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Ungodly, but Good by abernaith on March 3rd, 2005, 1:43pm
Rating: 5

The scheming and plotting is too good to be true, but it makes sense when you consider the characters. Of course, you can only "try" to understand them, especially Yagami Light-kun because he is both complex and simplistic. His ideal is very simple--to bring justice to the world. But he will do -anything- to achieve his goal. He is a manipulative bastard, who certainly has no qualms in crossing the line. To him, there is no good or evil, just his dream of true justice, of righteousness in an ideal world, and the obstacles preventing him from fulfilling that dream. It is so scary to think that a human person can be this stone-cold heartless. He weilds his intelligence like a sharp sword, and he does not have a conscience. He only has his one, pure principle. Takeshi Obata did a very good job in bringing that to light (pun intended), or perhaps, just dragged us readers into the deeper realms of evil and darkness??? (fu fu fu...*crazy laugh*) I like this manga because it deals with twisted psyches and subtly gives off thrills that wind deeper into your consciousness. At times, it reminds me strongly of MPD Pycho, in some level. Sometimes the story scares me, not because the plot suspense is scary, but because I seem to be compelled to read such a strongly disturbed plot, and to try to understand it.
The Best by pokupine on November 5th, 2004, 9:09pm
Rating: 4

Deathnote is so absolutely nice!! ahah. Never read takeshi obata's other works before but this manga sure got me interested! :) Thanks for reviewing it! :)
death note by Anonymous on October 2nd, 2004, 12:46pm
Rating: 4

I absolutly love takeshi obata's work. Hikaru go was a persnal favorite, and the art wasone of the things that drew me to death note. I had heard of this series metioned by others, but after finally coming across translations, i readt all in one sitting. I LOVE this series. it is, godly.
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