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New Poll - Time Loop
This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. If you were stuck in a time loop (like Groundhog Day) without any hope of escape, how long do you think it'd take for you to go crazy?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Preferred method of telling time when you're outside
Sundial or position of the sun - votes: 159 (5.3%)
Some other aspect of nature - votes: 33 (1.1%)
Analog wristwatch - votes: 322 (10.7%)
Digital wristwatch - votes: 241 (8%)
Smartwatch - votes: 245 (8.2%)
Phone or other mobile device - votes: 1785 (59.6%)
Asking random people - votes: 40 (1.3%)
Look around and hope to see a clock - votes: 139 (4.6%)
Other - votes: 32 (1.1%)
There were 2996 total votes.
The poll ended: January 7th, 2023 12:29pm PST

Posted by lambchopsil on 
January 7th 12:34pm
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» Aremon on January 7th, 2023, 12:39pm

Kind of depends what happens during the day... Say the day that was being repeated was the literal end of the world - like the moon is crashing or some other totally unavoidable fate, I guess I woudn't last many days before the insanity would kick in. A regular day just like any other... Many, many, many days. So many games/movies/manga/books/ that I could catch up on... But after that, with the exact things happening with NO variation, weeks maybe.


» YuriM on January 7th, 2023, 12:40pm

Depends on the place and other circumstances.


» Ceiye on January 7th, 2023, 1:20pm

I'm already losing my mind doing about the same things every day. I wouldn't last a week


» Trimutius on January 7th, 2023, 1:34pm

Finally enough time to read all of the manga... I doubt I'd ever lose my mind as at some point i will just start creating new stuff...


» dreamaway on January 7th, 2023, 6:48pm

You'd be losing your progress due to the time loop, though, since the loop is only the length of the day.

I agree on the first point, however.


» Jessica_desu29 on January 7th, 2023, 2:18pm

As you get older, your days are kind of the same, which isn't bad, in my opinion. That's stability. You'll find yourself having the same routine every day and you don't really complain. Perhaps it's because on some level you know you can switch things up if you wanted to, you don't go crazy. But if you knew you had to do the exact same thing over and over, that you had no more choice in the matter...I'd say months before your sanity snaps. Mine would. Of course that depends on what type of day was on repeat. Also, If I wasn't alone and everyone around me was saying the exact same things and having the same conversations, I'd drop it to weeks.


» kaloo on January 7th, 2023, 2:45pm

Probably I would be chill for a few months enjoying the rest and consuming a lot of media, but I assume I'd keep escalating into crazier things as time goes by until I'm randomly stabbing people in the street or something since life has no consequences.


» deadphoenix on January 7th, 2023, 4:50pm

I would go crazy with an extra work day before the weekend, so one day is enough.


» docdesanta on January 8th, 2023, 3:52am

Probably until I fail to see any significant progress or unique events.

I dunno if it exactly applies, but I did once spend a shit ton of time on Skyrim. I liked quicksaving and then examining all the results from branching decisions. It got to the point where I pretty much memorized certain character lines, scripted events, secret locations, etc. It got boring real quick after that.

Once I reach that point, that's probably it for me.


» youtakun on January 8th, 2023, 4:00am

I can't vote this because it heavily depends on if it's a good day or a bad day, and for me that basically boils down to whether it's a warm summer day or not. I hate every other day.


» mallika23 on January 8th, 2023, 8:38am

To say "I'll never lose my mind" might sound arrogant, but I think when I realize I'm in a time loop, I would look for a way out of it before I lose my mind. I will do everything to keep my sanity, so I would get out of the loop safely.


» F_J on January 8th, 2023, 1:41pm

Honestly it would probably take me like a week to even notice with how repetitive my life already is xD
But id probs be fine for a couple years I think before can't take it anymore


» hkanz on January 8th, 2023, 3:46pm

I probably wouldn't (though I would assume that I was already insane, to be thinking that I was in a time loop). I would hate being unable to accomplish anything though.


» alidan on January 9th, 2023, 6:18am

how long would it take to lose my mind, weeks, now would my mind stay lost? probably not, after the dread sets in that this may be my forever, I would probably move over to gaining skills, a time loop is only hell if don't retain what you learned, now my physical body may never change, but I could 100% learn instruments, learn how to make things, learn languages, play almost any game I wanted to to completion, with the only shitty thing being that beyond guitar and piano clay and watercolor I would have to make a trip places every day.


» ForeignerChan on January 9th, 2023, 6:44am

I've been living in a time loop for years and I still haven't lost my mind... I think.


» CheshireCaine on January 9th, 2023, 7:14am

i feel like the isolation and sheer ridiculousness of doing over the exact same day would get me way too fast. like i could find ways to deviate (as time loops go), but i think there'd be like a certain loss of security--as every day would be felt by me but i could never truly confide/recover from the experience.

however! the relief of escaping would probs provide a new zest for life (aside from the trauma/rational concern of a repeat).


» silvarion on January 9th, 2023, 6:12pm

I'd go crazy waiting for new chapter that is never going to be released.


» LazyReviewer on January 9th, 2023, 7:57pm

This is one of those things where it's probably less time than I think it would take, so I chose the next sooner option than I think it would take.


» Sugarshark on January 10th, 2023, 2:52pm

it's a tougher prospect if the only thing you carry over to the next loop is your imperfect memory
it'd be frustrating having to repeat the same actions over again just because you forgot what you learned the day before/week before/years before
you're probably not allowed a diary


» calstine on January 11th, 2023, 11:24am

I could probably last a few weeks. That's it. I have very little tolerance for boredom or repetitiveness in the first place, so my sanity would probably start slipping very quickly after that.


» flowinmyboat on January 11th, 2023, 6:37pm

It depends on the day, but I guess it also doesn't. If you know nothing you do has any consequence and after a while, learn all the things that could go wrong, it would all depend on how much you can pack into each iteration. I spend most of my days chilling, if I don't have work or plans.

I chose a few months -- I think I'd get fed up with lazing around and not being able to have new long-term experiences with people eventually. Don't know if I'd go insane, but rather I'd get incredibly depressed. You really can't make any progress on a long-term project either, right? Since the day will reset to a baseline...


» K9ofChaos on January 12th, 2023, 10:10pm

I can't remember if I chose "Days" or "Weeks", but this forum weapon sums up how long I'd think I'd last:


» Sosseres on January 14th, 2023, 5:57am

I would guess at decades. Would take years to catch up to my backlog of media I never consumed. Then there are people to interact with if I wanted to. Would just need to start up variations to not get bored. Manga day, book day, game day, physical day etc. Perhaps once a year rejoin work and try different things there.

Problem would be to build new "stable" habits when you get reset all the time.


» Shalesia27 on January 14th, 2023, 11:50am

Wow that's a really interesting question. Now if it's a situation where I'm forced to repeat the same sequence of events over and over again with full awareness and can't go off script, I'd go nuts in a few days. If I do have free will, I'm not entirely sure how long until I'd crack... maybe never? There's a lot you can do in 24 hours. Plus knowing that you have a reset coming at the end of each day gives you plenty of options. You can skydive one day, scuba dive the next, learn a new language or skill on another, catch up on all the old movies, books, and media you meant to watch or read. You can essentially do whatever you want with the day because you don't have to worry about being fired for missing work or failing a test because you didn't study, etc. If you're stuck in a time loop with freewill where you have a certain amount of money, reliable transportation, and your own home you could live comfortably forever.