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Chapter 32 discussion POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!
(3 posts, 2253 views) Posted: over 9 years ago by knossus in Full Metal Panic! Σ
I also sad, that my favorite RK-91 (Sagara called it Al II) has to ceased in action just after 2 volumes. In her hand, the unit has proved itself to be the coolest Arm Slave in the whole series..yeah, fuck ARX and the others... Viva Savage!!
Air gear is finally ending.
(3 posts, 3429 views) Posted: over 9 years ago by knossus in Air Gear
OH GREAT news! (pun intended)

Seriously, he really should have do it sooner, because as the story keep being prolonged and become more confusing. I will say this, oh great proven to be bad at wrapping story as it shown in Tenjo Tenge, and Air Gear ...
A question
(2 posts, 1735 views) Posted: over 10 years ago by knossus in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
According to the wiki, his nickname derived from his sullen personality (muttsuri) and suffix -ni to even it up, hence muttsurini. As of why it's a parody for the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, my guess 'cuz they share the same 'unusual' large ...

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