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lock user registration to stop bots
(4 posts, 894 views) Posted: over 3 years ago by reivatin in Suggestions & Bugs
i think closing registration form is good for now
sorry to say this but those spams are annoying -_-' when usually i saw random post of forum, now just spam

also can you block those IP for posting not just the ID, like temporary blocking...

i open sh...
D.Gray-Man Resumes From Hiatus
(13 posts, 2480 views) Posted: over 3 years ago by reivatin in D.Gray-man
soo, is the manga still continuing
or is it just the scanlation still not update?

in my country, the manga is just around 20 volume
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2760 posts, 786699 views) Posted: over 4 years ago by reivatin in Manga General
i wanna suggest a poll about what kind of rarely happen (but in my case this is really suck to be happen) :

The Mangaka (writer) of Manga you like so much die suddenly, the Manga have been hanging with latest series ever made by the deceased (like ...

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