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New Poll - Differences in the English Language
(12 posts, 337 views) Posted: 6 months ago by Afiaki in News
Regarding this, is the topic concerning accents/speaking differences of specific characters that are translated into English using regional English... or is it merely spelling and/or word differences from US vs UK & International English?

Because i...
New Poll - Finding New Series
(22 posts, 476 views) Posted: 7 months ago by Afiaki in News
Sorry, I forgot about putting particular scanlation group releases as an option.

I also was aware people would want to choose more than one option but I didn't want 50 options to choose from and I also wanted to force people to pick a particular m...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2759 posts, 785829 views) Posted: 9 months ago by Afiaki in Manga General
What's your main method of finding new series to try? (Why do you start reading a certain manga over others?)

-I rely on my experience based on the title, thumbnail and description
-I start reading any series that looks interesting or has a clickbai...

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