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New Poll - Harem Endings
(16 posts, 965 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by Seregosa in News
To me, harems are just another kind of romance. While monogamy focuses on the relationship of the two persons and their gradual build-up to love, harems(polygamy) are, to me, more about the relationship between all of them, how they balance things...
Does anyone else here dislike Bleach and Naruto like I do?
(186 posts, 32919 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by Seregosa in Shounen/Seinen
It's often the stuff you start out with. It seems miraculous and awesome when you're young and new and it tends to make you addicted and some people take that feeling with them later in life. I personally enjoyed many of these generic cliché mang...

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