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Post a genre that you hate, and let others try to change your mind
(195 posts, 32763 views) Posted: over 12 years ago by justasideshow in Manga General
I'd recommend pretty much any title from YUMEKA Sumomo. They're usually pretty heart warming. But if that's not your cup of tea either there are some seinen with hints of BL (I've read some but I can't remember any names right now... except Madness... which I don't rea...
Manga after Anime
(2 posts, 2658 views) Posted: over 13 years ago by justasideshow in Tenjou Tenge
So, I've just finished watching the anime, and I though it was pretty cool, even with half of the episodes being flashbacks. Since it felt that there were lots of things unfinished so I decided to start reading the manga, but I've gone until volume 5 and nothing that diff...

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