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MangaStream Drops VIZ Media Licensed Series
(170 posts, 27434 views) Posted: over 8 years ago by DMu7434680 in News
another way is also have viz team up some what with the scanalators and find a way for them to get the money they want while the people who dub the series get the manga they want faster and for free. Have viz do something with advertizement so we ...
Bakuretsu Hunters Sequal
(1 posts, 1539 views) Posted: over 11 years ago by DMu7434680 in Chotto Dake Kaette Kita Bakuretsu Hunters
How Or where can you download Chotto Dake Kaette Kita Bakuretsu Hunters?
Lala or Haruna?
(40 posts, 12177 views) Posted: over 12 years ago by DMu7434680 in To Love Ru
I would like to say both because He needs to be #1 at something why not having the universe's #1 harem, Lala, Nana, Momo, Haruna, Run, Golden Darkness, Ryouko Mikado, Yui, and Oshizu. Full of supernatural, human and alien beautiesconfused It seems it abou...

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