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New Poll - Shopping
This week's poll was suggested by docdesanta. Do you like shopping? Where do you prefer? Or you the money-saving type?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Which school life setting do you prefer the most for a series?
Preschool / kindergarten - votes: 30 (1.2%)
Primary school / elementary school - votes: 32 (1.3%)
Middle school - votes: 83 (3.3%)
High school - votes: 803 (32.3%)
Undergrad university years - votes: 684 (27.5%)
Grad school university years - votes: 236 (9.5%)
Trade school - votes: 42 (1.7%)
I'm too cool for school - votes: 579 (23.3%)
There were 2489 total votes.
The poll ended: September 9th, 2023 11:43am PDT

Ah, high school romance...
Posted by lambchopsil on 
September 9th 12:26pm
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» eccentrrick on September 9th, 2023, 12:53pm

Online Shopping. I only go outside to work lol. I try not to touch too much grass.


» Erratic-Hopper on September 9th, 2023, 1:28pm

I love going to second-hand shops. My tastes are quite specific, and although the things I want can be found online I don't want to pay delivery fees. So I go in person even though it's a bit tiring. Some things I just need to see and feel for myself, too.
I love browsing department stores but never buy anything because they sell fairly generic things. But I love being inside shops. Especially second-hand bookshops are bliss, I can spend hours in one!
I am in fact 'the money-saving type' but I still buy things. After several weeks' deliberation. And anyone can window-shop for free.


» mallika23 on September 9th, 2023, 3:28pm

Flea markets or garage sale?

But to be honest it depends on what I bought. For the food stock shopping, I prefer to buy it at wet markets or traditional markets (in US or Europe, I think you can find this kind of markets in Asian markets).

But if I wanted to buy clothes or small furnitures or decorations, I prefer to buy it at flea markets or secondhand shop. I rarely buy new clothes, though, used or not.


» F_J on September 9th, 2023, 6:04pm

Honestly I like window shop. Looking at things and store displays but once I look at the price tag I back away lol


» LazyReviewer on September 9th, 2023, 6:20pm

Malls. Don't get me wrong, I prefer different kinds of places for different products, but overall, just as an experience regardless of product, there is nothing like a large indoor mall to explore.


» VawX on September 10th, 2023, 12:51am

Online shopping and second hand shop mmm...
Something about finding good second hand item for cheap is just very satisfying for me mmm...


» zarlan on September 10th, 2023, 6:47am

Very much depends.


» redlinks on September 11th, 2023, 11:21am

Depends on what I'm looking for but I love to go shopping at farmers' markets, flea markets, goodwills, and bookstores. I only shop online if the price is cheaper than at the stores.


» docdesanta on September 14th, 2023, 10:10pm

I think a satisfying shopping experience really depends on the item you're after.

I find niche/hobby shops more memorable because the staff are usually much more helpful and knowledgeable on whatever I'm looking for. Sometimes they'd even suggest things I would've never known otherwise existed!