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Ouran High School Host Club
by littleangel91356 on September 27th, 2006, 6:10pm

Rating - 9.6 / 10.0

User rating of this review - 4.43 out of 5
Story/Plot - 5 out of 5
Characters - 5 out of 5
Drawing Style - 4 out of 5
Enjoyment - 5 out of 5
Overall - 5 out of 5

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Fujioka Haruhi was a special student that got accepted to Ouran, a really rich school (it has elementary up to univeristy I think) because of her spetacular grades. One day, Haruhi needed to study in a silent place so she went to this music room that was in the highest level. She felt that there was no one in there when she opened the door but she was totally wrong. In that door, there was a 'Host Club' with 6 beautiful guys welcoming her. They thought she was a guy by the way she dressed and her glasses and her short hair that she cut that morning. But when Haruhi tried to explain the situation, she accdiently drops this 8,000,000.00 vase that was supposed to be used for a auction. Then Tamaki's attitude instantly changes and says that she has to work as a slave to the host club in repay. But that didn't last for long as after some events, one of the twins remove her glasses and saw how good looking she is and they decided to set her up formally so she can work has a host club member. So, now her objective is to get 100 costumers (it extends to 1000 after a trouble she caused) and will she be able to? And at the end of episode, it is revealed how Haruhi's a girl and Tamaki was the last to notice it.

This is a very unique story line and plot and it's colorful. It isn't the typical shoujo manga you'll pick up because there's romance but the romance isn't the biggest thing in this story. The biggest thing in this story would be learning mistakes, discovering new emotions, and dealing with new things that are new. This story introduces every problem in a serious tone but in the end, the author makes it funny, which makes it light hearted. There isn't much serious chapters in this story, but funny and adorable chapters that'll keep you entertained for a long time.
There are many characters but the main characters got to be the host club members. All of them are unique and they are likeable because although they are rich, they aren't the stereotypical rich kids, especially Tamaki.
The personality of the 7 host club members:

Fujioka Haruhi- She is a dry, very intellegent, very dense, very innocent, blunt, basically doesn't care much about appearence and gender difference*her dad works at a bar which guys dresses as women so that may influenced on how she thinks*, and is like a house wife. She can cook, clean, and do anything on her own, which makes her a very independent and a going my way person. She is also very innocent and says what she thinks without giving much concern, which shocks the other host members with her words. She is a special student so she needs to have her grade the highest in her grade, if she fails that, even taking the re test, she'll have to be kicked out.

Suou Tamaki- He is the king and host #1 and the guy who decided to create the Host club. His mom is half French and his dad is the School Director of Ouran, which makes the Suou family, one of the top families in Japan. Tamaki breaks the stereotypical rich kid as he is obsessed with Japanese culture and obsessed with poverty, middle class life. He is also very intellegent with studying and making women happy with his words that he never lies. He is also pretty stupid, dense, and very positive. He doesn't even notice his feelings, which result him into thinking that he has fatherly love for Haruhi, instead of noticing if it's real love.

Ootori Kyouya- He is the shadow king, keeping the club in order(he is very intellegent and always in the top of his grade). He is Tamaki's best friend and he's very cool and calculative, very opposite from Tamaki. It's hard to read what Kyouya's thinking, but you can kind of notice how calculative he is by his words that indicate, he's coming up with a unique plan as always *and it suprises them everytime*. If it is for himself or for the club, he'll do whatever: sell personal items of the club members, selling pictures etc...and he even uses people to earn credit in the end. But, he doesn't give any interest if the event, person, or thing doesn't have merit. If it's people, he'll act rudely with them. He changed since he met Tamaki and he learned to not give up. He seems to have a bit of a thing for Haruhi at times.

Hitachin Hikaru, Kaoru- The two evil twins. They are playful, very pushy, and doesn't know how to control their emotions, especially Hikaru. Kaoru is the younger one but when he's alone, he knows how to control his emotions and he's a bit more mature and introverted than Hikaru. The reason they are pushy, say whatever they want was that they thought before, they thought everyone was stupid and didn't let them in their small world that only two of them have. But the small world with the two of them broke after they approved of Haruhi's exsistence. They love Haruhi very much and want to adopt her to live in their home.

Haninozuka Mitsukuni (honey sempai)- he is really adorable looking, very childish guy who you can't believe that he is actually 18 years old. The things he love the most is cake and his rabbit stuffed animal that his late grandmother made him. It's still a mystery onto wheter if he's actually calculating his cute actions or it's natural. Although he's small, he's very good at martial arts. As he acts really childish, it's a suprise that he's has the top class scores in his grade.

Morinozuka Takashi- Honey sempai's cousin and always follows him, which influenced him to join the host club along with Honey sempai. He is the opposite of Honey sempai: very tall, silent, and calm. He does the kendo club and then the host club and he's really strong in Kendo.

Drawing Style
The drawing style isn't the best thing out there but the pictures tell their own story. Even if you don't read the dialogue, you'll be laughing, just seeing the pic cause it's expressed well. And the guys looks very gorgeous with the drawings so it's pretty good^^

This is got to be one of my favorite shoujo mangas out there! It has a total different concept, humor that is stupid but lovable at the same time. I sometimes wonder, "is this really a shoujo manga?" cause it doesn't have the usual formula and sequence a shoujo manga has. Of course there's romance and drama, I love how it's unexpected at times, especially Kyouya's words, Tamaki's actions, the twins goes on. And haruhi's denseness is extreme, you can't just help but laugh.

Overall, I really think this is a brilliant work. As it's simple, it's easy to understand the concept and what's going on instantly without any trouble. Although it's a continued story, you can practically start from anywhere and still enjoy the fun. It's not repetive in terms of character actions so it won't bore you easily.
If people want a adorable, light hearted, sweet love comedy, I think this is the way to go.
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User Comments

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Nice by xfrommetoyou on November 8th, 2009, 12:40am Rating: 5

Good review! Obviously a lot of thought has been put into this to inform readers. (:
He he by gjoerulv on March 25th, 2008, 8:32am Rating: 2

Ouran is gay beyond words lol.
Ouran High Host Club by TareTenipuri on October 27th, 2006, 11:59pm Rating: 5

I love Ouran! It makes me laugh non-stop
5* for you!
No Subject by koager on October 14th, 2006, 4:38pm Rating: 5

this definitely is my top fav!
Ouran High School Host Club by Oriolidae on October 8th, 2006, 1:35am Rating: 5

When I began to read Ouran High School Host Club, I didn't like the artwork very well. But after a while I came to love its personal style rather much. The plot is filled with brilliant humor, which constantly makes you smile.

Five stars - this manga is truly recommended! It's a must. The anime is also very enjoyable.

Btw... Nice review.
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