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by aquamarinecharlotte on December 6th, 2007, 3:43pm

Rating - 9.2 / 10.0

User rating of this review - N/A out of 5
Story/Plot - 5 out of 5
Characters - 4 out of 5
Drawing Style - 4 out of 5
Enjoyment - 5 out of 5
Overall - 5 out of 5

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From tokyopop:
Meet Sama, a 10-year-old boy who is so sad that tears have stained his cheeks. His father, the rock of his life and his constant inspiration, has had a heart attack. Doctors give him a month to live. Misery is a heavy load for Sama to carry, and his mind drifts to thoughts of escape. With his teddy bear in tow, he crawls under his bed and finds a magical portal to a strange place called Undertown. What is this dark new world? To find out, Sama begins a journey through the depths of Undertown...where he searches for a magical object that might be able to save his dad!

I really do like the characters from what I've read so far in the first volume, they're simple, but it's a lot easier to relate to that way, plus it's only the first volume.

Drawing Style
it's very simple style, but the lines are well defined, and none of it's wispy, there's also very good organization of the panels, and it's easy to understand.

I love light and fun stories like these, i would recommend this creative book to anyone that i know!

Very enjoyable, and for someone who has never read any manga before, this would be a very good place to start.
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