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Something That Made You Frown Today...
(396 posts, 34369 views) Posted: over 8 years ago by Orange Rooster in Chatter Box
My housemate has been watching movies with his girlfriend since midnight and they haven't stopped. My bedroom is right next to the living room where they're watching movies. And my bed is connected to the duct that goes into the living room.

I spent the night with earplugs...
A sad manga
(14 posts, 2014 views) Posted: over 9 years ago by Orange Rooster in I'm Looking For...
I've only read a few manga that I would classify as "tearjerkers", but whether they come off as "so sad it hurts", "so sad I'm crying", or "this just makes me angry" is up to you. They all have varying levels of sadness, so don't be fooled if one starts slow or light.


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