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A male protagonist who is NOT good looking
(15 posts, 3366 views) Posted: over 12 years ago by frolic-horror in I'm Looking For...
kinda' like Beauty and the Beast? biggrin
A reason other than sex
(11 posts, 1584 views) Posted: over 15 years ago by frolic-horror in Adult (18+)
Well... I like to think that I look for a partner in order to have someone witness my existence and in order for me to have an alternate existance that I can know. In oder words I think that love is a way of blending experiences while also being some sort of incentive to ...
Kekkaishi -- one of the most underrated Manga ever
(36 posts, 13739 views) Posted: over 15 years ago by frolic-horror in Kekkaishi
Hmm... I've just watched 4 or 5 episodes of FMA and I tought it was totally boring. The Kekkaishi anime on the other hand I really loved (much more than Naruto, though maybe not as much as Bleach - but the two have a different feel to them, so I don't think they compare w...

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