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Flame of Recca
by Cypher-Khan on April 17th, 2005, 7:45am

Rating - 8.8 / 10.0

User rating of this review - 3.33 out of 5
Story/Plot - 4 out of 5
Characters - 5 out of 5
Drawing Style - 4 out of 5
Enjoyment - 5 out of 5
Overall - 4 out of 5

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Mangaka; Nobuyuki Anzai


The main character of Flame of Recca is a young boy named Recca. He lives with his father, his mother having died when he was very young. He attends school where he spends most of his time fighting.

Recca is a child obsessed with the Ninja and his friends constantly challenge him to fights where Recca displays his awesome ninja skills.

One day Recca meets a young girl and he pledges to be her ninja. From then on he refers to the girl as "hime" (10 points to those who know enough Japanese to translate that).


Hanabishi Recca; Main character, ninja, flame master. Recca's a nice guy who doesnât think a whole lot. If he decides to do something then he will do it no matter what obstacles may stand in his way. He's fiercely overprotective of Yanagi (hime) but he earns the respect of all who know him.

Ishida Domon; I know this guy shouldnât be listed second; but heâs my favourite character so here he is. Domon is the big man of the series (tho; he always ends up fighting people bigger than himself.) He is also the dumbest out of the entire group. He proves himself someone to be relied upon and in the second half of the manga he just steals the show (as far as Im concerned). He ends up using a lot of powerful weapons to help him. But his physical strength is already well above average.

Kirisawa Fuuko; Also a ninja, Fuuko grew up alongside Recca and so she also picked up his hobby. She's an agile girl and she relies on her speed and technique. In the first volume she gains a weapon that enables her to control wind. Sheâs the only female member of Recca's fighting force; but she's very strong and is loath to let herself lose.

Koganai Kaoru; He's a little puzzle maniac boy. And while that sounds lame; its actually not. His puzzle is a weapon called the Kougan Anki. A weapon with 5 different forms. Kaoru relies on this weapon and his ability to plan to get him through his fights. He's a cool kid and manages to pull off some pretty impressive victories.

Tokiya Mikagami; Mikagami is the pretty-boy genius fighter. He uses a style called Hyoumon Ken and a sword with a water blade called the Ensui. He doesnât smile much but his fights are pretty cool.

Drawing Style

I like it; The characters seem a little thin at times, and the mangaka really dsoen't draw well defined muscle. But I suppose thatâs just part of the style. If there is one thing you gotta praise the guy on its just how cool all his characters seem.

Domon spends the majority of the manga fighting in just plain t-shirts but he makes it look cool. Kurei's presence tones the manga up a hell of a lot. He's the definition of badass... definatley not a guy you want to mess with. Recca's dragons look awesome when they come out and do stuff.

The art really works for the kind of story the mangaka wanted to tell.


Flame of Recca is great. Itâs a pure shounen manga. Fighting, fighting, a little bit of story here and there, more fighting and some comedy elements throughout.

Flame of Recca has the "laugh out loud" aspect going for it as well as the "OMG that was cool" aspect.


Recca is worth your time. Its cool, its funny, its got powerful characters and it uses them well.

Itâs a ninja story with a modern story... and it works. Itâs a great trip from beginning to end.

Read it; you shouldn't regret it.
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I think that this Manga is good by Namorax on June 29th, 2006, 8:59am Rating: 4

I found the Flame of Recca Manga's just a while ago on a scanlation site and i think that this Manga has it's own kind of charm. If you don't like it, then go home and look for something else, but if you are interested in the story and the developments between (and also the development of) the different characters.

In my opinion, the knowledge of the "good guy winning" don't destroy the atmosphere. It is just like in "Dragon Ball", most of the time the bad guys were beaten up and sometimes the good guy loses. I also knew from the beginning that Recca will defeat his opponents, but the fighting scenes are not characteristic for the whole Manga. Like it was already said, there are funny characters, a (more or less) good background story and the drawings are easy to understand, so that you can sit back on a rainy day and have fun with a good Manga.

P.S.: Sorry if my English is bad, but I'm only a German... ^_^

P.S.S.: I think that "Hime" is like the english "princess" (Like "Mononoke Hime"->"The Demon Princess") . I believe this would be the best translation for it....
... by ... on November 5th, 2005, 9:33am Rating: 4

overall, a good review, not much spoiler...
only i think u missed out yanagi-hime in the character's part.. (hmm)
& [missing fingers], u're being mean...
You have no taste in Manga... by Missing Fingers on May 14th, 2005, 9:45pm Rating: 2

Flame of recca... you gave it a 4.3? What is wrong with you?
Not to mention you gave bleach only 3.4... Flame of recca is the typical thing a kid would write, in the end everyone gets a happy ending and the hero gets the girl. No one dies, even the curse of time was taken off his mother. Nothing special about the plot, it's the typical good guys win-win situation is what makes it crap. A good manga of this sort would make the hero/main character make sacrifices at some point, you need to lose something in order to gain something. The mangas of this sort that I consider good is where the villian is not purely evil, rather the social upbringings bringings and human traits which distort the character into what they are and in the end they are the same as the good guy but fighting for a different cause. When a pure evil villian is introduced, you know that the ending will have "good triumph" because there is nothing to lose.
A lot of it might not make sense but if you do decide to read it, also read Fullmetal Alchemist and you will appreciate all the jibberish above.
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