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New Poll - Age
As residentgrigo suggested, our last age poll was a little over 6 years ago. Has the users of the site aged up? Or have people stopped reading manga and just gotten replaced by new people?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: If a non-Japanese person that lives in Japan made a comic, would you still consider it "manga"?
Only if it had manga-style artwork - votes: 1807 (36.4%)
Only if it was published by a Japanese company or made for the Japanese manga market - votes: 1538 (31%)
Only if they had help from Japanese assistants - votes: 16 (0.3%)
Only if they were originally born in Japan - votes: 44 (0.9%)
Only if it was written in Japanese - votes: 423 (8.5%)
Not at all - votes: 152 (3.1%)
Yes, absolutely - votes: 989 (19.9%)
There were 4969 total votes.
The poll ended: May 9th 2020

Now what makes an anime?
Posted by lambchopsil on 
May 9th 7:41am
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» residentgrigo on May 9th, 2020, 3:30am

I hope that the age ranges make sense. 31-35. Not much to discuss here.

I am rapidly "aging out" of the target demographic for adult manga. US TV/film loves the 18-49 demographic but the mid-30s seem to be it with manga when it comes to the upper end. Works/magazines that more or less target readers above 30 (Golgo 13 and those endless golf and gambling manga) exist of course but the air gets thin when it comes to anime.
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The market will have to die before I stop reading comics but the 2020s are off to a great start on that...


» calstine on May 9th, 2020, 5:37am

I was here 6 years ago and I'm still here now. Wonder when/if I'll quit, since I currently feel no inclination to do so. Anyway! 28-30 age bracket for me.


» KaoriNite on May 9th, 2020, 6:35am

I'll be 31 later this year.

I was here 6 years ago and thought I'd never stop reading manga. But I'm reading a lot less manga now compared to before, so I wouldn't be surprised if I stopped reading it in a few years.


» VawX on May 9th, 2020, 2:33pm

Oh wow, already more than 10 years since the first time I use this site mmm..
And there are a lot of people in my age range mmm...


» eccentrrick on May 9th, 2020, 7:17pm

Hahaha, I'm in the 28-30 range. Most people I know that used to like anime and manga don't anymore. I definitely haven't grown out of it though 🙂


» mallika23 on May 9th, 2020, 9:51pm

I've known this sites since I was in middle school, around the first time I read manga from sites like OneManga (it still existed at that time) and MangaFox. I think it was 11 or 12 years ago? It was later on I registered myself as a user though..

I'm 25 now. I'm just a reader, not a scanlator.. But I love that you have a great database about manga, manhwa, manhua, and even webtoons from all over the world.

The sites haven't changed much since the first time I opened it. I mainly used this site to keep my reading list, in case I forgot about it.


» Suxinn on May 10th, 2020, 2:40am

I'm 25, going on 26, which is wild considering I've been here for eleven years already, so I joined when I was only 14! Man, I was basically a baby then.

While I've had brief periods of manga inactivity (previously caused by school, now caused by work), I always come back to it in the end, and it's become such a natural part of my life that I doubt I'll ever stop at this point. (I really do need to trim down my reading lists, though...)


» hkanz on May 10th, 2020, 6:38am

31-35, so I’m happy to see that quite a few respondents are in that age range and it’s not just me here with kids the age of my niece 🤣


» Otakuch on May 10th, 2020, 9:12am

Wow I've been waiting for this. 14-17


» slyborg on May 10th, 2020, 11:37pm

Would it be possible to post al link to the earlier poll when the results are final?


» lambchopsil on May 10th, 2020, 11:43pm

Quote from slyborg
Would it be possible to post al link to the earlier poll when the results are final?


» Suxinn on May 10th, 2020, 11:45pm

You can find the old results if you scroll back far enough. Here is the discussion, and here are the results. Looks so far to be a slight age-up, but since this poll was conducted six years ago, it seems like we got more new members in the interval rather than the old ones growing up.


» Draggador on May 11th, 2020, 12:44am

I've been reading manga since about 7-8 years & I came across MangaUpdates around 4-5 years ago. Made my account quite a while later, around 2 years ago. I've always been an avid reader of not only comics & novels but also other types of books. I don't think that I'll ever stop using MangaUpdates. Bracket 21-23 for me.


» DandelionLilyPetals on May 11th, 2020, 3:07am

14-17. I came across this site 6 months ago though I haven't really been active since a month ago. I've been reading manga since I was 10, although I have vague memories of some mangas.


» Ceiye on May 14th, 2020, 6:01pm

I'm not going to say my age, but I wish to one day be one of the 71+ year olds out there still reading manga


» Uzukami on May 14th, 2020, 7:57pm

Got into manga when the Naruto Shippuden filler/slow pacing got out of hand so pretty much right away in 2007.

Started cataloguing them here in 2008 when I couldn’t keep track anymore.

Im 26 now and still read at least once a week.


» butako chan on May 15th, 2020, 2:19pm

View I can't believe it's already been 7 years since i first started using this site. I love how many series this site keeps in its database. It's irreplaceable to me at this point. This site even inspired me to pick up scanlating for a bit. I'm 24 now and can see myself continuing to use this site for the foreseeable future.


» cecropiamoth on May 15th, 2020, 6:01pm

I'm 70+ !

I started reading manga 11 years ago, because I was sick of American media and had had a yearning to learn more about Japan since I saw some samurai movies 50 years ago, but Japan is a very mysterious place in standard American media, and has always been.

Eleven years ago I stumbled on MangaPark, and realized I could learn a lot about Japan just by consuming its fun media.

Then I realized as I read some that a lot of manga goes far beyone anything made in the USA in creativity. I still love a lot of manga, though not the "called to another world" type much. I think that's totally a young person's taste.


» Morrelan on May 15th, 2020, 7:14pm

21-23. Started reading western comics and manga as a kid when my older siblings would bring them home from the library. Comic reading is about the only hobby I've consistently kept up on all these years, and I don't intend to quit any time soon. 🙂