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New Poll - Possible Adaptations
This week's poll comes from StaticHD. Onto the subject of adaptations! For a series that you like, how would you best like it to be adapted to another form of media (if at all)?

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related):

Previous Poll Results
Question: Do you have a blog(s)?
Yes, and at least one anime/manga related - votes: 1057 (9.9%)
Yes, but none of them are anime/manga related - votes: 799 (7.5%)
Used to, but not active anymore - votes: 1726 (16.1%)
Never started a blog before - votes: 7138 (66.6%)
There were 10720 total votes.
The poll ended: October 26th 2012

One of our least popular recent polls (maybe THE least popular). I guess many of you just don't blog. Xanga anyone? Although I think Tumblr is the current fad.
Posted by lambchopsil on October 27th 6:35am Comments ( 21 )  [ View ]  [ Add ]

» you_no_see_me_ on October 26th, 2012, 11:48pm

the winning percent being 66.6 is kinda...creepy


» whitespade on October 26th, 2012, 11:54pm

i only ever read manga, but i choose anime tv show, because thats the best way for my favourite manga to be popular. with more popularity, more people to discus with, more amv, more djs!


» FormX on October 26th, 2012, 11:55pm

I wish when they adapt light novels to continue on with them to the end.
Or just make more original anime.


» nowyat on October 27th, 2012, 12:15am

Wow! *rolls back several flips from the awesome poll* That is good. I said "Real Life Situation" because I recently read somewhere that when taking a psychological test to judge your sanity, you should just shoot for the first choice that hits you. Awesome poll, you bunch of mugs. (The test said I was functionally insane. That's a good thing.)

P.S. Oh, but wordy type novels are great too. Publish it in my genre, and I will buy it 99% of the time and be happy. Or perhaps savagely regret it's purchase later. *That's another, darker, story.* *** Flames of Hell*** ****that ONE book that doesn't allow itself to be read****


» sarah-eats-cupcakes on October 27th, 2012, 12:22am

yes this is an awesome poll
real life situations!


» jedinat on October 27th, 2012, 1:08am

I didn't like any of the choices much... because while I can appreciate a good anime adaption of a good manga, I'd really rather have a great original anime or I suppose an adaption of a light novel over a manga... because the vast majority of the time anime adaptions of really good manga seem to slightly worse or really bad....

Actually, my favorite manga-to-anime adaptions involve manga that I might find decent but don't like enough to read past the first volume... often because of the art and/or general construct/pacing of the manga... Two big examples are xxxHolic and Ghost Hunt. Didn't care for the manga much at all, but really enjoyed the anime adaptations.

So in conclusion.... I guess I only want anime adaptions that improve upon their manga, not just straight adaptions, lol.


» MatrixM on October 27th, 2012, 8:13am

This. or at least are as good. I've heard that FMA:Brotherhood is one of the few that fits this (I only watched it).

I actually voted for TV live action, so stuff doesn't have to be cut out. BUT...too many Japanese actors can't act well. Sometimes it's only side-actors that suck, like Death Note, Goemon or 13 Assassins. Other times we're not as lucky, like 20th Century Boys (which also suffered from condensation of its plot).

So, if I could change my vote I'd go for anime adaptations. Though my limited hard drive and quota makes me pretty much only get original anime.


» tactics on October 27th, 2012, 1:13am

I went for anime, but that's just 'cos I enjoy watching it.


» Dionaea on October 27th, 2012, 5:49am

Who needs adaptations when you've got a manga >biggrin I'd prefer if all the anime which seem interesting to watch were adapted to manga instead :3


» That3rdGuy on October 27th, 2012, 10:25am

When a manga becomes an anime, it usually sucks badly. I'd rather they just stayed manga, but then we'd probably have no anime to base it off of. none


» lynira on October 27th, 2012, 11:42am

Absolutely no question in my mind for this one: manga only, no adaptations.

I can't stand anime, so the major one is out for me. Games and live actions based on manga/anime almost always stink (I've never seen any good ones, at least... oh, except Pokemon games). A musical based on manga sounds really cheesy... I doubt it would be any good. I'm not really interested in dramas or novels (manga is better). I'm guessing "real life situation" is just for lols, so I'm ignoring that one. The only choice I might be ok with is doujinshi... I personally have never read any good ones (so I didn't vote for that choice), but it's basically manga, so I imagine some could be good (as long as they don't include things I have no interest in, like fan pairings).


» whitespade on October 27th, 2012, 12:41pm

Quote from lynira
Games and live actions based on manga/anime almost always stink (I've never seen any good ones, at least... oh, except Pokemon games)

except the poke anime is based off the game


» CKent on October 27th, 2012, 2:34pm

Why isn't there an anime OVA series option? That's what I prefer, since the production values are usually higher than a TV anime, and it doesn't have the limited running time of a movie.


» StaticHD on October 27th, 2012, 5:24pm

Quote from CKent
Why isn't there an anime OVA series option? That's what I prefer, since the production values are usually higher than a TV anime, and it doesn't have the limited running time of a movie.

When I created this poll, I was thinking along the lines that an OVA (Original Video Animation) are almost always "new stories" that don't originate elsewhere.

If I added OVA to the poll choices, then I'd have to also add Original Net Anime (ONA) and Original Anime DVD (OAD), etc.

And this whole [ OVA | ONA | OAD ] adaptation idea could be of its own unique poll, if phrased correctly. Plus, I would have added it to the poll choices, like this: OAV ..which would have been worse than adding it at all since Original Animation Video is usually mistaken for Original Adult Video. Plus, only those who are really into the anime/manga culture would know or care what an OVA is.

But as I look back, I should have added it to the poll list. I just never would have guessed my poll would be chosen. If I could have seen into the future, I wouldn't have missed it. If you are into OVAs that are broken down into episodes, then go with an Anime TV show. If you are into OVAs that are just a one film wonder, then go with an Anime movie. Sorry for the inconvenience. none


» Azula on October 29th, 2012, 3:41am

Static, I agree with everything you've said, except this part:

Plus, only those who are really into the anime/manga culture would know or care what an OVA is.

That same remark could be said about DramaCD, J-Drama/K-Drama, Musical, or even novel. Only the hardcore manga-fans will acknowledge their existence enough to vote for these choices. It's highly unlikely that these choices will get a high percentage of votes when compared to Doujins, Games, Anime, Live-Action adaptations.


» xailah on October 27th, 2012, 5:15pm

I'd prefer the video game medium, only 'cause I gave up on anime (tv shows, not movies though). Some manga are practically made for the consoles/PC. Action and detective/mystery games especially. It's too bad you'll never see them come to the states (besides the top shounens - naruto, DBZ, etc).


» shonryukku on October 27th, 2012, 8:56pm

i'm up set that people aren't taking real life adaptation seriously


» QueenVIP on October 28th, 2012, 3:52pm

Quote from shonryukku
i'm up set that people aren't taking real life adaptation seriously

It depends on the kinds of series you like. If you read gruesome Supernatural | Horror | Tragedy type of series that deals with constant dangers, fear, negativity and life threatening situations... you'd want that sort of stuff to not be a part of your life.

But if it is getting superpowers, getting into awesome romantic situations, meeting someone that may change your life for the better, having all real nine dragon-balls, obtaining a book that allows you to kill anyone you write their names in, etc., then I'd understand.

In fact, I also go for real life situation. biggrin


» yuno19 on October 28th, 2012, 3:16am

People here certainly very tolerant to unsatisfactory quality of most anime out there. I weep for this.


» p3pelepe on October 28th, 2012, 7:50am

I choose manga only, since I don't watch/play the adaptation anyway. I don't have enough patience and time to download hundreds gb of anime/drama/game/etc. Generally I prefer reading to watching, so maybe that's why bigrazz. I like reading novel, but I prefer reading original story, not adaptation of some manga. If I already read the manga, why read the same story again.

I do watch anime, but only anime movie, mostly the ones that Studio Ghibli produced. They're short, the story are original and sometimes touching without being too heavy.
I watch anime OVA too, but if it's the continuation of the manga or if it's complementary to the manga. Something like RK: Seishouhen that told the story after the manga ends, or xxxHolic: Rou/ Adayume that explain some things that the manga doesn't explain.


» Ballads on October 30th, 2012, 7:12am

Voted anime, because half the time, I imagine the manga characters to be god-like in terms of looks, and it's pretty hard for a human to live up to that. And at the same time, I like colours plus moving pictures. Anime movie or OVA would work too, but I guess I chose the common choice? You know, I always thought that OVAs seemed to have less 'movement' than anime, not more. Did someone say it was the other way round? Oh, and at the risk of sounding like an idiot, what's the difference between live-action and drama? I watch them, but I always thought that the terms were interchangeable.


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