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New Poll - Archiving Scanlations
(13 posts, 201 views) Posted: 4 days ago by mallika23 in News
I was wondering what you mean by "archiving". But it seems it means saving what I read online to read it offline again?

If it was like that, I used to, but not anymore. So I think I'll choose yes, but only a few. I save scanlations only when there ...
New Poll - Fantasy Trio
(13 posts, 209 views) Posted: 21 days ago by mallika23 in News
If I could, I would choose both magic and thief. These were similar to Sung Jin Woo's skills from Solo Leveling.

But, I think I would choose thief. The skill to come and go quitely/unnoticed, it might be able to be developed into an espionage skill...
New Poll - 5W1H
(18 posts, 257 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by mallika23 in News
This is indeed another odd question. Last time it was the "which organ body would you choose" poll.

I think it can be annoying or not depends on how the question elaborated, who gives the question, and when the question was asked.

The question of wh...
New Poll - Older Relationships
(19 posts, 384 views) Posted: 2 months ago by mallika23 in News
When you reach certain age, 10 years would feel like nothing at all, especially when you're in a legal age to get married. I'm in my mid-20. If I have a partner 10 years older, he would be in mid-30, and it feels like only a number. BUT if he was ...
New Poll - Split Chapters
(10 posts, 266 views) Posted: 2 months ago by mallika23 in News
It depends on the manga. There are some manga with a very long update. It frustrate me when this kind of manga has to be split up in some parts, and I have to wait long once again for the next part of the chapter, for example. If this was the situ...
New Poll - Race/Origin
(43 posts, 723 views) Posted: 3 months ago by mallika23 in News
I agree.
I think people around the world are hybrid by now, that dividing people into races are quite difficult..
I choose not to fill this poll because it seems it use the US policy, and I'm not from there. 😅
New Poll - Not Having
(14 posts, 281 views) Posted: 3 months ago by mallika23 in News
The question is about "which one is worst" right?

My answer is both. I imagine this something as love, family, friendship, and such.

If I never had those somethings, isn't it really worse? Not growing up in love, or never experience any kind of love...
New Poll - From Anime to Manga
(11 posts, 241 views) Posted: 3 months ago by mallika23 in News
Start reading the manga from the beginning, I think. We might never know what kind of differences will occur between the anime and the manga. Vice versa.

This never happens to me, though (I think). I usually only watch anime that adapted from manga...
New Poll - Weird Meat
(24 posts, 359 views) Posted: 4 months ago by mallika23 in News
No way.
I don't want to eat dogs.
Chicken, pork, and beef are alright, but not dogs. 😅
New Poll - Sleeping with Phone
(13 posts, 307 views) Posted: 4 months ago by mallika23 in News
Yes, but in silence mode.

I always put it on silence mode. I turned on the vibration though, so I can still know if there's chat notification.

What made me surprised a little bit is, so far, there are at least 4% or more people who did the polling t...
New Poll - Precognition
(13 posts, 345 views) Posted: 4 months ago by mallika23 in News
From the examples you give, this catastrophy might be unavoidable. So my choice is just let it happen, but I'll prepare something to live through it. I won't prevent it and might not be able to, but I can minimalize the damage..

Unless it's a mess ...
New Poll - Manga based on Western Literature
(16 posts, 367 views) Posted: 5 months ago by mallika23 in News
I actually read the manga Fushigi no Kuni no Bird and Darren Shan. Does this count as "manga based on western literature"? The reason I read Darren Shan because I haven't read all the series until the end, and I thought I might read the ending. Th...
New Poll - COVID-19
(21 posts, 572 views) Posted: 5 months ago by mallika23 in News
Thankfully none of my family and friends caught the covid-19, including me. Though around two months ago my lecturer was admitted to the hospital, and from the rapid test she might caught covid. And thankfully, I heard she has already out from the...
New Poll - Age
(20 posts, 607 views) Posted: 6 months ago by mallika23 in News
I've known this sites since I was in middle school, around the first time I read manga from sites like OneManga (it still existed at that time) and MangaFox. I think it was 11 or 12 years ago? It was later on I registered myself as a user though.....
New Poll - No Second Chapter
(16 posts, 455 views) Posted: 8 months ago by mallika23 in News
Exactly.. I have found some shojo manga during my browsing that only have one chapter, and haven't been continued for 10 years or more. And that's why I choose "I hate it". 😅
New Poll - Out of Order Scanlations
(20 posts, 376 views) Posted: 9 months ago by mallika23 in News
As much as I hate it (I'm sure most of us do), I realized that scanlators are doing it for free for readers like me who also reading the manga for free, too.

So, I choose the "Oh, Well.."

Of course, I'm more satisfied if this doesn't happent though....
New Poll - Late Extras
(10 posts, 336 views) Posted: 11 months ago by mallika23 in News
It depends on what kind of after-story for me. I haven't read or watch Boruto nor I have the intention to do so. I enjoyed Naruto as it is.

But sometimes, I loved an epilogue as a closing story. Ouran High School Host Club has some small epilogues ...
Romance Manga Mind Reading Male Lead Character
(1 posts, 282 views) Posted: 11 months ago by mallika23 in I'm Looking For...
A while ago I read a romance manga with mind reading male lead character. The heroine is his coworker with a very high imagination. This male lead character is the handsome type, and has a younger brother and sister, who also has the ability...

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