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Gutsoon! Entertainment    [Edit]
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Raijin Comics

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Gutsoon! Entertainment, Inc. is a now defunct publisher of English translated manga. The company, headquartered in Encino, Los Angeles,1 served as the US subsidiary of Coamix, which was founded by Nobuhiko Horie and manga artist Tsukasa Hojo. The company published the English manga anthology Raijin Comics, a U.S. equivalent to the Japanese Weekly Comic Bunch and published many of the same titles (Fist of the Blue Sky and City Hunter), as well titles from other magazines such as the Japanese Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump. Raijin Comics began as a weekly magazine with its first issue (dated December 18, 2002), but switched to being a monthly publication beginning with its 36th issue (dated September 2003).

On March 15, 2004, Gutsoon! announced that they will be placing their Rajin Comics brand on hiatus. Raijin Comics ceased publication with its July 2004 issue (issue #46) and the Raijin Graphic Novels line was subsequently cancelled as well.

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