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New Poll - Love Triangles
This week's poll comes from our member AliceinAmestris. So how do you like those love triangles? Seems like a staple scenario in most romance series.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related):

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What sport would you most like featured in a manga / anime series?
Baseball - votes: 631 (4.3%)
Tennis - votes: 445 (3%)
Kendo - votes: 908 (6.1%)
Archery - votes: 1786 (12%)
Track and Field - votes: 248 (1.7%)
Basketball - votes: 816 (5.5%)
Cheerleading - votes: 342 (2.3%)
Martial Arts - votes: 3182 (21.4%)
Boxing - votes: 240 (1.6%)
Wrestling - votes: 111 (0.7%)
Soccer - votes: 672 (4.5%)
American Football - votes: 280 (1.9%)
Ping Pong - votes: 109 (0.7%)
Volleyball - votes: 192 (1.3%)
Hockey - votes: 254 (1.7%)
Golf - votes: 62 (0.4%)
Badminton - votes: 166 (1.1%)
Cricket - votes: 114 (0.8%)
Swimming - votes: 518 (3.5%)
Cycling - votes: 96 (0.7%)
Horse Racing - votes: 212 (1.4%)
Lacrosse - votes: 99 (0.7%)
Rugby - votes: 104 (0.7%)
Motor Racing - votes: 298 (2%)
Fencing - votes: 368 (2.5%)
Shooting - votes: 323 (2.2%)
Figure Skating - votes: 388 (2.6%)
Racquetball - votes: 31 (0.2%)
Surfing - votes: 309 (2.1%)
Video Games (E-Sports) - votes: 1533 (10.3%)
There were 14837 total votes.
The poll ended: May 11th 2012

Martial arts, archery, and then e-sports. Video games was a joke, so it's amusing to see how many votes they got. (And I combined the results of the 2 Cycling options that I accidentally had)
Posted by lambchopsil on May 12th 6:54am Comments ( 32 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]

» ForteAtrox on May 12th, 2012, 12:10am

I wish there was a 'don't love them, don't hate them' option.


» hahhah42 on May 12th, 2012, 12:19am

I believe that "Don't care" fits that description.


» BlackOrion on May 12th, 2012, 12:20am

I just see them as a tool to add a small, or big depending on the history, amount of drama to the whole thing, i don't mind them, i just don't care...


» Antiquely on May 12th, 2012, 12:22am

I hate love triangles- with a passion.


» caozhi on May 12th, 2012, 1:14am

This is one of those "really, what does it matter?" polls. In any context who cares, you like what you like.


» sarah-eats-cupcakes on May 12th, 2012, 1:39am

i prefer their absence but if done nicely i dont mind
also, i should be able to see why the 2 other characters fell in love with the main character

i dont understand why a lot of people hate them, situations like this happen in real life no?


» Ibleda on May 12th, 2012, 2:08am

I don't necessarily hate them but... most the times it = a wimpy indecisive female. Cheating going on behind the back and of course the crybaby "innocent" heroine.

Well, if that isn't the case, than I don't really mind. Honestly, many shoujo romance mangas suck. But I do like the romance when it has a good plot and often those are what makes me cry but yea ><. I dunno. Did I mention I hate tsunderes and macho males?

Went for the more than 3 option XD. Seems interesting... no I don't mean harem though!


» archknight on May 12th, 2012, 5:31am

how can you hate tsunderes...i'll admit there are some bad tsundere characters but there are alot of good ones that you cant just hate. Also most seinen romance have good plots and good to read about with love triangles and stuff


» tactics on May 12th, 2012, 3:55am

The more the merrier. Well, more chaotic that merrier I suppose. Love polygons and beyond is where the real fun begins laugh

Honestly though, I don't mind them. I'll happily read a manga that has a love triangle without fuss.


» KaoriNite on May 12th, 2012, 7:01pm

Quote from tactics
Love polygons and beyond is where the real fun begins laugh

agree! It all depends on how good the writing is, but overall I like love triangles and polygons


» archknight on May 12th, 2012, 5:24am

need an option that is "only like them if there was actual romance otherwise it sucks" type of thing...i might be confusing it with harems


» juls91 on May 12th, 2012, 6:34am

i love love triangles, buut not 2 girls and 1 guy, i hate those, i like 2 guys and one girl.
but i can live without them... there arent really important, and most of mangakas dont know how to handle them.


» Cherelle Ashlee on May 12th, 2012, 7:00am

I really hate love triangles, but it sooo hard to avoid in manga's these days *sigh*.


» marshy03 on May 12th, 2012, 8:10am

i hate love triangles. once i see a love triangle tag under categories, i would skip the series unless its really good...


» drunkguy on May 12th, 2012, 9:13am

If it is hentai, the more the merrier. If it is anything else, it depends on the story and the characters. Any indecisive cowardly male protagonists getting even one girl is better than he deserves. If he has two or more, he should be rolled up in a carpet and tossed into Tokyo Bay.


» NightSwan on May 12th, 2012, 9:17am

Hate 'em with a passion.


» surku on May 12th, 2012, 11:23am

'Only if it's done extremely well' would be my correct answer. Went with the 'Don't care' though.

And, I only speak for BL ones, as I haven't read any shoujo/shounen etc with one.


» Nisseman on May 12th, 2012, 1:17pm

Hate them.
Because most of the time it only ends up with lots of retarded misunderstandings.


» forgottenone666 on May 12th, 2012, 1:38pm

I hate them. It seems like something a lot of authors do when they can't come up with better ideas to add tension to the story.

I'd rather read a story about two people in love with each other getting through the tough times with each other than a story about indecisiveness but it seem like most of the stories use the love triangle situation. sad


» Milleniummaster18 on May 12th, 2012, 6:15pm

If they're there, I don't care.

They can spice up a manga, though. The competition and rivalry a Love Triangle produces are always entertaining factors. The only thing that I don't like about them is when the two giving ends of the triangle start pushing for the receiving end to make up its mind.

There are other kinds of triangles, yet I don't notice them because, again, I don't care that much about them.


» Nirhtuc on May 12th, 2012, 6:55pm

Love triangles can sometimes be interesting, but I hate it when 1 party loses out- especially if the rejected person is really nice and is genuinely in love with the person who is being loved by 2 people. Anything more than 2 people being interested in the same person is just too much for me, personally, and sort of unrealistic too. I guess depending on the story, a love triangle can either be an interesting plot device, or really annoying! dead


» elementalblood on May 12th, 2012, 7:11pm

It greatly depends on the skill of the author whether it's enjoyable or just plain annoying. Most often, unfortunately, it's the latter. So, in general, I absolutely hate them as they are used far too often as a sort of fall-back in order to create tension in a story when the ratings go down or the author simply doesn't know what to do next.

Though, nowadays, it's surprisingly difficult to find a manga where a love triangle or greater doesn't exist. Especially in shoujo, it's a constant element. In shounen, well...that's generally harem time isn't it?

To state it again: hate them >.<


» sinner666 on May 12th, 2012, 7:22pm

Martial arts? Really? There are already so many manga out there revolving around martial arts I find it hard to believe people actually want more of them.


» elementalblood on May 12th, 2012, 7:29pm

... O_O what about martial arts? I was talking about the thread topic of love triangles >.< Did I mention something about it and not notice? :/


» Nisseman on May 13th, 2012, 3:32am

Quote from elementalblood
... O_O what about martial arts? I was talking about the thread topic of love triangles >.< Did I mention something about it and not notice? :/

I think he commented on the result of the poll before.


» Whatever on May 13th, 2012, 3:17am

Most of the time I hate them because the characters usually suffer because of it. By suffer I mean it results in poorer characters.

Ex:Junjou Romantica Misaki-this is the best example of a character practically being destroyed for the sake of drama + love triangles. This guy does not grow, he does not learn anything, and the same scenario continuously repeats itself.


» Naoli on May 13th, 2012, 2:02pm

Unless the triangle becomes a harem other than that I don't like them.


» That3rdGuy on May 16th, 2012, 9:39am

"Ewww, no romance at all"
Those exist? Like... Pokemon or something? Seems like every manga has some romance.

Quote from Whatever
Ex:Junjou Romantica Misaki-this is the best example of a character practically being destroyed for the sake of drama + love triangles. This guy does not grow, he does not learn anything, and the same scenario continuously repeats itself.

Kimi no Iru Machi! I made it to like chapter 70 before dropping it. I deserve a medal of valor for making it that far. Just so frustrating. Dude is a giant twat who cant make up his mind and the story is garbage (IMO) as a result. roll eyes


» elementalblood on May 16th, 2012, 10:19am

"Ewww, no romance at all"
Those exist? Like... Pokemon or something? Seems like every manga has some romance.

Well, there are a few like Liar Game. Although there are a few people shipping AkiyamaxNao...considering Akiyama equates Nao with his mother, not likely ^_^ But no, there aren't that many manga without romance. It's the same with novels :/

I applaud you for even reading it. I tried, failed and I'm probably only going to continue for the sake of reading it >.> That really is a horrible series.

Love triangles get dull after so many. Especially the ones where no one seems to learn a damned thing so the "I'm jealous because I saw you talking to that other guy/girl and I'm not going to tell you why I'm mad so I have more reason to yell at you or cry to make you feel bad." <--- (By the way, I think we've all met a person like that. The "react first, ask questions later" type)


» Duality on May 16th, 2012, 12:14pm

I hate love triangles where two guys fall for one girl. I guess these days almost every book and movie has this kind of love triangle. But I like mmm and fmf love triangles.


» Banarok on May 17th, 2012, 6:18pm

If done well it can be really good, i like the one in "midori no hibi" for example.

However i'm more a fan of circles and pentagrams then triangles, where everyone love someone just not the one that likes them, hatsukoi limited hit home pretty well for me.


» gundamgundam on May 18th, 2012, 7:22am

I can't really vote in the poll since my opinion on love triangles changes greatly depending on the genre of the manga. There's a huge difference between love triangles in a comedy manga and love triangles in drama manga. In one it's used as a comedic device and in the other it's something that causes drama and angst. I think "it depends on the genre of the manga in question" would be my answer, but since such option doesn't exist I'm unable to vote, sadly.


» Unknown on June 30th, 2012, 11:21pm

Post Deleted


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