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New Poll - Comics Ranking
(22 posts, 1107 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by Peintresse in News
Hmm...this one's really tough for me! Manga's high up there for me since it was what first sucked me into comics haha-but coloured webtoons are great too! I can never get enough of villainess stuff. And then manhua's a personal fave, the humour just hits different and the...
New Poll - MangaUpdates Releases
(17 posts, 1460 views) Posted: 2 months ago by Peintresse in News
I definitely check in pretty often, I find MU the uncontested best source for tracking scan releases and and it's helpful just popping by here instead of running around to a bunch of different sites (finding license status also!). Very useful for scan groups looking to pi...
Advertising in DM
(2 posts, 185 views) Posted: 7 months ago by Peintresse in Suggestions & Bugs
Hey, anyone else get a weird dm advertising a manga reading platform startup (FairManga) from a user named manga_supporter?

User Posted Image
Could whoever's adding MTL'ed English titles to manhua please stop...?
(0 posts, 321 views) Posted: 8 months ago by Peintresse in Suggestions & Bugs
I get you're trying to be helpful and cover bases, and the sentiment is appreicated, but it's honestly just meaningless clutter half the time. Like, look at this nonsense:

This Is Regard as What Illustrated Handbook of the Whole Country! (这算什么江湖图鉴!)
Your One...
Is there any differentiation made between official and user-submitted (raw) webcomics?
(1 posts, 214 views) Posted: 10 months ago by Peintresse in Suggestions & Bugs
Like, between 'featured' webcomics that update weekly, have contracts with publishers, etc. (eg: VS webcomics that amateurs create and upload to platforms themselves? (eg:

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