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New Poll - Author Dying
This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. It's a bit morbid, but if the author of your favorite ongoing series knew they only had a few more months to live, how would you like them to handle that series? There is no poll option to have someone else finish the series since I feel like that rarely happens (although my best example of this is the novel series The Wheel of Time).

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Which type of animation do you like the most?
Stop motion - votes: 109 (4.1%)
2D vector-based animation - votes: 676 (25.7%)
3D animation - votes: 149 (5.7%)
Motion graphics - votes: 61 (2.3%)
Traditional cel animation - votes: 1640 (62.2%)
There were 2635 total votes.
The poll ended: March 27th 2021

Old school, eh?
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 27th 4:35pm
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» kaloo on March 27th, 2021, 11:22am

I'd like to say they should just enjoy their life, but honestly I'd want them to rush out an ending, or give an interview of how they intended the series to end or somehow otherwise wrap it up.


» Joese on March 28th, 2021, 4:22pm

I totally think the same .They should just enjoy their life and maybe leave in an interview how they thought it would've ended / after story if posible.

I mean it's not as if lately there were many mangas with satisfying endings, editors usually change way too much .They would even have the unique chance to say what the plot they wanted would be like without caring for the repercussions. We could even get to hear how some authors end up detesting their own works. ๐Ÿ˜›

Lastly I must stress how terrible it is when they don't let a series die even after the original creator is gone (or has left the proyect).


» Animechic420 on March 27th, 2021, 12:26pm

Each of these are pretty bad choices. I don't like reading a manga that won't ever get finished. The mangaka never allows others to continue their work. This is why I wait for manga to be completed before I think about buying it.


» Shippou_Incognito on March 27th, 2021, 1:03pm

Based on the comments on this poll, the fourth choice should have been: die, come back from the dead and finish the manga because what I want is more important than the the author. ๐Ÿ˜•


» Gottesurteil on March 27th, 2021, 2:09pm

How about option D) Work family/editor to provide notes on how the rest of the series should go, regardless if you never find an artist able to complete it.

See Wheel of Time for an example.


» dreamer00013 on March 28th, 2021, 1:49am

This. Which is the reason I voted for "enjoy the rest of life"
We are in the 21th century. You can leave outlines and notes for how it should have ended, and if your series is beloved enough, someone will finish it. And otherwise you've got the notes.

But then again, it depends on the author. There was one who finishes his series on his death bed, and you can feel it when you read it. How was the title of it again? It was a popular one, at least 21, 22 volumes...

Edit: it was "alive" - dreamaway mentioned the author, found it that way. I still remember it for the ending, even though I didn't enjoy the rest of it as much.


» ebisu on March 27th, 2021, 3:27pm

I'd say the first choice, if that is what they wish (it would be wrong to make them stop against their will too). Ideally, officially giving the baton pass to someone else to finish the series would be cool.


» residentgrigo on March 27th, 2021, 3:34pm

Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life. Having other people finish those work rarely works on top of that. Dune 7&8 + EU or Justice League 2017 (it wasnยดt the director who died of course) are stark reminders of why such things need to be left alone.
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001 also comes to mind but is at least watchable, unlike that top to bottom cursed DC Frankenstein. Thank Zod for the Snyder Cut. Just publish the remaining notes if the creator(s) end up dying for real with some annotations and call it a day. Basically this:

Another fascinating example:
Steve Gerber died with issue 7 of 8 being plotted but not fully scripted. Adam Beechen finished the script for him and wrote a fully original ending for issue 8 as no plot or even breakdown to issue 8 exists. 3 other writers also wrote original and fully divergent endings that were all published in issue 8. All 4 endings are only 4 pages long.


» CheshireCaine on March 27th, 2021, 3:47pm

"Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life."

Option A without question. A universe where my consumption outweighs their life is not the one I live in.

I get the temptation to worry about their ongoing works (especially when the options are listed) but the author owes you nothing. Like, I've already come to terms with the fact that I'll outlive some of my favourite creators and some of them'll outlive me. It's just life. They owe us nothing.


» hkanz on March 28th, 2021, 11:12am

Quote from CheshireCaine
"Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life."

Option A without question. A universe where my consumption outweighs their life is not the one I live in.



» Rouzmary on March 27th, 2021, 3:57pm

I do want the 4th option of "stop right there & enjoy the rest of their life (which might very well include continuing writing since it is smt they love doing) and entrust notes/manuscript of how it goes/ends so that it can be finished after the author dies or fans can simply read the notes and know how it went"

I'm all for the author stopping the work if that's what they want, but honestly, I'd also appreciate them leaving behind at least a draft or smt of how the story continues & ends, because an unfinished story is also a sad thing, forever left wondering.


» tanukischarm on March 27th, 2021, 5:43pm

I feel bad for not choosing A. ๐Ÿ™‚
No one can tell. My opinion doesn't matter but their answer is. I simply there to appreciate whatever the choice they make.

On the other hand, personally, I can't lie how hard to see my fav series left untouched, even though it's from the-still-forever-hiatus mangaka I know. Sometimes rushed is preferable to wrap things up. It means "done in process" but also "incomplete". I agree with the user before me said.


» mallika23 on March 27th, 2021, 7:11pm

I honestly want to choose the option "stop right there & enjoy the rest of their life". But it feels heavy on me when I imagined if the series I followed since I was a kid was stopped midway. Like Detective Conan. Or one like Glass Mask, which has been on hiatus for years, even decades.

I collected each volumes of Detective Conan with my brother until now. I'm still looking forward for the moment when Shinichi can finally reunite with Ran, and when the Black organization finally meet its end.

So, I think I'll choose option C, where everything's still published on schedule. I don't choose option B, since I don't like rushed ending like what happened with "Kimetsu no Yaiba". And if something really happened with the author, I hope the publisher will do something to save the series as well, so the author wouldn't have to bear all the burden by himself. At least they can help the author to make a proper ending as soon as possible, so the author could rest as soon as possible too.

Some choose the option D about letting the author rest and getting someone else to finish this series. But I disagree.. There's also this manhwa webtoon titled "A Gentleman's Unique Taste", which has the case when after season 1, the illustrator died and was changed to another illustrator in 2nd season. I'm quite dissapointed with the drastic art style change, even though I still read it through the end. If an author tried to leave some legacy in this world from his/her works, I want the series to have a memorable legacy through the end..

But of course, this is just my opinion as a reader. Every final decisions on such case are in the hand of the author and the publisher, in the end. I can only respect their choice.


» dreamaway on March 27th, 2021, 8:58pm

Let the author do what he wants to do. If he wants to continue while battling his sickness like Kawashima Tadashi did, great, that's what he wanted. Good for fans, too, since we get closure even if it is rushed, which is infinitely better than no closure. If not, it's sad but understandable.


» Melrakki on March 28th, 2021, 2:29am

I also agree they should enjoy the rest of their life, in whatever way feels right to them. If that includes finishing their story, or dropping it, should be up to them. I kind of don't like the way this poll was worded, since it doesn't really cover that possibility.


» Jooles on March 28th, 2021, 5:26am

Obviously they're free to do as they see fit.

But otoh, I'm also gonna go ahead and say "Fuck 'em" to any author knowing in advance that they're gonna die (and are still fully mentally/physically capable) that won't do the bare minimum for their fans - the ones who made the author living their dream a reality- with e.g. notes for the future. Wheel of Time is of course at the top, and I wouldn't expect the same treatment (a book's worth of notes) from others. Just *something* that would potentially give some closure for the fans. "X did this. Y ended up being killed by ABC. Z and Z and Z fell asleep together."

And to avoid any confusion, it's not a contradiction. They're free to do as they want, and I'd fight anyone for people's right to "not do as I want", but if they have that little respect for the ones that made their dream a reality and their life infinitely more pleasurable than most people's, then I in turn am free to call it out for what it is and no longer give a rat's ass about them, their art or their life/death.


» Sugarshark on March 28th, 2021, 7:48am

they better be dead if they're not currently working on the ending of that thing they left unfinished 14yrs ago
or else...


» SKyz007 on March 28th, 2021, 2:15pm

I voted "Have them try and rush an ending", but I'll explain. I'm not asking about completing a volume or something like that. They usually have a bunch of chapters ready to publish (maybe only one, maybe more), so they can publish all of them as they are and, after that, even if it's only one handwritten page, say how it ends. After that "Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life".


» docdesanta on March 29th, 2021, 12:16am

As a consumer, I'd pick option A wholeheartedly. Ultimately though, I think the final decision should be left up to the author, ideally with no pressure from their editor or publisher, and especially not from the fans.

When World Trigger went into hiatus a few years back, it was a bit upsetting but I was much more concerned about Daisuke Ashihara's condition upon learning about his health issues at the time. Thankfully it wasn't as drastic as this post, and the work has since returned, but it did give me some perspective.


» Naeko on March 29th, 2021, 2:09am

Some big name authors have already dealt with such issues for their massive franchises. For example Gosho of Detective Conan had already created the plot for the final concluding arc and locked it in his safe. He updates it as needed. He said this was just in case something happened to him. His assistants would continue the work as they are already trained in putting out entire chapters. Oda of One Piece tells each editor assigned to him by the publisher about the final arc details. That takes half a work day ( 6 hours ) and the editor knows not only the ending but the many details leading to the ending. This is so that the editor will be able to properly edit all current work without diverging to any points that might contradict items in the final arc's ending.

I suspect that publishers may urge the major authors to have emergency plans for concluding the story with a final arc.


» dreamer00013 on March 29th, 2021, 9:57pm

I didn't know that! But it makes sense and it's great to know. Although I still think I'll never find out how one piece and certain other famous manga - *cough hunterxhunter cough cough* will end. Feels like one piece will outlive me.


» Orhunaa on March 29th, 2021, 6:40am

As kind & humanitarian the option A sounds, I'll be frank and say that I care more about a piece of work that I'm engrossed in and passionate about than the person behind it in most cases. I'd rather the author continue for as long he/she's able to produce chapters that are on par with his/her previous work at the usual rate of release. I wouldn't want them to churn out chapters haphazardly in an attempt to rush out the ending, nor would I like them continuing if they're not in a state physically or mentally in which they can maintain the same quality as before. But if they are able, then I want them to do it, and preferably entrust a rough overview of what is left in their creative vision to be utilized after their passing by the second most qualified person.


» HikaruYami on March 29th, 2021, 7:01am

Obviously I'm picking Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life. With that said, I get this feeling that Oda would just keep writing One Piece because that's literally been his #1 life goal since he was a teenager. But if he chooses to spend time with his family instead, good on him! They barely get to see him lol.

The only authors for which I could imagine any non-sociopath disagreeing with this option would be ones that have just left their series to rot for a decade or more. These are series for which people love the work and have come to mostly dislike the author. I could see people wanting Togashi (HxH) or Yazawa (Nana) to come back and rush an ending--if not in print form, then at least telling their editors how it would end so some other artist can do *something* with it. I know Togashi has never been the best at endings (I mean, I liked YYH, but the ending just got weird), but if he really never writes up an ending of any sort, people will be piiiiiissed at all this time he wasted.


» kawcrow on March 29th, 2021, 9:39pm

If they're the author of my favorite series, I want them to be happy and enjoy life! I'd rather have a bittersweet unfinished series than feel guilty about a rushed ending I know the author literally worked themselves to death on.


» KaoriNite on April 2nd, 2021, 4:14am

I feel like there needs to be an option for "whatever the author prefers". Some authors may want to stop and focus on other things in their life, while others would prefer to figure out a way to end the series quickly. Or maybe they want to continue living their life as they have been and need the normalcy of keeping to a regular schedule. In any case, I wouldn't want to dictate how an author lives their final months.