikyu!! dj - Hatsukoi Trigger---
Haikyu!! dj - Hinata Kinenbi---
Haikyu!! dj - Soko ni Tenshi wo Mitsuketa Mono de---
Haikyu!! dj - switch!---
Haikyu!! dj - Karasuno Matsuri---
Haikyu!! dj - Futari Hinata---
Haikyu!! dj - Kagehina Drops---
Haikyu!! dj - White Monster---
Haikyu!! dj - Strange Race---
Haikyu!! dj - Haneyasume no Susume---
Hatsukoi (KAZUKI Rai)---
Yorimichi (KAZUKI Rai)---
Haikyu!! dj - Ikkoue no Taiyou---
Haikyu!! dj - Unlogic---
Haikyu!! dj - Unmei Nante Iranai---
Haikyu!! dj - Little Crow---
Haikyu!! dj - Aitsu Teru to Tsutaetai---
Haikyu!! dj - Ueta Nezumi to Fukigen na Neko---
Haikyu!! dj - Sono Iro no Kakera o Hirotte.---
Haikyu!! dj - Okawari!! Mini---
Haikyu!! dj - Muteki Rhythm---
Haikyu!! dj - Caramel Panic---
Haikyu!! dj - Kurayami ga Kowaku Naku Naru Houhou.---
Haikyu!! dj - Hatsukoi Combat---
Haikyu!! dj - Kiss x Kiss x Kiss---
Haikyu!! dj - Ou-sama Kareshi to Yubikiri GenmanOMG THIS IS TOO PURE FOR WORDS

idiot tsundere king kageyama and the ultra pure also idiot hinata is just such a godly combo, I literally cannot stand it. this doujin is so sweet and takes you on an emotional ride, I cried real tears by the end. GOD I CAN'T WITH THESE TWO
Haikyu!! dj - Snow Step!---
Haikyu!! dj - Usotsuki Canon---
Haikyu!! dj - Nobosete Shimau Hanashi---
Haikyu!! dj - Hidamari Jump---
Haikyu!! dj - Kaze, Hiichimaimashita.---
Haikyu!! dj - Samui Hi no Hanashi---
Haikyu!! dj - Thank You Anikyu!!---
Haikyu!! dj - Yopparatte Shimaimashita.---
Haikyu!! dj - Hanabi---
Haikyu!! dj - Ichinichi Kareshi---
Haikyu!! dj - Secret!?---
Haikyu!! dj - Sora o Oyogu Sakana---
Haikyu!! dj - Nibun no Ichi---
Haikyu!! dj - Kokoro Control---
Haikyu!! dj - Flavor!---
Haikyu!! dj - Suikawari---
Haikyu!! dj - Vow---
Haikyu!! dj - Chu Chu Chew---
Haikyu!! dj - As You Desire---
Haikyu!! dj - Deep Throat---
Haikyu!! dj - Lazy Lazy Night---
Haikyu!! dj - Over Work---
Haikyu!! dj - Sonna Mahou Atte Tamaru ka---
Haikyu!! dj - ΩBOOST---
Haikyu!! dj - Ano Machi ni Sunderu Karera no Koto---
Haikyu!! dj - Kono Machi ni Sunderu Karera no Koto---
Hetalia dj - Shiki / FuyuAHHHHHHHHHHH

amnesia and reincarnation plots always kill me, this one is no different. I'm such a sap, but the notion that love is embedded in the soul and will blossom again if two lovers meet, even in different bodies or without memory, is so appealing to me. God.
Afurete Shimau---
Iki o Tomete, Ugokanai de---
Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri---
Immoral Sandwich---
Kaori no Keishou---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Aru Kagaku no Shoumei---
Sukijanaitte Hyakkai Tonaetathe characters are all quite unlikeable in the beginning. The interfering writer was particularly cruel and strange. Wild stuff happens. But there's a sweet story about friends becoming lovers and another about maturing and changing for the better.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
AHHHHHH A FOURSOME!!! REVERSIBLE OMEGA X OMEGA!!!! BLESSED BE! I loved it. Just for the novelty of the tropes. So, so good.
Uchi wa Futago de Teippai!---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - 21 Seiki, Andalucia Deaetara.I promise I know absolutely nothing about KuroBas. NOTHING. (except it's about basketball)

When I tell you that I could immediately tell everything about a character just from one PAGE....that's good characterization. I absolutely loved the theme of Spain and the tale of Dali and Lorca. The way the two mains exchanged their interests and fell in love with each other, mirroring the poem by Lorca, made me want to cry and do a backflip. I love Given and stuff, but I feel robbed that the character...... View
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Ashita no Tenki---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - 24 Second Rule---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Misoji no Koi---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Misoji no Seikatsu---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - 13 Centimeter---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Sakura no Kisetsu---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Koigokoro to Kyoki to Yasashisa to Sex---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Hikari e.p.---
Haikyu!! dj - The First Battle Deployment---
Haikyu!! dj - The Second Battle Deployment---
Haikyu!! dj - The Fourth Battle Deployment---
Haikyu!! dj - Hyakumankai Ai o Sakebe---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Dasai Kareshi---
Hetalia dj - Usotsuki no Shita de---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - Soushite Mata Asa ga Kite,---
Haikyu!! dj - Gunjou no ShashinASLDJASLKJDLAKSJLKJ THE PAIN

The first chapter was so sweet and romantic, I loved the location and it made it all the more beautiful and poetic.

THE SECOND CHAPTER. HOLY SHIT. omg. reading the second chapter brought me to my knees. Seeing that setup, the meaning of their names, gave the first chapter a whole new meaning. There was a reason they went to the salt flats. I cried like a bitch. I'm so floored.
Haikyu!! dj - Kokokara Dokonimo Ikenai---
Haikyu!! dj - Uramado Dogfight---
Haikyu!! dj - Ghost Cleaner Love---
Haikyu!! dj - Tonari no Fukanou to Koufuku---
Hetalia dj - Long November---
Tiger & Bunny dj - Seesaw Game---
Haikyu!! dj - Higan no kagee---
Haikyu!! dj - Tanoshii Jigoku wo irodoru nara---
Shingeki no Kyojin dj - Heichou no Onaka.---
Haikyu!! dj - Ichi Byoukan no Rendezvous---
Haikyu!! dj - Shisseishou Oikawa Tooru no Hanashi.---
Hetalia dj - Shiki/Natsu---
Haikyu!! dj - Erohon---
Kuroko no Basuke dj - In the Cage---
Neko to Wakagashira---
Haikyu!! dj - AKBK---
Haikyu!! dj - 60-kagetsu Kakurenbo---
Haikyu!! dj - Hoshi Miru Shounen---
Haikyu!! dj - Kokou no Karasu---
Haikyu!! dj - RPG - Final Haikyuu Quest---
Haikyu!! dj - Kurikaesu Kagayakashii Hibi---
Haikyu!! dj - Aiiro Stardust---
Haikyu!! dj - Heikousenjou no Egao---
Haikyu!! dj - My Favorite Mix---
Haikyu!! dj - Nakushitamono to Nakusanakattamono---
Haikyu!! dj - Zettai ni Itte Agenai---
Haikyu!! dj - Fukenzen Hakusho---
Haikyu!! dj - Shonen-ki itsubi-ron---
Haikyu!! dj - Darling Darling---
Haikyu!! dj - Sensei to Issho---
Haikyu!! dj - Yubisaki kara Mirai o---
Haikyu!! dj - Sake wa Horoyoi Hana wa Tsubomi---
Haikyu!! dj - Weekend Rendezvous---
Haikyu!! dj - Natsu Matsuri in Karasuno---
Haikyu!! dj - Moshi Shushou ga Irekawattara---
Haikyu!! dj - Gasshuku Shiyouyo---
Haikyu!! dj - 24.3 centimeters difference---
Haikyu!! dj - Kuchibiru ni Himitsu---
Haikyu!! dj - Superstar---
Haikyu!! dj - Swallowtail Butterfly---
Haikyu!! dj - Tenohira no Ue no Sekai---
Haikyu!! dj - The Edge of Glory---
Haikyuu!! dj - Affair After the Tonight---
Haikyuu!! dj - Furachi na Kodomotachi---
Haikyu!! dj - I Dare to Choose You---
Hime Koi (NAKAJOU Hisaya)---
Haikyu!! dj - Hakujou-kun to Shouwaru-san---
No. 6 dj - Shion-kun’s Underwear---
No. 6 dj - Hello, How Are You?---
No. 6 dj - Tremble at Your Touch---
Moshimo, Ashita Sekai ga Owaru nara---
Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no?---
Kiss mo Shiranai Kuse ni---
Only You, Only---
Ashita wa Ieru KanaThis story suffers a little from emotional whiplash, but I forgive it for being the mangaka's first work and also being confined to one volume.

The beginning did such a good job at gutting me emotionally. I could really feel Icchi's crush on Ayumi and Takatsuki's trepidation and pain at seeing those feelings. I felt like Takatasuki's character and part in this story was written really well. Great job on that.

Icchi, however, I felt was quite inconsistent. I really felt and believed that his fee...... View
Free! dj - Makoto to Haruka ga Icha Icha Shiteru Hon---
Free! dj - Atochotto Mouchotto---
Boku no Suki na Nii-chan---
Dowajuseyo Seonsaengnim---
Futari no Hanashi---
Houkago Edge---
Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo---
Eiyuu to Shounen---
Ano Hi, Seifuku de---
Boys Love (NAKAMURA Asumiko)---
Haru no E---
Natsu to Fuyu node Au Basho---
Ikujinashi no Kimi ni Sasageru---
Kimi ni Yoseru Blue---
Samishigariya no Love LetterASLDLASDKLSAKDLA:KDLASKDL:ASKD the amount of fluff and cuteness in this is off the charts. turned me to mush instantly.

very laidback and cute stories with baka couples and really moe character types. I really enjoyed every couple and the chibi drawings were really cute.

I felt like the first story was really well written for how simple it was. Like a much less dramatic version of Your Name LOL. Makato Shinkai should take notes, not everything has to be a super melodramatic romance ahahaha
Free! dj - 18-nen me no Saki ni---
Free! dj - Shouboushi to Ningyo no Hon.---
Free! dj - Choco Cream---
Free! dj - Arabian Paro no Hon.---
Free! dj - Haru Made Mou Sukoshi---
Kimi wa Boku no Usothis type of brother complex, stepbrother taboo situation is definitely up my alley. sue me, I love the sexual tension and angst potential lol.

despite my interest in the premise, however, the rest of the story was very lacking. characters were very thinly built with the typical cliches of "oh I can't tear my family apart" and jealousy plots and the like. the character I actually found most compelling was kouki's friend/sex friend. everything else felt very predictable with a plot that didn't ...... View
Pink to Mameshiba---
Baker Baker Paradoxthe relationship with the friend is a little more complicated than that lol.

anyways, I enjoyed this manga. Incest always makes manga just a little fucked up, so people coming in expecting fluff and cuteness and healthy relationships should heed the warnings. Obviously there is definitely lots of things wrong with the brothers relationship, the whole reason why Yomi is so concerned ahaha. Regardless, it makes for an interesting plot and drives the mystery to see what happened to the older brot...... View
Boku ga Otto ni Deau madeSuch a heartfelt story, I truly cried many times.

It was refreshing and added an edge of weight and hope that this was based on a true story by a gay man living in Japan. As a BL loving fujo, I love reading BL and even have some favorite tropes, but at the end of the day, it's a fictional story with characters who don't exist. Obviously I know that real gay men live in Japan, but there is something so real, human, and pure about reading a true love story without any of the common tropes. I wan...... View
Boku no Omega yo Samenaideboring. full of bad tropes. thought I was reading a bad shoujo manga lmao.

I guess if you like omegaverse this is typical fare? it's not for me at all.
Kimi to Deattekara Boku wa---
Sensei no Sensei---
Ameiro Curriculum---
Tatsu no Otoshigo---
Aniki no Ichiban Oishii TokoroI was surprised, I went into this expecting a pure smut fest with a sorry excuse for a plot. I mean, it's brocest, almost everyone reading is here for the same shit anyways.

What I DIDN'T expect is so much effort to develop the characters and have them go through a pretty decently written arc about becoming more independent from each other and less clingy. The resolution was believable and satisfying. I was shocked!

Of course, there is lots and LOTS of smut, and it's hot as FUCK. I love it when...... View
Koiseyo Sennen Neet---