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One Piece
by Unknown on April 16th, 2005, 7:06pm

Rating - 10 / 10.0

User rating of this review - 2.8 out of 5
Story/Plot - 5 out of 5
Characters - 5 out of 5
Drawing Style - 5 out of 5
Enjoyment - 5 out of 5
Overall - 5 out of 5

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The Story revolves around 5 Main Nakama's and 2 that join later. They each have a dream that involves traveling the dangerous and legendary route of the Grand Line. Where they encounter those that ate the legendary devil's fruit.

Monkey D Luffy wants to become the pirate king by finding the legendary Jolly Roger's One Piece treasure. He ate the gum gum fruit to become rubberman and now with his companions, the infamous swordsman of three blades, Zoro. The world renowned chef Sanji, with a super kick and super fool for the ladies.[/b] The gold obsessed beauty Nami. The liar, engineer and inventor, Usopp are joined with Hana Hana Fruit (arm sprout) powers of Ships Archaelogist Robin, and Hito Hito fruit powers (Human form) of ships doctor, Tony Tony Chopper.

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Robin and Chopper

Shonen Jump publishes them, in Japan they are around 264 I believe.

If you're a Shonen fan and love pirates hey get the MANGA rightaway


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Pathetic Review from an Obvious TARD by Bleach-No1-Manga on August 6th, 2012, 4:31am
Rating: 1

Eh reading this feel like Vomiting

seriously can we have some Non-biased person in here ? plz raise your hand i said plzzzz ?
This manga is Way way Overrated just like Pokemon

glad to see people in the review section are voicing it out
Dude... by Zoro on November 23rd, 2011, 1:25am
Rating: 1.2

Umm.. if you want to comment on a series, you know you have that option right? I know this review is old, but I bet people avoid these reviews on purpose. They want some factual proof, maybe even some standards from the reviewer.

All in all though, One piece is still amazing, despite the over exaggerated rating in this review.
Short-brief-terrible by kanosa on July 24th, 2009, 1:23pm
Rating: 1

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this series (though there are parts that bored me) but this review is way too much like a short summary and a crazed fangirling without a proper review of the series.
Awesome manga, terrible review. by Diokhan on December 9th, 2006, 11:14pm
Rating: 1

another one made by a "wild fan", so says bettum. you got the spark of a fan, but unfortunately, i don't feel excited with this review.
hmmm by Bettum on July 6th, 2006, 5:24am
Rating: 1

I hate to be this strictn and I don't cinsider myself in any position to say this, but it won't take long for anyone to see this review isn't any good. I'm tired of wild fans writing reviews. The manga on the other hand is pretty goos. Far, far from the best ever made. that manga don't excist.
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