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New Poll - Eating Utensils... or lack of...
(23 posts, 2037 views) Posted: over 13 years ago by ZeroNine in News
It makes no difference to me when I use fork, chopsticks, spoon, knife or whatever. I use whichever is used by people I temporarily eat with. We use anything at home both in England and Japan. I still feel uncomfortable touching food with hands but I'm learning to overcom...
Malaysian comics should we start scanlate them?
(39 posts, 8103 views) Posted: over 14 years ago by ZeroNine in Manga General
Quote from Coccyzus
Just to put in my two bits: I say go for it, as long as the quality is there ^_^
I don't care where it came from or what language it started out in as long as it's worth reading.

I agree! I would like to read Thai comic The 13th Quiz Show from My Mania by...
How do YOU pronouce manga?
(243 posts, 34651 views) Posted: over 14 years ago by ZeroNine in Manga General
i usually say mahngah, rhymes with ... maybe ...'mania'?
Seme + Uke: Derogatory Terms?
(25 posts, 5039 views) Posted: over 14 years ago by ZeroNine in Yaoi/Yuri
I dislike those terms because it highlights the worst side of yaoi readership; the type that just wants the homo version of shoujo.
Interpretaions on Title Story? And Any Updates for More?
(2 posts, 1772 views) Posted: over 15 years ago by ZeroNine in Hard Triangle
It's not that hard to understand. Minami Megumu always has an interest in exploring Christian themes and sometimes she plays by twisting it around.

Hard triangle -> trinity -> the trinity is God that exists as three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy S...
Using Japanese words in english sentences.
(276 posts, 43248 views) Posted: over 16 years ago by ZeroNine in Chatter Box
But I can't really see Japanese as a contributor to the English language, so that makes it difficult for me to accept using its vocabulary as loan words. English contains quite a few Latin phrases and such words thanks to its Latin roots and European origin.
What ar...

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