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Homosexual relationship outside yaoi or yuri mangas
(15 posts, 779 views) Posted: 4 months ago by LittleMissPerfect in I'm Looking For...
Quote from Transdude1996
Outside of the niche of yuri and yaoi comics, you're not going to find an "legit" gay characters that do not exist for any other reason than fap material or gags.

That's blatantly untrue. Of course, if you only look at works...
Looking for a Josei smut manga with yaoi manga type of sex scene (THERE I SAID IT)
(2 posts, 1802 views) Posted: over 2 years ago by LittleMissPerfect in Yaoi/Yuri
I know what you mean, believe me...
However, there are a few things to take in account regarding what those categories actually represent.

First and foremost: yaoi is porn. Most yaoi publishers specialize in erotic content and meddle with hentai as...

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