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New Poll - Earthquake
(54 posts, 3824 views) Posted: 2503d 3h, 25m ago by Methaniel in News
I don't really realise why people think this fifth choice is choking. I mean, I don't see much of a difference between the "No one I know" and the "I don't really know anyone but at least there is the authors of the manga I read wh ...
9.0 Quake and Tsunami's all over Japan
(136 posts, 18442 views) Posted: 2504d 15h, 30m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
Quote from Toto
...It IS the building quality... the actual buildings (levies) they have... the geology of the area (soft vs hard sediment)... and the characteristics of the fault/earthquake itself.

And I'm thanking this building quality, cause thanks to it, Tokyo was pretty m ...
Are you mainly an RPG gamer?
(237 posts, 32000 views) Posted: 3044d 12h, 46m ago by Methaniel in Games
I completly play jRPG for the vast majority of my games, only having 1 game of other genres so I can take a break (one fighting game, one racing game, etc... for example)
Though, I don't have time these days to really play lots of video games, and even les ...
Pretty boys (Bishies)
(142 posts, 32796 views) Posted: 3044d 13h, 26m ago by Methaniel in Manga General
Without too much doubt my favorite bishies woud be
Tokidoki from Amatsuki
Kaito from Yoroshiku Master
Nai from Karneval...All are cute, somehow childish characters.

Other than them, I like a lot the number 1 in Penguin Revolution (Aya if I remember), Kaname fr ...
serious overshadows the sexy
(8 posts, 1594 views) Posted: 3045d 18h, 7m ago by Methaniel in I'm Looking For...
Right now I can only think of one
Koe de Oshigoto! which is about a girl learning how to become an eroge seiyuu.
You also have KissxSis or Domina no Do! but those two are more...perverted than a concrete good story (at least in my opinion). You can still try it ...
How much money do you spend on anime/manga?
(51 posts, 5494 views) Posted: 3046d 13h, 54m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
Hmuh, I ended up voting <5000, but I possibly spend more...
I'm too lasy to try to calculate how much all my mangas cost me, but I spend around 1000 euros per year on just mangas...and ther is also some rare animation movies... ...
Favorite age for the main male character in a shonen?
(54 posts, 5846 views) Posted: 3046d 14h, 7m ago by Methaniel in Shounen/Seinen
Quote from Isara
An older main character attracts older readers, thus the whole story leaves room to touch serious topics younger readers might not fully understand yet.
The older one becomes, the more past can be revealed as well, which makes the characte ...
Carve out your perfect lover
(79 posts, 6974 views) Posted: 3047d 8h, 44m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
Quote from tokyo_homi
No, dumb ass
this is a topic that i am trying to get people to use there imaginations

its titled carve out your "perfect" fucking lover
that means be creative ass hell and not so fucking close minded
this is a topic to express your imag ...
Are You A Hand-Holder?
(52 posts, 3154 views) Posted: 3047d 11h, 0m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
Oh, holding hands? How sweet, I love holding hands~
I don't mind arm-grabbing or such, but I think it's not really comfortable for walking contrary to hand holding (and somehow in my head, I only like arm-grabbing while at a marriage or such when there ...
What Does Your Ideal Partner Have?
(506 posts, 63688 views) Posted: 3047d 11h, 9m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
The only one I could really chose out of those choice would be kindness I suppose.
Something like honesty or intellect, even if it's good to have them, somehow, I don't feel like it's necessary since well, I do think not telling everything can be good ...
How did you get here?
(148 posts, 17007 views) Posted: 3047d 11h, 16m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
I came here through the recommendation of a net friend, since I was wondering why he knew what new chapters were released before it being update on Onemanga (where I'm quite a lot...), and so I learned of this place and a few other for keeping the pac ...
How much shoujo/josei manga have you read?
(69 posts, 7006 views) Posted: 3047d 11h, 34m ago by Methaniel in Shoujo/Josei
Hmuh, to be honest I've got no idea, since I'm a bit too lasy to count how many of the titles in my list are shoujo (maybe there is a tool for searching it quickly but I don't find it...)

Well, considering that I have 248 shonen out of 557 series...I guess that ...
Best Manhua
(20 posts, 5880 views) Posted: 3047d 11h, 49m ago by Methaniel in Manga General
I had to look at the whole list of manhua on MU to see if I had read some manhua...and it turned out I only read 2 actually...that's not a lot (but well, there is less than 300 titles repertoried on MU and I doubt all are scanlated...)

So well, I can't really say which ...
last series you finished?
(1223 posts, 135576 views) Posted: 3048d 11h, 44m ago by Methaniel in Manga General
Right now, I finished reading Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou after seeing the quote in Odette's sig...
And I really liked it, I only wished it would have been slightly longer than 1 volume (like 1-2 more chapters T.T)

And I recently read the last chapter of Akaku Saku Ko ...
Your Favorite Manga of all time (or maybe top 5)
(639 posts, 157253 views) Posted: 3048d 11h, 57m ago by Methaniel in Manga General
It's next to impossible for me to really chose only 5 manga but I'll just go wth the names popping in my head then

So of course One Piece
But after that
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Shin Angyo Onshi
Saishuu Heiki Kanojo

Just trying to pick my fav ...
(1769 posts, 245268 views) Posted: 3048d 18h, 9m ago by Methaniel in Chatter Box
Toto's Id avatar is just excellent!

As for mine, it's Tokidoki from Amatsuki.
Why chosing it? Apart from the fact it's cute, I have an obsession with Amatsuki and because of it Tokidoki is my favorite male character of all the manga I read so...that' ...
Favorite age for the main male character in a shonen?
(54 posts, 5846 views) Posted: 3048d 18h, 21m ago by Methaniel in Shounen/Seinen
Ah, I know the nuance, I didn't meant for it to sound that shonen can "only" be young main characters.
Just that, if I'm to talk about shonen, the first thing that comes to my mind is a high-schooler guy.
After that, just taking for example a shon ...
Attraction to Boobs...
(110 posts, 26649 views) Posted: 3048d 18h, 33m ago by Methaniel in Adult (18+)
I personally always took it as a prolongation of my "narrow-minded" vision that men are "square" while women are "round", curving...(that's not true of course but if you get it...)
(Somehow, saying that makes me think of th ...
Favorite age for the main male character in a shonen?
(54 posts, 5846 views) Posted: 3048d 18h, 48m ago by Methaniel in Shounen/Seinen
Since it's about shonen and not exactly seinen, I ended up voting for 16-18.
Of course I like 18+ characters better, but I don't think it fits for me to have a shonen main character being an adult...feels not really usual with my vision of "what's a ...
Best Manhwa
(175 posts, 73707 views) Posted: 3048d 18h, 58m ago by Methaniel in Manga General
I don't read that much manwha but there sure is some interresting ones.

Without a doubt the best would be Shin Angyo Onshi (though, it's arguable whether it's a manwha or not...)
After that, I really love Ares and the other serie of the same auth ...
Shoujo or Josei?
(107 posts, 14730 views) Posted: 3049d 10h, 5m ago by Methaniel in Shoujo/Josei
As much as I love reading light hearted, fluffy and bubbly shoujo (Ah, Tsukuba Sakura and all your mangas <3), I still end voting for josei...
I'm always looking at all the releases I can find of Comic Zero-Sum being without a doubt my favorite pre-publication m ...
First Shoujo Manga
(453 posts, 55037 views) Posted: 3049d 10h, 10m ago by Methaniel in Shoujo/Josei
First shoujo?
That's been some time...I guess it was Fruits Basket after all...and it's still one of my favorite after all this time and despite the lots of other shoujo I could have read~ ...
Site Poll Suggestions - Best Josei (No Shoujo)
(95 posts, 12300 views) Posted: 3049d 10h, 18m ago by Methaniel in Manga General
Amatsuki without a doubt~
Usagi Drop
Nodame Cantabile

Such a hard task to choose only 5 manga (just from Comic Zero-Sum releases, there would be more than 5 excellent ones) ...

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