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Here you can see all the different series released by a certain publisher in a certain publication.

Comic Kairakuten

by Wani Magazine

Akarui Kazoku Seikatsu Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Ama Nama Adult, Hentai
Amatoro Seikatsu Adult, Hentai
Ana Tomodachi Adult, Hentai
Anata no Tame ni Adult, Hentai
Ane Komori Adult, Harem, Hentai
Anemoe (Nikutama) Adult, Hentai
Are Fechi Adult, Hentai
Asobare Style Adult, Hentai
Asoberu Karada Adult, Hentai, School Life
Automatic Girl Adult, Hentai
AV Lesson Hajimeruyo Adult, Hentai
Azato Making Adult, Hentai
Baby Face Glamour Adult, Hentai
Beastie Girls Adult, Hentai
Before the Date Adult, Hentai
Bikini Adult, Hentai
Binetsu Switch Adult, Hentai
Bitch Stream Adult, Hentai
Bitches Plan Adult, Hentai
Blind Love Susume Adult, Hentai, School Life
Blind Touch Adult, Hentai
Boobs & the Arts Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Brother Trainer Adult, Hentai
Bukkake Tea House Adult, Hentai
Can Do Porn Adult, Hentai, Lolicon, School Life
Candy Drop Adult, Hentai
Caramel Maniacs Adult, Hentai
Chemical X Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Cherry Crisis Adult, Hentai
Chichi Bitch Adult, Hentai, Romance
Chichi Matsuri Adult, Hentai
Chichi Nikurin Adult, Hentai
Chichin Kurikuri Adult, Hentai
Chijokoi Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Chijoku no Meikyuu Adult, Hentai
Chin Kame Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Chin ☆ Kore Adult, Hentai
Chinchin Kamokamo Adult, Hentai, Romance
Chocolat (Hamao) Adult, Hentai
Chupa Shower Adult, Hentai
Chu~ Chu~ Cherry Adult, Hentai
Class Maid Maniac Adult, Hentai
Coach! Adult, Harem, Hentai
Daiichiji Sesshoku. Adult, Hentai
Distance Between the Two Adult, Hentai, Romance, Supernatural
Doubles (NARUKO Hanaharu) Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
DREAM ni Kogarete Adult, Hentai
Eccentric Love Adult, Hentai
Emotion Island Adult, Hentai
Engage Idol Adult, Hentai
Erokome Adult, Hentai
Etches Adult, Hentai
Etsuraku Kuriimupai Adult, Hentai
Evergreen Adult, Drama, Hentai, Romance, School Life
Everyone's Lovely Idol Muu-chan Adult, Harem, Hentai
First Contact (KASUKABE Akira) Adult, Comedy, Hentai, Supernatural
Fujun Isei Adult, Hentai
Furete Haitte Tokeatte... Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Futari de Dekirumon Adult, Harem, Hentai
Futonbu Adult, Hentai
FutonManiacs Return! Adult, Hentai
Gentei Kanojo (Okara) Adult, Hentai
Girl? Next Door Adult, Hentai
Girls Talk (mogg) Adult, Hentai, School Life
Give and Take Adult, Doujinshi, Hentai
Grand Hotel Life Adult, Hentai
Gunjou Noise Adult, Hentai
Hadaka no Gakkou Adult, Hentai
Haha no Naku Ie Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Haitoku e Youkoso. Adult, Hentai
Hajirai Break Adult, Hentai
Hamedol Adult, Hentai
Hamepero Adult, Hentai, Romance, School Life
Hanikamu Secret Adult, Hentai
Harem Time Adult, Harem, Hentai
Harem Time Someday Adult, Harem, Hentai
Hataraku! Onee-san Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou Baby Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou Method Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou Onnanoko Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou Rabittsu Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou Rakuen Adult, Hentai
Hatsukoi Kanojo! Adult, Hentai, School Life
Hatsukoi Swap Adult, Hentai
Hatsukoi yori kimochiii Adult, Hentai, School Life
Hatsukoiki Adult, Hentai
Hatsumono Kajitsu Adult, Hentai
Henkano (ReDrop) Adult, Hentai
Her Circumstances Adult, Hentai
Hime Paco Adult, Hentai
Himegoto Sex Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Himi-chu Adult, Hentai
Hito Kano Adult, Hentai
Hitorijime (NaPaTa) Adult, Hentai
Hitozuma Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Honey Service Adult, Harem, Hentai
Houjou-ka no Inbinaru Nichijou Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Houkago made wa Gaman shite Adult, Comedy, Drama, Hentai, School Life, Slice of Life
Houkago Vanilla Adult, Hentai
I May Be Inexperienced, But... Adult, Hentai, Romance
Icchuuya Adult, Hentai
Iinari Akume Adult, Hentai
Ijirimon Adult, Hentai, School Life
In Bed with Your Desire Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
In Mama Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Inmitsu Chiro Rhythm Adult, Hentai
Inmitsu Honey Adult, Hentai
Inumimi Zukan Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Itazura Onee-chan Adult, Comedy, Hentai, Shotacon
Itoshi no Miyu-sensei Adult, Hentai
Itoshii kimi o kuruu hodo... Adult, Harem, Hentai, School Life
Jii Shien Iinkai Adult, Hentai, School Life
Junjou Renka Adult, Hentai
Kafun Shoujo Adult, Hentai, Supernatural
Kakusei Kanojo Adult, Hentai
Kanojo no Jiyuu Adult, Hentai, School Life
Kimi to Naka Yoshi Adult, Hentai
Kimochii Musume Adult, Hentai
Kitsudere Adult, Hentai
Koimitsu Fragrance Adult, Hentai, Romance
Koiseyo Otome Adult, Hentai
Konna Koto Adult, Hentai
Kotowarenaikei Adult, Hentai
Kuchutoris! Adult, Hentai, Romance
Kurohaku Black Rubbers Adult, Hentai
Kuroshisu Adult, Hentai
Kyou Kara Shimobe Adult, Hentai
Kyuuai Etoranze Adult, Hentai
Leave It to Onee-san Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Let Me Film a Porno! Adult, Hentai
Lick Me Pussycat Adult, Hentai
Love Bitch Adult, Hentai
Love Category Adult, Hentai
Love Doll (NISHI Iori) Adult, Hentai
Love Holic (BeNantoka) Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life
Love Me Tender (Fujimaru) Adult, Hentai, School Life
Love Migoro Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Love Read Adult, Hentai, Romance
Love Sugi!? Adult, Hentai
Lovely Neighbor Stay Overnight Adult, Hentai, Romance
Lovematio Adult, Hentai
Lover underneath a rubber Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Maihime (AKINO Sora) Adult, Hentai
Maki-kun no Sainan Adult, Hentai
Mamagoto (KAI Maruko) Adult, Hentai, Romance
Mamire Chichi Adult, Hentai
Man Hunt of Love, Hate and Sadness Adult, Comedy, Hentai, Romance
Man Piku Adult, Hentai
Mankai Otome Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Maple Syrup Adult, Hentai
Me and My Cousin Adult, Hentai
Meloncholic Melody Adult, Hentai
Menkui! (tosh) Adult, Hentai
Micchaku Crisis Adult, Hentai
Midara Switch Adult, Hentai
Minna no Oyome-san Adult, Hentai
Misaki's Request Adult, Hentai
Misdirection Adult, Hentai
Mizugi Kanojo Adult, Hentai
Momo Panpan Adult, Comedy, Hentai, Romance
Momoiro Drop Adult, Hentai
Momoiro Tayunizumu Adult, Hentai
Mononoke Acme Adult, Hentai
Motto Kimi o Kanjitai Adult, Hentai
Mousou Channel Adult, Hentai, School Life
Mucha Box Adult, Hentai
My Sweet Devil Adult, Hentai
Naimitsu Adult, Hentai
Naked Life Adult, Hentai
Naked Play Adult, Hentai
Nama Purin Adult, Hentai
Natsu Koi (ReDrop) Adult, Hentai
Neko Kaburi Adult, Hentai
Netorare Zuma Adult, Hentai
Nikutai Communication Adult, Hentai, School Life
Non Virgin Adult, Fantasy, Hentai
Nuresuji Adult, Hentai
Nyan Nyan Shichau zo! Adult, Hentai
Oidemase Nyan Nyan Adult, Comedy, Harem, Hentai, Romance
Oink Adult, Hentai
Ona Hime-sama Adult, Hentai
Onanie Friend Adult, Hentai
Onapeko Akuma Adult, Hentai
Onna no Sukima Adult, Hentai
Onnaenpo Adult, Hentai
Onnanoko no Niku Adult, Hentai
Otome Kuzushi Adult, Hentai
Otome no Akugi Adult, Hentai
Otona ga Omocha Adult, Hentai
Otona ni Naritai...♡ Adult, Hentai
Overtime Play Adult, Hentai
Pandemonium Adult, Fantasy, Hentai
Piriodo Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Point of View Adult, Hentai, School Life
Pretty Cat! Nene Adult, Harem, Hentai, Lolicon
Pretty Swimsuit Succubuses Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life
Prototype Mademoiselle Adult, Hentai
Pythagoras Bitch Adult, Hentai
Radical GoGo Baby! Adult, Hentai
Renai Sample Adult, Hentai, Romance
Resort Lover Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Sakumachisou Adult, Hentai, Slice of Life
Sasori no Kokoro Adult, Hentai Adult, Hentai
Secret Love Shelter Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life, Slice of Life
Secret Study Adult, Hentai
Seigiou Adult, Hentai
Seiteki Jikan Adult, Hentai, Romance
Senpai Odaijini! Adult, Hentai, School Life
Sensei ni Oshiete Adult, Hentai
Sentence Girl Adult, Hentai
Sex Lecture Adult, Hentai
Shiawa Sex Adult, Hentai
Shitakute Shitakute Adult, Hentai
Shoujo Material Adult, Hentai
Shujuu Ecstasy Adult, Hentai
Shy Chick in the Box Adult, Hentai
Slovenly Princess Adult, Hentai, Romance
Soft and Wet Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Soto no Kuni no Yome Adult, Hentai
Suki darake Adult, Hentai, Romance
Sukidesu... kanari. Adult, Hentai, Lolicon, Romance
Sukiiro Shoujo Adult, Hentai
Sweet Days (SAVAN) Adult, Hentai
Tabegoro Bambina Adult, Hentai
Tabezakari Adult, Hentai, Romance
Tadare En Adult, Hentai
Temptattion Adult, Hentai
The Couple Adult, Hentai
Tokoharusou e Youkoso Adult, Harem, Hentai
Toraware Box Adult, Hentai
Toro Lover Adult, Hentai
Toroke Manako Adult, Hentai
Torokeru Asobi Adult, Hentai
Toroman Style Adult, Hentai
Torotoro Otome Adult, Hentai, Romance
Trance Adult, Hentai
Tropical Oyako Mix Adult, Harem, Hentai, Shotacon
Tsuyahada Lovers Adult, Hentai
Ubu-Chu! Adult, Hentai
Urahara Adult, Hentai, Romance
Watashi Ecchi Desu yo? Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life
We're All Horny Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Wei Skim Adult, Hentai
Weight Lovers Adult, Hentai, Yuri
Yarisugi Meruhen Adult, Hentai, Supernatural
Yawahada Ecchi Adult, Fantasy, Hentai, School Life
Yawahada Otome Adult, Hentai
Yellow Heart Action, Adult, Drama, Hentai
Yokoshima Musume Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Yonayona Adult, Hentai, Lolicon, Shotacon
Yoru no Koibito Adult, Hentai
Your Song Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life
Yukata De Pon Adult, Hentai
Yumeutsutsu Romantikku Adult, Hentai
Yureru Nureru Adult, Hentai
Yuuwaku Shitei Tosho Adult, Hentai

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