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New Poll - Visiting Us
(28 posts, 1537 views) Posted: 3 months ago by m4n1 in News
Was led here by baka-updates...apparently first made an account 08/04/2006, juuust making the 16+ years mark 😁
Mangaupdates Mascot Voting (finally!) #1
(90 posts, 23356 views) Posted: over 14 years ago by m4n1 in Chatter Box
Quote from true_grave_unit
blakraven66's mascot ftw.

I'm kind of surprised at how many people are voting, considering that polls on the forums tend pale in comparison to the ones on the main page (maybe a couple of hundred total votes in a given forum poll compared to the...
Mx0 & Hatsukoi Limited **Ending**
(77 posts, 7137 views) Posted: over 14 years ago by m4n1 in News
That's really unfortunate. Mx0 had a lot of potential, and I was looking forward to it in the future. It's a real shame that it has to end so early. Is it just because of a lack of popularity over in Japan?

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