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Total: 102

Series Status Rating Comment
19 Tianv.1 c.341------
Ameagari no Bokura ni Tsuitev.2 c.11------
Anti-Romancev.1 c.4------
Badassv.1 c.6------
Bakana Inuhodo Itooshiiv.1 c.4------
Bar Mao no Oshinagakiv.1 c.1------
Barbaritiesv.3 c.21------
Beast of Bloodv.1 c.7------
Black or White (Sachimo)v.5 c.15------
blancv.2 c.9------
Blue Sky Complexv.5 c.23---skajdlakdjalskdj

this is now one of the mangas i pray every night to be updated as swiftly as possible. lol.

i love how the mangaka presents a setting that is slice of life and everyday while making the tension between the two mains deliciously mysterious and alluring. narasaki and terashima are just your everyday normal dudes, but when put together the chemistry is just wow. ichikawa-san, you have a gift for this.

edit: after finishing this story im slightly disappointed in how the ending was a...... View
Bokura wa Uso ni Kidukanaiv.1 c.1------
Contrastv.1 c.8------
Endou-kun no Jikken Notev.2 c.1------
Eto Irokoi Zoushi ~Honeymoon Arc~v.1 c.5------
Florist no Koi wa Sakuv.1 c.5------
Furenaide Little Starv.1 c.1------
Game-ya BLv.2 c.23------
Givenv.6 c.40---it's true. The real tragedy in this series is that Yuki really was Mafuyu's soulmate. But he's gone now. How can you possible recover from that? This manga shows that journey for Mafuyu and also how Uenoyama stumbles into his first love. There is minimal drama so far from this couple, but I appreciate that since this is about how to move on from the ultimate heartbreak. I just read the strawberry swing chapters and GODDAMNIT WHY SENSEI

on the other hand, the other current couple, Akihiko and H...... View
Haikyu!! dj - Hikari no Kov.1 c.4------
Hana Tokidoki Kumav.1 c.6------
Hanakoi Tsuranev.7 c.43------
Harae to Mononokev.1 c.5------
Hashi no XL Saizuv.2 c.1---This was a cute, enjoyable read. Very smutty with a really dumb virgin uke x a nerdy but hot virgin seme. Idealized, but honestly hit all the good notes with the sex scenes (vocal uke and a passionate seme make me weak).

I really enjoyed how Kobayashi was constantly checking in with Yamamoto to make sure he wasn't in pain and was enjoying himself during the sex. Never got old (especially with Yamamoto communicating that it actually felt good *nosebleed*). I'm always appreciative of good sex et...... View
Hello Morning Starv.1 c.6------
Henkutsu na Yankee-kun o Hottokenaiv.1 c.3------
Hi no Ataranai Bashov.2 c.9------
High Key x Low Keyv.1 c.5------
Hirano to Kagiurav.1 c.6------
His Little Amberv.1 c.1------
Hitsuji no Kawa wo Kita Kemonov.1 c.8------
Hoshikusa no ue no Jojiv.1 c.3------
Hotaru Will Die Tomorrowv.1 c.4------
Hourouken to Mayoi Nekov.1 c.4------
Ibitsuna Bokura no Katachiv.1 c.8------
Kachou Fuugetsuv.10 c.70------
Kagefumi no Koiv.1 c.4------
Kamisama no Urokov.2 c.9------
Kasenshiki Romeo and Juliet Kousou Kyokuv.1 c.2------
Kataomoi x Kataomoiv.1 c.4------
Kekkon x Renai.v.2 c.6------
Kimi ni Koisuru Hazu ga Naiv.1 c.5------
Kimi ni wa Todokanai.v.1 c.6------
Kimi to Tsugai ni Naru Shouhouv.1 c.2------
Kiraide Isasetev.1 c.5------
Kiss and Never Cryv.7 c.43------
Koi ga Ochitarav.2 c.5------
Koimonogatari (TAGURA Tohru)v.3 c.22---such a great story about coming out and coming of age. we aren't even at the love part and im already heavily invested in all the characters. i cant WAIT for the romantic developments. this mangaka hasnt let me down yet, im so excited for what comes next!
Lion Heartsv.1 c.5------
Living with Himv.1 c.10------
Love Me Love My Dogv.1 c.1------
Love Nest 2ndv.2 c.13------
Makotoshiyaka ni Mau Hana wav.1 c.4------
Mofuku no Hanayomev.1 c.4------
Moratte Kudasaiv.1 c.2------
Naisho ni Shite ne (MATSUYOSHI Aco)v.1 c.2------
Never Good Enoughv.1 c.11------
Nomi×Shibav.1 c.5------
Ogi-kun no Natsuyasumiv.1 c.5------
Old-fashioned Cupcakev.2 c.2---this is like a grown up sasaki and miyano. Their character types are even similar, lol.

Nothing much to say. It's a sweet story with pining, romantic tension, uncertainty about the future, and fear of reaching out to grasp another's hand. I felt Nozue in my SOUL. I should go out and find me a cute subordinate as well.
Ore no Kaikata Shikarikatav.1 c.4---holy shit the smut in this one is off the charts!! it's really hot and every chapter is so filled with the good stuff, I don't even care much that the characterization is on the thin side and there basically is no plot. The sex is pretty kinky too, which is rare in BL except when there's a S&M theme. I love that the uke can voice all the kinky stuff he wants and not be shamed or judged by the seme. So great. More like this please.

Like I said, the characterization is a bit thin. Ten is fleshed...... View
Oretachi wa Shinkon-san Kamo Shirenaiv.1 c.1------
Ou-sama no Koi Asobiv.2 c.8------
Over Squallv.1 c.1------
Perfect Proposev.1 c.3------
Please, Marry Me!!v.1 c.4------
Raion Gotoki no Kuni karav.1 c.4------
Red Beryl ni Sayonarav.2 c.8------
Reincarnation (MAYAMA Rika)v.1 c.3------
Renchin!v.2 c.4---I'm so happy that the oneshot in sofura buka that broke my heart got a continuation! Kami is so cute and so endearing, I couldn't help but wish for his happiness! Waki is a great character: dynamic, extroverted and cheerful. I loved him for Kami and loved seeing the development of their relationship. The cohabitation element just added a nice sexual tension edge, which I very much appreciated >3

My only complaint is that the ending is a bit weak. It sucked that we needed Kami to feel inadequat...... View
S to Nv.1 c.1------
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanaiv.7 c.44---to all the nay sayers who are like "wtf why is a yaoi one of the top rated manga on this site damn fangirls" THIS MANGA IS FREAKING AMAZING. there's so few chapters out but already so much character development and action have occurred that i freak out each time a new chapter comes out.

this manga reminds me a bit of another top-rated manga on this site, Watashitachi no shiawase na jikan, except this one involves yazuka and is much grittier (and has yaoi). but like the previous title, never in...... View
Saraba, Yoki Hiv.6 c.20------
Sasaki to Miyanov.7 c.39---dkfakjfaksjdlkajkljasdlkjakldjaslkdj this manga is really bad for my heart. I have heart attacks from all the cute like every chapter. holy shit.

if Sasaki and Miyano don't get together, I'll publicly commit seppuku. similarly, I'll cry tears of blood if Hirano and his roommate don't get together xD they're all so fucking cute I can't hold it together aksskaldjsakljdlaksjdlaksjdlaj

the level of moe in this manga is off the charts. all the straight characters in this manga are really fun as well...... View
Sensei Ha Benki Ja Arimasen.v.1 c.3------
Sex Suruyori Hazukashii Kotov.1 c.5------
Shiawase ni Michita Yoru no Niwav.1 c.6------
Shinnairu Gene ev.1 c.5------
Shiraha to Kokubotanv.2 c.5---I really enjoyed the premise and initial conflict of this manga, plus I REALLY enjoyed the character design of Kuroi-kun. He's so unbelievably hot and the fact that he's a yakuza leader too is just slkdjaskldjalkdjsaldkjalksdjals

I feel like this mangaka is much more suited for writing down to earth stories with more humorous and slice-of-life elements. The drama and later conflicts in this manga felt shallow and forced, like the manga was going through the motions in order to write a proper y...... View
Stay Gold (Hideyoshico)v.4 c.18---the big brother and his little brother instantly reminded me of shuu and kuranosuke from Kuragehime. if the younger bro crossdresses for any reason i think i'll lose it.

edit: some people are already acting like the main couple has already made out and putting the moves on each other. please. as far as I can see, in volume 3 and with 13 chapters out, the love is still one sided. this relationship is meant to be a super slow burn; we'll probably see more development between the brother and his ...... View
Sukebe no Seishunv.1 c.5------
Super Loversv.14 c.41---even though there hasn't been any overt sex in it (yet). for all the teasing that made me rage in komatta, miyuki-sensei really made up for it in this manga, lol. haru and ren's relationship is filled with all the desperation and sweetness one could want from a good romantic bl story. like another commenter said, it's rare that the uke character wants the seme as ardently (or more) than the seme seemingly wants the uke. ren is desperate to express his non-brotherly feelings of love to haru in...... View
Tabenai no? Ookami sanv.1 c.3------
Tabetemo Oishikuarimasenv.2 c.11------
Tamen De Gushiv.1 c.200------
Tantan to Tantov.1 c.2------
Ten Ten Shiro Shirov.1 c.9---I'm always bitching about how Hayakawa Nojiko never draws sex scenes even tho she can make STEAMY scenes of her characters making out. I feel like this is my comeuppance because this title is drawn a little more explicitly than her other titles.....but the subject matter is 🙁 (((((((((((

I guess I'm biased since Hayakawa Nojiko is one of my favorite mangakas of all time. I'm super intrigued by the story despite being verrrryyyyyy put off by the blatant insinuation of child sexual abuse and...... View
The Fifth Encounterv.1 c.7------
Therapy Game Restartv.1 c.7------
Torezoa~boku no takaramono~v.1 c.1------
Tourou no Oriv.4 c.19---WOW this manga is a trip. it has such a dark atmosphere and it seems like the land itself corrupts all who set foot on it until they go mad. all the main characters are super fucked up and have extremely unhealthy relationships with each other. Outsiders who get involved inevitably slowly become twisted themselves. I'm so hooked. I want to see how it all ends. It's like watching a fly scoot around a venus fly trap, waiting for the inevitable.

Heed all warnings: things get really dicey. This ma...... View
Tsugai ni Narenai!v.1 c.6------
Uchi no Musuko wa tabun Gayv.3 c.46------
Usagi no Moriv.3 c.12------
Watashi wa kabe ni naritaiv.1 c.2------
Yamada Tarou Monogatariv.11 c.39------
Yamaraashi no Ondov.1 c.4------
Yoidore Ai wo Shiruv.1 c.3------
Yomeha Hakoiri Musukov.1 c.3------
Yosugara Kimi o Omouv.1 c.2------
Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai Vs Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otokov.2 c.35------
Zombie Hide Sexv.3 c.3------