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New Poll - OP/ED
This week's poll was suggested by zeazea. Do you try to learn the lyrics to the OP/ED of anime? Those are the opening/ending songs. One of my friends knows the lyrics to every song in Kimi no Na wa (great movie that you should watch if you haven't already). Another friend still knows the Hare Hare Yukai dance from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and he performed it during another friend's wedding last year.

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: New series you're trying. You dislike the story but like the characters. Continue reading?
Yes, the characters are more important to me - votes: 700 (13.7%)
Stop reading, as this just ruins it for me - votes: 467 (9.1%)
Unlikely, as I can't fully enjoy the series - votes: 1194 (23.3%)
I'll keep trying in hopes that the story improves - votes: 2757 (53.9%)
There were 5118 total votes.
The poll ended: March 23rd 2018

In general, looks like the replies had about the same percentages between the character and plot polls
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 24th 6:33am
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» VawX on March 23rd, 2018, 11:57pm

I mean some of them are really good, like you won't be embarrassed listening to them in public mmm...


» calstine on March 24th, 2018, 3:05am

Just my favourites. That being said, I can only ever sing properly while the actual song is playing in the background, no matter how well I know the lyrics. Clearly, I don't have a gift for music laugh


» ebisu on March 24th, 2018, 4:06am

I don't bother trying to learn them.

But that doesn't mean that I don't end up learning them because of listening to the songs repeatedly.
The matter is don't try to learn them, but I end up learning them in some cases.


» residentgrigo on March 24th, 2018, 5:09am

I don't even bother trying, as i have no interest. Like at all.


» MinatoAce on March 24th, 2018, 9:39am

No. As in 'learning', I don't.
I sang along a very few song (very few, can probably be counted using my two hands), correctly or not.
But, that's all there is to it.


» kurotaito on March 24th, 2018, 12:51pm

I try to look up the translations for the lyrics, so I at least know what the song is saying, at least once in my life. I haven't actively tried to learn an anime song in years. The only exception is when I am watching an anime with friends, then the group of us will sing the OP, any chance we get. Cos we be geeks.


» im_uni on March 24th, 2018, 4:50pm

I chose 'Just my favorite songs', meaning 'those that I like (this group is wider than 'favorites'). In fact, this process helped me with listening skill in Japanese, and now I consciously try to use it to learn Japanese. It's very gratifying when you still know that you're pretty much blind in this language, but you suddenly notice that you know what some songs are about even without translation.
This is my hands down favorite way to learn ))


» Moirae on March 24th, 2018, 5:01pm

Um. I sometimes learn them without trying if I like them and don't just skip over them and I used to get some of the OSTs 10 years ago, but I haven't tried to learn any songs since Sailor Moon and Pokemon were first airing the US and those were English Dubs in the nineties. I want to be the very best... Like no one ever was----


» KaoriNite on March 24th, 2018, 7:33pm

I've tried before, especially with my favorite songs. But I have no talent for learning them. I always end up just mumbling along with random gibberish.


» vigorousjammer on March 24th, 2018, 8:01pm

Some of them are just so catchy, and then since I'm not fluent in Japanese I gotta look up the lyrics so I can sing along.
I wish I could read hiragana faster, because then I could just sing along no problem. laugh


» Vocah on March 25th, 2018, 6:25am

I don't even bother to try to learn the lyrics of songs in English much less for anime OP/EDs.


» blackkittycat15 on March 25th, 2018, 8:19am

I'm a visual learner so when the songs were subtitled I would learn them, otherwise I'll mumble along and call it good enough. I'll never subject another person to my horrible tone deaf voice so it's not important.


» hkanz on March 29th, 2018, 11:59am

When I was more into anime, I liked listening to soundtracks (Cowboy Bebop ftw!) but I never memorized anything.