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Collection of short stories. 1. Fuck-kan CM 2-4, 8 "Musume." no Iru Fuuzoku Building 5-7. Haru yo Koi
2008 - 6.56 / 10.0
Dr. Ranmaru might seem a little too lighthearted and lecherous for a doctor, but he becomes dead serious when it comes to the health of his patients. No one knows, though, that after hours he becomes dead se...
1998 - 6.21 / 10.0
The second year of junior high, when most students are in the throes of puberty and feeling the pangs of first love. It's no different for Kanata Tanaka and Kazuki Yoshikawa, a girl and a boy who have been f...
2010 - 8.30 / 10.0
Based on the Anime of the same name. Centers on Kazuma and 15 beautiful girls who are stranded on a deserted Pacific island by a tumultuous storm.
2012 - 6.46 / 10.0
There’s one thing I understand when I became an adult.There’s nothing special about boyfriends, sex and kisses. but if I think that, will I be able to find love?
2013 - 6.51 / 10.0
Note: Has a sequel named "Boku ga Geinou 3-shimai no Seidorei ni Natta Kekka".
2015 - 5.98 / 10.0
1. No! Smokin' Boogie (No Smoking Room) A quaint office story about a woman that's attracted to the smell of cigarettes, and hooks up with an older man, leading to pleasant results. 2. Melancholic Serenade A...
2013 - 6.73 / 10.0
A doctor who's been a virgin his whole life suddenly develops a drug that makes him regain his youth! It also secretes hormones that attract the opposite sex, so he becomes popular without having to do anyth...
2013 - 6.54 / 10.0
Dr.Shinnosuke is called 'Doctor Dangerous' by nurses. When he's a student he always gain good grades in classes. However he's afraid of blood and gory pictures and always passing out when he has to do surger...
1. Boku no Kawaii Kangofu-san 2. 3. Dame Onna 4. Cinderella Academy 5. J&J 6. Passive heart 7. 8. Demonisshu no Akuma 9. Demonisshi na Tenshi 10.
2003 - 6.51 / 10.0
A collection of short stories. Each story starts with a minor character from the previous one, so they're all interconnected. Lovely storytelling and art by the author of Ingénuo. 1. Prince of Thieves A ...
1997 - 7.26 / 10.0
An unpopular woman in her thirties, our protagonist’s only pleasure in life is reading all the web novels she can get her hands on while soaking in the bath. Tragically, she carelessly fell asleep in the b...
2021 - 6.62 / 10.0
This is a one-volume series of humorous stories about the affairs of a pair of sisters that work at a hospital. It's all pretty vanilla stuff with well drawn bodies and humorous situations, and pokes fun at ...
2011 - 6.61 / 10.0
1. Sensei! 2. Otonari Nurse (Next Door Nurse) 3. Tomodachinchi (My Friend's House) 4. Visit Boss (Boss Visit) 5. Reisei to Jounetsu no Hazama de (The Thin Line Between Calm and Passion) 6. Hanmen! Katei...
2013 - 7.02 / 10.0
A boy is in the hospital for an unknown reason, and he happens to be in the same hospital with a nurse who happens to be an ex-yankee.
2013 - 6.71 / 10.0
1. Shiriai 2. Shoujo Chuu! (Virgin Addict) 3. Hokeni no Naisho (The Infirmary Teacher's Secret) 4. Renren Houkago Hokenshitsu (Lovey Dovey Afterschool Infirmary) 5. Analyze 6. AF (Alternative Family) 7. Ninj...
2013 - 6.60 / 10.0
1. Joshi Luck! 2nd Season!? 2-3. Ane Komori (Shut-In Sister) 4-5. Yuu-sensei no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Ms. Yuu) 6. Joshi Luck! Akagi Aya Massage-hen 7-8. Joshi Luck! After School (Girls Lacrosse Club - A...
2015 - 6.65 / 10.0
Several short stories, most of them themed after older sisters.
2008 - 6.53 / 10.0
"Have you heard of 'the heartbeat of an angel'? This is the love story of Kairi and Shigeru, a midwife and an obstetrician. The two destinies become one for their own 'angel'..." Kairi used to be a midwife ...
1992 - 6.62 / 10.0