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Webtoons with the best art
(2 posts, 167 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by zakiue in Yaoi/Yuri
What are your favorite most gorgeous BL webtoons?

I know that good-art-bad-story is a bummer, but I'm here for the opposite. I NEED good art and I need it now.

I want to hear about the art so good you don't give even two shakes what those boys are saying. This does not have...
Looking for a yaoi webtoon/manga
(4 posts, 247 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by zakiue in Yaoi/Yuri
Loss Time ni Hanamuke o is remarkable, very chill, mature and authentic emotions. It has stuck with me in my heart. I left a review you can see if you click over there; I'm sure I said it better then.

I'm hesitant to recommend because I dropped it with GREAT FURY at 100 cha...
(help me find this) - man uses sex drug to turn boy into sissy
(2 posts, 212 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by zakiue in Yaoi/Yuri
Hmmm if we're talking true perversion (which it sounds like we are), this sounds like Seki Sabato (Tsukuru) territory...maybe Shio-chan to Osoto de Asobou and the sequel Shio-chan wa Itsumodoori? Not sure it's a teacher, though. Also fair warning these are tagged shotacon...
New Poll - Telling Time
(13 posts, 835 views) Posted: 2 months ago by zakiue in News
This was a wild moment for me—realizing I was once a "look around and hope to see a clock" person. I let the wind carry me because I could never find my car keys. But now, of course, phone. Only phone. I am phone.
Harudaki scanlation
(9 posts, 2547 views) Posted: 3 months ago by zakiue in Yaoi/Yuri
The last time I dug around for them a couple months ago, I saw a note on their Livejournal that projects will only be shared among the people who contribute to the project.

Whenever I see Harudaki as the only scanlators of a series, I just consider the work unscanlated. I...
Most hated clichés in BL and GL genres
(39 posts, 1834 views) Posted: 4 months ago by zakiue in Yaoi/Yuri
I have a completely separate set of standards for BL than any other type of media, I think because I spent so many years scrounging for yaoi scraps. Not to say other long-time readers should have the same warped standards, just that that's how it happened for me.

Despite t...
Looking for an old BL manga
(2 posts, 362 views) Posted: 5 months ago by zakiue in Yaoi/Yuri
Is it possibly an entry in the Rules / Hydra Series by Miyamoto Kano? Or another of her major series/universes. Sorry I dont have more details now. It's kind of a convoluted universe in terms of who ends up with whom. And it's been a bit since I read it all.

If the vibe is...

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