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New Poll - MangaUpdates Releases
This week's poll is a bit selfish. I'm planning on taking a less active role in MangaUpdates at some point in the future. Over the past 16 years, I've added about 40% of the releases historically, perhaps closer to 80% of the recent releases. Since it appears most people don't add releases themselves, we're trying to gauge how drastically my leave would affect the site.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: You are given the chance to stop 1 major tragedy that happened in the past. Would you?
Yes - votes: 1882 (63.8%)
No, you should not change the past - votes: 1068 (36.2%)
There were 2950 total votes.
The poll ended: April 23rd, 2022 7:29am PDT

I was amused by orochijes' "Time to save the Romanovs". I watched the animated Anastasia as a child.
Posted by lambchopsil on 
April 23rd 7:50am
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» VawX on April 23rd, 2022, 8:18am

Not as often as I used to, now I rely more on mangadex update mmm...
Still updating my reading list though mmm...


» kaloo on April 23rd, 2022, 1:09pm

So many releases aren't on here anymore so it doesn't feel like the definitive source I could check once upon a time. (Probably because like you said you're doing most of it manually)


» Alimeru on April 23rd, 2022, 5:09pm

I check my reading list multiple times a day, but I assume this poll is talking about the releases page, which I never use.


» Suxinn on April 23rd, 2022, 6:17pm

I used to use the releases page a lot, but nowadays I generally just scroll through my reading list and check out new updates from there. Mostly because I've been going days without reading updates, and so it's easier to use the lists instead of releases page so I'm not having to scroll through multiple pages.


» mallika23 on April 24th, 2022, 1:38am

Edited: I acutally never use release page. I mostly use my reading list page.. Sorry I got mixed up. I used to have times to check new works and add it on my reading list if I'm interested, but recently I just got caught up with works and all, so now I just commit to finish my current lists.

Multiple times a day? At least 3 times. In the morning before work, during lunch, and night after work.

I still use updates on mangadex and bato, but there are some manga/manhwa I choose to read directly on the scanlators' site. So I need to check on my reading list page on mangaupdates.


» calstine on April 24th, 2022, 7:49am

I check the releases page once a day, as I have for... I dunno, the past 10 years?


» Vicis on April 24th, 2022, 7:57am

I check mylist multiple times per day, and have for over a decade at this point. Not sure how that overlaps with the releases view.

Sad to hear groups aren't adding releases, but totally understandable that you'd want a break after 16 years of work. I always wonder how many people actually use this site, and how much longer it'll remain available. It's basically been my definitive source for tracking releases since I first discovered it.

Aggregate sites and apps like and Manga Rock have always come and gone, but MangaUpdates has endured over the years. It's actually really interesting and nostalgic to look through my list once in a while, find old series that finished, and to then go through the releases pages and think "oh, I remember this group and what their site looked like, I was doing X and Y in my life at the time"

I've debated doing a dump of my reading lists and all of the titles in them just so I can catalog this in case the site ever went down...

While I don't know how you add new releases, it's possible that it's something that can be automated. Perhaps this could even be a chance to implement some API standards across the scalation community 😁. Let me know if you'd like me to take a look at writing a script for you.


» Peintresse on April 24th, 2022, 2:08pm

I definitely check in pretty often, I find MU the uncontested best source for tracking scan releases and and it's helpful just popping by here instead of running around to a bunch of different sites (finding license status also!). Very useful for scan groups looking to pick stuff up and make sure it's not already being worked on.

I had no idea you put that much work into logging releases, that's insane. Thank you for your hard work and I do hope you get to take a good long break!


» Twilight_Moon on April 24th, 2022, 9:04pm

Multiple times a day for over a decade! it's incredibly satisfying and honesty exhilarating to see your little reading list icons on Release page series and know that you have a new chapter of like Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun to read or something 😎

Eternally grateful to all your work as always Lamb in keeping the site together, you deserve the rest- though side note I never thought to look in the User CP to add Releases myself tbh.


» gwkimmy on April 24th, 2022, 10:35pm

At least once a day. I have a pinned tab that I just refresh everyday with my reading list.

wow, it's crazy to know that you've dedicated so much of your life to this site, completely understandable that you would want a break. I can't believe more people don't work on updating releases to this site, I always tell people that this is the best manga/manhwa/manhua database that I know of. I love this site to pieces and would pay money to keep it running, if that's what it will take.


» Ceiye on April 24th, 2022, 10:57pm

I check whether the manga on my list are updated about once a day. Though, I tend to use MU to see whether there are scanlations at all. Some people don't use the usual places like Mangadex, or sometimes it's officially released in English but not through like a well-known publisher. Yes, I could just google that last one, but if I'm already using MU to find new manga, the information just already being there is nice.

Yeah, take a break. It's been over a decade. I think the system for updating scanlation information is a bit obfuscated, but if more users can figure it out, I think it'd probably help

Hm, the results are more even than I thought they'd be. I figured that people who didn't come here to check releases wouldn't be here often enough to even vote


» F_J on April 26th, 2022, 10:46am

:< you will be missed when the time comes.

But honestly, I haven't been checking as much as before, so I'm not sure if I would notice anything different. I do come to update my reading list and check in official licence status though.


» Nekore on April 26th, 2022, 2:57pm

Between the event where links had to be removed and the, let's call them voluntary aggregators (batoto, mangadex) I started to check it less and less often, still nice for some leftover series and some tricky searches, but I haven't even updated my lists enough.


» Karonhioktha on April 26th, 2022, 11:07pm

Multiple times a day. I don't check for releases on sites like mangadex often because I like reading from the scanlator's dedicated reader if possible.
I have to admire your dedication to adding all those releases! I got tired after doing it just for 2 years, and even then, it was only for a few series. Your work here is appreciated, but you definitely need a break!


» MewMan on April 28th, 2022, 12:57pm

Definitely not as often as before. Many releases these days are either reddit/cubari only or from no-name teams which are not listed on Mangaupdates. Keeping track of things these days is a pain in general, there's no definitive source anymore.


» Bog Initiate on April 30th, 2022, 10:36am

Voted a few times a week because I really do it for the series I follow in English.
I may not do this sometimes because of too much things to do, but MU is the best place to keep up with releases. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. 😛
I mostly use MU for tracking many series that are in Japanese only, though.
Love this website.