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Junjou Karen na Ore-tachi da! (Almost the Same Manga?)
(0 posts, 1162 views) Posted: over 5 years ago by SmexyBL in Haikyu!!
When reading this and reading another one very similar to it (even in the characters) i was wondering if anyone else saw the similarities? The one mentioned in my subject line is completed unlike Haikyuu! but I thought it was very similar. Plus th...
Maki and Remi?
(0 posts, 730 views) Posted: over 8 years ago by SmexyBL in Fake Fur
I don't understand what happened between the two of them! Its like Maki moved out and took all his stuff at the end of Maniac Love and said he would go back if Remi went after him and Remi went after him... But theres nothing after? confused confused
(0 posts, 921 views) Posted: over 9 years ago by SmexyBL in Kimi ni Ai ni Iku
I'm just wondering why it says completed when it only has the first chapter and the extra scanlated. Is that right? Are the other chapters not in English? I know that there have been bad reviews for this but I wanted to try reading it myself, so d...

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