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New Poll - Chapter Parts
This week's poll was suggested by Amplify1. Got any opinions on groups that release chapters in parts? I understand that sometimes the raw is broken up that way but disregard that for the sake of this poll.

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: How do you prefer to watch anime?
Dubbed audio - votes: 270 (7.5%)
Native audio + subtitles - votes: 2386 (65.9%)
Mostly subs, sometimes dubs 'if they're good' - votes: 821 (22.7%)
I don't watch anime - votes: 143 (4%)
There were 3620 total votes.
The poll ended: April 1st, 2023 11:24am PDT
Posted by lambchopsil on 
April 1st 12:12pm
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» kaloo on April 1st, 2023, 12:32pm

I don't like it, but I understand when it's an older series and the volume chapter numbering is kind of a mess. Like one series I was reading just had volume 3 as a single chapter. But if it's an ongoing series just release it as it releases.

I've been seeing more and more raws broken up like this though and it's just mildly frustrating. Especially when it's still paced as one chapter.


» kurotaito on April 1st, 2023, 6:16pm

yeah i agree with this sentiment. If the chapter is more than 60 pages, I think breaking it up is fine. Otherwise, I would rather wait for a complete chapter translation.


» vigorousjammer on April 2nd, 2023, 5:22am

Yeah, I can agree with this.

There's some old series where they just remove the chapter numbering entirely for certain editions.
For example, there's an edition of Mikiya Mochizuki's Wild 7 that combined multiple months of serialization into single unbroken chapters. So, essentially, each story arc was treated as a single chapter, and some of them even spanned multiple volumes. I believe this was the bunko edition from the 1980s, which touted 18 total chapters over the span of 36 total 400-page volumes.

That may be an extreme case, but I've certainly seen other series that merge multiple serialized chapters into one. I think Golgo 13 also tends to do this, where a chapter is broken up into multiple months of serialization, but in the tankobon it's instead treated as just one chapter.

In cases such as these, I'd prefer the chapters to be broken up in the same way that they were originally serialized, for authenticity's sake. Even if the source of the raws were taken from a tankobon, bunkoban, etc.


» Suxinn on April 1st, 2023, 7:21pm

I've noticed more and more magazines, particularly for the new isekai trend, releasing chapters in parts, so while I'm not a fan of that, I can understand why translators also do so. It's unfortunately just the reality of translating serialized series.


» Bolt M. on April 1st, 2023, 8:22pm

Basically I hold the same opinion as the majority, I would prefer if it wasn't but understand why it is and continues to be so as it's better to get parts of a whole as opposed to nothing at all. It is mostly a slight peeve rather than a deal-breaker that'll outright make turn away from reading something.


» CheshireCaine on April 2nd, 2023, 4:24am

While a series is coming out, I’ll take what I can get, though it can be meh to hit the end and feel like you got half a meal.

Can also be a bit awkward for tracking your reads (MU doesn’t have a half-chapter option), but I think it comes down to the series. If it’s one that comes out slow or denser material, it’s nice to keep the reading kinda regular. If it’s a webtoon with more blank space than panels . . . I wouldn’t mind just waiting.

I assume it’s a lil easier for scanlators in terms of pages to work with at once, but I think if you are already okay to wait longer for nice-quality scans, it’s no real issue either way.


» LazyReviewer on April 2nd, 2023, 11:33am

If the chapter is long enough, then sure, I don't mind. If it's short, and the manga itself wasn't released in parts, then I'm not a fan. I took 'no opinion' because I don't care enough to make a stink about it.


» blackkittycat15 on April 6th, 2023, 10:12am

I hate it. I don't even understand why groups do it. I dislike having to wait for 4 released before I can read a whole chapter. Basic made up stats, but having a 30 page chapter and releasing 7 pages weekly or a full chapter monthly takes the same amount of time, it's not faster. Reading in parts makes it harder to follow, gives the manga a weird flow and cliff hangers, harder to track especially since this site doesn't support it, and is not any quicker. I especially hate that you don't know how many parts that chapter will have, so half the time I won't even touch it til the next chapter has it's first part released. I don't mind waiting for a free service, but I do not get any logic to breaking up releases aside from fooling the small minded into thinking they're getting more when they're not.


» hkanz on April 6th, 2023, 3:34pm

No opinion. I don’t see the benefit in releasing a number of separate parts, but if anyone really hates this they can wait to read the parts in batches.


» sloez on April 7th, 2023, 7:26pm

omggg i hate it.... i'd rather wait to read the full chapter


» Amplify1 on April 7th, 2023, 10:24pm

I guess the main thing I'll add to all of the above is that I really really wish this place had a way to keep track of multiple chapter parts, like "c7.2" or "c7.b" or whatever, because I love this site for the ability to accurately keep track of what I've read and what I haven't done so, but that's all thrown out of the window when some chapters are broken up quite literally into 5 separate parts and there's no good way to keep track of that here.

The ability to keep track of it all would make it at least bearable.