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Here you can see all the different series released by a certain publisher in a certain publication.

Comic Kairakuten Beast

by Wani Magazine

A Leisurely Report Adult, Hentai
Aimitsu Carameliser Adult, Hentai
Akujo Kousatsu Adult, Hentai
Amatoro Syrup Adult, Hentai
Beach Bitch Idol Adult, Hentai
Birthday Present (MIYAKAWA Hajime) Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Black Petal Adult, Hentai
Boku no Sentakuya-san Adult, Hentai
Care to Tussle!? Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Cherry Blossoms Adult, Hentai
Cherry Crisis Adult, Hentai
Chichi Koi! Adult, Hentai
Chichi mamire Adult, Harem, Hentai
Chigiri no Ie Adult, Hentai
Chuu-Ni Erotica Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Consolation Adult, Hentai
Cos Ane! Adult, Hentai
Crotch Clinica Adult, Hentai
Deceived By You Adult, Hentai
Dreaming in the Tide Adult, Hentai
Ecchi Life! Adult, Hentai
Engi Musubi Adult, Hentai
Ero-Isu Adult, Comedy, Fantasy, Hentai, Supernatural
Escort Adult, Hentai
Fishing for the Master of the Lake Adult, Comedy, Hentai, Supernatural
Flappy! One More! Adult, Hentai
Flesh-Colored After School Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Funky Glamourous Adult, Hentai, Romance, School Life
Furete Torokete. Adult, Hentai
Fushidara Adult, Hentai
Fuuck no Jikan Adult, Hentai
Girl's Heaven (NAKASONE Haiji) Adult, Hentai, School Life
Hadairo Renai Adult, Hentai
Haitoku Insanity Adult, Hentai
Haitoku Syndrome Adult, Hentai
Hame chi chi! Adult, Hentai
Hame-Fes Adult, Hentai
Hanabira Otome Adult, Hentai
Hanakago Adult, Hentai
Harry Potato and the Sage of Time Adult, Comedy, Doujinshi, Hentai, Supernatural
Hatsujou Beam Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou Neko Manman Adult, Hentai
Hatsujou-ra bu rizumu Adult, Hentai
Hatsukoi See Through Adult, Hentai
Hers and My Strange Attraction Adult, Hentai, Supernatural
Hitori Asobi (Hitori) Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen
Hitori Purei Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life
Honey Syrup Adult, Hentai
Houkago no Sasayaki Adult, Hentai
I Can't Be Honest! Adult, Comedy, Hentai, Romance
I'll Make You a Miko Adult, Hentai
I'm All Horny Adult, Comedy, Hentai
I'm Fond of You Eternally Adult, Hentai, School Life
Icha Bitch Adult, Hentai
Ijimete Hoshii no Adult, Hentai
Ijirarekko Adult, Hentai
Ima Kimi ni Koishiteru Adult, Hentai
Inosensu Goroppu Adult, Hentai, School Life
Iromeku Kanojo Adult, Hentai, Romance
Issho ni Shiyo Adult, Hentai, School Life
Itazura Tosyokan Adult, Hentai, Romance
Iyarashiiko. Adult, Hentai
Junjou Love Punch Adult, Hentai
Junjou Palette Adult, Hentai
Kaikan Gensoku Adult, Hentai
Kaikanrensa Adult, Harem, Hentai
Kaisouroku (MIKAMI Cannon) Adult, Drama, Hentai, Romance
Kamitsu Chitai Adult, Hentai
Karma (HIRYU Ran) Adult, Hentai
Kawaii Usagi-san Adult, Hentai
Kimi ni Dakaretai Adult, Hentai
Kimi no Ie Made Adult, Hentai
Kirakira (Hamao) Adult, Hentai, School Life
Koizome Marking Adult, Hentai
Kyuuai Yu-topia Adult, Hentai
Last-Minute Cramming Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life
Love Jealous Adult, Hentai
Love Thy Neighbor Adult, Hentai
Magical Wife Adult, Hentai
Making A Adult, Hentai
Mama! Go In! Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Metallic Heart Adult, Hentai
Milky Time Adult, Hentai
Mitsuiro no Kousoku Ihan Adult, Hentai, School Life
Mitsuniku Aventure Adult, Hentai
Mon Mon Animal Girl Adult, Hentai
Monshin Time Adult, Hentai
Nagisa Break Adult, Hentai
Nakadashi Strike! Adult, Hentai
Naked Self Adult, School Life, Supernatural
Nama Musume (KIYOMIYA Ryou) Adult, Hentai, Lolicon, School Life
Namahame Extream Adult, Hentai
Nijiiro Perfume Adult, Hentai
No Fuck No Life Adult, Comedy, Hentai, School Life, Slice of Life
Nyuu Generation Adult, Hentai
Nyuuwaku Yuugi Adult, Hentai, School Life
Ochichiya Honpo Adult, Comedy, Drama, Hentai, Romance, School Life
Ochichiya Hyakkaten Adult, Hentai, Romance
Omoide Broken Girl Adult, Hentai
Onedari Pusshizu Adult, Hentai
Oneesan no Aozora Kyoushitsu Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
Onegai Tutor Adult, Hentai
Oniichan Seduction Plan Adult, Comedy, Hentai
Onnanoko no Mannaka Adult, Hentai
Onnanoko no Ouchi H Adult, Hentai
Otome no En Adult, Hentai
Otome Seijun Adult, Hentai
Paffii Fureguransu Adult, Hentai
Please Listen! Adult, Hentai
Porno Switch Adult, Hentai
Portrait Adult, Hentai
Punikano Adult, Hentai
Puru Puru Milk Pudding Adult, Hentai
Pushover Adult, Hentai, Romance
REC at ME Adult, Hentai
Rec: Girlfriends Ecchi Adult, Hentai
Remnants of Summer Adult, Hentai, Romance
Sakari Matsuri Adult, Hentai
Saretagari Adult, Hentai
Scent of Wet Flower Adult, Hentai
Secret Brown Adult, Hentai, Lolicon
Secret Eden Adult, Hentai, School Life
Secret Sketch Adult, Hentai, Romance
Sekai de Ichiban Suki na Hitozuma Adult, Hentai, Romance
Sensual Sigh Adult, Hentai, School Life
Sex Drive Adult, Hentai
Shameless Girl Adult, Hentai
Shining Shi-Honey Adult, Hentai
Shiriaru! Adult, Hentai
Shitataru Onna Adult, Hentai
Shizuka no Umi de Adult, Hentai, Romance
Shoujo no Toge Adult, Hentai, School Life
Silk no Kajitsu Adult, Hentai, Romance
Sister Breeder Adult, Hentai, School Life
Snow Blind (Tsuyuki) Adult, Hentai
Spray Pink Adult, Hentai
Spring Up! Adult, Hentai, Romance
Suki na Bakari ni Adult, Hentai
Suki Suki Machine Gun! Adult, Hentai
Suki tte Itteru jan Adult, Hentai
Suki yori Atsuino... Adult, Hentai
Sunao ni Narenai! Adult, Hentai, School Life
Sweets Sweat Adult, Hentai
Taihai Euphoria Adult, Hentai
Teach me, Onee-san! Adult, Hentai, Romance
Tennen Delivery Adult, Hentai
The Great Tipsy Plan Adult, Hentai
The Kawaguchi Household Family Rule Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
The Pervert Next To Me Adult, Comedy, Hentai
This Is My Maid's Routine Adult, Hentai, Shotacon
TiTiKEi Adult, Hentai
Torikago no Joou Adult, Hentai
Toroi no Mokuba Adult, Hentai, Romance
Torokeana Adult, Hentai
Torokuchism Adult, Hentai
Urakoi Adult, Hentai
Virgin Room Adult, Hentai, Romance
Yawarakana Nukarumi Adult, Hentai
Zettai Koubi Sengen Adult, Hentai

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