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New Poll - Morning Beverage
(13 posts, 133 views) Posted: 5 days ago by MangaGhost in News
First Water to hydrate myself then lots of Coffee, occasionally tea. The rest of the day is mainly water and sometimes a little juice. ...
New Poll - Hiatus
(14 posts, 579 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by MangaGhost in News
It depends on the manga and how many volumes before it went on Hiatus. The longer the volume count the more likely I am to read it because I know some of the story elements are likely to be resolved. The shorter the less likely unless it really grabs me in the ope ...
New Poll - Authors and Crimes
(33 posts, 1506 views) Posted: 2 months ago by MangaGhost in News
It depends on the medium. Its going to be hard to watch stuff with Kevin Spacey in it and I can't look at anything with Bill Cosby and not feel tremendous disappointment. There's been other actors who have been convicted of crimes where I now avoid t ...
New Poll - Buying Online vs Physical Store
(8 posts, 745 views) Posted: 3 months ago by MangaGhost in News
Exclusively online. I get way better deals on physical manga online. Oddly enough most of the time its also better than buying digitally from comixology which is screwed up considering that publishers are saving money from not having to make the physical product o ...
New Poll - Aliens
(8 posts, 673 views) Posted: 4 months ago by MangaGhost in News
Cohort and we are the canon fodder. They came to us with promises of new technology, curing diseases and answering some of life's mysteries in exchange for fighting an enemy of vastly superior numbers that would eventually show up at our doorstep o ...
New Poll - Deal Breaker
(27 posts, 2327 views) Posted: 6 months ago by MangaGhost in News
Its mostly how a topic is handled. Most topics if handled seriously it doesn't bother me. On the other hand, let's say its something like rape and the manga author is obviously using it like fan service that ticks me off and I'm likely to drop it. ...
New Poll - Manga into Anime
(14 posts, 1021 views) Posted: 7 months ago by MangaGhost in News
My number one choice would be Rushed Story and/or skipping chapters. When they try to stick a whole story arc in like 1-3 episodes it usually bites hard or when the whole show just rushes thru material to just be able to fit something in a 12 episode season. The r ...
New Poll - Good, bad, and the Ugly
(40 posts, 3171 views) Posted: 9 months ago by MangaGhost in News
Can we just leave the Bad out? Really a Bad beginning is not going to hook me into a story especially if its a TV show or manga. If I'm at a movie theater I may have no choice to sit and watch it all the way through, but its definitely going to color my impressio ...
New Poll - Anime/Manga Merchandise 2
(15 posts, 1396 views) Posted: 9 months ago by MangaGhost in News
Let's see two main things. Not enough space for the stuff I might want and its difficult to find/buy what I want. I'd be cool with getting posters for my favorite stuff, but I only have so much wall space and I never like what they have to offer. Often its not p ...
New Poll - How Fast Do You Read?
(21 posts, 1966 views) Posted: 10 months ago by MangaGhost in News
Depends on writing, mood and genre. Most stuff like action and comedy is straight forward and often simple dialogue so I blow thru that in a day easy. Kingdom, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, or something like Bleach (with big panels and closeups)? Pfft ...
New Poll - Saving a Dying World
(16 posts, 2250 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
I "awaken in an unfamiliar dying world". Ok, I guess I roll up my sleeves and get on with the business of surviving and maybe team up with some people who know what's going on, maybe they have a plan.

Reads further on..."You discover th ...
New Poll - Manga Medium
(17 posts, 2178 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
Physical copy is the best for me.

A phone's screen is too small for my tastes and also I can't enjoy a double page image that way. PC is ok because of a large screen and storage, but it doesn't let me get comfy like laying on a couch or bed to ...
New Poll - Least Favorite Genre
(33 posts, 3986 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
Over the years I've pretty much sampled everything, but some stuff I have no interest in or the genre is stale and predictable.

I read manga for the stories and the art not for fap material so I chose Hentai because I don't have a lot of interest in it. If He ...
New Poll - Guys with Long Hair
(20 posts, 2838 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
People can wear their hair anyway they please. Now will it work for them? Like beards it all depends on style, the hair and physical features. Some can pull it off and others can't.

On a side note having long hair can be a real pain when dealing with those wate ...
New Poll - Wrong Genre
(20 posts, 2807 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
There's some genres I'm not a fan of or don't generally excite me, but if its an author I really like (and this isn't just limited to manga either) I'd give it a shot. You don't know if they will take a different approach to the genre a ...
New Poll - RPG Class
(24 posts, 2463 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
I don't like straight fighter types because they tend to bore me, not enough for me to get creative with. The exception are Rangers because many games give them a little bit of nature/druid spells.

I like mages because you can get creative and mix spells to ...
New Poll - Kidnapped Daughter
(37 posts, 4563 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
1. Why would I trust a shady mystic? They might be in league with the demons. It might be part of their plan.

2. Putting out a reward is what dudes/dudettes do when they are too old to get up and fight. In my fantasy I'm not 90. On the other hand if I do it on the sly ...
New Poll - Importance of Manga
(21 posts, 2623 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
I wish the choices were worded better. Very still sounds a little obsessive and every once in a while makes it sound like you might read a manga a few times a year at most if you happen to trip over something interesting. How important is it? Not as important as foo ...
New Poll - Good Plot But Bad Art
(36 posts, 4354 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by MangaGhost in News
It depends. Some artists their art evolves as they work on a series. Even experienced ones sometimes it takes a little time for them to get comfortable with new designs on a new series. That's why if the story is good I tend to be forgiving on the art. On the o ...
New Poll - Skipping to the End
(20 posts, 2979 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by MangaGhost in News
No. Never. Especially if the series is already ended. I mean knowing that its ended is kind of a relief in itself. I don't have to worry that it will go on forever getting steadily worse and usually don't have to worry it got axed. Also a lot series the end is med ...
New Poll - Character Shift
(28 posts, 3341 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by MangaGhost in News
Like others have said change is ok if its justified well. The 2 that irk me the most and often aren't handled well are the personality shift or beliefs/values shift. Stuff that comes out of nowhere with little to no build up really ticks me off. For example if a characte ...
New Poll - Web Comics
(19 posts, 2459 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by MangaGhost in News
I just don't have time to read everything. I follow a few web comics, but I guess I'll have to pick "several", which is more than a few but closer than none. roll

New Poll - Best Josei
(20 posts, 3240 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by MangaGhost in News
Gokusen? Seriously? That's been over and done with for years. Fun, yes, but best? Tough call with the rest 3-4 serious good ones there. ...
New Poll - Maid Cafes
(18 posts, 2974 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by MangaGhost in News
I chose never. I don't have a problem with restaurants or cafe's with themes like say superheros, Hard Rock cafe or characters from say the 1950s like in the Pulp Fiction movie. I wouldn't go often more like once for the novelty. However, hav ...
Can anyone please take this 2 minute survey on national security? I .
(8 posts, 786 views) Posted: over 3 years ago by MangaGhost in Chatter Box
You do realize that in the first category Age Group you are missing 35-44? ...

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